Top Tamil Web Series That Every Tamil-Lover Must Watch

Content, diversity, distinctive freshness, and fanaticism are some of the characteristics that distinguish the Tamil entertainment business from the others. Not to mention the legends like Rajinikanth, Mani Ratnam, Kamal Haasan, Vijay, and many others who offer their followers a cause to celebrate life.

The amount of content in Tamil is smaller than that in other languages, however, the quality of the story and narration is often really good. That being said, the availability and spread of high-speed internet at considerably lower costs in South India have compelled filmmakers to provide a diverse range of narratives on various OTT services.

This has led to several Tamil web series making their mark on the OTT world, following the lead of the world-famous Kollywood. Throughout all genres, there have been some exceptional masterpieces. As a result, below is the best Tamil web series list on various OTT platforms, consisting of all the content that you must watch.

1. Auto Shankar

  • Director: Ranga Yali
  • Cast: Arjun Chidambaram, Rajesh Yadav, Praveen Koreografia
  • IMDb Rating: 6.9
  • Streaming on: ZEE5

Auto Shankar is among the country's most engrossing serial killer stories. As it is a ZEE5 Original, the platform is responsible for producing and broadcasting the story. It is the most well-known Tamil series based on the life of the evil serial murderer figure known as 'Shankar,' whose presence in Madras city in the 1980s made every person in the city tremble with terror.

The series delves into the childhood of a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder, and his relationships with false politicians and cops, and, of course, the murders. This plot is purely for amusement, and only audiences who are old enough to grasp the distinctions between good and evil are recommended to watch it.

2. Kallachirippu

  • Directed by: Rohit Nandakumar
  • Cast: Rajalakshmi, Amrutha Srinivasan, Vikas
  • IMDb Rating: 7.5
  • Streaming on: ZEE5

Forced or planned weddings of daughters with unknown men do not bode well for a girl's fate. This tale is about a young woman named Mahati who is forced into marrying a stranger by her members of the family.

Mahati, a newlywed, engages in an argument with her husband and punches him to death to protect herself. Following the event, she notified her boyfriend about the issue and requested that he cover it up. However, the situation involves the couple's family members. In the world of this series, with no clear black and white lines, it might be difficult to determine the true perpetrator. But, this is what makes this web series so intriguing to watch!

3. Vella Raja

  • Directed by: Guhan Senniappan
  • Cast: Abi, Akash, Yuthan Balaji
  • IMDb Rating: 7.2
  • Streaming on: Prime Video

The plot of this web series focuses on an honest cop who wants to track down a prominent gangster who is doing terrible crimes. Deva, the strong Drug Mafia, has no fear of the police or other opponents. Things take a turn for the worst with the arrival of a bold and honest police officer in charge of arresting and solving strange crimes.

The battle between Deva and Theresa, complete with action, suspense, and thrills, will keep the viewer enthralled till the end. This is what truly distinguishes it as one of the greatest Tamil series to watch online. Moreover, if you’re looking for Tamil web series to download, this is the one for you!

4. Fingertip

  • Director: S Shivakar
  • Cast: Sunaina, Madhusudhan, Akshara Hasan
  • IMDb Rating: 7.9/10
  • Streaming on: Zee5

Technology is becoming essential in everyone's lives, and everyone is too reliant on it. The attachment to technology prevents us from seeing the negative aspects of it.

This web series is based on the brutal realities of the web shadows, such as Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp, which have the potential to utterly wreck someone's life. It consists of five episodes, each of which depicts a different point of view on the same plot, such as Greed, Anger, Revenge, Lust, and Wrath. It serves as a resource for informing viewers about the dangers of technology and how to avoid them.

5. Breathe

  • Directed by: Mayank Sharma
  • Cast: Madhavan, Amit Sadh, Sapna Pabbi
  • IMDb Rating: 8.3
  • Streaming on: Prime Video

This is, without a doubt, one of the best Tamil web series lists created in India, and it is available on Amazon Prime. R Madhvan, who is known for his exceptional acting talents, surely takes the entire plot a notch higher.

The plot focuses on a man named Danny and his son Josh, who needs a lung transplant due to severe lung illness. Josh is number 4 on the list to receive the therapy, but time is running out.

As a result, Danny, the father, plans to murder all three patients in order to get Josh operated on first and lead the donor's line. With excellent dialogue delivery, Madhavan has portrayed the tale compellingly . It is really enjoyable for binge- watching.

