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Earlier known as Vodafone Idea Business Services, Vi™ business helps corporates and business enterprises achieve success in the digital world. They support the requirements of business owners and corporates with Vodafone Idea corporate plans as well as other enterprise-grade services.

Vi™ business invests heavily in their network, digital experiences and product offerings as they are committed to helping their customers progress in the digital world. Business owners can utilise the leading IoT platforms, expert connectivity etc to deliver the expected results. By providing customised solutions, Vodafone Idea business services allow you to explore new ventures and work out ways to expand your business.

In this article, we are going to show you how Vi™ business assists your business by keeping you connected to your customers and achieving success in your endeavours.

What does Vi™ business have to offer?

Before diving straight into the intricate details, we are going to give you a general idea about what the Vi™ business has to offer. You will get to know about the Vodafone idea business solutions, Vodafone Idea business segments, their capabilities, and popular Vodafone Idea business internet plans. For detailed descriptions, please take a look at our dedicated pages.Essentially, Vodafone Idea enterprise business solutions strives to cater to various all types of companies. The main sectors that benefit most include:

Large Businesses

The adaptable architecture of Vi™ Organization provides your business with the digital tools it needs to innovate and expand in a changing environment. Their business solutions significantly lower the expense and complexity of managing global communications while providing comprehensive insight into your costs and global management over all your assets.


VI shares the nation's objective of a totally digital and Atma Nirbhar Bharat via solutions that assist in mobilising government and fostering sustainable communities. They contribute to making work smarter and citizen cooperation more effective via strong and creative solutions that keep people engaged, informed, and empowered.


SMBs have been identified as the backbone of the Indian economy, contributing significantly to the country's economic narrative. This sector's potential continues to grow as new ideas and technology join the market. Vi™ Business's customised solutions are meticulously selected to meet the unique needs of India's SMEs. Their digital tools and solutions may help your firm gain an advantage and move forward confidently as you construct a better today and a brighter future.


As a start-up, businesses encounter and overcome new problems every day and are committed to swiftly growing and scaling their businesses. From expanding their market reach to allowing workers to work remotely and making rapid decisions, startups must do it all. Through mentorships and seminars, VI's in-house specialists assist startups with specialised technical skills and promote learning about best-in-class business procedures.

Vodafone Idea business solutions

Vi™ business makes sure that all that your business needs are met by providing enterprise-grade business solutions. Vodafone Idea business plans are made tailored to suit corporate requirements. Let us have a look at the available solutions :

1. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

IoT adoption transforms the way you do business. By implementing the IoT solutions, you can reinvent business processes and automate process operations throughout the lifecycle of the product/service being offered.

How can Vi™ IoT Solutions help?

Vodafone Idea simplifies IoT deployments by providing end-to-end solutions which cater to your business needs. They have a range of solutions that enable higher accountability, quick implementation, and higher returns on investment.

  • Featured Products include
  • Integrated IoT solutions – You are given smart and hassle-free solutions for all your IoT deployment requirements
  • Smart Infrastructure solutions- These are for commercial complexes, industries, and buildings. You can enjoy an integrated, connected asset as well as an energy management solution.
  • Smart Mobility solutions- Automotive OEMs & aggregators acquire completely integrated, connected car solutions with this.
  • Smart Utility solutions-A whole integrated, connected utility solution for water, gas, and electricity suppliers.

2. Business Communication Solutions

As you all know, communication is the foundation for expanding your business. Your entire business requires frequent collaboration and communication to ensure an efficient flow of operations.

How can Vi™ Business Communication Solutions help?

Vi™ business has introduced smart business communication solutions that are reliable, flexible, and secure. They help you optimise costs by streamlining your various channels. Vodafone Idea corporate connections are beneficial to establishing virtual continuity of communication within the corporate world.

  • Featured Products include
  • SIP Trunking- This feature enables incoming and outgoing international calls from your office with maximum security.
  • Audio Conferencing- Highly efficient, cost-effective Cloud-based audio-conferencing solutions are provided so that you can manage all your virtual meetings.
  • Global IP Trunking- Fully integrated, end-to-end Global IP Trunking service with maximum secure encryption ensured.
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI)- You can easily manage as well as scale up to large call volumes with this feature.
  • SIP Central- This offers a cloud-based Telephony platform that provides all the benefits of Voice-as-a-Service on IP Telephony and other benefits of a Private Branch Exchange model.
  • Cloud Telephony Solutions- The best solution to enhance customer interaction by automation.
  • Toll-free Services;- You can generate the maximum number of business leads, provide customer support and collect feedback with these Toll-Free Services.

3. Enterprise Mobility Solutions

No matter where you are, with this service you are forever connected to your business, your employees and can continue to engage in critical business operations.

