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Airtel India is India's second-largest mobile telephony and fixed telephony operator, as well as a provider of broadband and subscription television services. Bharti Airtel's subsidiaries run the brand, with Bharti Hexacom and Bharti Telemedia offering broadband fixed-line services and Bharti Infratel providing telecom passive infrastructure services like telecom equipment and telecom towers.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Airtel has 334.66 million wireless subscribers in India with a 28.97% market share.

Key Person Sunil Bharti Mittal is the CEO of Bharti Airtel Limited, which is a subsidiary of Bharti Enterprises.

Airtel Broadband For Business

With more people using their mobiles to get work done, Airtel provides various corporate plans and other solutions to ensure businesses can make the most of the use of smartphones to increase collaboration and productivity.

Postpaid for Business

Give your people the best mobile plan and business-grade service to collaborate on the go, seamlessly with Airtel’s corporate plans.

Cost Data Calling SMS Benefits
₹299 30GB Unlimited 100 Airtel Thanks Subscriptions + Airtel Call Manager
₹349 40GB Unlimited 100 Airtel Thanks Subscriptions + Airtel Call Manager +

G Suite +


₹399 60GB Unlimited 100 Airtel Thanks Subscriptions + Airtel Call Manager +

G Suite +


₹499 100Gb Unlimited 100 Airtel Thanks Subscriptions + Airtel Call Manager +

G Suite +


₹1599 500Gb Unlimited 100 Airtel Thanks Subscriptions + Airtel Call Manager +

G Suite +


Furthermore, to help employees that are working from home and companies that facilitate remote working, Airtel offers great internet bundles and offers, which are listed below:

Price Data Benefits
₹499 40Mbps Airtel Xstream + Shaw Academy
₹799 100Mbps Airtel Xstream + Shaw Academy
₹999 200Mbps Airtel Xstream + Shaw Academy & Disney+ Hotstar


Support your business and people with on-the-go connectivity to make business happen even while on the move. Data card plans are the same as Postpaid plans mentioned above.

Airtel Business Solutions In India

As a leading telecom provider in India, there’s no doubt that Airtel plays a major role in advancing collaboration and connectivity for businesses in India. In fact, a majority of ET 500 companies in India trust Airtel to fulfill their communication needs.

Airtel Connectivity

One of the top business solutions provided by Airtel is their connectivity that is specially tailored to match business needs.


Through Airtel Fibernet infrastructure, you get a completely dedicated Fiber optic connection as well as a highly qualified Wi-Fi router that really can help you easily link office space and employees' home offices throughout India.

  • Dedicated Internet

    Airtel offers low-cost, dependable connections that allow you to effortlessly access high-bandwidth services while also enabling contention-free internet access across India. All of it is supported by our years of experience, cutting-edge network operation center (NOC), and around-the-clock service.

  • Secure Internet

    Airtel Secure Internet is a professionally managed, low-cost solution that allows you to track and monitor your internet service. This is useful in avoiding unwanted connections to the company's network. This converged approach combines enterprise-grade network with next-generation firewalls to safeguard against everything from ransomware and viruses to intrusion prevention and content management.

  • Managed Wi-Fi

    Managed Wi-Fi from Airtel is an integrated, cloud-hosted Wi-Fi service that provides high-speed, integrated wireless network connectivity across various sites, providing greater flexibility for you, your visitors, and your clients. It offers unique insight into the consumer interface, as well as a thorough examination of individual devices.


Airtel VPN is a stable and committed MPLS-based networking that provides high-performance, any-to-any networking to a single network, assisting in the continuity of your enterprise. It gives you full freedom to access your positions in a variety of ways, as well as the option to prioritize internet traffic-utilizing Class of Service (CoS).

  • Direct VPN

    Airtel's Direct VPN solution provides smooth data and voice delivery across India through a powerful network that reaches even the most distant regions of the world. It offers best-in-class inter-city as well as intra-city long-distance internet speeds, safety, and reduced latency, allowing you to get the data and application output you want - when and where you need to use it.

  • Intelligent VPN

    Airtel's Intelligent VPN platform makes it easy to track the traffic process and increase bandwidth on request throughout the overall infrastructure with better reliability. With features including dynamic load handling, application priorities, and transport equality, the company not only gets something out of its current WAN connectivity but also helps alleviate the trombone impact.

Airtel Internet of Things (IoT) Airtel's aim is to make your IoT journey as simple as possible. Airtel IoT is an open network that provides end-to-end applications powered by a range of communications technologies tailored to the company's needs. With a long history of achieving customer loyalty, we guarantee a seamless IoT journey, transforming the company to offer instant rewards while still laying the groundwork for future growth.

Airtel Secure

Airtel Secure Internet is a professionally managed, low-cost solution that allows you to track and monitor your internet access. This is useful in avoiding unwanted connections to the company's network.

  • Secure Devices

    Airtel Secure Devices systems are designed to provide complete workspace security. It offers industry-leading security intelligence, reliable defences, situational insight, advanced analytics, and automatic threat responses, maintaining safe connectivity at all touchpoints.

  • Secure Email

    In a service management model, Airtel Secure Email provides advanced defence systems that identify, interrupt, and quickly detect threats in emails accessing the business domain. It guards against all incoming malicious attachments and outgoing malicious connections in emails.

  • Secure Information

    Airtel Secure elevates data and identity security by combining point implementations to remove all possibilities of data leakage throughout endpoints, networks, email, as well as the cloud. It is designed to provide simple and effective access control, detecting and preventing unwanted use and data leakage.

Airtel IQ Airtel IQ is a cloud connectivity suite that can change the way you interact with your customers. Interact with your consumers through their favorite platforms, such as phone calls, SMS, and smartphone or web apps.