6. Nila Nila Odi Vaa

  • Directed by: Nandhini JS
  • Cast: Sunaina, Ashwin Kakumanu, Anupama Kumar
  • IMDb Rating: 8.0
  • Streaming on: VIU

This VIU original Tamil web series is mainly about a man called Om and his passion for a vampire. The pair is undeniably in love unless both the human and vampire communities learn about them and pandemonium ensues. As both groups search for the pair, this one of the finest Tamil web series takes you on a magical trip. If you're looking for something unusual to see, this is a must-see.

7. As I’m Suffering From Kadhal

  • Directed by: Balaji Mohan
  • Cast: Arjunan, Dhanya Balakrishna, Abishek Joseph George
  • IMDb Rating: 7.9
  • Streaming on: Disney + Hotstar

This is a great Tamil web series that follows four couples: one miserable married pair, one separated couple, one in a live-in relationship, and one who is simply too in love.

All four of them clearly demonstrate distinct parts of love and how they all go through various stages whilst in such relationships. In fact, it offers you a good sense of what modern romance is all about and depicts many aspects of it. The online series provides an effective technique of maintaining your relationship through various obstacles in a pleasant and appealing manner.

8. Paava Kadhaigal

  • Directed by: Maaran, Kongara, ShivN & Menon
  • Cast: Sai Pallavi, Kalidas, Anjali & Simran, Kalki Kochien
  • IMDb Rating: 8.1
  • Streaming on: Netflix

One of the very few Tamil web series on Netflix, Paava Kadhaigal examines four remarkable stories of individuals who dare to dream and want – and others who come in the way. This series is a heart-warming viewing that follows a similar basic structure to its counterparts, Lust and Ghost Stories.

It will impact you with its genuine storylines, sympathetic people, excellent performances and stories that don't shy away from depicting the evil things that are happening in our environment in the guise of honor killing.

9. Door No. 403

  • Directed by: Yasmeen
  • Cast: Ena Friedrich, Gokul Anand, Pooja Devariya
  • IMDb Rating: 8.4
  • Streaming on: VIU

Do you miss your buddies from another city? You can create the same atmosphere by binge-watching this Tamil web series, which tells the narrative of a group of five friends and their experiences together. This series follows a man who is given ten questions during an interview.

He responds to each of them by recalling his encounters with his pals and the activities they did together. All of the lovely occurrences will undoubtedly touch your heart and make you want to contact your bestie right away. If you have friends with you at the time, this is a great series to watch with them.

10. Iru Dhuruvam

  • Directed by: Mkumaran
  • Cast: Ravi Jiva, Sebastian Antony, Abdool,Abhirami Iyer
  • IMDb Rating: 8.7
  • Streaming on: Sony LIV

The newest Tamil web series to air on Sony LIV begins with a brutal redemption narrative about a corrupted officer named Viktor. His wife has been gone for six months, and all fingers point to him as the cause of her unexplained absence. He tells his school-age daughter that she has travelled to the United States.

Iru Dhuruvam, a 2018 mystery series starring Ravi Jiva, comprises police investigation episodes and focuses on the themes of inspections, detections, as well as suspense. The show is now available on Sony LIV.

11. Queen

  • Directed by: Gautam Menon Vasudevan, Prasath Murugesan
  • Cast: Vanitha Krishnachandran, Anjana Jayaprakash, Viji Chandrashekhar, Sonia Agarwal
  • IMDb Rating: 8.2
  • Streaming on: MX Player
  • The Queen is a narrative about a woman in the male-dominated realms of Tamil Nadu politicians and cinema. It's the tale of a lady who didn't get the positive ending she desired, despite being destiny's chosen kid.

Queen, created by Gautham Vasudev Menon as well as Prasath Murugesan, is a gripping story of a lady who faces challenges at every turn and how she overcomes them all through persistence. It's worth seeing for the compelling plot and superb directing.

12. Marmadesan

  • Directed by: Naga, C. J. Baskar, Rajendra Kumar
  • Cast: Delhi Ganesh, Devadarshini, Vidaadhu KaruppuChetan, Poovilangu Mohan
  • IMDb Rating: 9.9
  • Streaming on: Youtube

The fascinating narrative focuses on the Karuppu Swami cult, as well as the inexplicable murders of people – one after the other – and events occurring in the town of Thottakaramangalam.

The series was made up of five stand-alone stories about strange and inexplicable happenings. Although the stories are entirely fictional, they do address some of Tamilnadu's ideologies and real-life customs. Whilst Ragasiyam was situated in both a hamlet and a city, Vidathu Karupu was entirely set in a village.


So there you have it, the entire Tamil web series list that is available on various OTT platforms in India for you to watch with your buddies, families, or perhaps even loved ones. Each of them will undoubtedly elicit distinct feelings, allowing you to spend your weekend according to your mood.

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