An Overview of Tata Sky Emergency Top Up Recharge Plans

Tata Sky has been ruling the DTH market for quite some years now. Its popular plans and good service have made a loyal customer base, and millions of DTH users have now become Tata Sky customers in India. Tata Sky has also introduced DTH packages starting from as low as Rs.199. Their inexpensive packages and good digital picture quality are what draws users to opt for this brand.

However, the best part is that now Tata Sky has introduced an emergency recharge option for their customers. This option lets their users get emergency top-ups through just a call or SMS. Let's quickly understand how this top-up plan works.

An Introduction To Tata Sky Emergency Plans

If you are a Tata Sky user and your DTH recharge has ended, or you forgot it was the last day of the plan and currently have no balance in your account, this option can be your saviour. All you need to do is just give a call through your mobile number that's registered with your Tata Sky account. Once you have done this, you will receive three days of emergency Tata Sky top-up! Please keep in mind to avail of this plan, you need to have an active Tata Sky subscription.

Tata Sky also gives its users the option to recharge their accounts by getting a top-up from their local dealers. As COVID-19 is quite prevalent even now, this option may not be available for everyone. Moreover, this DTH provider also provides an online payments option. You can use online recharge platforms like Google Pay, PayTM, Freecharge, etc.

Along with this, Tata Sky offers additional three days before the connection is discontinued, which is known as availing a ‘Tata Sky Loan’. This is useful for all those users who might forget to make a recharge on a timely basis. Thanks to this, you can continue watching your favourite TV channels without interruption.

Below we have explained how to get the Tata Sky Loan and all the Tata Sky emergency recharge plans.

Tata Sky Emergency Recharge for 3 days

Contact Number - 8891188911

To get a three-day loan recharge, the Tata Sky emergency recharge number is 8891188911. You need to call this number from the mobile number registered with your Tata Sky account, and it will automatically disconnect after two to three rings. The registered mobile is also called "RMN". You can either use that or the number you provided when you bought the connection.

After you request an Emergency top-up, three days' worth of balance is added to your Tata Sky account, and you will have uninterrupted DTH service for three days after that. The amount credited to your account as an emergency top-up will automatically get deducted on the 4th day.

This option will work only if you call on the number at least two days before your plan expiry date. If not, you will get an SMS stating:

"Your request cannot be processed, as Emergency Top Up can be availed on Recharge due date or within subsequent two days. Kindly note that the previous Emergency Top Up amount availed should be paid before requesting the service again. To know more about your subscription, give a missed call on 8880488804."

This three-day loan from Tata Sky is free of charge and will be deducted from the main recharge amount.

Let's understand how this loan feature really works.

If your monthly recharge amount is Rs. 300, it means that the daily recharge balance is Rs. 10, so you will receive a balanced amount of Rs. 30 for three days as recharge balance/Emergency Top Up amount. So, on the 4th day, after you have recharged your primary plan, the balance will be deducted from the account.

Tata Sky Emergency Recharge for 7 Days

Contact Number -080-6199-9922

Tata Sky has also introduced a seven-day loan recharge for users who miss out on their plan expiry date. This option is usually offered to customers with deactivated accounts. Once your account has been deactivated, you’ll ideally receive a message that reads:

Your Tata Sky a/c is deactive! If unable to recharge, give a missed call on 080-61999922 from RMN to get a 7 days balance which will be debited on the 8th day. A/c will be credited in the next 4 hrs. Keep your set-top box in On/Standby mode for reactivation of services.”

To avail of the 7-day loan top-up Recharge, you need to give a call on 080-61999922 from the registered mobile number associated with the Tata Sky account. After 2-3 rings, the call will auto-disconnect, and you will get a free seven-day subscription, which is an extension of your plan for seven days. Enjoy your plan benefits for another week before recharging.

Tata Sky Emergency Top Up by Sending SMS

You can also send an SMS from your registered mobile number for an emergency top-up recharge. To do so, you have to SMS TOPUP <subscriber ID> (it's a 10-digit ID) to 56633 to avail of a three-day DTH balance amount.

SMS TOPUP <subscriber ID> (it's a 10-digit ID) to 56633

For E.g., TOPUP 2748938746 send SMS to 56633.

You might get charged for the SMS sent to 56633 by your Telecom provider.

Quick Glance On Recharge Methods

You have a few choices to avail the service:

  1. Give a missed call to 080-61-9999-99 from your registered mobile phone number.
  2. Send an SMS to 56633 with the text ‘TOP UP’ from your registered mobile phone.
  3. Send a WhatsApp message with the text ‘Top UP’ to 1800
  4. Access your Tata Sky account by logging in with your email and password. Seek help from our Get Help Assistant by going to the Get Help area. Select the 'Emergency Top Up' option in the 'Unable to View' area of the menu bar.


Regardless if you choose the Tata Sky emergency recharge for 3 days or 7 days, it can be a real saviour when you’ve forgotten to pay your bill. For more information on various benefits, you can avail from different DTH providers, keep reading Selectra.

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