Where to Watch Money Heist - Season 5 release date in india and More

When it comes to Netflix programs, if you haven't seen Money Heist seasons yet, you've been missing out on one of the most popular shows available right now.

It's sensual, absurdist entertainment, an action soap opera unlike any other, and it's so addictively binge-able that it has captured the hearts of millions of viewers all around the globe.

However, it is more than just a kind of entertainment. Money Heist has also evolved into a rallying cry for the opposition affecting change across the globe.

Money Heist Cast

Actor Name Character Name
Álvaro Morte The Professor
Itziar Ituño Raquel Murillo - Inspector and later Lisbon
Úrsula Corberó Tokyo
Miguel Herrán Rio
Jaime Lorente Denver
Esther Acebo Stockholm
Enrique Arce Arturo
Darko Peric Helsinki
Hovik Keuchkerian Bogota
Luka Peros Marseille
Belén Cuesta Manila
Fernando Cayo Coronel Tamayo
Rodrigo de la Serna Palermo
Najwa Nimri Inspector Sierra
José Manuel Poga Gandia
Pedro Alonso Berlin

Money Heist seasons: How they became the No. 1 series

The Money Heist series was first aired under the name of La Casa de Papel meaning the House of Paper on Spain's Antena 3 television network in 2017. The first season consisted of 15 episodes that were split into two halves.

The first half of the show drew in a respectable 45 million people, but the number of viewers dropped precipitously when the second section was aired. The performance seemed to become close, with just half of the audience left and the narrative completed.

As part of a more extensive worldwide library of properties, Netflix purchased the series, shortened it to 22 episodes, and re-released it globally later that year. When it was put to the streamer's queue, they didn't even try to advertise it or say anything. Nonetheless, it attracted a large following outside of Spain, resulting in a dramatic increase in viewing.

After Money heist season 1 concluded, it seemed that the program had come to an end. The cast and crew were taken aback by the worldwide response. However, with numerous nominations and victories under their umbrella on the European awards circuit; money heist became the most-watched show.

Money Heist won the prestigious Best Drama Series prize at the 46th International Emmys in 2018.

Netflix premiered Season 3, also known as "Part 1 of the Bank of Spain robbery," exclusively on their platform in the summer of 2019. Season 4 (Part 2) was published nearly a year later, in April 2020, and 65 million people saw them. That's a million more people than tuned in to see Tiger King, which aired around the same period last year.

Why watch Money Heist?

Despite its absurdity, Money Heist is very addicting in a variety of ways.

  1. First and foremost, it is a master of the cliffhanger. The tension is never-ending tangible, and no matter how absurd some of the deus ex machina resolutions are, they are still a lot of fun to watch as they unfold.
  2. This program, like Game of Thrones, is ruthless in its execution. The deaths of beloved major characters take place in profoundly moving situations. This helps to make the suspense as genuine as possible.
  3. It is about those particular characters. The whole ensemble group turns in outstanding performances across the board. Every character has a lot of depth, is complicated, and is well-developed. Everyone has their own set of talents and weaknesses and a unique collection of past stories, and their emotional journeys connect profoundly with others.
  4. Its vibrant music has grabbed the attention of audiences all around the globe. Using color, especially red against darkly constructed frames, is very practical and visually appealing. Money Heist is an exhilarating roller coaster journey that needs to be experienced to be believed.
  5. The Money Heist had a significant impact on international football. Soccer stadiums in Saudi Arabia have been transformed into massive displays of Dali mask banners. Fans of Greek soccer, who gathered at the Karaiskaki Stadium, also unfurled a large Dali flag.

Following their team's victory, they ran onto the field in Money Heist costumes. Neymar de Silva, the Brazilian soccer star, even makes a cameo appearance in season 3 as a monk who makes a sarcastic observation about his hatred for sport.

Silva also declared that Money Heist is his favorite television program.

Heist 1 - Summary

Money Heist Season 1 is about a carefully organized robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain, which occurs in the first episode. The Professor (Alvaro Morte) is a criminal genius who organizes a team of robbers under his command. In a similar vein to the thieves in Reservoir Dogs, each burglar takes the city’s name to keep their real identities hidden from one another.

