Watch English Premier League 2021-22: Schedule, Teams & Results

The Premier League, often known as the English Premier League or even the EPL (official name: The Football Association Premier League Ltd), is the top rank of English football leagues. It is contested by twenty teams and functions on a promotion and relegation method equivalent to the English Football League (EFL).

The matches usually last from August to May, with every side playing 38 matches (playing all 19 separate teams both home and away). The majority of games take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

An Overview of The English Premier League

The FA Premier League was established on February 20, 1992, after the decision of teams in the Football League Top Division to secede from the Football League, which was formed in 1888, in order to capitalize on a valuable broadcast rights agreement.

Domestically, the contract was valued at about £1 billion per year in 2013–14, with Sky and BT Group gaining domestic rights to distribute 116 and 38 fixtures, respectively.

The league functions as a business, with member teams representing as stockholders, and provides €2.2 billion in national and international media rights every year. In the year 2016–17, clubs got £2.4 billion in principal payment income, also an extra £343 million in solidarity payments to English Football League (EFL) teams.

The English Premier League 2021-22 takes off on August 14th. It is among the world's most viewed sporting events. The competition features some of the world's most popular teams, with a global fan following. The League will be in its 30th year, with 20 clubs participating.

Defenders of the Throne Man City will try to win their fourth title in five years. While its local rivals, Manchester United, will be aiming to relive their glory years. After an injury-plagued season, Liverpool would also be in the hunt. Chelsea, the European champions, cannot be overlooked. Overall, the upcoming season promises to be exciting.

New signings Norwich City, Watford, and Brentford will also contribute significantly to the Premier League, since there are several fascinating tales circulating, and supporters are anticipated to return in big numbers for the 2021-22 campaign.

Manchester United is the top-ranking team in the English Premier League with 20 titles to its name.

English Premier League Fixtures For 2021-22

The Premier League will begin on August 7, 2021, 34 days after the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium.

The League One season ends on April 30th, 2022, with League Two as well as the Championship following on May 7th and May 8th, accordingly. You can find the complete schedule for the English Premier League 2021-22 below, which is sourced from the official EPL website.

Date Matches
Saturday 14 August Brentford v Arsenal

Burnley v Brighton

Chelsea v Crystal Palace

Everton v Southampton

Leicester v Wolves

Man Utd v Leeds

Newcastle v West Ham

Norwich v Liverpool

Spurs v Man City

Watford v Aston Villa

Saturday 21 August Arsenal v Chelsea

Aston Villa v Newcastle

Brighton v Watford

Crystal Palace v Brentford

Leeds v Everton

Liverpool v Burnley

Man City v Norwich

Southampton v Man Utd

West Ham v Leicester

Wolves v Spurs

Saturday 28 August Aston Villa v Brentford

Brighton v Everton

Burnley v Leeds

Liverpool v Chelsea

Man City v Arsenal

Newcastle v Southampton

Norwich v Leicester

Spurs v Watford

West Ham v Crystal Palace

Wolves v Man Utd

Saturday 11 September Arsenal v Norwich

Brentford v Brighton

Chelsea v Aston Villa

Crystal Palace v Spurs

Everton v Burnley

Leeds v Liverpool

Leicester v Man City

Man Utd v Newcastle

Southampton v West Ham

Watford v Wolves

Saturday 18 September Aston Villa v Everton

Brighton v Leicester

Burnley v Arsenal

Liverpool v Crystal Palace

Man City v Southampton

Newcastle v Leeds

Norwich v Watford

Spurs v Chelsea

West Ham v Man Utd

Wolves v Brentford

Saturday 25 September Arsenal v Spurs

Brentford v Liverpool

Chelsea v Man City

Crystal Palace v Brighton

Everton v Norwich

Leeds v West Ham

Leicester v Burnley

Man Utd v Aston Villa

Southampton v Wolves

Watford v Newcastle

Saturday 2 October Brighton v Arsenal

Burnley v Norwich

Chelsea v Southampton

Crystal Palace v Leicester

Leeds v Watford

Liverpool v Man City

Man Utd v Everton

Spurs v Aston Villa

West Ham v Brentford

Wolves v Newcastle

Saturday 16 October Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Aston Villa v Wolves