Airtel Landline

Help your business stay in touch internally as well as externally with customers and partners using Airtel Landline solutions.

  • Providers coverage across the country, covering over 100 cities, including all major HQs
  • 3,00,000+ RKMs of Fiber network coverage in India delivers TDM & SIP based PRIs
  • To ensure their customers are always connected, Airtel Landlines offers network redundancy
  • Along with SLA-based high uptime, Airtel provides its landline customers with Robust infrastructure on Fiber / Copper / RF network
  • Airtel boasts of the widest portfolio of voice and data services that provide successful deployments across India
  • To ensure their customers are able to contact customer care at all times, Airtel provides an end-to-end fully managed tool-free service with 24*7 mail and phone support

Airtel Cloud Via its deep knowledge and integrated products in networking, AWS Cloud, infrastructure, data centres, and business ecosystem, Airtel helps the company manage its digitalization path. With Airtel's technologies for Private, Public, and Edge cloud, you also get a one-of-a-kind partner who mostly understands the technology world but also the business aims to accelerate business results beyond SLAs.

Airtel Conference

Be it collaborating across countries or communicating with colleagues working from home, Airtel facilitates all your needs and promotes seamless collaboration no matter where the person is.

Audio Conferencing

With Airtel’s audio conferencing, you can get unlimited audio conferencing for a month at Rs 999 only. With this plan, you can avail conferencing for up to 20 people in a single call and a Single Dial in for top 20 business hubs in India. Moreover, you can also access App and Web portal for Smooth Conference Management.

Airtel BlueJeans

With Airtel BlueJeans, you can now use safe video conferencing. High-quality protection gives you peace of mind. We keep unwelcome attendees out of meetings and preserve end-user privacy. We are based in India and have local assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

NXTRA by Airtel Industrial processes and procedures are constantly striving for greater agility and performance. Riding the next surge of consumer service has risen to the top of the priority list. Nxtra argues that the current competitive climate is ideal for bringing technologies from the margins to the core of the market strategy. That is why, through our data center, cloud, and managed services, we have a smart, safe, and dependable solution to driving creativity and welcoming disruption.

Airtel Global Business

As advancing technology is diminishing physical barriers around the world, more businesses are offering global services to increase their customer base and drive more revenue. Airtel provides commendable support to such businesses with their comprehensive Airtel global solutions. Entering the website, with your Airtel business login details, you can view and enjoy the features listed below:

Global Connectivity

  • Dedicated Internet: Get fast and dedicated connectivity to connect your business across the globe.
  • VPN: Communicate and access platforms seamlessly.
  • Private Line: Scale your company operations with dedicated point to point connection.
  • Satellite Solutions: Satellite systems that are both dependable and secure will power your worldwide remote locations.

Airtel Global Voice

  • Global Voice Solutions: Unmatched global access to the highest-quality voice calling.
  • Global Message Hub: Engage with your consumers in a seamless manner that is both efficient and secure.
  • Global Toll Free: With Airtel's seamless services, you may expand the limits of your company.

Airtel Awards

As a leading telecom provider in India and other parts of the world, there’s no doubt that Airtel has won multiple awards over the years. Mentioned below are some of the most prominent awards this company has won from 2019 to March 2021.

  • Airtel Business has been awarded as the “Enterprise Data Service Provider of the Year” and the “Enterprise Telecom Service Provider of the Year” in the large enterprise segment.
  • In the prestigious ET Telecom Awards 2020, AirtelThanks App was recognised as the most groundbreaking smartphone application powered by a technical and mature business model offering unrivalled benefits to customers or businesses in the mobile industry.
  • In the prestigious ET Telecom Awards 2020, Airtel was named the Best Enterprise Service Provider for allowing businesses to stay profitable and achieve their business goals effectively through a variety of creative products and services.
  • In the prestigious ET Telecom Awards 2020, Airtel Xstream Fiber was named Best Broadband Service Provider for its high efficiency and improved network coverage, which provided consumers with an excellent experience.

Airtel Business Customer Care

While Airtel offers multiple business solutions, what truly makes it the number one choice for companies is its round-the-clock customer support. By visiting the official Airtel Business website, you can directly chat with a customer care executive, if you’re facing any challenges. A call back option is given to those searching for an Airtel Business customer care number. To contact them, you can use the following information as well:

Email: [email protected] Request

Call Back:


Airtel is one of the top mobile networks in India for a while now. With a steady customer base that runs into millions, Airtel is now becoming a lifesaver for businesses across multiple industries as well. Airtel's business and corporate solutions are great, as are their other mobile and broadband offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change my password on Airtel Thanks for Business?

You must have access to the email address you registered with. The process of changing your password will send an OTP to this email address. Once you've entered this OTP, you may update your password.

Why can’t I make payments for my Mobile/Data Card using Airtel Thanks for Business?

If you are unable to pay for my Mobile/Data card, please make the following arrangements:

  1. You are inputting the right credentials for the payment mechanism you have selected, such as a user name and an OTP.
  2. During the transaction, you do not abandon the payment procedure.
  3. You complete all essential fields on the displays in front of you.

What advantages does Airtel Office Internet offer?

Airtel Office Internet services provide unique features such as static IP, parallel ringing, Google Workspace, and Airtel BlueJeans.

How can I get started with Airtel BlueJeans?

You may register for an Airtel BlueJeans trial by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Airtel BlueJeans page to sign up for a free trial.
  2. Complete the form by entering the OTP supplied to your registered email address.
  3. Within 24 hours, your free trial will be enabled. Additionally, you'll get an email with instructions on how to change your password, at which point you may begin using your Airtel BlueJeans account!