The narrative is presented from the point of view of Tokyo (Rsula Corberó), a fearless spitfire femme fatale who steals the show in every scene she appears in. The robbers take over the Mint and take hundreds of hostages with them. They want to produce millions of unmarked banknotes as part of their strategy.

In the meantime, the Professor keeps playing a game of hide-and-seek with Inspector Murillo (Itziar Ituo), who is trying her level best to go one step ahead of him and catch him.

Money Heist presents a riveting tale of the ultimate anti-heroes via Tokyo's narration and many flashbacks to the preparation of the heist, which are interspersed throughout the film.

As tensions rise, the group finds itself at one other's throats as they attempt to navigate the Professor's wrong directions. It's getting close to closing time at the Mint, which is ringed by police.

Stockholm (Esther Acebo) is the moniker given to the primary captive who becomes a gang member in a typical Money Heist fashion. Throughout the novel, the Professor and the Inspector are involved in a delightfully dysfunctional relationship.

It's all very sensual, with the gorgeous actresses often appearing in barely dressed outfits, and it has a subversively keen sense of humor to boot. You can download money heist season 1 from various torrent sites.

Heist 2 - Summary

The second theft is divided into four sections. Because the forthcoming season 5 will be divided into two parts, this may seem a little perplexing. Season 5 is the third and fourth installments of the second heist narrative arc.

Two Instalments pull off the second robbery, and the gang reunites to save one of their own when Tokyo commits yet another grave error. New gang members join the survivors of the initial heist and program their managers an even more vicious opponent.

Sierra is a more vicious adversary than Murillo was in the previous robbery, and he is determined to win. Sierra takes a different approach to the Professor's psychological chess game, in which she turns the chessboard upside down.

Money Heist Season 5: the wait ends on 3rd September 2021

Using a heart-thumping teaser, Netflix caught fans by surprise on Monday when they announced the release date of money heist season 5 on the streaming service - the last and predicted to be one of the best seasons amongst the other money heist seasons.

This time, though, the gang is armed with more firepower and rage. Their attention will not be diverted from Nairobi's sacrifice. It has gone beyond robbery at this point. It is a time of conflict. And the trailer confirms that with a slew of memorable scenes that are sprinkled throughout it.

In the teaser, the best aspect is how it catches every gang member’s emotions in slow motion. All of them are fighting for revenge based on a personal tragedy.

In addition, there is a lot of action in the teaser! It is believed that the army has infiltrated the bank and is doing all it can to secure the gang's surrender. From outside the Bank of Spain, the Professor can be seen holding the fort as the members make their way through.

With the teaser, Netflix also announced that Money Heist Season 5 would be split into two halves, which will be watched separately. Money heist season 05 release date is set to be on September 3 for the first volume, while the second installment will be released on December 3.

“When we began writing Part 5 in the midst of the pandemic, we felt that we had to change what was expected from the ten-episode season, and we used every tool we could to create the sensation of a season finale or series finale in the first volume itself,” said Money Heist 5 creator Lex Pina in a statement.

In volume 2, they placed a greater emphasis on the characters focussing on their emotional state of mind. It is a trip through their dynamic map that brings us the right to the point of their departure.

Platforms to watch Money Heist

Platform Language No. of Seasons Genre
Netflix Spanish





4 seasons

(Season 05 is yet to be released)



Torrent sites English


4 seasons

(Season 05 is yet to be released)



You can watch Money Heist 5 premiere on Netflix without any hassle by taking the Netflix subscription. The monthly plan for Netflix starts at a minimum cost of Rs. 199 (only for mobile) and go up to Rs. 799 for a 4K+HDR quality.


The series Money Heist gained a lot of popularity after Netflix brought its airing rights. A captivating story, fantastic cast, alluring acting, and the dazzling beauty of Europe keep the viewers addicted to the series. It is still one of the most trending series on Netflix. With the coming season 5 trailer, the Money Heist fans are going all crazy with their speculations about the professor, Inspector Sierra, and all the other characters.

Does inspector Sierra catch Professor? Is Inspector Sierra Berlin’s wife Tatiana? Is Berlin alive? Will the team be able to complete the heist? - Watch season 5 to get all the answers.

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