Vi WiFi Calling 2022: Features, Plans and How To Use

Vodafone Idea Ltd is a venture between the Aditya Birla Group and the Vodafone Group. They offer voice and data services across India on 2G, 3G, and 4G platforms. The company is passionate about delivering wonderful customer experiences and contributing to creating an entirely "Digital India" by empowering millions of individuals to engage and create a better future with its vast spectrum holdings to accommodate the growing needs for wired and wireless networks.

What is Vi WiFi calling?

Vodafone Idea has launched a Vi WiFi calling India service for prepaid and postpaid users.

When you use a Vodafone WiFi connection to make a call, it's known as WiFi calling Vodafone. In simpler terms, this functionality allows users to make standard calls via WiFi when they are in areas where network connections are weak or non-existent. Vi has announced its prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Where To Access Vi WiFi Calling Services?

Vi clients in Maharashtra, Kolkata, Goa, UPW, Gujarat, Punjab, UP East, Rajasthan, Delhi, the Rest of Bengal, and Haryana can now use the service.

Users will be able to conduct clear calls even if they're in bad network zones, thanks to Vodafone Idea's VoWi-Fi calling technology. The conversations are always conducted from Vi's phone number. The best part is that there are no additional fees.

However, to use Vi VoWi-Fi calling, customers must have a functional smartphone with the service.

Why Should You Use Vi WiFi Calling?

Subscribers can use WiFi calling to avoid problems with their mobile network by making and receiving calls via WiFi. To use the feature, users must have both VoLTE (voice over LTE) and WiFi calling turned on. When WiFi Calling is activated on a smartphone, it will use the associated WiFi system to make normal voice calls while network coverage is low. The service is also available for international calls.

How to Activate WiFi Calling in Vi?

To use Vi WiFi Calling, ensure you have the essential settings enabled:

  • Update your mobile operating system to the most recent version.
  • WiFi is up and running.
  • A handset that can be used.
  • SIM card for Active Vi 4G.
  • In your system preferences, make sure Voice over WiFi is turned on.

Vi WiFi Calling Supported Devices

  • Apple
  • OnePlus
  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • Samsung

Benefits of Using WiFi for Calling

Because WiFi calling relies on the WiFi network, it's particularly useful inside, so you'll almost certainly be linked to WiFi but with limited cell service. It promises improved speech quality and fewer call dropouts. This feature also allows you to make international calls.

The Vi WiFi calling feature is free for unlimited plan members, and those with other bundles will be charged based on the base data plans.

Some other basic benefits of WiFi calling include:

  • No new logins are required because it uses your local telephone number.
  • You can call or text almost anyone from any place with a WiFi connection.
  • There is no further price
  • , and there's no need for an additional app.
  • Call setup time is somewhat faster.

Vi WiFi Calling Plans

Vi's WiFi calling service is free for limitless plan subscribers, and it'll be charged according to the base tariff plan for non-unlimited packages or plans users.

Vi WiFi calling will be free for you if you have these plans:

Rate (Rs.) Data Validity
299 1.5 GB/day 28 days
601 3 GB/day 28 days
479 1.5 GB/day 56 days
179 2 GB/day 28 days
901 3 GB/day 70 days
459 6 GB/day 84 days
269 1 GB/day 28 days
719 1.5 GB/day 84 days
475 3 GB/day 28 days
666 1.5 GB/day 77 days
239 1 GB/day 24 days
699 3 GB/day 56 days
359 2 GB/day 28 days
539 2 GB/day 56 days
839 2 GB/day 84 days
2899 1.5 GB/day 365 days
1799 24 GB 365 days
409 2.5 GB/day 28 days
1449 1.5 GB/day 180 days
327 25 GB 30 days
537 50 GB 60 days
329 4 GB 56 days
599 1.5 GB/day 70 days
199 1 GB/day 18 days
399 1.5 GB/day 42 days
249 1.5 GB/day 21 days
129 200 MB 18 days
219 1 GB/per day 21 days
149 1 GB/per day 21 days
3099 1.5 GB/per day 365 days
155 1 GB/per day 155 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Vi WiFi Calling?

All Vi prepaid and postpaid users in Delhi, Kolkata, Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP East, Rest of Bengal, UPW, Punjab, Maharashtra & Goa, Mumbai, and Haryana can now use this service. We want to expand this service to more states shortly.

What is the cost of using Vi wireless calling service?

Vi WiFi Calling calls will be paid according to your tariff plan. For example, if you have a limitless plan/pack, you would not be billed for voice calls. However, if you have a non–unlimited strategy, you will be charged according to the plan/basic pack's rate. Please note that calls made with Vi wireless calling will consume your internet provider's WiFi data.

How to know if my device can use vi WiFi calling?

Please see the "compatible handsets" section for a list of compatible devices. More gadgets are being added to make Vi WiFi Calling increasingly accessible.

How to know if my vi WiFi calling service is activated?

Vi WiFi Calling has been activated for your connection if you got the Volte service. When on a phone call, the Vi WiFi Calling logo will appear in the top toolbar of the display, showing that Vi WiFi Calling is enabled. Please keep in mind that your phone must be compatible with Vi WiFi Calling.

How to get started with Vi WiFi Calling?

With high-speed internet access, connect to WiFi. For a flawless experience, keep both VoLTE and WiFi Calling turned on. A WiFi-enabled device with the updated software 4G SIM should be active.

Can I use Vi WiFi Calling when my phone is on Airplane mode?

No. The VI WiFi Calling service will not work if the phone is in airplane mode.

Is signal strength important for Vi WiFi Calling?

Because the Vi WiFi Calling service relies on WiFi signal intensity, network signal quality is not a requirement for using the service.

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