List Of upcoming Movies & Web Series on Amazon Prime Video India

Amazon Prime Video is getting set to debut some new blockbuster movies and web series. Thanks to a slew of outstanding staff members that have been recruited to complete out their August roster, it is anticipated that Amazon Prime Video will expand its collection with a large number of original films, web series, and television programs in the coming days.

Throughout August, Amazon Prime Video’s latest movie list will include thrillers, rom-com, and action flicks among others. There will be some original releases this month, such as "Val," "Modern Love," and "The Courier," and also series such as "The nine perfect strangers".

Name Release Date Genre Star Cast
The courier August 02, 2021 Thriller


1. Benedict Cumberbatch

2. Merab Ninidze

3. Rachel Brosnahan

4. James Schofield

5. Fred Haig

6. Anton Lesser

Cruel Summer- Season 1 August 06, 2021 Drama



1. Chiara Aurelia

2. Olivia Holt

3. Froy Gutierrez

4. Harley Quinn Smith

5. Michael Landes

6. Andrea Anders

7. Ben Cain

Val August 06, 2021 Documentary


1. Jack Kilmer

2. Val Kilmer

Star Trek August 12, 2021 Animation



1. Tawny Newsome

2. Jack Quaid

3. Noel Wells

4. Eugene Cordero

5. Dawn Lewis

6. Jerry O’Connell

7. Gillian Vigman

Shershah August 12, 2021 Action



1. Sidharth Malhotra

2. Kiara Advani

3. Shiv Pandit

Modern Love Season 2 August 12, 2021 Comedy


New age drama

1. Simon Delaney

2. Gbenga Akinnagbe

3. Minnie Driver

4. Dominique Fishback

5. Kit Harrington

6. Garrett Hedlund

7. Sophie Okonedo

Godzilla vs Kong August 14, 2021 Action



1. Alexander Skargard

2. Millie Bobby Brown

3. Rebecca Hall

4. Lance Reddick

5. Kyle Chandler

Nine Perfect Stranger August 18, 2021 Drama



1. Tiffany Boone

2. Bobby Cannavale

3. Luke Evans

4. Melvin Gregg

5. Regina Hall

6. Les Hill

7. Manny Jacinto

8. Asher Keddie

New movies on Amazon Prime

1. The Courier

In the film, Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Greville Wynne, a British salesperson who, in the 1960s, became an unlikely participant in Cold War tradecraft. At its most high-stakes, Cumberbatch gives an attractive but technically challenging performance.

The Courier, directed by Dominic Cooke from a script by Tom O'Connor, is tremendous fun for the first hour and a half, and Cumberbatch makes the most of his good-natured character, who develops a genuine friendship with Penkovsky, played by Ninidze with touching soulfulness.

The Courier is a clever, elegant statement for the sort of old-fashioned historical espionage thriller that is increasingly being transformed into binge-worthy series. Amid a climate in which such films are becoming rarer, the film's humility and carefully controlled aspirations serve as its distinguishing characteristics.

2. Val

Usually, when a documentary is filled with home videos of a minor child who grew up renowned, the keyword is "cute." Val Kilmer and his brothers grew up in Southern California in the film "Val," which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and distributed on Amazon on August 06. There are plenty of adorable moments in the movie.

Most of the film's pleasure comes from Kilmer's acting. This philosophical documentary shows the irritating truth of life but also makes us feel alive. It showcases the superior attitude of so many straight male actors, who disparage their job as frivolous or somehow unworthy of an adult.

He presents an engaging act that keeps the audience entangled into understanding the storyline. He draws on poets, philosophers, playwrights, and mentors who share his lofty opinion of the value of art to present his case.

3. Shershah

The teaser for Shershaah is based on a real story, pays tribute to Captain Vikram Batra's (PVC) bravery and heroism during the Kargil War and is the new movie on amazon prime that is going to release on August 12. . It is the tale of a soldier who, rather than just being an inspiration, became a legend for future generations.

