Vodafone Idea Recharge Plans In Karnataka: Tariff & Popular Plans

Vodafone Idea Ltd is a telecom service that offers mobile services which function under a single segment, Mobility services. Mobility networks derive income from mobile services which account for the bulk of the company's total income. The business controls telecommunications facilities such as cable networks and cell towers. The overwhelming majority of the company's revenue is produced in India.

The business delivers voice and data services in India on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. With a broad spectrum portfolio to support the rising demand for data and audio, the organization is dedicated to providing wonderful consumer services and contributing to the creation of a truly ‘Digital India' by empowering millions of people to communicate and create a better tomorrow.

Vodafone Concept is constructing infrastructure to implement newer and smarter innovations, positioning retail and corporate consumers for the future of creative services that are readily available across an ecosystem of digital platforms as well as a broad on-ground footprint.

This service provider is well-known in Karnataka, and that is why they offer a wide variety of prepaid recharge packages to ensure that all of their customers' needs are fulfilled.

You should consider using USSD codes to track the balance and expiry date of your specially activated plans to ensure you don’t overspend when the plan expires.

Vodafone Idea is one of the most popular telecom providers in Karnataka, hence, it goes without saying that there are multiple recharge plans to choose from. We’ve listed some of the most popular Vodafone Idea recharge plans from which you can choose.

Vodafone Idea Rs 129 Recharge Plan

One of Vodafone Idea’s more affordable plans comes with 2GB of data for a period of 24 days. The plan also offers truly unlimited calling facilities and 300 SMS.

  • Benefits
  • Vodafone Play subscription

Vodafone Idea Rs 405 Recharge Plan

For Rs 405, Vodafone Idea subscribers get 90GB of data, unlimited calling, and 100 SMS per day for the validity period of 365 days.

  • Benefits
  • VIP access to Vi Movies & TV application

Vodafone Idea Rs 1499 Recharge Plan

Vodafone Idea is offering a Rs 1499 prepaid recharge plan in which you get 24GB of data for a period of 365 days. Other services include 600 local and national SMS and unlimited calling.

  • Benefits
  • Vi Movies & TV Basic subscription.

All Vodafone Idea Prepaid Recharge Plans in Karnataka

To ensure all customers are able to get what they are looking for, Vodafone Idea provides a host of various packages, including unlimited calling, SMS, data plans and talk time. Moreover, their plans vary depending on the price, ensuring customers are able to find the right plan within their budget.


If you’re looking for a plan that offers unlimited talk time in Karnataka, Vodafone Idea offers a host of various plans and budget ranges that you can choose from.

Price Validity Data Benefits
₹249 Unlimited 1.5GB/Day 28 Days
₹801 Unlimited 3GB/Day 84 Days
₹149 Unlimited 3GB 28 Days
₹601 Unlimited 3GB/Day 56 Days
₹699 Unlimited 4GB/Day 84 Days
₹449 Unlimited 4GB/Day 56 Days
₹401 Unlimited 3GB/Day 28 Days
₹299 Unlimited 4GB/Day 28 Days
₹1197 Unlimited 1.5 GB/day 180 Days
₹599 Unlimited 1.5 GB/day 84 Days
₹399 Unlimited 1.5 GB/day 56 Days
₹1499 Unlimited 24 GB 365 Days
₹2399 Unlimited 1.5 GB/day 365 Days
₹499 Unlimited 1.5 GB/day 70 Days
₹558 Unlimited 3 GB/day 56 Days
₹405 Unlimited 90 GB 28 days
₹2595 Unlimited 2 GB/day 365 days
₹795 Unlimited 2 GB/day 84 days
₹99 Unlimited 1 GB 18 Days
₹301 Unlimited 1.5GB/Day 28 Days
₹148 Unlimited 1GB/Day 18 Days
₹819 Unlimited 2GB/day 84 days


If you’re looking for budget-friendly and effective data plans, you should consider choosing a plan from the list of various data plans offered by Vodafone Idea.

Price Data Validity
₹501 75GB 56 Days
₹98 12GB 28 Days
₹48 3GB 28 Days
₹16 1GB 24 Hours
₹351 100GB 56 Days
₹251 50GB 28 Days
₹355 50GB 28 Days


If you’re looking for budget-friendly and effective talk time plans, you should consider choosing a plan from the list of various talktime plans offered by Vodafone Idea.

Price Talktime Validity
₹50 ₹39.37 NA
₹100 ₹81.75 NA
₹20 ₹14.95 NA
₹30 ₹22.42 NA
₹10 ₹7.47 NA


If you’re looking for a plan specially curated for SMS, consider choosing from the list of SMS plans offered by Vodafone Idea.

Price SMS Validity
₹36 350 SMS 28 Days
₹12 120 SMS 10 Days
₹26 250 SMS 28 Days
₹51 500 SMS 28 Days

You can easily switch your mobile operator to a different network like BSNL or Airtel in Karnataka while retaining the same number.

Vodafone Idea VS Reliance Jio: Which One Is Better In Karnataka?

After the merger, Vodafone Idea has long-standing customer relationships and hence commands premium prices from businesses. However, as the attention shifts to market price and pandemic-scarred small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), the circumstance shifts, particularly with Reliance Jio establishing a Microsoft Azure alliance to target this user base.

Jio Platforms has definitely built a sizable presence in this region. Since its inception as an umbrella organisation for RIL's various digital infrastructure verticals, Jio has launched over 30 applications for both consumers and partner ecosystems.

Vodafone Idea currently has the industry's leading plans that are specifically curated for unlimited calling, data plans, talk time and even SMS and international roaming plans.

In conclusion, while Jio has great plans, Vodafone Idea has excellent coverage and prepaid packages. So, consider your requirements when selecting the right telecoms provider for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recharge Vodafone Idea prepaid utilising my available balance?

  • Dial *199# and choose the appropriate choice to unlock a data pack or any other bonus package from your active balance.
  • Alternatively, you can download the ViTM App and choose the appropriate pack - Pay by balance. This option is only valid for some packages.
  • Please keep in mind that the payments will be withdrawn from the prepaid account balance.

Why can't I view my balance after the recharge?

It will take up to 30 minutes for the recharge rewards to appear in your account. You can even search your recharge balance by installing the ViTM App and going to Recharge and more - History.

How to view my active packages and plans?

  • You can update the ViTM App and see the details of your active packages by going to the Main menu - Active packs and services.
  • You can also ring *199# and choose the appropriate choice to learn about your active packages and packs.

How to check my earlier recharges?

You can search your prior recharges by installing the ViTM App and going to Recharge and more - History.

How to check my previous call charges?

You can review the latest deductions by selecting one of the choices below:

  • Open the ViTM App and pick Recharge and more - History
  • Dial *199# and select the appropriate alternative under "Balance and Use."

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