Get Your Groove On With Music Streaming Apps In India

Now that Spotify and YouTube Music are well-established in India, the popularity of music applications is soaring. Only a few foreign applications offered the service up until recently, namely YouTube and Soundcloud, with a few Indian firms like Saavn and Gaana in the fray.

However, as is the case with most things, businesses have recognized that, rather than just providing chart-toppers, personalization is critical. The next big thing in technology may be music streaming applications.

Hence, to ensure you’re well-aware about the top music streaming apps and their benefits, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of platforms.

The Rise of Music Streaming Apps In India

When it comes to stress relief, millions of people who work from home turn to music, which serves a therapeutic purpose during these moments of multitasking.

More than 40 percent of the Indian Music Industry's members are now customers to audio streaming services and spend an average of 40 minutes a day listening to music on devices including smartphones and computers.

According to the study, total recorded music revenues increased by 9.2 percent year over year in 2019 to $12.2 billion from $11.1 billion. A four-year run of double-digit growth in recorded music income will come to an end with the rise in 2021. In fact, streaming accounts for 83% of overall income, with paid subscriptions accounting for 64%.

Radio streamers such as SiriusXM and ad-supported platforms like YouTube and Spotify's ad-tier helped boost streaming income by 13% last year (to $10.1 billion).

How Do Music Streaming Apps Work

Music streaming apps are very similar to other streaming apps like Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. These applications make it easy for people to listen to their preferred music or songs by giving them quick and easy access. People these days are so busy that they don't have the time to listen to all of the music that is available, organize them, and create a playlist.

Instead, people choose to launch the app and listen to their favorite music or songs in a matter of seconds with only a few touches of the finger. The music available to stream via music streaming applications may be readily modified by the user to suit their tastes, and all they need to do is connect to the internet to fully immerse themselves in the music universe.

The Difference Between Paid & Ad-Supported Music Apps

While browsing through the various music apps available on the market, you might have noticed terms like ‘Premium’ and ‘Ad-Supported’. We’ll explain to you the difference between the two.

Premium Service

Both paid and non-paying users may access the platform's audio streaming services. Paying users, referred to as Premium Subscribers, may, on the other hand, enjoy commercial-free access to the full library of music and podcasts.

Ad-Supported Service

The platform's Ad-Supported Service is available to members without a premium membership. These customers can only access the company's music library on-demand, but they get unrestricted internet access to the company's podcast collection. Usually, ads interrupt the flow of the user's streaming experience.

How Do Music Apps Work Offline?

Most premium music streaming apps allow you to stream music offline. This feature allows you to listen to your cloud-based music collection even if you don't have access to the internet.

When listening to music on a portable device, the battery life is reduced. With an offline mode, you may listen to more of your favorite music before needing to recharge. In the long term, this helps to extend the life of your battery.

When you save your music locally, there is no network lag-time (buffering). With a hard drive as well as a flash memory card, you may play and skip music very instantly.

That being said, downloading music has the drawback of limiting your music collection since your hard drive capacity is restricted. Smartphones, for example, have limited storage capacity since they must also accommodate various kinds of media and applications. The offline mode of a music service may restrict you to just a few songs, albums, even playlists while you're using a portable device with limited storage.

Top Paid Music Streaming Apps in India

With the increasing demand for music streaming apps, there’s no doubt that a host of various premium music apps have taken the market by storm. Here are the top apps:


  • Subscription Cost: Rs 399 per year
  • Monthly Active Users: 150 million

It has over 150 million monthly subscribers and is India's biggest commercial streaming service. Times Internet started it in April 2010 and offers both Indian and foreign music material. Users from all around the globe may access the full collection.

In addition to English, Hindi, and Gujarati, Gaana offers music in further 20 languages, such as Marathi and Tamil. There's more to come. There are many genres available to users.

Gaana's music library includes everything from lively pop to classics, so consumers won't be disappointed. Users also have the option of making their playlists visible to the rest of the community. They have the option to view and save their favorite playlists.

Wynk Music

  • Subscription Cost: Rs 399 per year
  • Monthly Active Users: 72 million

Wynk Music is another popular choice. Users may listen to over six million songs from a wide range of genres. Users have a plethora of options, ranging from Bollywood classics to famous worldwide musicians in Hip-Hop, Dance, and Pop, among others.

In addition to HD music streaming, users may sync the words to their favorite tracks, making this software ideal for karaoke. Users may build their own playlists to share with family members and friends in addition to hundreds of curated playlists. If a user has a particular musical taste, they may also track their favorite songs, stars, and playlists.


  • Subscription Cost: Rs 699 per year
  • Monthly Active Users: 356 Million

Spotify is the top music streaming service on a global scale. It debuted in India in February 2019 and immediately gained popularity among residents.

The software features an easy-to-use algorithm, and music recommendations are depending on the users' preferences. It also includes a lot of Desi music from singers like Badshah. There is a range of podcasts to listen to in addition to music.

Although the music streaming app is free, a subscription plan provides ad-free music, offline listening, and multi-device access. Despite the fact that Spotify has been only in India for 2 years, it has rapidly become one of the country's most popular music streaming applications.


