BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans In Chennai 2021: Tariff & Popular Plans

BSNL is a successful SIM operator that offers a variety of discounts and offers to its customers. There's a lot to like about BSNL. It is not just one of the most widely used operators, but it is still relatively inexpensive. One of the causes that many people choose BSNL is because of this. Aside from that, it is broadly receptive throughout the world, so you can use BSNL facilities no matter wherever you are in India.

The fifth-largest network operator also provides access to the government's main digital projects, as well as agencies and public sector divisions based across the world. The telco has a strong telecom network and infrastructure that spans the entire region. It has a 700,000-kilometer fiber-based network that spans the world.

The telecom carrier delivers a variety of exclusive offers and plans to its prepaid customers in Chennai.

Consider using platforms like PayTm and PhonePe to avail promotional offers while recharging.

As a renowned telecommunication provider in India, BSNL focuses on offering the best recharge plans to its customers in Chennai. Check out the most popular plans that you can choose from.

BSNL Rs 147 Recharge Plan

In this plan, you get 10GB of data for 30 days of validity. Customers also get unlimited local and STD calls.

  • Benefits
  • Avail subscription to BSNL tunes

BSNL Rs 429 Recharge Plan

BSNL provides 1GB per day to its customers under this plan. With a validity of 81 days, this plan also offers unlimited voice calls and 100 daily SMS.

  • Benefits
  • Avail free caller tunes during the validity period
  • Avail free subscription to Eros Now Entertainment

BSNL Rs 998 Recharge Plan

BSNL’s 998 recharge plan, you can avail 2GB data per day for 240 days, along with unlimited local and STD calling and 100 daily SMSes.

  • Benefits
  • Get Free Caller Tunes
  • Avail Lokdhun Content subscription with this plan
  • Free PRBT with this plan

All BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans in Chennai

In Chennai, BSNL provides a variety of recharge plans, all of which caters to a particular need, such as Talktime, 4G info, ISD, and so on. Check out all the packages below to choose the one that's right for you.

Top Up

Choose a plan from the options given below if you use your phone for making multiple calls on a regular basis.

Price Talktime Validity
₹10 ₹7.47 NA
₹50 ₹39.37 NA
₹30 ₹22.42 NA
₹220 ₹220 NA
₹120 ₹98.69 NA
₹150 ₹124.12 NA
₹20 ₹14.95 NA
₹40 ₹30.9 NA
₹100 ₹81.75 NA
₹60 ₹47.85 NA
₹70 ₹56.32 NA
₹80 ₹64.8 NA
₹90 ₹73.27 NA
₹110 ₹90.22 NA
₹200 ₹166.49 NA
₹300 ₹251.24 NA
₹500 ₹420.73 NA
₹550 ₹550 NA
₹1000 ₹844.46 NA
₹1100 ₹1,100 NA

Voice Vouchers

BSNL offers high-value and affordable plans for customers looking for data and talktime. Consider choosing a plan from the options given below.

Price Talktime/Data Validity
₹22 NA


90 Days
₹99 NA


22 Days
₹118 0.5GB/DAY


26 Days
₹319 10GB


75 Days
₹1570 2GB/DAY


365 Days
₹395 2GB/DAY


71 Days
₹139 2GB/DAY


28 Days
₹49 2GB


28 Days
₹18 1GB/DAY


2 Days
₹125 200MB


30 Days
₹187 2GB/DAY


28 Days
₹429 1GB/DAY


81 Days
₹297 2GB/DAY


56 Days
₹325 NA


30 Days
₹201 1GB


28 Days
₹292 2.2GB/DAY


60 Days
₹71 NA


30 Days
₹88 NA


30 Days
₹135 NA


24 Days
₹147 10GB


30 Days

Data Voucher

If you want to stream your favourite movie or binge watch your show, consider choosing from the plans mentioned below.

Price Data Validity
₹ 198 2GB/Day 54 Days
₹48 5GB 30 Days
₹398 2.2GB/Day 90 Days
₹13 2GB 1 Day
₹98 2GB/Day 22 Days
₹198 2GB/Day 54 Days
₹198 2GB/Day 54 Days
₹299 1GB/Day 60 Days
₹151 40GB 28 Days
₹56 10GB 10 Days
₹998 2GB/Day 240 Days
₹98 2GB/Day 22 Days
₹398 NA Talktime 30 Days
₹16 2GB 1 Day
₹19 2GB 1 Day
₹56 10GB 10 Days
₹96 11GB 30 Days
₹139 4GB 25 Days
₹251 70GB 28 Days
₹97 2GB/Day 18 Days

ISD Vouchers

If you travel often, consider choosing from the affordable ISD vouchers offered by BSNL in Haryana, which we’ve mentioned below.

