Popular Netflix Tips, Tricks & Secret Codes-Know Them All

Netflix is more than simply a streaming service where you can check up on the latest original films, check out the latest buzzed-about shows, or relax with an old favorite for the hundredth time. For some die-hard Netflix fans, the service is akin to a LEGO set that can be tinkered with and enhanced. Right from getting the best quality of viewing to increase the security of your account, you can really make Netflix work for you if you use the newest hacks.

In this blog, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of the top Netflix tips and tricks that you can use to unlock some really cool benefits that will completely change your viewing experience.

1. Use Netflix Codes To Find More Content

If you notice that you keep seeing the same movies and TV programs on your Netflix homepage, it's because the streaming service tailors its suggestions to your preferences using a sophisticated algorithm. If you're looking for something new, Netflix categorizes each movie and TV program into over 76,000 secret categories, ranging from broad categories like "Action & Adventure" to specific categories like "Critically-Acclaimed Witty Movies from the 1930s."

Category codes may be found on the Netflix URL itself. Each category code is represented by the final four digits in the site address.

Check out a very comprehensive list of Netflix hacks codes here:

Category Code
Action & Adventure 1365
Anime 7424
Children & Family Movies 783
Classic Movies 31574
Comedies 6548
Cult Movies 6548
Documentaries 6839
Dramas 5763
Faith & Spirituality 26835
Foreign Movies 7462
Gay & Lesbian Movies 5977
Horror Movies 8711
Independent Movies 7077
Music 1701
Musicals 13335
Romantic Movies 8883
Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1492
Sports Movies 4370
Thrillers 8933
TV Shows 83

2. Use The Super Netflix Extension

If you use the Google Chrome browser to watch Netflix, there's a free addon called Super Netflix that may improve your viewing experience. After installing the extension, you may choose your video streaming quality rather than Netflix doing it for you. If you want the greatest video quality on your Wi-Fi connection at home, or if you want to decrease it on the move to conserve data, this is the way to go.

In addition, Super Netflix may skip TV program intros, obscure narrative summaries, and picture thumbnails to avoid spoilers, improve video brightness and color contrast, and speed up the video.

3. Turn Off The "Are You Still Watching?" Prompt

When you're binge-watching a new TV program, do you get weary of pressing the "Next Episode" button? The Never-Ending Netflix Chrome addon eliminates this. After you install it, you'll be able to skip title sequences, have the next episode automatically play, and turn off the annoying "Are You Still Watching?" message that appears every few hours. You can even search Netflix by genre using the add-on.

4. Add Notes To Your Favourite Titles

A great Netflix hack, Flix Plus is a Chrome plugin created by Lifehacker that enables you to fully personalize your watching experience. It has 18 built-in customization options, including the ability to hide spoiler descriptions and pictures, disable a shrinking screen throughout end credits, and pin your "My List" page to the top of the home screen.

The option to add comments to titles, though, is the greatest feature. You may now explain why you included Wild Wild Country to your list, as well as provide information on when Disney's The Jungle Book will be removed from the streaming service.

5. Unlock Hidden Categories

Instead of reading through a never-ending list on a different website, FindFlix, the Netflix Secret Category Finder is basically a Google Chrome extension or Firefox add-on that enables you to search through all of the secret category codes without leaving Netflix. Simply search for a genre or anything you're looking for, such as "movies starring Sean Connery" or "movies for children between the ages of 2 and 4 years," to unlock hidden categories.

6. Organise A Netflix Party

Would you like to watch BoJack Horseman with your beloved other, but they live across the country? Don't worry, Netflix Party is here to help! It is a helpful Chrome plugin that allows you to watch Netflix with anybody, even if you are not in the very same house, city, state, or even country.

You may generate a shareable link to what's on Netflix after installing the extension. The connection will take you to the same movie or TV program you're viewing at the time, allowing you to watch at the same time and in perfect rhythm. It also has a group chat function so you can discuss what's going on on the screen. Netflix Party is ideal for long-distance couples, ensuring that you'll never be accused of "Netflix Cheating."

7. Skip Intro Automatically

Are you tired of pressing the "Skip Intro'' button on Netflix while you're watching a show? SkipFlix is a useful Chrome plugin that automatically skips all intros so you don't have to. Instead of fumbling with a mouse, you can now spend more time binge-watching the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

8. Watch In The Highest Possible HD Quality

Although web browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer a number of helpful extensions and add-ons, they're not the greatest for watching Netflix in the highest possible quality HD. Chrome (on Mac and Windows), Firefox, and Opera stream Netflix at 720 pixels, while Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and Edge browsers stream Netflix at full 1080 pixels.

Another factor to consider is your internet speed. Usually, Netflix recommends that you should have a download speed of minimum 5.0 megabits per second if you want HD resolution.

9. Organise Your Movies By The Year

While Netflix allows you to filter movies and TV programs by genre, there is a simple hack that allows you to sort by year (at least in a web browser). Simply browse to a category page, such as horror, drama, or comedy, and look for a tiny box on the top right-hand side of the page with four dots within.

The “Suggestions for You” dropdown menu will then expand, giving you the option to sort by year of release, with the most current titles at the top of the screen and the older titles at the bottom. It may also sort in reverse alphabetical or alphabetical order.


Now that you know how to unlock the full potential of Netflix with new tricks, it’s time to get your bowl of popcorn and favourite blanket ready for a binge weekend! To know more about what shows you can watch on Netflix, keep reading Selectra.

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