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With advancing technology and more people working from home, the need for a fast-speed broadband connection is crucial. As per an internet speed test study, Chennai is the city that has the quickest broadband in India, ranking first out of 20 cities.That being said, not all broadband providers are the same, hence, if you’re living in Chennai and want to leverage the high internet speed available, it’s important to choose the right broadband service provider.

To help you make a better comparison, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the top broadband providers in Chennai. In this list, we’ve not only mentioned telecom giants like YOU and ACT but also regional providers.

Act Fibernet

Through ACT’s fibre-optic broadband, you can access the internet at lightning-fast speeds. Enjoy a smooth communication that is ideal for accessing multiple devices via WiFi and LAN.

ACT offers broadband plans and great internet deals in Chennai, which provides speeds of up to 1 Gbps, making them an excellent option for your home broadband service. You would be able to experience the digital space with no load times, no-wait downloads, lag-free video messaging, gaming, and so much more thanks to our lightning-fast upload and download speeds.

Aside from providing the fastest internet speeds, they also have services to increase the current speed and get additional data with an ACT boosting pack. You will also improve your home viewing experience by subscribing to ACT Stream TV 4K. Feel the edge when you navigate the virtual universe with the fastest broadband speeds and services available – only from ACT Fibernet.

Plan Price Data Speed
ACT Basic ₹820 *Unlimited 75 Mbps
ACT Starter ₹549 *Unlimited 40 Mbps
ACT Blaze ₹1020 *Unlimited 125 Mbps
ACT Blast Promo ₹1075 *Unlimited 200 Mbps
ACT Storm ₹1125 *Unlimited 250 Mbps
ACT Lighting ₹1325 *Unlimited 300 Mbps
ACT Incredible ₹1999 *Unlimited 350 Mbps
ACT GIGA ₹2999 *Unlimited 1000 Mbps


  • Provides great download speeds
  • Unlimited data provided at low costs


  • Customer service is unreliable as multiple customers are not able to reach a contact person when any issue arises.


Tikona Infinet Private Limited (TIPL) is a Chennai-based Indian Internet Service Provider that offers a variety of broadband plans as well as high-speed internet access. Tikona proudly serves over 275,000 customers in India. This was accomplished by offering the best broadband plans and customer support to customers. Prakash Bajpai, a telecom industry veteran, created the company in 2008. They are one of the top three Internet Service Providers in India, with a presence in 25 major cities.

Tikona Infinet Private Limited (TIPL) distinguishes itself from competitors by providing timely installation facilities, secure and seamless internet packages for all, and excellent technical assistance.

Check out packages and pick the one which best meets your needs.

Price Data Validity
₹ 2356 300 GB 3 months
₹ 3179 300 GB 6 months
₹ 5650 300 GB 12 months
Price Data Validity
₹ 2592 Unlimited 3 months
₹ 4005 Unlimited 6 months
₹ 6240 Unlimited 12 months
Price Data Validity
₹ 2946 Unlimited 3 months
₹ 4713 Unlimited 6 months
₹ 8246 Unlimited 12 months
₹ 1356 400 GB Per month
₹ 5775 400 GB 6 months
₹ 9190 400 GB 12 months
Price Data Validity
₹1533 Unlimited Per month
₹ 6837 Unlimited 6 months
₹ 11314 Unlimited 12 months
₹ 1415 500 GB Per month
₹ 6129 500 GB 6 months
₹ 9898 500 GB 12 months


  • Good customer service
  • Multiple plans with various budget options


  • Bad network coverage
  • Very low speed at peak hours


Cherrinet provides optical fibre broadband internet connections with speeds of up to 1 Gbps through GPON Technology, also known as G-Force. The Optical Network Unit (ONU) is a system that converts optical light transmissions into electrical signals that are then attached to the router to just provide WiFi.

The possibilities are endless with a speed of 1 Gbps. When several computers are paired at the very same time, you could get the WOW factor. Even videos larger than 20GB in size can be downloaded in a couple of seconds.

Residential Plans
Plan Speed DATA Limit Post FUP Price
STARTER 150 Mbps 2000 GB 5 Mbps ₹ 999
STARTER NEO 175 Mbps 2000 GB 5 Mbps ₹ 1299
BASIC 225 Mbps 2000 GB 5 Mbps ₹ 1499
G-Force Plans
Plan Speed DATA Limit Post FUP Price
G-FORCE 2 1 Gbps 4 TB 10 Mbps ₹ 9999
G-FORCE 6 1 Gbps 12 TB 10 Mbps ₹ 24999
G-FORCE 10 1 Gbps 20 TB 10 Mbps ₹ 34999
SME Plans
Plan Speed DATA Limit Post FUP Price
SME SILVER 250 Mbps 2250 GB 2 Mbps ₹ 1999
SME GOLD 250 Mbps 3250 GB 2 Mbps ₹ 2999
SME DIAMOND 250 Mbps 4250 GB 2 Mbps ₹ 3999
SME PLATINUM 250 Mbps 5250 GB 2 Mbps ₹ 4999


  • Low to no downtime
  • Fast and reliable customer care


Hathway Cable & Datacom Limited (Hathway) is a major provider of Cable Broadband services in Chennai. It offers Cable Television services via its wholly-owned affiliate, Hathway Digital Private Limited, which is one of India's biggest Multisystem providers as well. Hathway's goal is to be a specific element of the access provider, taking a converged universe of content, media, and services into the home and work.