Captain Vikram Batra gave his life in the country’s service during the Kargil War in 1999 when Indian forces were retaking territory from Pakistani invaders. In recognition of his extraordinary courage, he was given the Title 'Sher Shah' (Lion King). The film, set in the 1990s, will also offer a glimpse into the period of naïve romance, with the connection between the leading pair, Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani, highlighted throughout the film.

4. Godzilla vs Kong

You will find nothing to hate in “Godzilla vs. Kong” if you are seeking images of large, terrifying monsters battling one other and bringing down buildings — as well as the sight of humans scurrying below, fleeing from the enormous stomping feet.

Humans were fighting for their very existence as monsters roamed the globe. This resulted in the collision of two of the most powerful natural forces in the world, Godzilla and Kong, which would see the two most powerful natural forces on the planet engage in epic battles for hundreds of years. Godzilla and Kong are two of the most well-known monsters in the world, and they have both appeared in films.

5. Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers, which is scheduled to premiere on Amazon very soon, follows the actress as she takes on the proprietor of an unconventional health and wellness center. A group of nine individuals gathers at a secluded wellness spa. Some are here to lose weight, some are here to make a fresh start in life, and yet others are here for reasons they aren't even willing to acknowledge..

Although they are surrounded by luxury and indulgence, as well as mindfulness and meditation, they are aware that these ten days may entail some serious labor. However, none of them could have anticipated exactly how difficult the following 10 days would be.

New web series on Amazon Prime Video

1. Cruel Summer- Season 1

The series "Cruel Summer" has presented itself with an interesting problem and is amongst one of the best new web series on amazon prime. A single day is shown in each episode of the new Freeform drama series.

This intriguing teen drama thriller series takes into account three years — 1993, 1994, and 1995 to illustrate the long-term ramifications of child abduction. There are advantages and disadvantages to condensing a narrative that takes place over two years into three days of action. Finding methods to convey what occurred in between those three days without turning to pure data-dump-style communication is a challenge.

Despite the fact that it is sometimes a little clumsy, "Cruel Summer" usually succeeds in meeting that task in its first two instalments. That gets the series off to a good start, thanks partly to the constraints placed on the producers' ability to create their own stories.

2. Star Trek- Lower Decks Season 2

Lower Decks will debut on Thursday, August 12, 2021, and will include even more turmoil and adventure than the first season. It was ordered for two seasons in 2018, and production for both seasons was completed in a single year despite the Covid-19 epidemic that hit the United States.

A phaser battle in a museum with new species and new adversaries were promised in the season 2 teaser, as well as more adventure in the series. As an added bonus, Sam Rutherford has acquired amnesia. Now, he will have to re-learn how to be the finest engineer the Cerritos has to offer with the assistance of D'Vana Tendi. But the twist is he does not recall his friendship with D’Vana Tendi, as well as his love for her.

The Cerritos will, of course, pursue its primary goal of Second Contact, while Star Trek: Lower Decks pays tribute to any elements of the Star Trek series that it can.

3. Modern Love Season 2

Modern Love, the Amazon Prime Video television series masterwork, has been revived for a second season and will be the new web series on amazon prime. As a result, you may want to store up on a large number of tissues, as we anticipate that the second season will be even more heartbreaking.

In case you haven't heard of Modern Love, it's an eight-part anthology series based on the New York Times' column that examines relationships, love, and the human connection through the eyes of different characters. Because none of the episodes are linked , you may watch them all at once or stretch them out as you see fit.

The series is based on The New York Times 'Modern Love column, which examines all various types of love and relationships. The series has been shot all over the globe, with episodes taking place in Albany, New York, and Dublin, among other locations.


August is going to be a month full of romance, thrill, drama, suspense, mystery, action, and comedy for Amazon Prime viewers. The latest movies and web series mentioned above are ‘not to be missed’ watches of this season.

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