The Best Guide About BSNL Franchisee Management System

Franchise Management Software is a tool that helps franchisors to collaborate with franchisees. This assists in managing different functions like sales, customer relations, and marketing in a better and easier way. A franchise management system is a method where the franchisor establishes the brand's name and trademark and the franchisee pays a royalty or fees to the franchisor to do business under their name.

BSNL has started this new web page known as BSNL FMS, an interface provided by the BSNL for the franchisee of BSNL products like providing new connections and rectifying faults for various services as discussed and agreed upon by the BSNL.

BSNL FMS is a web page management service that tends to the needs of BSNL, like marketing of BSNL products, provisioning of services, and maintaining them on a revenue share basis.

What does BSNL FMS do?

BSNL Franchise Management System’s work is to interact with all the systems of BSNL like CRM, Clarity, ERP, etc. It provides them with an interface for the franchise of the system. The basic work of the Franchise Management System is to allow franchisees and the BSNL management system to monitor the activity of the franchise.

They check the bills submitted by the franchise and later submit it to the franchisor company without any problem, making the franchisor company's work very easy. The FMS applications help BSNL reach various entities easily so that the network can work on a bigger platform and provide their customer with satisfactory service and run smoothly while staying ahead of its competitors.

FMS provides a customized interface and minimum access to the various users based on the roles and responsibilities like a franchisee, circle franchise, franchise manager, circle user, and corporate user, etc.


In the BSNL franchise Management System there are different modules; the first one is the sales module. In the sales application, the user can enter or access the CAF system. The application will be sent as an order- header to the CRON system, and from there, the whole thing will be sent to the concerned officer dealing in that particular area.

CAF entry is an online application form that the customer needs to fill. Still, it is not an e-KYC form because of which the customer or user has to personally go to the customer service center and submit the form in person. The online application form has four main columns which need to be filled. They are customer account creation, Billing account creation, Service type addition, and the last one is Confirm.

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BSNL FMS Work Menu

After the registration of the online form in sales, the next step is the work menu. The different models in the work menu deal with various things. The pending provision order deals with all the pending cases that are left for completion by the franchise.

The next one is to track provision orders submitted by the franchise, but it is still in the process and going through various processes and will be completed soon enough. Next comes the completed provision order; they talk about the completed projects done by the franchisee and give a positive response from clarity.

Completed disc order is the order which is completed and directly reported to the BSNL. After this comes canceled orders, it means possibly the customer canceled the order, or physically it's not possible to provide connection in that certain area due to which it is canceled. Last is the order summary; it keeps a track record of all the orders that the franchisee got and keeps a track record of them on a monthly, weekly, or yearly basis.

BSNL FMS Maintenance

The next module in the BSNL franchise management system is the maintenance module. As the word suggests, maintenance is dealing with the faults in the franchisee's service, which the franchisee will report after receiving complaints from the customers.

BSNL franchisee has started a new life complaint portal where the customers can complain. After that, they can visit the webpage and can check the status of their complaint. See if it's pending, cleared, or the assignment is closed? They can even track the status of their complaint on the web page.

In the end, the user can visit their maintenance summary and keep a track record of when they faced any problem and how the problem was rectified.

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BSNL FMS Accounts Menu

The second last module in the BSNL FMS is Accounts. It consists of all the details related to the customers, like which type of account the customer is using; more information regarding the customer can be available from the customer's profile.

It provides all the information like the customer's name, which plan the customer is using, if the customer is availing of the deal or not, and which plan is used or opted by the customer. The customer can look if the bills are paid or not or when the next schedule to pay the bill is.

The franchise team needs to be very thorough with their results because the franchisor, which is BSNL, rarely re-checks the bills and submits them directly without any problem.

BSNL FMS Commission Menu

The last module is Commission, which is a compilation of all the work done by the company like how many customers are registered with the franchisee, what is the quality of the service that is provided to the customers, what is the service type that is provided to the customers, etc. The commission report is of three types. They are sales commission reports, work commission reports, and maintenance commission reports.

The sales commission report talks about all the users that are registered with the franchisee. As the sales commission reports, the other types deal exactly with the respective work assigned to them.

In the end, the BSNL FMS is software that works to make things easier for the customers of BSNL with the help of the franchisee company.

Partners List

These are eligible partners, as listed by BSNL:

  • DIDs
  • System Integrators
  • BSNL Retails
  • Resident Welfare Association
  • Builders
  • Telecom Infrastructure Providers
  • Franchisees
  • Local Cable Operator
  • All registered companies and societies
  • Direct Selling Agents
  • Telecom Service Providers
  • Any local business provider


This is all the information you need to know about BSNL Franchisee Management System. If you think there is something that we might have missed, feel free to comment and let us know!

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