Netflix India: Subscription Plans, Benefits & What To Watch in 2023


Netflix India is an Indian on-demand streaming OTT platform, currently available in English and regional languages. The service offers movies and TV shows via a variety of genres, including drama, thriller and horror, romance and comedy, science fiction, biography and more.

Netflix India: Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows & Movies

Netflix is the world’s leading Internet TV network with over 204 million paid members in more than 190 countries enjoying more than 140 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films.
With our library of exclusive and original shows from world-class filmmakers, you can enjoy a variety of premium content on your mobile or tablet device for one flat monthly price. With Netflix, you have the freedom to watch what you want, when you want.

Netflix India Plans: Find Out About Netflix Subscription Price India

Get the Netflix subscription for India and watch from the collection of movies, Netflix Originals and more in English or in your own language like Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada and Marathi. You can even watch international South Korean shows and movies with option of language subtitles.

  • With Netflix India
  • No commitments, cancel anytime.
  • Everything for one low price on Netflix India.
  • No ads and no extra fees. Ever.
  • Recommendations just for you.
  • Change or cancel your plan anytime.

Take a look at the monthly and Netflix yearly subscription India price and plans available currently.

Netflix Plans in India
Mobile Basic Standard Premium
Netflix Monthly Subscription Price
₹ 149 ₹ 199 ₹ 499 ₹ 649
Netflix Yearly Subscription Price
₹ 1,788 ₹ 2,388 ₹ 5,988 ₹ 7,788
Video quality
Good Good Better Best
480p 480p 1080p 4K+HDR
Devices you can use to watch
HD Available
No No Yes Yes
Ultra HD available
No No No Yes
Number of screens at a time
1 screen 1 screen 2 screens 4 screens
Unlimited TV Shows & Movies
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cancel at any time
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Keep in mind that HD (720p), Full HD (1080p), Ultra HD (4K) and HDR availability depend on the consumer's internet service as well as device capabilities. You may not get all the content in all resolutions. Please check with operator services for further clarifications.

Netflix Plans India: Benefits & Offers

There are four types of Netflix India plans as detailed in above section along with their monthly and Netflix yearly subscription plans. Now, let us take a look at the different benefits and what it offers to its subscribers. This will help you decide which plan suits your requirements best.

Here are the benefits of each Netflix Plan:

Netflix Plan Benefits of Netflix Plans
Netflix Mobile plan
  1. You get a good quality resolution of 480p for Netflix subscription price of INR 149/- monthly.
  2. The content can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets, TV and also on your computer.
  3. The plan allows one screen to watch the show at a time.
  4. You have access to movies anytime, anywhere and unlimited TV shows.
  5. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.
Netflix Basic plan
  1. You get better quality with resolution 480p for INR 199/- monthly.
  2. The content can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets, TV and also on your computer.
  3. The plan allows two screens to watch the content at a time.
  4. You have access to movies anytime, anywhere and unlimited Netflix series.
  5. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.
Netflix Standard plan
  1. You get premium quality with resolution 1080p for INR 499/- per month.
  2. The content can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets, TV and also on your computer.
  3. The plan allows four screens to watch the shows at a time.
  4. You have access to movies anytime, anywhere and unlimited TV shows.
  5. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.
  6. This is one of the popular Netflix family packages opted for by Indian viewers.
Netflix Premium plan
  1. You get premium quality with a resolution of 4K+HDR.
  2. The price is INR 649/- per month, which comes to around INR 7,788/-, annually.
  3. The content can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets, TV and also on your computer.
  4. The plan allows four screens to watch the content at a time.
  5. You have access to movies anytime, anywhere and unlimited TV shows.
  6. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Did You Know?Netflix is an innovative combination of two words – Net (Internet) and Flicks (a popular synonym for the movie)

How To Subscribe To Netflix?

Subscribing to Netflix plans in India is quite simple. If you do not wish to do it yourself, you can always approach the Netflix Customer Service Team for assistance.