Brentford v Chelsea

Everton v West Ham

Leicester v Man Utd

Man City v Burnley

Newcastle v Spurs

Norwich v Brighton

Southampton v Leeds

Watford v Liverpool

Saturday 23 October Arsenal v Aston Villa

Brentford v Leicester

Brighton v Man City

Chelsea v Norwich

Crystal Palace v Newcastle

Everton v Watford

Leeds v Wolves

Man Utd v Liverpool

Southampton v Burnley

West Ham v Spurs

Saturday 30 October Aston Villa v West Ham

Burnley v Brentford

Leicester v Arsenal

Liverpool v Brighton

Man City v Crystal Palace

Newcastle v Chelsea

Norwich v Leeds

Spurs v Man Utd

Watford v Southampton

Wolves v Everton

Saturday 6 November Arsenal v Watford

Brentford v Norwich

Brighton v Newcastle

Chelsea v Burnley

Crystal Palace v Wolves

Everton v Spurs

Leeds v Leicester

Man Utd v Man City

Southampton v Aston Villa

West Ham v Liverpool

Saturday 20 November Aston Villa v Brighton

Burnley v Crystal Palace

Leicester v Chelsea

Liverpool v Arsenal

Man City v Everton

Newcastle v Brentford

Norwich v Southampton

Spurs v Leeds

Watford v Man Utd

Wolves v West Ham

Saturday 27 November Arsenal v Newcastle

Brentford v Everton

Brighton v Leeds

Burnley v Spurs

Chelsea v Man Utd

Crystal Palace v Aston Villa

Leicester v Watford

Liverpool v Southampton

Man City v West Ham

Norwich v Wolves

Tuesday 30 November Aston Villa v Man City

Everton v Liverpool

Leeds v Crystal Palace

Watford v Chelsea

West Ham v Brighton

Wolves v Burnley

Man Utd v Arsenal

Wednesday 1 December Newcastle v Norwich

Southampton v Leicester

Spurs v Brentford

Saturday 4 December Aston Villa v Leicester

Everton v Arsenal

Leeds v Brentford

Man Utd v Crystal Palace

Newcastle v Burnley

Southampton v Brighton

Spurs v Norwich

Watford v Man City

West Ham v Chelsea

Wolves v Liverpool

Saturday 11 December Arsenal v Southampton

Brentford v Watford

Brighton v Spurs

Burnley v West Ham

Chelsea v Leeds

Crystal Palace v Everton

Leicester v Newcastle

Liverpool v Aston Villa

Man City v Wolves

Norwich v Man Utd

Tuesday 14 December Arsenal v West Ham

Brentford v Man Utd

Brighton v Wolves

Burnley v Watford

Leicester v Spurs

Norwich v Aston Villa

Crystal Palace v Southampton

Wednesday 15 December Chelsea v Everton

Liverpool v Newcastle

Man City v Leeds

Saturday 18 December Aston Villa v Burnley

Everton v Leicester

Leeds v Arsenal

Man Utd v Brighton

Newcastle v Man City

Southampton v Brentford

Spurs v Liverpool

Watford v Crystal Palace

West Ham v Norwich

Wolves v Chelsea

Saturday 26 December Aston Villa v Chelsea

Brighton v Brentford

Burnley v Everton

Liverpool v Leeds

Man City v Leicester

Newcastle v Man Utd

Norwich v Arsenal

Spurs v Crystal Palace

West Ham v Southampton

Wolves v Watford

Tuesday 28 December Arsenal v Wolves

Brentford v Man City

Chelsea v Brighton

Crystal Palace v Norwich

Everton v Newcastle

Leeds v Aston Villa

Leicester v Liverpool

Man Utd v Burnley

Southampton v Spurs

Watford v West Ham

Saturday 1 January Arsenal v Man City

Brentford v Aston Villa

Chelsea v Liverpool

Crystal Palace v West Ham

Everton v Brighton

Leeds v Burnley

Leicester v Norwich

Man Utd v Wolves

Southampton v Newcastle

Watford v Spurs

Saturday 15 January Aston Villa v Man Utd

Brighton v Crystal Palace

Burnley v Leicester

Liverpool v Brentford

Man City v Chelsea

Newcastle v Watford

Norwich v Everton

Spurs v Arsenal

West Ham v Leeds

Wolves v Southampton

Saturday 22 January Arsenal v Burnley

Brentford v Wolves

Chelsea v Spurs

Crystal Palace v Liverpool

Everton v Aston Villa

Leeds v Newcastle

Leicester v Brighton

Man Utd v West Ham

Southampton v Man City

Watford v Norwich

Tuesday 8 February Aston Villa v Leeds