With Hathway Broadband, you will enjoy the luxury of limitless possibilities. Download whatever songs you want, enjoy your favourite games, connect big files or directories, and upload your stylish images and videos; it's simple and quick.

Plan Name Speed Subscription Charges

(Rs) 1 Month

Subscription Charges

(Rs) 3 Months

Subscription Charges

(Rs) 6 Months

Subscription Charges

(Rs) 12 Months

Dual Band 300 300 Mbps NA 4200 8400 16800
Dual Band 200 200 Mbps NA 3600 7200 14400
Premium unlimited 150 150 Mbps 900 2397 4794 9588


  • Good network coverage even in regional areas
  • Good customer care service


  • Customers can face downtime for long periods

Limras Eronet Broadband

Limras Eronet Broadband Service Pvt Ltd was formed in 2008 by Mr Venkatesh TRM. A one-of-a-kind platform for a range of clients, Eronet broadband caters to multiple sectors like commercial and personal. They are an "A" level Internet Service Provider with a pan-India footprint, providing Broadband Services, Managed Internet Services, MPLS-VPN, as well as Internet Leased Lines.

Limras is also expanding its operations into the areas of software, network infrastructure, identity management and security, database administration, gameplay and bar-coding, and offering an international level of customer service delivery solutions.

Plan Price Speed Data
Standard ₹499/month 100 Mbps 200 GB
Standard ₹599/month 100 Mbps 400 GB
Standard ₹699/month 100 Mbps 600 GB
Standard ₹799/month 100 Mbps 800 GB
Standard ₹899/month 100 Mbps 1000 GB
Standard ₹999/month 150 Mbps 1200 GB
Standard ₹1111/month 200 Mbps 1400 GB
Premium ₹1333/month 250 Mbps 1600 GB
Superior ₹1555/month 300 Mbps 1800 GB
Ultimate ₹1999/month 400 Mbps 2000 GB
UNLIMITED ₹599/month 50 Mbps Unlimited
UNLIMITED ₹999/month 100 Mbps Unlimited
UNLIMITED ₹1111/month 150 Mbps Unlimited
UNLIMITED ₹1499/month 200 Mbps Unlimited
UNLIMITED ₹2222/month 250 Mbps Unlimited


  • Good network coverage


  • Bad customer care
  • High downtime

C32 Broadband

C32 Broadband Service Pvt Ltd Internet & Intranet Service Provider took its first steps in 2016 with the goal of delivering Broadband Services to the consumers worldwide through the use of cost-effective, standards-based Fiber to the Home (FTTH). It has developed technologies that significantly improve the capabilities of existing 802.11 standards-based Fibre technology, allowing for widespread implementation of complete solutions. The benefits of advanced technologies include improved throughput and faster connectivity.

Plan Price Speed Data
Basic ₹ 499/ Month 5 Mbps Unlimited
Classic ₹ 599/ Month 50 Mbps Unlimited
Classic ₹ 799/ Month 75 Mbps Unlimited
Alacrity ₹ 999/ Month 100 Mbps Unlimited
MaxSpeed ₹ 1399/ Month 150 Mbps Unlimited


  • Good customer service


  • Expensive plans with low data

YOU Broadband

YOU Broadband is India's initial ISO-accredited broadband service provider and a grade 'A' ISP. The organization even has an IP-1 Registration No.39/2001 from the DOT Govt. of India in the name of YOU Broadband India Limited, published May 1, 2001.

YOU Broadband, one of India's largest international ISPs, provides high-speed Internet including voice services to home, SME, and business customers in 18 cities through a variety of cutting-edge distribution platforms. YOU Broadband is quickly extending its footprint in other cities around the nation as part of its expansion plans.

Plan Price Validity Speed Data


₹ 2538 90 days 50 Mbps 900 GB


₹ 2759 97 days 150 Mbps 3999 GB


₹ 3357 97 days 200 Mbps 4101 GB


₹ 4407 97 days 250 Mbps 4401 GB


  • Good customer care service


  • Bad network coverage

The Best Broadband Provider In Chennai Based On Reviews

While there are multiple broadband providers in Chennai, you should consider choosing a provider based on your needs. However, based on the reviews, cost and speed provided, the best broadband provider in Chennai is Cherrinet.

This network provider not only provides affordable plans but also provides high speeds at good network coverage. Moreover, they have a trained staff of professionals to ensure they’re able to provide high-quality customer service.

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