What Vi™ Enterprise Mobility Solutions has to offer

You can conduct your business as usual with Vodafone Idea Business Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Not a day without connectivity is what they promise.

  • Featured Products include
  • Vi™ Postpaid- The postpaid business plans help you stay connected anytime with your business team. You can collaborate with your teams and partners without any interruptions
  • Mobile Call Recording Solutions- Flexible, cost-effective, and extremely efficient mobile call recording are made possible which can be used for business purposes.
  • Managed Mobility Solutions- Efficient end-to-end management of all your devices, smooth connectivity, maximum security, etc are made possible. Vodafone Idea corporate broadband plans and other Vodafone Idea internet plans enable the smooth functioning of business processes.
  • eSIM- You can connect your Smartphone as well as your Smartwatch with the same eSIM now.
  • International Roaming- Roaming services available in 80+ countries that help you stay connected always.
  • Location Tracking Solution- Monitor all your consignments or vehicles remotely, accurately, and conveniently.
  • Customer Targeting Solutions- You can enhance customer experiences and improve your team’s marketing roles
  • Secure Device Manager powered by IBM MaaS360- Have an accurate idea of where your data travels. Be in control of the data you share.

4. Connectivity Solutions

Your evolving business requirements will never have to be compromised with Vodafone Idea Business connectivity solutions. With Vodafone corporate connection plans, you can be assured of security, high-speed connectivity, and reliability.

What Vi™ Connectivity Solutions have to offer

You get a resilient platform to conduct critical business operations.

  • Featured Products include
  • SD-WAN - Have within your grasp the complete view of multiple cloud networks.
  • MPLS and Global MPLS- Do not suffer even a pause due to connectivity issues.
  • Vi™ MPLS offers high-speed, connectivity, with the optimum up-time.
  • Leased Circuits (NPLC, PLC)-You have the guarantee that your official data is secure from external threats.
  • Managed WiFi - An always-on connectivity that is easy-to-scale and also centrally managed.
  • Internet Leased Line - You get the opportunity to connect over fully dedicated, high-speed Internet Leased Lines.
  • VPN Extended - Connect Access your corporate applications with Vi™ VPN Extended Connect.

5. Security Solutions

You no longer have to fret over data protection or breaches in data security. Vi™ security solutions allow you to experience freedom while safeguarding your business interests.

How can Vi™ Security Solutions help?

When you know that your transactions are secure, you gain more confidence to enter new arenas in the business world. Vi™ business provides security solutions to this end.

  • Featured Products include
  • Managed DDOS- No longer do you have to fear DDoS attacks. Get the always-on service to protect all your servers and applications
  • Secure Device Manager powered by IBM MaaS360 - Acquire total control over business data transactions with the Vi™ Secure Device Manager
  • Device Security Solutions powered by Trend Micro - Your data remains safe with you alone. Maximum business data security guaranteed with Vi™ Device Security Solutions.
  • Managed Security Services-The next-gen Firewall technology is here to protect your business transactions.

6. Cloud Store Solutions

Vi™ CloudStore brings you the power to obtain access to Cloud-based, industry-leading applications through which you can attain better productivity as well as efficiency

How can Vi™ Cloud Store Solutions help?

Vi™ business cloud solutions help scale up your business and optimise costs while delivering the best-in-class services.

  • Featured Products include
  • G Suite - share and connect seamlessly with the all-in-one G suite of optimum Cloud-based applications
  • Website Builder - Just take three steps to get online visibility of your business
  • Device Security Solutions powered by Trend Micro - The best Cloud-based service which ensures protection of business data
  • Mobile Workforce Essentials - Helps set up your total workforce and manage them efficiently.
  • Office 365 - Collaborate easily with the latest edition of the Microsoft Office product suite

You can see that Vodafone Idea offers RED postpaid plans at ₹ 399, ₹ 499, ₹ 699, ₹ 999, ₹ 1,299, ₹ 1,699, ₹ 1,999 and ₹ 2,999. These Vodafone Idea corporate red plans allow people to add their family members to a single plan. Out of these, the most popular plans are described below:-

Vodafone Idea's RED postpaid plan for ₹ 399

Vodafone's ₹ 399 postpaid plan offers 20 GBs of 3G/4G speed data with a data roll-over feature of up to 200 GB.

More Details

  • Free and unlimited local
  • STD and roaming voice calls capped at 250 minutes per day and 1,000 minutes per week

Vodafone Idea’s RED postpaid plan for ₹ 499

Vodafone's ₹ 499 postpaid plan offers 30 GB of 3G/4G speed data with a roll-over feature of up to 200 GB.

