Tennis Live Stream: Find The Best Website To Watch Tennis Live in India

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Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family or are looking to spend some 'me' time alone, a grand slam will always be therapeutic. However, if you feel that you're being left behind on the updates as an intense Djokovic vs Federer takes place, then streaming tennis live is the way for you to go.

You need not be a tech enthusiast to be able to catch the best games easily. We will be helping you do this by providing you, the viewer, with detailed insight into the best DTH, OTT and other platforms where you can stream your favourites facing off with the best connections and without disruptions.

DTH Connections To Stream Tennis Live

DTH stands for Direct-To-Home television. This form of streaming allows you to keep up with live matches all across the globe at the comfort of your home, through a television set or any other digital projection screen.

This has been noted to be the most common method of viewing live tennis matches. Let us look at some of the most common channels that have been reputed to provide a good connectivity service for live streams.

Dish TV

Dish TV is available throughout India as one of the most popular DTH platforms providing its viewers with several sports live streaming options, tennis being one of them. The 2021 Wimbledon was live-streamed in two separate channels, namely, Star Sports Select 1 HD (channel 645) and Star Sports Select 2 HD (channel 646), Sony ESPN (channel 621) and Eurosport (630) to provide tennis enthusiasts with the most comfortable viewing experience.

Tata Sky

Tata Sky is trusted for its channel packaging and clear cut services that it provides to users. Tennis live streaming 2021 was carried out through four separate channels. These channels were Star Sports Select 1 HD (Channel 463), Star Sports Select 2 HD (Channel 465), Star Sports Select 1 SD (Channel 464), Star Sports 2 SD (Channel 466). Tennis live streaming is available with options to select language, region and streaming quality on Tata Sky.

Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV is another famous live stream provider and is owned by Bharti Airtel. It has recently seen a surge in its users due to its improved quality of services provided. Its most popular features include premium video quality with high-resolution sound as well as record and play. You can catch your favourite players facing off on Star Sports Select 1 HD (channel 300), Star Sports Select 2 HD (Channel 283), Star Sports Select 1 SD (Channel 301) and Star Sports 2 SD (Channel 284)


Hathway is a cable platform based in Mumbai and available throughout India. Its nationwide outreach makes it one of the most affordable and commonly used forms for tennis live streaming. You can now stream your live matches through four channels on this platform, namely, Star sports select 1 (channel 160). Star Sports Select 1 HD (channel 161), Star Sports Select 2 HD (channel 163) and Star Sports Select 2 (channel 162).

OTT Platforms To Stream Tennis Live

OTT platforms, on the other hand, provide media services to viewers through the internet. These help you keep track of your tennis live scores through internet-based apps and websites as well. OTT platforms have taken the world by storm since a single app can allow you to access unlimited content from all around the globe.

It has made life easier for viewers who are constantly on the move while also gratifying audiences who feel the need to stay updated with every score. With that aside, we can take a look at the best platforms that allow you to catch the live telecast of all your favourite tennis matches, especially as the US open reaches its hype.


Hotstar has come up to become the biggest live streaming platform in the OTT genre. Due to its accurate live-streaming times and superior video quality, and the 17+ languages in which you can stream your videos. No matter the location, users will access the live tennis streams as the US open reaches its peak hype. Hotstar is exclusively available for Indian, American and Canadian users as of now, while its premium version requires a subscription to be paid every month.

Amazon Fire TV

This is a popular option for the ones seeking secure and stable connections to stream their tennis matches. All you need to do is download the Tennis TV app available for the Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Tablet and be subscribed to Tennis TV. You can watch the live streams and keep up with the updated scores accordingly. You can also download these live streams and watch them later on this app.

Sony Liv

This is one of the most common platforms for tennis to be streamed all over India. Its popularity is due to its free as well as premium subscriptions that allow viewers to tune in despite their investments in streaming apps/channels. It allows Indian viewers to stream live telecasts in more than eight local languages in premium video quality.

DTH Platforms Vs OTT Platforms

According to a 2019 survey by National Herald India, 55% of Indians prefer to watch TV shows, movies, and other content on OTT platforms, and 41 per cent still prefer DTH. This means that viewership is mostly divided between these two platforms, while other streaming platforms have only about 6 per cent of the viewership rate.

Suppose you are to look at the advantages and disadvantages of DTH and OTT platforms. In that case, the option of DTH platforms is mostly well suited for viewers who watch tennis as entertainment daily. At the same time, OTT platforms are better suited for enthusiasts who constantly travel or cannot afford to buy whole packages for one channel that DTH platforms propose.

Other Options For Streaming Live Tennis


Twitch is a worldwide live streaming platform that allows users to stream and save live videos broadcasted all over the world, tennis being one of them. You can simply download the app on your device and subscribe to Tennis TV or go for alternative channel options available in abundance.


Youtube is another good option for tennis fanatics. If you cannot get access to the DTH or OTT platforms, you can stream your matches here. Simply subscribe to Tennis TV on youtube, and you are set to stay updated with all the tennis live matches along with the world.

Upcoming Tennis Tournament To Be Held In 2021

Date Tournament Place
22nd Sept-27th Sept Astana Open Nur Sultan, Kazahkstan
22nd Sept-27th Sept Moselle Open Metz, France
24th Sept-26th Sept Laver Cup Boston, USA
27th Sep-4th Oct San Diego Open San Diego, USA
27th Sep-4th Oct Sofia Open Sofia, Bulgaria
4th Oct-18th Oct BNP Paribas Open Indian Wells, USA
18th Oct-25th Oct European Open Antwerp, Belgium
18th Oct-25th Oct VTB Kremlin Cup Moscow, Russia
25th Oct-1 Nov St Petersburg Open St Petersburg, Russia
25th Oct-1 Nov Erste Bank Open Vienna, Austria
1st Nov-8th Nov Rolex Paris Masters Paris, France
7th Nov-14th Nov Stockholm Open Stockholm, Sweden
9th Nov-13th Nov Next Gen ATP Finals Milan, Italy
14th Nov-22nd Nov Nitto ATP Finals Turin, Italy
22nd Nov-28th Nov Davis Cup Finals Madrid, Spain


As one of the most popular sports to be viewed through all the media platforms available today. In fact, numbers by show more than 700 thousand viewers tuned in one single channel (ESPN) to watch a single tennis live stream of the U. S Open only.

This makes it essential for platforms worldwide to keep their options in channels, languages, regions, and video streaming quality to be constantly updated. The perfect live-streaming outlet can be hard to find. Still, with a few comparisons, viewers will always be able to take advantage of the features of these outlets and elevate their viewing experience to the maximum.