Where to Watch Thalaivi Online and More About it

Two years ago, viewers were treated to 2-3 biopics about N. T. Rama Rao's cinema career and his career in politics. In examining NTR's contemporaries and frequent co-star Jayalalithaa, Thalaivi is about the rise of an Indian actress to a well-respected political leader. This movie has been released on OTT platforms for the audience, taking into consideration the pandemic restrictions.

Thalaivi revolves around the life of Indian actress Jayalalitha, who later became a politician and goes on to become the six times chief minister of Tamil Nadu, serving the state for more than 14 years. Jayalalitha was nicknamed as 'Puratchi Thalaivi,' or a 'Revolutionary Leader,'

The film opens with a budget presentation by the Chief Minister of the State in front of the legislature. Jayalalitha approaches him to inquire about the corruption scandals leveled against her, and MGR is defended. Her dignity is wounded when she is suspected of having an affair with MGR.

She vows vengeance as she exits the legislature. The film then takes us on a journey through Jayalalitha's life, beginning with her early days as an actress. She ultimately decides to pursue a career in politics and advocates for the need for education for women. The film then returns to the opening scene and further tells the story of how Jayalalithaa got into power and became Tamil Nadu's, Chief Minister.

Release Date And Cast Of Thalaivi

Directed by A.L. Vija,y Thalaivi aired on September 10, 2021. This movie has a running time of 2 hours and 33 minutes and is originally made in Tamil

The film's main cast includes Kangana Ranaut, Nassar, Arvind Swamy, Bhagyashree, Samuthirakani, Shamna Kasim, Madhoo, Bharath Reddy, Vidhya Pradeep, Thambi Ramaiah, Shanmugarajan, and Jisshu Sengupta.

Thalaivi has a 5.9 out of 10 binge rating in the Drama category.

Where To Watch Thalaivi?

There are many sources of entertainment with so many OTT platforms available these days. The Hindi version of Thalaivi is now available on Netflix for Hindi film fans. And Amazon Prime subscribers can watch the movie in Tamil and Telugu languages.

Thalaivi Movie Review

"The story we all know, the life story we don't." The statement mentioned above was announced in the trailer of "Thalaivi”, boosting our hopes for the film, which is a biopic of J Jayalalithaa, the attractive actress turned politician.

Thalaivi is a combination of two parts. The first half of the film focuses on Jayalalithaa's cinematic career and her love affair with MGR. The second half focuses on her political decisions. The scenes with Jayalalithaa and MGR are rather amusing. It also shows how much she cared for him. The antagonistic connection between Jayalalitha and MGR's faithful aide has some fantastic moments as well.

MGR had a relationship with Jayalalithaa despite his marriage to Janaki Ramachandran. MJR is forced to break his engagement with her when he decides to pursue a career in politics. Years later, he runs into her again and urges her to join politics. She quickly picks up the ropes and develops into a formidable leader in the face of several foes and hurdles.

Following MJR's death, governing party MLAs infuriate Jayalalitha (Kangana Ranaut) in the Tamilnadu legislative assembly hall with their male chauvinism. Jayalalithaa is elected to the House of Commons and impresses Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She promises that she will only return to the Assembly Hall if she is elected Chief Minister.

Despite bearing no physical resemblance to Jayalalithaa, award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut does a convincing performance in part. She is believable during the film's first part, but she needs to be more convincing in the second half. Kangana Ranaut performs admirably in the character of Jayalalitha.

Aravind Swamy as MGR is outstanding. If we talk about his performance, he has done justification to the role of MGR and has shined nicely.

As this movie was based in earlier times, the most critical work and actors' performance is the cinematography of the films, music, and setups. Though the music is not that appraisable, other things like the dialogue, costumes, and location set up are good and worthy of applause.

Overall Review on Thalaivi

'Thalaivi' had many potentials to be such a biopic, as evidenced by the examples cited. However, 'Thalaivi' squanders this potential by a large margin. According to audiences, Kangna Ranaut's acting was average in the movie, along with other casts. They found the music soothing and the movie inspiring—this movie was 5.4 out of 10 in IMDB ratings.

Theatre Release of Thalaivi

On September 10, 2021, Kangana Ranaut's Thalaivi, one of the year's most anticipated films, was released in theatres around the nation. Even though everyone expected the biographical drama to be a hit, it bombed at the box office.

It was made on a budget of Rs 100 crores but only made Rs 6 crores at the box office, making it a big failure. After Thalaivi's poor box office performance, the film's producers are now hoping for a positive response when released on demand.

Kangana Ranaut justified the theatrical release of the film during the trailer event, saying, "Maybe the films that are coming aren't performing to their full potential, but it's not that they are underperforming." They are unquestionably having an impact. "The audience is all set."


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