More Details

  • Free and unlimited local, STD and roaming voice calls
  • 100 free SMS
  • A RED Shield, a device insurance service that protects a smartphone from damage and theft.
  • Free access to movies worth ₹ 4,000 via Vodafone Play service for one year
  • A four-month subscription to Magzter, which gives access to more than 3,500 e-magazines.

Vodafone Idea’s RED postpaid plan for ₹ 999

This Vodafone Idea red business plan ₹ 999 offers 50 GB of data with a data roll-over feature of up to 200 GB.

More Details

  • Free and unlimited local, STD and roaming voice calls
  • 100 free SMS
  • Allows adding up to five people with the rental per connection Rs 200.
  • data roll-over facility,
  • Access to Amazon Prime Video, Sony ZEE5, LIV
  • RED Mobile Shield

Vodafone Idea’s RED postpaid plan for ₹ 1099

Known as the Red X plan, Vodafone Idea’s 1099 plan comes with unlimited data and 100 free SMS every month. However, it’s important to note that while this plan offers multiple benefits, it comes with a lock-in period that is valid for the first 6 months. So, if you decide to change your plan, move from postpaid to prepaid or change your operator entirely before the 6 months are over, you’ll be charged an exit fee of INR 3,000.

More Details

  • Free and unlimited local, STD and roaming voice calls
  • 100 free SMS
  • Unlimited Data
  • Data roll-over facility
  • Access to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar
  • No additional charge for access to international and domestic airport lounges

**Vodafone's data rollover feature -This allows consumers to carry forward their unused data in one billing cycle to the upcoming /next billing cycle.

If you want a glance at some of the most popular Vodafone Idea corporate plans, please go through the table given below:-

Popular Plans
Price Calling & Data Benefits
₹299 Unlimited calling and 30 GB Data Mobile Security, VI Tunes & VI Movies
₹399 Unlimited calling and 60 GB Data Mobile Security, Location Tracking, Google Workspace, VI Tunes & VI Movies
₹799 Unlimited calling and 175 GB Data Mobile Security, Location Tracking, Google Workspace, VI Tunes & VI Movies and Disney+ Hotsar subscription

Know More About The Capabilities Of Vi

Why would you invest in a business service provider if you are not convinced about their capabilities? Here is some solid information giving you a reason to go ahead confidently in your decision to choose Vodafone Idea business services.

  • Vi™ believes in partnerships and have long-term relationships with customers.
  • They are concerned about the quality of their services and invest in cutting-edge infrastructure to maintain that
  • They have "Cloud READY" MPLS VPN networks connected directly to the leading 3 global cloud providers - Amazon, Microsoft and Google, via VPN Extended Connect service.
  • Vi™ provides an enhanced Layer 2 MPLS service which is applicable for both, P2P and P2MP variants. They provide end-to-end, efficient network performance visibility on Layer 2 circuits
  • Vi™ enjoys over 3,60,000 km of fiber, over 5,000 POPs (Points of Presence), 2,70,000 bases in over 200 cities, across India.
  • Vi™ business services have a direct network presence in more than 75 countries and a partnered presence in more than 180 countries.

Vodafone Corporate Plan- Customer Care

You may have your own set of queries and would require many clarifications about the right choice of plans and packs, how to get Vodafone corporate plans, doubts on Vodafone corporate bill online payment etc. Vodafone Idea Business plans customer care is always ready to serve you. They have provided various methods to get in touch with them.

  • ViTM business – Mobility Platform - Log in to get answers to various questions, if you want to pay bills etc
  • You can request a callback and they will contact you with the best solutions for your business.
  • Chat with Vodafone Idea representatives and get your queries solved.
  • Follow social media channels and keep updating yourself

Contact Numbers for Vodafone corporate plans

For sales enquiries, call 1800123123123

For customer service, call 9920055666

If you find any changes regarding the plans included, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can get it updated immediately. Selectra wishes to deliver the best and most reliable information to all our customers.


Much like their other mobile and broadband plans, Vodafone Idea offers great solutions for business and the corporate sector. So, choose one of the premade plans, or customise your special VI corporate plans to get access to all the benefits. For more information about other mobile providers, keep reading Selectra.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best solutions offered by Vodafone Idea business?

Some of the best solutions VI offers to businesses include:

  • IoT
  • Mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Communications
  • Cloud

What is Vi™ Business?

Vi™ Business, previously Vodafone Idea Business Services, offers a portfolio of enterprise-class services and solutions to meet the expanding demands of enterprises ranging from small home offices to huge multinational corporations.

How to get a customised quote for Vi™ Business?

It’s extremely easy to request a custom quote for your business. All you need to do is directly request a call back from the VI team or speak to an executive by calling 1800 123 123 123.