BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans In Haryana - Tariffs in 2022

BSNL provides its customers with a variety of prepaid recharge packs that offer a number of advantages such as unlimited phone calls, high-speed internet access, and SMS messages.

The telecom company provides its prepaid customers with a range of special offers and packages in Haryana.

All BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans in Haryana

In Haryana, BSNL provides different recharge plans, such as Talktime, 4G info, ISD, and so on. Check out all the plans below to choose the one that's right for you.

General Top Up

For high-value and affordable talktime plans, consider browsing through the BSNL top up plans listed below.

Price Talktime Validity
₹10 ₹7.47 NA
₹20 ₹14.95 NA
₹40 ₹30.9 NA
₹110 ₹90.22 NA
₹220 ₹220 NA
₹50 ₹39.37 NA
₹60 ₹47.85 NA
₹2000 ₹2,000 NA
₹20 ₹14.95 NA
₹30 ₹22.42 NA
₹70 ₹56.32 NA
₹80 ₹64.8 NA
₹90 ₹73.27 NA
₹100 ₹81.75 NA
₹120 ₹98.69 NA
₹150 ₹124.12 NA
₹200 ₹166.49 NA
₹300 ₹251.24 NA
₹500 ₹420.73 NA
₹550 ₹550 NA
₹1000 ₹844.46 NA

Voice Vouchers

For data and Talktime combo plans that are affordable and provide high-value, browse through the plans mentioned below.

Price Talktime/Data Validity
₹24 Voice calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL) @20 paisa/min for 30 days 30 Days
₹49 100 Minutes voice Calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL)(Call charges after free minutes @45ps/Min) + 2GB DATA. 24 Days
₹88 BSNL to BSNL @10paisa/min.BSNL to Other @30paisa/min(Per MIN PLANs).BSNL to BSNL @1p/3sec.BSNL to Other @2p/3sec(Per SEC PLANs) for 48 days. 30 Days
₹135 1440 Minutes voice Calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL) for 24 days. 24 Days
₹159 22500 Seconds voice Calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL) for 24 days. 24 Days

Always check reviews on the customer support provided by a service provider to ensure you have a seamless experience.

Data Vouchers

Data vouchers are a boon for those looking to download their favourite movies or stream live shows. If you’re one of them, check out the plans given below.

Price Data Validity
₹19 2GB/DAY 1 day
₹56 10 GB data for 10 days + ZING 10 Days
₹75 2 GB 50 days
₹94 3 GB 75 Days
₹97 2GB/day + Unlimited calling 18 Days
₹98 2GB/day + EROS Now Subscription 28 Days
₹198 Unlimited Data (speed restricted to 40 Kbps after 2GB/day) for 50 days + Lokdhun. 50 Days
₹251 70 GB data + Zing 28 Days
₹398 UNLIMITED VOICE + UNLIMITED DATA + 100SMS/DAY for 30 days 30 Days
₹447 Unlimited Voice Calls + 100GB data (speed restricted to 80 Kbps after 100GB) + 100 SMS/day for 30 days+ PRBT + EROS 60 Days
₹1498 Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 40/kbps after 2GB/day 365 Days

ISD Vouchers

Looking for affordable and effective ISD vouchers from BSNL in Haryana? Check out the plans mentioned below.

Price Talktime Validity
₹16 Voice calls to Bhutan @ 10 paisa/sec for 18 days 18 Days
₹65 Voice calls to Canada China Singapore and USA @ Rs 1.49/min. Bangladesh Malaysia and Hong [email protected] Rs 2.49/min.Bahrain @Rs.6.49/min.Nepal @Rs.9.50/min + SMS to these countries @Rs 3 for 30 days. 30 Days

You can easily switch your mobile operator to a different network like Vodafone Idea or Jio in Kolkata while retaining the same number.

BSNL offers various recharge plans for its users in Haryana, you could get confused while choosing the best package. Hence, we’ve listed some of the most popular BSNL recharge plans in Haryana.

BSNL Rs 98 Recharge Plan

You will get 2GB of data per day for 28 days of validity. Customers also get unlimited local and STD calls.


  • Free account to BSNL tunes
  • Eros Now Subscription

BSNL Rs 447 Recharge Plan

With BSNL’s 447 recharge plan, you get a validity for 60 days, and can avail unlimited Voice Calls + 100GB data (speed restricted to 80 Kbps after 100GB) + 100 SMS/day for 30 days


  • Free Caller Tunes
  • Eros Now Subscription
  • Free PRBT

BSNL Rs 1999 Recharge Plan

With BSNL’s 1999 recharge plan, you can 600GB (regular) Data at high speed (Post which unlimited @ 80 Kbps) for 365 days, along with unlimited local and STD calling and 100 daily SMS.


  • Free Caller Tunes
  • Lokdhun Content Subscription
  • Free PRBT
  • Eros Now Subscription

BSNL Vs Jio: Which Is Better In Haryana?

Since both BSNL and Jio are indeed the biggest network operators in Haryana, choosing which one is best for you can be challenging. As a result, when making a decision, keep your needs in mind.

Presume you have a package that involves free CALLS, SMS, and DATA (1GB FUP).

If you are using DATA, you can choose JIO for high-speed data ( >1MBps ). You can choose Calls if either is your top priority. JIO offers limited options, and the base price would be Rs. 153/month. You also have excellent and prompt customer service.

When it comes to BSNL, there are various options available. As it is 3G, you can assume non-peak speeds ranging from 500KBps to 700KBps ( nights ). During office time, given your location has a strong tower range and a balanced load( no. of customers ), you can get less speed. You will get 2GB per day without calls, 1GB per day with calls, and many more. The price is competitive. Customer service is not as quick as JIO, but it is adequate.

Finally, if you are a data user, choose JIO. If not, simply use BSNL and recharge with the necessary pack at a lower cost to avoid wasting money on anything you won't need.


Now that you know all about the BSNL recharge plans available in Haryana, you’ll be able to choose the right plan based on your requirements. For more updates about popular network providers and their prepaid offers, keep reading Selectra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to recharge BSNL prepaid online?

Yes, you can use or the Paytm mobile app to recharge your BSNL phone number online. You can choose the best-prepaid package for you and pay with your credit or debit card or even Paytm wallet.

Is it possible to get cashback on a BSNL recharge made by Paytm?

Yes, Paytm provides a variety of discounts and cashback on all prepaid recharges. On and the Paytm app, you could find cashback deals and coupons that you can use to get cashback. In 24 hours, the cashback money is returned to your wallet.

What are the steps to check your BSNL balance & active plan?

Simply dial *123# from your BSNL prepaid smartphone to confirm your primary account balance, expiration date, and active schedule.

Where could I recharge my BSNL 3G net package online?

Paytm allows you to recharge your BSNL prepaid data packages with secure and fast transactions. For an immediate 3G recharge, you could pay with a debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or simply from Paytm wallet.

What exactly is the BSNL validity extension recharge?

A BSNL validity recharge is a recharge that expands the duration of your prepaid BSNL connection. With just a BSNL validity extension recharge starting at 75 rupees, you can prolong the validity of your BSNL prepaid connection package.

What is the cost of a BSNL 6-month validity recharge?

With a BSNL validity extension package of 997, you can expand the validity of your BSNL link. On Paytm, you can immediately recharge with a BSNL validity account.

Where could I make an online BSNL recharge for unlimited talk time?

Paytm has several of the BSNL full Talktime packages and plans. All you have to do is type your prepaid number, choose the best BSNL full Talktime package, and make easy and safe payments.

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