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upgrade dth plans to hd

Most of the DTH service providers are improving their game to keep up with the competition in the field. As subscribers are spending more time at home due to the pandemic, they are also looking for better quality channels and shows. Most viewers now prefer to upgrade their Standard Definition set-top box to High Definition STB. Let us take a look into the different aspects of this.

Benefits of upgrading from SD to HD

  • You can enjoy the excellent sound quality and superior pictures.
  • You get to have a truly awesome cinematic experience.
  • You get to watch live tv
  • You enjoy online streaming of your favourite shows
  • You can revel in the Smart TV experience all you want.
  • Five times sharper picture than SD
  • More clear & wider TV watching
  • The 16:9 Aspect Ratio display gives better & bigger TV entertainment.
  • Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound gives a mini personal theatre at home.

DTH service providers who offer upgrade services

  1. Airtel Digital TV
  2. Tata Sky
  3. Sun NXT
  4. Videocon d2H
  5. Dish TV

Airtel Digital TV Set-top-box upgrade from SD to HD

Back in 2017, Airtel Digital TV introduced its Smart Set-Top Box. This is an Android TV-based Set-top-box 4K called Airtel Xstream Box. Now SD consumers have the option to update their Set-top box to get an Airtel HD set-top box.

They have the option to upgrade their SD STB at cheaper rates to one of the following:-

  1. HD STB,
  2. Airtel Internet TV
  3. Xstream Box at cheaper rates.

A subscriber taking a new connection has to pay Rs 1000/- while at the same time, an existing customer with an SD set-top box can enjoy an Airtel dth upgrade for Rs 699/-.

If an existing SD box customer wished to opt for an Xstream Box, they can avail of it at Rs 1999. A new customer can avail of the same for Rs 3,999.

Please note that the charges will be excluding those of engineer/technician visits. Normally the technician visit charges are Rs 150/-. This may vary according to the local charges. Kindly check with your dealer to know the exact charges for upgrading and installation.

Airtel Xstream upgrade can be availed only in selected cities. Currently, it is available in

  • Delhi,
  • Gurgaon,
  • Noida,
  • Mumbai,
  • Kolkata,
  • Chennai,
  • Bangalore,
  • Hyderabad,
  • Pune,
  • Ahmedabad,
  • Gujarat,
  • Panchkula,
  • Chandigarh,
  • Mohali.

Tata Sky Set-top-box upgrade from SD to HD

The Tata Sky SD consumers are offered a chance to upgrade their set-top box to High definition at discounted rates. While a new customer has to pay Rs 1.499/- for an HD set-top box, an existing customer going for a Tata sky HD set-top box can afford it at lower rates.

Tata Sky users have three options to upgrade their SD set-top box.

  1. Upgrade Tata Sky connection from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD)
  2. Upgrade Tata Sky connection from High Definition to High Definition+
  3. Upgrade Tata Sky connection to Tata Sky Binge+

Below given is a clear picture of the price rates offered to new Tata Sky customers and existing SD users.

Box names Tata Sky upgrade Price for new connections Tata Sky Upgrade price for existing SD customers Discounted amount
Tata Sky HD ₹1499 ₹999 Save ₹500
Tata Sky HD+ ₹4999 ₹4499 Save ₹500
Tata Sky Binge+ ₹2499 ₹1999 Save ₹500

You can get a clear picture of the different kinds of Set-top boxes on the official website of Tata Sky. For further clarifications, kindly contact the customer service department of Tata Sky.

Sun Direct Set-top-box upgrade from SD to HD

Sun Direct offers easy upgrading of a Set-top box from SD to HD. It takes no time at all and their customer service team is ever-ready to support their customers.

For the sun direct upgrade from SD set-top box to HD, there are two options.

  1. You can call them at the helpline number 76010 12345
  2. Fill the form given on the official website of Sun Direct to know more about the upgrade process.

Before you contact the customer service team, kindly get ready with the following details.

  • Registered Mobile Number
  • Smart Card / CDSN no
  • CR-ID

Toll-free for further assistance

1800 123 7575

1800 103 7575

Sun Direct Set-top-box Upgrade Charges
Sun Direct Price
SD to HD Box Rs. 699
Visiting Charges Rs. 150
Total Up-gradation Charges = Box Price + Technician Visiting Charges

Dish TV Set-top-box upgrade from SD to HD

Dish TV has been all set in taking their SD customers to the next level .they have offered great discounts to their SD customers which makes it possible for the users to enjoy the benefits of HD television watching.

Now Dish TV users have to spend just Rs 799/- to upgrade their SD STB to HD Set-Top Box. Not only that, but this offer also comes bundled with a whole month pack. This is highly attractive as subscribers need to pay Rs 799/- and they get to watch HD television with a bonus monthly package.

Dish TV charges only Rs 680/- to upgrade the set-top box from Standard Definition to High Definition. In addition, a Special HD India Cricket Service pack for Rs 119 is also offered. The subscriber can also opt for any other monthly pack on their mobile app or the Dish TV website. Dish tv HD set-top box offers a great means of entertainment with superb quality.

Dish TV has also agreed to take the old SD STB from the customers when they install the new HD set-top box.You can request a dish tv upgrade by calling the customer service number and speaking to one of the associates online.

Videocon D2h Set-top-box upgrade from SD to HD

Videocon D2h HD Set-top box can be availed for Rs 1355/- Consumers get to enjoy crystal-clear surround sound, 5 times better visual quality and so many other benefits like 5X Picture Quality, Faster Processor Speed, HDMI Cable and 1080 Pixel. We have heard that the Videocon d2h upgrade even allows existing customers to purchase it at Rs 799/-. It would be great if you could verify that with your Videocon d2H Dealer as well.

Customers also enjoy 1 Month Subscription - Gold HD Combo

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Favourites and Reminders
  • High Definition (1080i/p)
  • 89+ HD Channels

To know more about the videocon d2h HD upgrade procedure and discounted rates if any, kindly call the customer service team at 91156 91156. You will be guided through every step by their technical support team.


It is seen that the top service providers want their customers to enjoy the High Definition shows and experience TV viewing at its best. They are all going out of their way to provide the best they can to keep the customers satisfied. With a simple upgrade, you can now access all available HD channels at discounted rates. Happy viewing to all you lucky subscribers!