BSNL In Rural India 2023: Plans, Coverage, And More

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BSNL is now shifting its resources and infrastructure from the city to the rural circle. BSNL rural is now focusing its efforts outside the PMC and PCMC circles. Their monthly investment in network expansion amounted to around Rs 5 crore. As it becomes more unprofitable in the city, they concentrate all of their efforts on the rural sector.

Bsnl Rural

In the Race Against Jio, Airtel, and Vi, BSNL Can Win in rural India. Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea pose a formidable challenge for BSNL. The telecommunications company needs to swiftly develop its 4G networks in rural India. As a result, private telecom companies will have no possibility of competing with BSNL.

Since its inception, BSNL has been a telecommunications provider that has prioritized reaching out to the most isolated regions of the nation, ensuring that no one is left without access to the internet. But private operators aren't in agreement with this sentiment. Private operators concentrate their efforts in places where they can make money.

BSNL's domestic 4G development will allow it to go to 5G in the same way. BSNL's 4G ambitions, which include widespread 4G coverage, have the potential to transform the country's entire telecommunications industry. As a result, the state-owned telecommunications company has a unique chance to play the underdog and show off its 4G network capabilities.

As of right now, BSNL does not pose a threat to commercial operators. BSNL's presence in India is a massive advantage since it doesn't pursue profits as private operators do.

Bsnl Rural Plans For Broadband

Particulars Rural USOF BB Plans (Limited & Unlimited) for Rural Home & All Rural ^
Nomenclature BBG Rural USOF 99 BBG Rural USOF 150
Bandwidth (Download Speed) subject to technical feasibility upto 2Mbps upto 2Mbps
Applicability All Rural
Monthly Charges (Rs) 99 150
Annual Payment Option (Rs) [11 x FMC] 1089 1650
Two Years Payment Option (Rs) [21 x FMC] 2079 3150
Three Years Payment Option (Rs) [30 x FMC] 2970 4500
Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month 400 MB 1 GB
Additional Usage Charges/MB beyond free download/upload limit (Rs) 0.30 upto 3 GB, 0.10 Beyond 3 GB 0.30 upto 3 GB, 0.10 Beyond 3 GB
Night Unlimited (0200-0800 Hrs) No No
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 1/1 GB 1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request) NA NA
Security Deposit Nil Nil
Minimum Hire Period Nil Nil
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs As per the existing rural Landline plan As per the existing rural Landline plan
Free Calls(MCU)/Month As per the existing rural Landline plan As per the existing rural Landline plan
MCU charges/ pulse in Rs. As per the existing rural Landline plan As per the existing rural Landline plan
Additional Facility As per the existing rural Landline Plan As per the existing rural Landline Plan
Commitment Period for FREE MODEM Nil Nil
Type of Modem ADSL Basic ADSL Basic

BSNL Data Plans For Mobile Phones

Take a look at the following limited usage 4G net packs for subscription available for even mobile users, in remote areas in 2022, and then decide whether to subscribe to a limited or unlimited BSNL 4G Plans subscription.

BSNL is trying to extend 4G services in the country’s rural areas. The company is already offering 4G VoLTE in some rural parts of Chennai, Kerala, Coimbatore. Sources say that BSNL is now spreading the 4G services to rural parts of Gujarat.

Prepaid Data Plans: 4G LTE

PSU offers the best sim only deals with unlimited internet with new combo packages like STV 187 and PV 485, 666 and 997, 1999, 2399, and more, all of which have FUP limit in each unlimited 3G/4G data tariff plan.

Postpaid Data Plans: 4G LTE

If you are a postpaid customer, none of the BSNL internet options listed above will apply to you. Check out the newest BSNL 4G postpaid plans available in the market, which provide discounts of up to 60% on extranet use rates.

The latest 4G unlimited data plans from BSNL have been launched on the market, and they do away with the restriction of a daily data cap under GSM prepaid plans. Take advantage of BSNL's offers for additional internet and activate the net capability for a new connection.

Ways To Solve Internet Problem In Rural Areas

Pay Special Attention To The Rural Business Market

It is true that certain persons and organizations have a greater desire for internet connectivity in rural areas than others. According to research, 90 percent of rural small enterprises seek internet connectivity, compared to 74 percent of rural families who do not. As a result, it makes sense to start with the small company sector since they have a more substantial interest in internet access than the general public.

After establishing a client base among those consumers, wireless internet service providers will have a solid economic foundation to extend service to residences.

Increase Access To The Internet In Rural Areas To Spur Economic Development

The distribution of economic development and job creation in the United States is unequal throughout the country. Many metropolitan regions have sustained economic development throughout the years, rural communities have failed to keep up with the expansion.

Furthermore, there is rising evidence that many individuals in rural regions are leaving their homes to seek employment and business possibilities in other countries. Rural communities will likely be left behind if this tendency continues.

Improve The Overall Quality And Coverage Of Wireless Internet Service.

It is beneficial to collaborate with governments to boost financing and expand internet availability. When it comes to providing access and developing your coverage area, it would be helpful if you still have the necessary gear. Consider Network Solution in a Box if you're looking to expand your wireless internet service coverage.

Consumer protection programs, such as the federal Lifeline program, which targets low-income customers, have an essential role. On the other hand, those initiatives are insufficient to overcome access restrictions.

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is attempting to expand its 4G services across the nation in rural areas as quickly as possible. As of now, the 4G services by BSNL are available in limited locations in the Southern part of India. However, after covering rural parts of Chennai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, the company is now all set to spread 4G VoLTE service across the villages of Gujarat.