Everything You Should Know About Netflix Party & How It Works

If you haven’t already heard, Netflix has come up with this cool new feature that enables people to stream Netflix together and have a Netflix Party! You can now enjoy Netflix with a group of friends or your family with synchronized playback and a shared group chat. And what’s the best part? Anyone with an active Netflix subscription can utilize the service since it’s available as a free Chrome plugin.

Taking this into consideration, in this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know regarding what is a Netflix Party, how to use it and whether you can access Netflix Party on your smartphone or not.

How Does Netflix Party (Teleparty)Work?

Netflix Party is an exciting feature that allows users to watch TV in groups online. You can plan ahead and invite your friends and family to a virtual movie night!

There are many users who don’t know how to use the Netflix Party feature. In case you’re wondering the same, let’s walk you through the simple setup process. In your browser window, the Teleparty extension icon next to the address bar should have changed from grey to red. To start a Teleparty, click it and then follow the directions in the pop-up box.

You have the option of having complete control over the video playback or allowing anyone in the party to do so. This is the equivalent of putting the remote on the table for anyone to use. You must now copy the URL from another pop-up window and send it to your pals.

You will be given an icon to use as a representation of yourself, similar to an avatar. You can modify this, as well as your nickname if you choose. Those who are invited must also install the Teleparty extension. They will be a part of the party after they click the URL and then the Teleparty symbol.

To put it down in simple steps:

  1. Download the Netflix Party Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. Netflix will be available on Chrome.
  2. Select the episode or movie you wish to watch and press the Play button.
  3. Next to the address bar, click the red NP button.
  4. If you wish to be the one in charge of playback, select "Only I have control." Otherwise, everyone who is invited will be able to rewind and fast forward.
  5. By clicking the "Start the party" button, the party will begin.
  6. Copy and send the link to your peers.

Netflix Party Google Chrome extension is free of cost

How Can You Become A Netflix Party Member?

There are times when Netflix users don’t know how to become a Netflix Party member and tend to struggle for the same. Keeping this in mind, let’s shed some light on a few simple steps on how to become a Netflix Party member.

  1. Download the Netflix Party add-on from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Go to your invite URL and tap it.
  3. Join the party by clicking the red ‘NP’ icon next to the address bar.
  4. If you are a new user, choose a user icon and a name that will help your friends recognize you in the chat.

Pointers To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Netflix Party

As mentioned above, Netflix users can now throw a Netflix watch party by streaming movies or series together, as a group. You will be able to access a shared group chat and stream Netflix with a synchronized playback. Before you start a Netflix party, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Netflix Should Be Widely Distributed

All of your invited guests will be requested to log in using their own Netflix accounts. So, before you choose the movie, take a quick poll to ensure that everyone is signed up. It is possible to share a Netflix membership across six devices, but you must remember that only 2 streams will be permitted to be accessed simultaneously.

Decide Who Will Be In Charge Of The Playback

Unless the host specifies otherwise, every invitee will be able to control the playback. However, the host can also choose to be the only one who can fast forward and rewind the movie/web series.

Set Ground Rules On The Group Chat

You can personalize the group chat with user symbols and creative usernames on Netflix Party. Just like any other group chat, users can use GIFs, emoticons, and even screenshots, to express themselves and have a fun convo.

Is Netflix Party Safe?

People don't like sharing their personal information, which is why many users are wondering whether Netflix Party is safe or not. Netflix party is a Google Chrome extension, it’s a non-Netflix third-party Google Chrome extension. That's right, Netflix won't be held responsible.

Therefore, we recommend users read the Privacy Policy before installing the NP extension. The key pointers to follow are:

  • Request your friends not to post the Netflix Party link anywhere publicly. Since there is no password protection, anyone with the URL to your Netflix Party could join.
  • Set up parental controls for your children. Netflix Party's Privacy Policy specifies that users must be 13 years old or older. If you have a younger child who has access to Netflix, make sure you've installed parental controls.
  • Netflix Party employs trackers that can monitor your browsing habits. You can't turn off the tracking because the service doesn't follow the common "Do Not Track" option.

What To Do If Netflix Party Isn’t Working?

  1. Don't Be Alarmed By The Grey Button

    Users won't be able to use the NP button until the host starts streaming. This means that when you are scrolling around Netflix’s dashboard or watching previews, your friends won't be able to join you. You should press the Play button so that the NP button becomes red.

  2. Restart Google Chrome

    Close every Chrome tab and window and run Chrome once again. Many users have reported this to work, which is why we encourage you to give it a shot.

  3. Make Necessary Adjustments To Your Extension Settings

    Select the Netflix Party button and then click on manage extensions. Once the settings page opens, turn on ‘Allow access to file URLs’. After this, restart your Netflix Party and it’ll definitely work.

  4. Can You Use Netflix Party On Your Phone?

    If you are wondering whether you can use Netflix Party on your phone, unfortunately, you can’t. While Netflix allows users to stream content on their smartphones, the Netflix Party feature is not currently supported by the app. Currently, the Netflix Party feature is only available as a Chrome browser plug-in for laptops and desktops.

Bottom Line

We have covered everything you need to know about the Netflix Party feature and how to use it. While nothing beats hanging out with friends in person, Netflix Party can help you socialize during the pandemic while still practising social distancing; it’s definitely a must-try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can users view Netflix Party’s chat history?e

Messages aren’t stored by Netflix Party during your group chat. Therefore, you cannot access the chat history as well.

Can users video call during a Netflix Party?

When Netlifx watch party starts, Flickcall will sync every user’s video player. You can video call and enjoy the group chat feature as well.

Will Netflix Party work if a user doesn’t have a Netflix account?

Every user will be required to possess their own Netflix account in order to access Netflix Party from the Google Chrome extension.

Does Netflix party work on iPad or phone?

No, Netflix Party will only work on your laptop or PC.

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