Brighton v Chelsea

Burnley v Man Utd

Norwich v Crystal Palace

West Ham v Watford

Wolves v Arsenal

Wednesday 9 February Newcastle v Everton

Spurs v Southampton

Liverpool v Leicester

Man City v Brentford

Saturday 12 February Brentford v Crystal Palace

Burnley v Liverpool

Chelsea v Arsenal

Everton v Leeds

Leicester v West Ham

Man Utd v Southampton

Newcastle v Aston Villa

Norwich v Man City

Spurs v Wolves

Watford v Brighton

Saturday 19 February Arsenal v Brentford

Aston Villa v Watford

Brighton v Burnley

Crystal Palace v Chelsea

Leeds v Man Utd

Liverpool v Norwich

Man City v Spurs

Southampton v Everton

West Ham v Newcastle

Wolves v Leicester

Saturday 26 February Arsenal v Liverpool

Brentford v Newcastle

Brighton v Aston Villa

Chelsea v Leicester

Crystal Palace v Burnley

Everton v Man City

Leeds v Spurs

Man Utd v Watford

Southampton v Norwich

West Ham v Wolves

Saturday 5 March Aston Villa v Southampton

Burnley v Chelsea

Leicester v Leeds

Liverpool v West Ham

Man City v Man Utd

Newcastle v Brighton

Norwich v Brentford

Spurs v Everton

Watford v Arsenal

Wolves v Crystal Palace

Saturday 12 March Arsenal v Leicester

Brentford v Burnley

Brighton v Liverpool

Chelsea v Newcastle

Crystal Palace v Man City

Everton v Wolves

Leeds v Norwich

Man Utd v Spurs

Southampton v Watford

West Ham v Aston Villa

Saturday 19 March Aston Villa v Arsenal

Burnley v Southampton

Leicester v Brentford

Liverpool v Man Utd

Man City v Brighton

Newcastle v Crystal Palace

Norwich v Chelsea

Spurs v West Ham

Watford v Everton

Wolves v Leeds

Saturday 2 April Brighton v Norwich

Burnley v Man City

Chelsea v Brentford

Crystal Palace v Arsenal

Leeds v Southampton

Liverpool v Watford

Man Utd v Leicester

Spurs v Newcastle

West Ham v Everton

Wolves v Aston Villa

Saturday 9 April Arsenal v Brighton

Aston Villa v Spurs

Brentford v West Ham

Everton v Man Utd

Leicester v Crystal Palace

Man City v Liverpool

Newcastle v Wolves

Norwich v Burnley

Southampton v Chelsea

Watford v Leeds

Saturday 16 April Aston Villa v Liverpool

Everton v Crystal Palace

Leeds v Chelsea

Man Utd v Norwich

Newcastle v Leicester

Southampton v Arsenal

Spurs v Brighton

Watford v Brentford

West Ham v Burnley

Wolves v Man City

Saturday 23 April Arsenal v Man Utd

Brentford v Spurs

Brighton v Southampton

Burnley v Wolves

Chelsea v West Ham

Crystal Palace v Leeds

Leicester v Aston Villa

Liverpool v Everton

Man City v Watford

Norwich v Newcastle

Saturday 30 April Aston Villa v Norwich

Everton v Chelsea

Leeds v Man City

Man Utd v Brentford

Newcastle v Liverpool

Southampton v Crystal Palace

Spurs v Leicester

Watford v Burnley

West Ham v Arsenal

Wolves v Brighton

Saturday 7 May Arsenal v Leeds

Brentford v Southampton

Brighton v Man Utd

Burnley v Aston Villa

Chelsea v Wolves

Crystal Palace v Watford

Leicester v Everton

Liverpool v Spurs

Man City v Newcastle

Norwich v West Ham

Sunday 15 May* Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

Everton v Brentford

Leeds v Brighton

Man Utd v Chelsea

Newcastle v Arsenal

Southampton v Liverpool

Spurs v Burnley

Watford v Leicester

West Ham v Man City

Wolves v Norwich

Sunday 22 May 16:00 Arsenal v Everton

16:00 Brentford v Leeds

16:00 Brighton v West Ham

16:00 Burnley v Newcastle

16:00 Chelsea v Watford

16:00 Crystal Palace v Man Utd

16:00 Leicester City v Southampton

16:00 Liverpool v Wolves

16:00 Man City v Aston Villa

16:00 Norwich v Spurs

* to avoid a clash with the FA Cup Final on 14 May

EPL 2021-22 Teams

