The Kapil Sharma Show: I Am Not Done Yet - Plot, Cast, Release & More

The undisputed king of Indian comedy, Kapil Sharma is finally back with his famous, The Kapil Sharma Show! And even better, the man has made his way to Netflix. With a release date of 28th January 2022, the comic is all set to assert its dominance on the popular streaming platform.

Kapil Sharma came from nowhere and is now a household name. But how? We will get to that in a bit. But first, let’s talk a little about how the man paved his way into the hearts of the nation via his quirky yet effective comedy.

A lot of people believed that the reason for the show’s staggering popularity was the character played by Sunil Grover, Gutthi. Nevertheless, this was proven wrong when Sunil left and started his own show, but it didn’t seem anywhere close to the real deal.

Kapil’s hold on situational humor, his diverse and talented team, and unique concepts breathe life into a very innovative show format.

Now, time to indulge in a little history lesson and get to know Kapil.

Everything You Need To Know About Kapil Sharma

Stand-up comedy made an established entry into Indian households in the 2000s. Back then, no matter where you were, you would be in the living room at 9 p.m., all set to watch The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. If you were ever pondering where you initially knew Kapil’s face from, this is where.

Sharma won the show in 2007 and became known nationwide. He then participated in Sony’s Comedy Circus, only to win six seasons of that show as well.

After hosting and participating in a couple of other popular shows, Kapil went ahead and released his own show in 2013, Comedy Nights with Kapil. And well, who doesn’t know about Comedy Nights with Kapil?

After the end of Comedy Nights with Kapil, Sharma signed a deal with Sony Tv for The Kapil Sharma Show. After a well-received first season, the show made its comeback for a second season on 29 December 2018.

Although this time, it was produced by Salman Khan. But what is one thing a lot of people don’t know about India’s favorite stand-up comic?

Born in 1982, Sharma moved from Amritsar to Mumbai with the aspirations to become a singer. The man had a knack for comedy and simply sent people tumbling with laughter with his unique personality, crowd work, and well-thought-out skits.

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 1 Recap

The switch from Comedy Nights with Kapil to The Kapil Sharma Show was well received by the masses. The only thing missing was Dr. Mashhoor Gulati, a.k.a. Sunil Grover. Apart from a different set and the introduction of Krishna and Bharti, the show still followed the same structure. But the real twist arises when Kapil manages to convince people you never thought would show up on the sets of a comedy show.

From the very first season, Kapil has had celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hritik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, etc. on his set for multiple episodes.

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 Review

With the viewership of The Kapil Sharma Show season 2 crossing that of Big Boss, It comes back with its remarkably funny concept in a second season. A study of Hindi entertainment viewership suggested that over 26.2 percent of total viewership from 9 pm-11.30 pm was captured by The Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil is as funny as ever, with the only repetitive yet mundane note of the show being Swapna, a.k.a Krishna Abhishek.

But what’s new is the introduction of Kiku. Kiku acts like an Indian and a foreigner at the same time, bringing about outstanding humour and a colourful script.

The constant growth and high viewership of the show have made it one of the biggest comedy shows in the country.

The Kapil Sharma Show - I am Not Done Yet -When, Where?

This is Kapil’s first standup special, and he aims to make a heavy entrance, trying to take all the returning Kapil Sharma Show fans by storm. To be able to watch the standup special, you need to have a Netflix subscription.

Simply head over to the Netflix website or application, and choose any of the following plans to access the show.

  • The Basic plan lets you stream at 480p on any mobile device for just Rs.149 monthly. However, with this plan, you can’t watch the show on your laptop/PC/TV.
  • The Standard plan enables users to stream Netflix in complete HD (1080p) at just Rs.499 per month. You can enjoy Netflix on all devices including smartphones, computers, laptops and television.
  • The Premium plan will let you stream any Netflix show in Ultra HD and enjoy video quality in 4K. With this plan, you can watch Netflix on four screens at a time for Rs.649 per month only.

With The Kapil Sharma Show latest episode having aired on 5th May 2019, the king of comedy is set to make a comeback on 28th January 2022. After the end of Kapil Sharma Show Season 3,the comedian is releasing his latest show, ‘Kapil Sharma: I am not done yet’ on Netflix.

Kapil Sharma show cast

Here’s the complete Kapil Sharma Show cast:

  • Kapil Sharma as host
  • Sumona Chakravarti as Sarla
  • Krishna Abhishek as Sapna
  • Bharti Singh as Titli Yadav
  • Sunil Grover as Dr. Mashoor Gulati
  • Kiku Sharda as Bachcha Yadav
  • Chandan Prabhakar as Chandu
  • Archana Puran Singh as guest
  • Navjot Singh Siddhu as guest

The Kapil Sharma Show has an IMDB rating of 7.8

Bottom Line

The comedian who came from nothing is now the King of Indian comedy. Kapil Sharma not only brought a new flavor to the Indian standup scene, but he completely revolutionized it. A lot of other shows have tried to imitate its structure, but none succeeded. Catch the brilliant comic in his new Netflix standup special ‘Kapil Sharma: I am not done yet’.

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