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Compare DTH india

The DTH industry in India has seen immense growth during the last few years. The number of subscribers is increasing with time. If you Compare DTH India with other cable TV operators, you can easily understand how far ahead the DTH industry has grown. Most people prefer watching their favorite shows and movies from the comfort of their homes. It is no longer just a medium of entertainment. DTH is now part and parcel of every household in India.

How does DTH work?

DTH depends on Satellite transmission. Digital signals are emitted from satellites and transmitted at a particular frequency. The dish at the Subscriber's home receives these signals and broadcasts them onto the television set.

DTH means Direct to Home

Key Elements of the DTH service

The key factors or essential elements needed in the DTH system are:-

  • Satellite
  • Dish
  • Programming source
  • Broadcasting centre

The Top 7 DTH service providers in India

The names of the major DTH providers in the Indian industry are given below.

  1. Tata Sky
  2. Dish TV
  3. Airtel Digital TV
  4. Videocon D2H
  5. Independent TV
  6. Sun Direct
  7. DD Free Dish

Why you have to compare

DTH is becoming popular by the day. There is a high demand for DTH services and hence all the service providers are coming up with more innovations than you can imagine. It becomes bewildering when you have to choose the best DTH in India. As so many DTH connections are available, you have to consider a couple of factors before finalising the best for you. Get ready to have a taste of the new tomorrow of entertainment.

How Selectra can assist

Making such a huge decision is difficult when you don't have enough facts for validation. This is where Selectra offers assistance. We do the data collection cum brand awareness for you. We study, research and compile information on each DTH provider, compare their services and present our findings on our site. You can easily access all the information you need here. All you need to do is go through our pages and read the details given.

What you have to compare

All the major DTH service providers are set to win the competitive race by offering attractive add ons to their subscriptions. Now before you leap into a decision, let us give you a few pointers on what to compare between the DTH service providers.

1. Area coverage

The DTH service provider should ensure great transmission and area coverage. You cannot enjoy a show where the signal quality or strength is weak.

2. Set-Top Box

The model of the set-top box is important as it decides the quality of the picture you get. You need to check who provides the set-top box that is compatible with your television set. The main models are

  • High Definition
  • Standard Definition
  • Ultra HD( 4K)

3. Price and plans

The package of the plan should suit your requirement while being worthy of the money you are investing. You will have an array of plans to choose from. Hence, compare DTH packages from each provider carefully. Select the plan with the benefits and price that you find most appealing. We can help you do that by giving you information on all the required details.

4. Channels available

The channels broadcasted differs depending on the DTH service provider. You have to make a careful selection of what you want to see and what is being offered to watch. Likewise, you should know the HD channels from the SD ones. Each bundle should suit your requirement while fitting your budget.

5. Customer Care & Technical support

One of the most important factors you need to compare is the availability of active customer care as well as technical support. Not all service providers offer quality customer service. A good DTH provider should connect well with their viewers. When it comes to choosing, compare DTH services, including customer support, before finalizing.

6. Other important checks

A few more pointers include:-

  • Audio & Video Quality
  • Quality of the Viewing Platform
  • Availability of user-friendly manuals
  • Assurance of warranty period
  • Technical features like “Record” Feature, disk space
  • Add on accessories like remote controls
  • Presence of useful apps and other offers
  • Wireless/DNLA feature

Feedback based on comparison polls

We have taken the inferences of a few polls to compare DTH plans and compiled them here to give you a general overview of the current scenario.

Most consumers are pleased with the DTH services offered by Airtel Digital TV. From installation to providing quality content, Airtel has managed to capture the hearts of viewers. Tata Sky comes closely following in terms of technical advances like pause and rewind etc. Their customer service is also highly appreciated.

Where DTH services could improve

As we want to be extra cautious when giving you trustable advice, we took a look at the issues faced by existing customers. Here is a list of common issues found. You can go through this list and make sure you check it out with the service provider of your choice.

Commonly found issues

  • Poor signal clarity
  • Frequent signal interruption,
  • Connectivity issues while viewing
  • Higher expenses for paid channels,
  • Lack of concern by customer service,
  • Delay in channel activation after purchase
  • Discrepancies in the billing system.
  • Weather effect

India’s DTH industry has over 69.37 million subscribers


Digitalization has indeed created a revolution in the entertainment industry. We hope we have been able to give you an insight into the Indian DTH Industry. There are pages of detailed information on each DTH service provider on Selectra’s website. This will make it easy to know more about and Compare DTH -India’s scenario.