The league will include twenty clubs, including the top seventeen from the season prior as well as three teams relegated from the Championship. Norwich City, Watford (who have both returned to the top division after a year away), and Brentford are the upgraded teams (who returned to the top flight following a seventy-four-year absence).

Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah are the top players as their English Premier League scores resulted in them winning the Gold Boot twice in their respective careers.

Brentford would be performing in the Premier League for the very first time this year, so only time will tell how well they perform in the English Premier League scores. Fulham, West Bromwich Albion, and Sheffield United were all relegated following a year in the Premier League (relegated after two years back in the top flight).

Team Location
Arsenal London (Holloway)
Aston Villa Birmingham
Brentford London (Brentford)
Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton
Burnley Burnley
Chelsea London (Fulham)
Crystal Palace London (Selhurst)
Everton Liverpool (Walton)
Leeds United Leeds
Leicester City Leicester
Liverpool Liverpool (Anfield)
Manchester City Manchester (Bradford)
Manchester United Manchester (Old Trafford)
Newcastle United Newcastle upon Tyne
Norwich City Norwich
Southampton Southampton
Tottenham Hotspur London (Tottenham)
Watford Watford
West Ham United London (Stratford)
Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton

How Can I Watch The Premier League Live in India?

The Star Sports network stations – Star Sports 1 as well as Star Sports Select/HD — live-streamed Premier League 2021-22 games in India. Tatasky, Dish TV, D2h, and Airtel Digital TV, and also satellite connections, offer these on the following channels:

English football games would also be accessible on Disney plus Hotstar VIP, which has the subcontinent's broadcasting rights. Hotstar, the company's mobile app, would enable fans to watch the English Premier League live, as well as game highlights.

Android, iOS plus Windows platforms as well as all the main smart TVs are supported by the Hotstar application. To watch the Premier League 2021-22 live broadcasting in India, you'll need to have a Hotstar VIP or premium membership, which costs Rs 399 and Rs 999 rupees, accordingly.

The advent of the Premier League made its members wealthy, and foreign players and managers were brought in on a scale never seen in England previously. It would forever alter the nature of the league's games.

Standing & Result

With numerous matches completed and the tournament well into its second half, check out the latest standing and results from the matches played only on Selectra:

Club Names No. of matches played Matches Won Matches Drawn Matches Lost
Chelsea FC 26 8 2 1
Manchester City 23 7 2 2
West Ham United 23 7 2 2
Liverpool FC 22 6 4 1
Arsenal 20 6 2 3
Manchester United 17 5 2 4
Brighton & Hove Albion 17 4 5 2
Wolverhampton Wanderers 16 5 1 5
Tottenham Hotspur 16 5 1 5
Crystal Palace 15 3 6 2
Everton FC 15 4 3 4
Leicester City 15 4 3 4
Southampton 14 3 5 3
Brentford FC 12 3 3 5
Leeds United 11 2 5 4
Aston Villa 10 3 1 7
Watford 10 3 1 7
Burnley 8 1 5 5
Newcastle United 5 0 5 6
Norwich City 5 1 2 8


Could Manchester City, the defending champions, maintain their title? Will Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea challenge for the top position on the English Premier League table this season? How about Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Leicester City, and West Ham United? Will they be able to make it into the top four of English Premier League 2021-22?

All that and more will be revealed in the upcoming tournament! So, don’t forget to tune in for the ultimate football adventure.

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