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Squid Game is a dark and horrifying tale from South Korea that has been a worldwide surprise mega-hit for Netflix so far. In this survival horror series, a group of disparate individuals is brought together by an enigmatic genius to compete in warped versions of traditional children's playground activities. In the end, those who fail the difficult tasks will die a terrible death, while those who succeed will share an enormous sum of 45.6 billion ($30 million).

Because of how fast Squid Game has grown to be one of Netflix's most popular shows, some fans are starting to question whether it was based on a real event.

However, the truth is that, even while game shows are becoming more and more complex, there have been no real-life instances of players being compelled to participate in lethal versions of childhood games.

Squid Game

In this guide, we will talk about this crazy game series show on Netflix that is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. Squid game is a South Korean thriller that is spread across nine episodes that are sure to add some spice to your regular work-from-home routines.

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Where To Watch Squid Game

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Netflix 09 English





Squid Game Storyline

The tale begins with the main character, Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-Jae), who is a sluggish but well-intentioned guy who is surviving on the little money provided by his elderly mother. A divorcee with a small kid whom he has a bad tendency of disappointing, Gi-hun lives with his ex-wife.

He is in deep debt, and he is using the money his mother gives him to support a problematic gambling habit of his own. He had a good day at the track and wins a lot of money, but he runs into some debt collectors and is pickpocketed by a little girl while attempting to flee from them. The collectors apprehend him and force him to sign a physical contract in which he promises to donate his organs if there are any more delays in payment.

A well-dressed guy approaches him at a subway station later that night and agrees to play a simple children's game with one condition: he must pay him. If Gi-hun wins around, he will be rewarded 10,000 cash; however, if he loses a round, the gentleman will smack him in exchange for his troubles.

The money is handed to Gi-hun after many rounds of failure. Additionally, he is handed a card with a phone number and an invitation to participate in a game that claims to be the answer to all of his troubles and other perks. After considerable deliberation, he dials the number and decides to take part in the activity.

The individuals who volunteered to participate are picked up and transported to an unknown location. They all awaken in a room with beds and are dressed in jumpsuits with numbers on them. A gang of guys in masks approaches them and informs them that they must compete in six games and win them all in order to get the prize money.

In response to a contestant's query about why they should continue to play after being drugged and having their possessions taken away, the masked men tell the players that they are all in debt and that this game is essential to their survival.

Squid Game - The Games Explained

I am sure after reading the game plot, you must be excited to know the games played and what happened or who won. We have listed below the details for your entertainment.

First Game: Red Light, Green Light

"Red light, green light" is the first game they must play in order to progress. An unfortunate aspect of this game is that elimination in this game equals death if a person is discovered playing it. Everyone begins to worry and is gradually shot down until the surviving players decide to really participate in the game and continue to play. By the end of the game, almost half of the participants have been removed, leaving the remaining participants in disbelief about what they have agreed to.

After bringing up one of the contract's terms, they decide to have a vote on whether or not to continue playing. As a result of the majority vote, the game comes to an end, and the participants are given an option to return or continue the game still available to them.

After spending a few days outdoors and discovering that their circumstances have not improved, the vast majority of competitors opt to come back in. This time, a detective by the name of Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) manages to sneak on board the ship to the venue in pursuit of his brother, who has gone missing.

Sugar Honeycombs- The Second Game

Sugar honeycombs is the next game that they are required to play. Using a biscuit, the players must cut out an exact form while avoiding shattering the cookie itself. Sang-woo knows what the game is thanks to a clue from Kang Se-Byeok (Jung Ho-Yeon), who had snuck via the vents earlier in the episode. However, he does not reveal this information to Gi-Hun.

In spite of obtaining the umbrella form, Gi-hun discovers a method to make things simpler and manages to survive the second round. Alliances begin to develop among the players, and when an incident results in the death of a player with no real repercussions, a riot breaks out at night in an attempt to thin down the population.

The Third Game - Tug Of War

Despite having an inferior squad on paper, Gi-hun and his gang survive due to the wise counsel of an old gentleman. Oh Il-Nam (Oh Young-soo), as well as some fast thinking by Sang-woo, are responsible for this.

The Fourth Game - Marbles

The hooded guys tell the participants to form two-person teams for the next game. The twist is that the members on each side are really competing against one another. Meanwhile, Sang-Woo partners up with the straightforward Ali Abdul (Tripati Anupam), while Gi-hun teams up with Il-Nam.

Sang-woo is on the verge of losing when he tries to deceive Ali into handing up all of the marbles. Meanwhile, Gi-hun takes advantage of Il-dementia Nam's to advance to the next round of the competition. A party of rich VIPs travels to the island to watch the last two games in person, placing bets on the contestants to keep things exciting in the final two games. Behind the building, a manhunt is underway for Jun-ho, who is conducting his own inquiry into the circumstances surrounding this heinous game.

The Fifth Game - Glass Stepping Stones

As it turns out, the fifth game is made up of glass stepping stones. When two neighboring bridges are present, the players must select between a regular glass step and a tempered glass step to proceed. If they make the incorrect decision, the glass will shatter beneath their weight, sending them plummeting to their deaths.

Players sabotage one another in order to get an advantage, with just three of them advancing to the final round: Sang-woo, Gi hun, and Se-byeok (shown). At the conclusion of the game, the remaining glass stairs are shattered in an explosion, with one of the shards piercing Se-byeok in the leg, inflicting minor injury.

The Final Round - Squid Game

They are given a nice meal before the final game, and at the conclusion of the evening, they are invited to bring their steak knives along with them to the game. As a precaution, Gi-hun stays with Se-byeok in case Sang-woo chooses to attack, but when she falls due to severe blood loss, he runs to the door and calls for assistance from the outside. Meanwhile, Sang-woo takes advantage of the situation to deliver the decisive stroke and reduce the game to just two participants.

The cast of Squid Game

Name Character
Lee Jung Jae Seong Ji Hu
Park Hae Soo Cho Sang Woo
Wi Ha Joon Hwang Jun Ho
Jung Hoyeon Kang Sae Byeok
Oh Yeong Su Oh Il nam
Heo Sung Tae Jang Deok Su
Anupam Tripathi Ali Abdul
Kim Joo Ryung Han Mi Nyeo
Lee Byung Hun Front man
Kim Dong Won No. 303
Kwak Ja Hyoung No. 278
Lim Ki Hong Jung Min Tae
Yu seong Ju Byeong Ki
Kim si hyun No. 244
Gong Yoo The salesman
Greg Chun Gi-hun
Yoo young kyun No.040
Stephen Fu Sang woo


Squid Game is not for you if you are not the faint of heart. There is a lot of blood and brutality in the series, and the trailer just offers you a taste of what to expect when the competition begins. However, this pales in comparison to the events shown in the show. You should probably avoid this place if you're easily frightened by the sight of blood.

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