Uppena Movie: The Story, Synopsis, Cast and Where to Watch

Uppena is a movie that is likely to spark lively debate among viewers. The social divisions that are addressed in the musical are represented via the characters' love relationships.

Concerning honor, there is a lot of discussion in the film, but thankfully, it looks beyond just honor killings. It's a good addition to include a debate about masculinity.

A new film directed and written by Buchibabu Sana examines what it means to live in a society characterized by patriarchy and casteism, but it fails to break away from a number of cliches. The Uppena OTT release date was 14 April 2021.

Story of Uppena

Uppena is a film in which the sea determines the lives of all of its protagonists. Fishermen who live in close proximity to the sea have a deep regard for it and rely on it for their livelihood. In other words, if they abandon everything and relocate far away from the sea, their lives will be similar to that of a fish out of water. They are doomed to perish.

Other people, who live far away from the water, have lives and ambitions that are as enormous and unfathomable as the vastness of the sky. They have complete control over everything, from the lives of those under them on the social ladder to the bodies of the ladies in their family's home.

These two universes are not intended to clash or even mix, despite the fact that the horizon seems to suggest that it could be conceivable.

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As far as the narrative is concerned, Uppena is the story of two people, Aasi and Sangeetha, who are in pursuit of a faraway dream where the horizon itself seems to be a reality. While being dragged along by the wave of the sea, the pair discovers that life is harsher than they had imagined and that the barriers of patriarchy and casteism are too high to climb.

Though topics like these have been addressed many times in the movies over the years, Uppena leaves you with a strong feeling of déjà vu after seeing it.

The film is set in Uppada, a coastal town in Andhra Pradesh, and chronicles the life of Rayanam (Vijay Sethupathi), a businessman who wishes to establish a fishing yard in the area. His daughter Sangeetha (Krithi Shetty) is the apple of his eye and he sees her as a symbol of his pride, dignity, and caste, all of which must be preserved at all costs.

There's also Aasi (Vaishnav Tej), a fisherman's son who falls in love with Sangeetha, who eventually reciprocates his affection after a period of time. In the next portions of the tale, we learn what occurs as Aasi and Sangeetha's affection for one another suffers the weight of Rayanam's wrath.

DirectorBuchibabu establishes the laws of the country through the eyes of Rayanam, who has the notion that his daughter's sheer existence is equivalent to his own dignity. The locations of his daughter have a direct impact on his social standing. Another source of his rage comes from the fact that he does not have a male heir, and as a result, he is apathetic about his bed-ridden wife.

It's no surprise that Sangeetha grows up in a home where there is no love or affection and that when she meets Aasi, she realizes what love really means for the first time in her life. Uppena is mainly concerned with this issue.

The more Sangeetha learns about Aasi, the more she appreciates and comprehends what it means to be in love at a time apart from Aasi's presence in her life. Nothing else provides her with a sense of security and happiness. Even if the subtext is difficult to miss, the depiction of their lives is clichéd throughout most of the film.

In Telugu films, the wealthy girl-poor boy relationship, divided by caste and class, has become one of the most repeated clichés, and the only thing that distinguishes Uppena from the pack is its setting. Everything takes place near the water, and as a result, the picture seems visually fresh and aesthetically pleasing, even though the underlying feeling is well-known.

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Vaishnav Tej and Krithi Shetty's on-screen chemistry is fantastic, and both of them create a great impact throughout the film, which is a testament to the film's overall quality. Both of their characterizations are well-written, and they successfully compel you to get emotionally invested in their relationship.

Krithi Shetty is outstanding in an emotionally charged role, and she steals the show from Vijay Sethupathi at the film's most important scene, which is also the most dramatic. And Vaishnav Tej does an excellent job of channelling the moral struggle and fury that his character is experiencing.

For Vijay Sethupathi, the character is a piece of cake, and his ruthlessness is apparent even when he doesn't say anything. The film's finale, in particular, is well-executed and leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

The film's story unfolds at its own leisurely pace and the course of events becomes more predictable. Every time you think the narrative is about to take a dramatic turn, Buchibabu diverts your attention to a familiar scene instead.

It's a good thing that the cinematography by Shamdat and the music by Devi Sri Prasad provide a pleasant diversion. The visuals and sounds of the film are fascinating and conveys the emotions that the actors are experiencing on screen.

The movie Uppena’s running duration is close to 150 minutes, which makes it seem a little too lengthy. The true drama takes place on a deeper level, as the film delves into how society defines masculinity and virility in general.

The cast of the Film

Name of the Actor Character’s Name
Panja Vaisshnav Tej Aasirvadham Aka Aasi
Kriti Shetty Sangeeta Aka Bebbamma
Vijay Sethupathi Kotagiri Sesha Raayanam
Gayatri Jayaraman Sangeeta’s Mother
Mahadevan Raayanam’s Father
Sai Chand Jalayya
Rajiv Kanakala MRO
Mamilla Shailaja Priya Raayanam’s Sister

Overall Review of the film

Coming to Uppena Movie reviews, viewers find it a heartfelt love tale with a stellar ensemble of actors and actresses. Amazing music, a new coupling, and a gritty narrative are all important elements of this film's success. Despite the fact that the plot is a little predictable, good narration and the hard-hitting conclusion make this a worthwhile viewing experience.

Platforms to watch the film

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Final Thoughts

Uppena challenges us to consider what counts in a man's life. The only way for Rayanam to maintain the caste order in his opinion and the only way for Aasi to keep Sangeetha happy, is for them both to work together. However, it is Sangeetha's point of view that is more fascinating. When everyone around her sees her as a mere female, all she wants is to be with someone who appreciates her and makes her feel loved.

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