Here's how to register for a Netflix subscription:

  • Visit Or download the Netflix App.
  • The first is choosing the plan(If you are lucky, you will get Netflix's free trial offer).
  • You will be directed to a page that gives you details of all the available Netflix subscription prices and plans.
  • There are four categories to choose from - Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium.
  • After selecting the preferred plan, you will be directed to the next page.
  • Here you are asked for information to create your Netflix account and sign up. For Netflix login, you’ll need a username and password.
  • Then you will be directed to the payment page where you have to fill in your chosen mode of payment and other payment details for the Netflix recharge.
  • Once the payment is done, you will be able to access the Netflix services.

Save your Netflix login details so that you can access your account as and when required.

How to Get a Free Netflix Subscription Account?

You can watch shows for free by getting a free Netflix subscription with the various telecom operators in India.

Here is a list of Telecom operators who provide a free Subscription to Netflix:

  • Reliance Jio (Postpaid Plus and Jio Fiber): Reliance Jio is offering postpaid plus plans that provide a free Netflix subscription with the following plans; Rs 399/-, Rs 599/-, Rs 799/-, Rs 999/- and Rs 1,499/-. You can also get a free subscription when you choose to go with Reliance Jio Fiber broadband services.
  • Vodafone-Idea (Vi): Vodafone Idea also offers a free subscription to Netflix along with Vi’s RedX plan of Rs 1099/- per month.

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How to Cancel Netflix Subscription Plans?

You can cancel the Netflix plans at any time if you are not pleased with the services offered. They offer the option to cancel your Netflix subscription plans via browser too.

cancel Netflix India plan

Here's how to cancel a Netflix subscription:

  1. Open the official website on a web browser.
  2. Go to your accounts settings page.
  3. Select the cancel option and proceed.

How long can you watch Netflix after Mid-Plan Cancellation? Even if you cancel mid-way through the subscription, you will be able to watch shows till the end of that month.

Who Are The Biggest Competitors of Netflix?

With the pandemic restricting people to their homes, OTT service providers are working their best to provide entertaining content to Indian viewers. This makes the competition tough.

Here are some of the top competitors Netflix has to deal with:

Why is Netflix exclusive?Netflix presents Original TV shows more than other OTT service providers. It has entered the Indian Entertainment industry with a rich collection of original media content. Netflix movies are also widely popular among Indian subscribers.

Best Movies on Neflix: Know How to Download Them?

You can conveniently download the best movies on Netflix, shows and watch without any interruptions or buffering. You get to watch these downloaded shows even if there is no internet available. There will be a download button beneath the video.

Remember that not all content can be downloaded. There is also a limit set for downloading shows. You will find another option of smart download wherein the next few episodes of a TV series will be auto-downloaded.

What Is Netflix Mod APK?

Netflix Mod APK is a modified app of the original Netflix version that allows subscribers to watch movies, Live TV channels and other on-demand services on any Android device. The Mod APK app can be installed and used very easily.

  • You can get premium access to unlimited TV shows and movies
  • Can be operated on any Android device
  • Offers an easy and quick browsing facility for Videos/Movies etc
  • Search option enabled for desired shows
  • Option to resume playback on to other devices

What To Watch On Netflix India?

Don't know what to watch on Netflix? We've got you covered. Netflix offers a wide range of entertainment arenas across TV shows as well as movies. Subscribers get to watch comedies, dramas, romance, martial arts, sports and action, adventure, documentaries and so much more.

You can enjoy Netflix services from the comfort of your home after choosing your required plan. We have provided the most sought information about Netflix through this page. If you find any difference in the given plans, kindly let us know. We will get the data updated for you. Moreover, if you’re looking for information about other popular OTT platforms like Amazon Prime or Disney+ Hotstar, keep reading Selectra.

Netflix India: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Hindi shows on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix launched its Hindi interface in August 2020. Now consumers can watch all preferred shows, including international shows in Hindi.

Which payment methods are available for Netflix?

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Virtual cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Third-party billing options.

Is there a Netflix free trial for customers?

No, not at present. Earlier there was a 30-day free trial period. However, this is no longer valid.

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