Eternals Movie-Where to Watch, Cast, Release Date And Ratings

The film Eternals stands apart from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe because it sets a very high bar for itself. The film seeks to unveil new events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Before this action-adventure movie, no one has been aware of, covering virtually the entire history of mankind across thousands of years and spanning almost the entire history of humanity. Various temporal zigzags are involved, along with a large cast and numerous information dumps.

Angelina Jolie's Eternal character is called a ‘Troubled Soul’ by the actress herself. She says that the character is very close to her and she understands her character ‘Thena’ and how she feels.

Plot Of The Eternals

The Celestials, a species of gigantic giants who have existed since the beginning of the world, genetically engineer an extraterrestrial race of strong humanoid beings known as Eternals and transport them to Earth in a triangle starship they name the Eternal.

It is estimated that the Eternals have been residing on our planet for around 7,000 years, with no one being aware of their presence. They have effectively assimilated into human society even though they are "immortal."

According to them, their primary mission on Earth is to safeguard people from their eternal adversaries, the Deviants, an equally strong but violent extra-terrestrial species that are also on the hunt for humans. It had been hundreds of years since the Eternals thought they had conquered the Deviants in battle.

While the Eternals were content with their existence, the reappearance of the Deviants pushed them to band together. The second time around, they have much more to discover about themselves and their creators than they did the first time around.

Eternals – Nature And Abilities

‘Thena’ is the latest Eternal to join Ajak's elite group. She is a formidable warrior who can create weapons with the help of cosmic powers. However, the well-trained fighter is also suffering from a condition known as "Mahd Wy'ry," which causes her to lose control over her mind due to the accumulation of memories over millennia.

It is suggested that Sersi will be the film's central character. She is an empathic Eternal who can modify the molecular structure of everything, i.e., she can influence the structure of matter. Sersi had a previous relationship with Ikaris.

He can fly and shoot cosmic rays from his eyes. (Yes, it’s a little like Superman.) However, he is not as physically powerful as Gilgamesh, who is represented as the most physically powerful of all the Eternals.

Kingo is an Eternal who has the ability to discharge bolts of cosmic energy from his hands and pretends to be a wealthy and well-known Bollywood celebrity to gain human acceptance. Phastos, who is billed as the first openly homosexual superhero in cinematic history, is the mastermind behind the weaponry and technology that the Eternals can create and use.

Sprite, a supernatural being able to create illusions, seems to be a pre-teen youngster on the outside. Still, inside he is a mature person imprisoned in a child’s body. Makkari is a deaf Eternal who also happens to be the first deaf superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What is her strength? Hyper-rapidity. Druig is the tenth and last Eternal. Druig is a loner who prefers to be alone and away from his fellow Eternals. Yet, he is incredibly strong due to his ability to manipulate the thoughts of others.

The 10 Eternals shown in the film are commanded by the figure Ajak, each of whom has a distinct set of abilities. Ajak is the "mother-like" figure to the Eternals and their de facto leader, and she is revered by them. She can communicate with their creators, known as the Celestials, and heal any wound.

Marvel Eternals Movie Vs. Eternals Comics

There are certain deviations between the narrative of the film and that of the original plotline in Marvel comics, as there are in practically all MCU films.

A key difference is that the Eternals are early humans who were genetically developed by the Celestials in the Marvel comic books. Still, in the Marvel comic books, they are aliens. As a result, the Eternals from comic books are considered the forefathers of contemporary humanity.

The Marvel comics depiction of Eternals showed a civil war amongst themselves. The defeated group evacuated Earth to settle on Titan. The Titanian Eternals were the name given to the race of Eternals that lived before them.

This race includes Thanos and his brother Eros, who are also members of the Titans. Thanos had the appearance of a massive moving boulder because he received a repressed Deviant gene from his parents.

The Deviants are developed from humans. Still, they take on a horrible aspect due to the heavenly experiments that have taken place. Therefore, barring those with shape-shifting abilities, they cannot as readily blend in among humans as Eternals. The film shows the Deviants as having much more horrific looks than they already have

Eternals Cast

Here is a list of all of the new characters appearing in Marvel’s Eternals and the actors that play them.

Name Characters
Angelina Jolie Thena
Salma Hayek Ajak
Richard Madden Ikaris
Don Lee Gilgamesh
Kumail Nanjiani Kingo
Brian Tyree Henry Phastos
Lia McHugh Sprite
Mahershala Blade
Patton Oswalt Pip
Harry Styles Starfox
Bill Skarsgard Kro
Kit Harington Dane Whitman
Barry Keoghan Druig
Lauren Ridloff Makkari
Lia McHugh Sprite
Dong- Seok Ma Gilgamesh
Gemma Chan Sersi

The star-studded ensemble of Eternals is a brilliant example of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s enduring appeal. Featuring a heavyweight and multicultural ensemble, Marvel’s Eternals represents the worldwide span of the Eternal’s 7,000-year existence and the ensuing dramatic storyline of the Eternals.

Eternals Release Date, Where To Watch

The Eternals was released in the USA on 5th November 2021. The box office opening of the movie was close to 71.3 million dollars. However, in India Eternals premiered on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar on January 12, 2022.

Eternals will be accessible on Disney+ Hotstar in India in the following languages- Hindi, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

Review Of Eternals

The Movie is one of the most mature and character-driven films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With themes of sacrifice, unconditional love, and teamwork are woven throughout, this film is also filled with a surprising amount of romance.

The movie includes the MCU's first on-screen love scene — as well as some terrifying monsters, one of which eats a parent in front of his child in the film's opening scene.

The IMDb rating of Eternals is 6.6 and 77% Google users like this movie.


The bulk of the Eternals in the comics share comparable superhuman talents, such as tremendous strength and the ability to fly, since they are all descended from the same stock of genetic material. In the film, however, this is not true. As a result of their common cosmic energy, each Eternal has developed various unique abilities.

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