Price Talktime Validity
₹ 18 NA 30 Days
₹57 NA 30 Days
₹23 NA 30 Days
₹27 NA 30 Days
₹41 NA 30 Days
₹19 NA 30 Days
₹22 NA 30 Days
₹27 NA 30 Days
₹41 NA 30 Days
₹16 NA 18 Days
₹24 NA 30 Days
₹18 NA 30 Days
₹23 NA 30 Days
₹16 NA 18 Days
₹21 NA 24 Days
₹21 NA 30 Days
₹43 NA 30 Days
₹25 NA 30 Days
₹28 NA 30 Days

Before recharging your phone, always check for any current offers or promotion plans to get a better deal.

How to Port BSNL Mobile Number into Another Network

Before transferring your mobile number, you must first obtain a special porting number from your existing network provider. Send a Text message from your number to 1900 with the text "PORT space - Mobile number" and the current network number. Once you send the SMS, a UPC (Unique Porting Code) will be sent on your BSNL number from your telecom operator.

This is a crucial code that is needed when porting your BSNL mobile number to some other network. Follow the steps mentioned below to port your BSNL mobile phone number.

Step 1: Go to the distributor store or vendor shop where you choose to port out.

Step 2: Inform the store or shop manager that you wish to port from your existing network to their network.

Step 3: The manager will execute the Porting Form and other necessary formalities such as the submission of appropriate documentation and the payment of the porting fee.

Step 4: The shop operator will provide you with a new sim card and you will get a confirmation of your porting order.

Step 5: This phase will take 4-5 days. Porting within the same Licensed Service Area (LSA) (for example, porting within the Gujarat LSA) requires 3 working days. It requires 5 working days to port through one LSA to another (for example, from Delhi to Mumbai). In addition, the porting of a company number takes 5 working days. [In the world, there are 22 LSA geographic regions] Porting time in authorised service areas in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, and the North East would be up to 15 working days.

Step 6: The previous network sim will be deactivated automatically. Insert your new SIM card into your cell.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with BSNL's customer service in the Chennai circle?

Please dial 1503 to reach BSNL customer service.

How do I unsubscribe from value-added services such as Caller-tunes and Cricket Warning for BSNL in the Chennai circle?

To unsubscribe from any VAS services provided by BSNL in the Chennai circle, send an SMS to 155223 with the word STOP.

Why is BSNL recharges being refused in the Chennai circle

BSNL recharges in the Chennai circle typically fail because the customer's validity continuation contract has expired or the new plan does not help the requested recharge.

How do I use my key balance to enable any BSNL package in the Chennai circle?

To enable any BSNL package in the Chennai circle, text Support to 123 and follow the directions.

What are BSNL's 4G packages in the Chennai circle?

BSNL 4G is now only accessible in a few regions. You could use the current 2G/3G data to experience 4G speeds. In the Chennai circle, there are no different BSNL 4G plans.

What exactly is PRBT in BSNL?

PRBT is an abbreviation for Personalized Ring Back Tone. This service is often referred to as dialer tone or caller tune. When you use this service, rather than the regular ringing tone, the caller can hear a tune. You may also pick your preferred song.

How do I enable DND (Do Not Disturb) in BSNL?

You could enable DND in BSNL by dialing 1909 or texting START 0 to 1909.

How do I activate my BSNL 4G SIM card?

Install your new BSNL SIM card into your cell, then dial 123 and follow the steps of the IVRS machine to find out your balance number. If the balance number is known, the SIM card is ready for use.

How do I receive a BSNL SIM card?

Visit the closest BSNL branch, present your ID and a passport-sized photo, and fill out the application form. Then they'll give you a new sim.

What exactly is BSNL BUZZ?

Once your device is in idle mode, you can get teasers from BSNL BUZZ. These teasers provide you with new content such as media, entertainment, sports, trade, fun, trivia, polling, lifestyle, and so much more. Teasers come slowly and unobtrusively and are only seen for a few seconds.

How Can I Find BSNL Offers For My Phone Number?

*124*5#1 is the number to dial.

How do I add Talktime to my BSNL account?

Fill in the blanks with Credit and give them to 53738.

What happens if you recharge your BSNL plan validity twice?

If the same balance is recharged twice for a smartphone device, only the most recent BSNL recharge will be enabled, but the freebies provided in the first and second recharges will be added to the account individually based on their expiry dates.

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