  • Subscription Cost: Rs 399 per year
  • Monthly Active Users: 100+ million

JioSaavn was founded in 2007 as Saavn, but in 2018, it combined with Mukesh Ambani's JioMusic into becoming JioSaavn. Over 45 million tracks in English, Hindi, as well as other Indian languages, are available via the app.

Users of Reliance Jio could also use the app to customize their ringtones by selecting from a large music collection. While the UI isn't as nice as Spotify's, it's basic enough and has additional options for its customers. Users may listen to music without burning up their cell data by downloading it offline.

The Best Free Music Streaming Apps In India

While most of the premium apps mentioned above offer ‘freemium’ service, there are a few music apps that offer a plethora of features for free. These apps are mentioned below:

Amazon Music

Monthly Active Users: 55 million

Amazon Music was earlier known as Amazon MP3. This music streaming service also functions as an online music retailer which is run by Amazon. By January 2008, they had become the first music shop to offer songs without DRM from the four big record companies (EMI, Universal, Warner, as well as Sony BMG) as well as numerous independent artists.

An exciting tier of high quality music was announced by Amazon Music on September 17, 2019. The features included:-

  • Over 50 million tracks in High Definition (16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Around millions in Ultra High Definition
  • 24(bit)/44(kHz),
  • 24/48,
  • 24/96,
  • 24/192
  • Excellent streaming audio quality possible,

Audiophiles will be happy to know that Amazon has joined Tidal and Qobuz in offering lossless music.

YouTube Music

Monthly Active Users: 50 million

Another Google-provided free music app with a unique function is YouTube Music. Along with free music streaming, you can also see music videos. The music from Google Play Music Library is all available on YouTube Music, and if you subscribe to Google Play Music Library, you'll also be subscribed to YouTube Music.

While it does include both free and paid membership options, the free version has a lot of features, however one drawback is that you can't turn off the screen whilst listening, or else the music will stop playing. YouTube Premium costs 99 Rupees per month, or 129 Rupees each month if you also want to have YouTube Music as part of your subscription.


Monthly Active Users: 76 million

Due to the fact that SoundCloud is the world's largest music streaming site for aspiring musicians looking to break into the industry, you'll never grow tired of listening to the same old tunes. There are also a lot of the most well-known songs in this section. SoundCloud, like Spotify, gets to know your musical preferences and tailors your music stream to reflect that.

How To Share Playlists Online

The concept of the mixtape has indeed been lost in the transition from physical to streaming forms, but you may still share your musical suggestions in other ways. In addition, it's now simpler and faster than before.


Once you've created the ideal Spotify playlist, open it and choose Share from the menu that appears when you touch the three dots (upper right on Android, left on iOS). Any installed messaging applications, as well as a Copy Link feature that transfers the playlist URL straight to your phone's clipboard, will be available.

Those links open on the Spotify mobile and desktop apps, as well as the web version of the service, but the receiver must have a Spotify account in order to listen. Despite how many times and who knows who it may be shared, keep in mind that the URL is public and may be accessed by anybody who has it.

Select Make Collaborative from the three dots menu before sharing a playlist to someone else instead of sending it to them. Once the link is clicked, the user will be able to hear the playlist and make changes to it, such as deleting songs or moving them up or down the list. Make sure you give someone you trust the collaboration capabilities of Spotify since you don't want just anybody tampering with your great playlist.

When you touch on the three dots in the upper-right corner of a Spotify playlist, a code emerges that you may use to identify it. It's a simple way to send playlists to friends without sending a link. The receiver only has to take a photo of the playlist and upload it to their Spotify account. Printing the code or putting it in a tangible object like a sticker or necklace are all options.

Apple Music

For Android users, launch the playlist in the Apple Music app, then choose Share Playlist from the three dots on the right. You may either copy and paste the link, or you can choose one of the applications on the list to share it straight there. Those who have the link may browse the music, but they'll require an Apple Music subscription, much as on Spotify.

When using an iPhone, open a playlist in the Music app, press the three dots (upper right), and then choose Share to email it to someone else. Alternatively, you may share the playlist link straight through Twitter or Gmail if you've got those applications installed by selecting Copy.

Apple Music does not offer a collaborative playlist function as of this writing, thus you and your friends cannot create a soundtrack together in an integrated manner. You have complete control over your playlist now, which is a huge advantage.

YouTube Music

As YouTube Music is integrated with YouTube, in order to share a playlist, you must either unlist it or make it public. If you choose the first option, only those who have the proper link may access your playlist, keeping it private. If you choose the second option, anybody with a search engine account can find your playlist.

Select your playlist in the YouTube Music program and touch the pen symbol to modify this and other options (such as making the list collaborative). By tapping the three-dot menu next to the playlist title and selecting Share, you may share an unlisted or public playlist with another app or by copying and pasting a direct link. Even if they don't have a YouTube Music account, anybody with the URL may listen to and play the music, and if you've enabled collaboration, they can make changes to it.

Because your YouTube Music playlists reside on YouTube as well, the process is a little more complicated than with Spotify or Apple Music. This implies that if you share your playlist with someone who does not have a YouTube account, they will be sent to the playlist on YouTube.

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There are multiple studies that show the positive effects of music on the mind. With the benefit of smartphones you now have millions of songs available at your fingertips. So, subscribe to your favourite music app and keep grooving to the best tunes!

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