Tata Play vs Airtel DTH: Explore Entertainment Options

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compare airtel dth and tataplay

Tata Play (formerly known as Tata Sky) and Airtel DTH offers a range of TV channels and services. Tata Play comprehensive channel packages and innovative features, while Airtel DTH boasts a wide subscriber base and technological advancements. This comparison guide will help you to see what each is good at, so you can choose the one that fits your preferences for home entertainment.

Tata Play (previous Tata Sky) vs Airtel DTH

While comparing DTH providers: Airtel DTH and Tata Play, Airtel offers competitive pricing with diverse packages, while Tata Play boasts an extensive channel lineup and special features. While comparing DTH providers, consider factors such as channel selection, HD offerings and more before you make your choice.

FactorsTata PlayAirtel DTH
PricingGet new connection in ₹1099Get new connection in ₹900
Channel Selection600+ HD And SD Channels600 belonging to various genres
HD OfferingsExtensive HD channels and servicesHigh-quality HD content available
Interactive ServicesTata Play allows recording and rewindAirtel Xstream Box for interactive TV
TechnologyAdvanced technology with 4K set-top boxAirtel Internet TV for smart features
Customer SupportResponsive customer serviceDedicated helpline with swift assistance.
Installation ProcessProfessional and hassle-free setupInstallation with easy-to-follow steps
Additional FeaturesAccess to Tata Play mobile appAirtel Thanks benefits, Airtel Payments bank and app access
Package CustomizationFlexibility to customize channel packagesMix and match channel packs for variety
AvailabilityNationwide availability with strong reachExtensive network coverage across remote and urban regions

Tata Sky vs. Airtel DTH: Recharge Plans

As of now, Airtel DTH HD set-top box charge ₹ 900 where the installation cost and a 30 days service is completely free of cost. On the other hand, Tata Play HD set-top box priced at ₹1099(DTH connection +OTT Apps)

Airtel DTH comes with more than 13 Indian languages, including English. Tata Play DTH also offers 8 regional language channel package with its recharge plans.

Both companies provide pay for what you watch.

Airtel DTH Recharge PlanNo. of ChannelsPrice per monthTata Play DTH Recharge PlanNo. of ChannelsPrice per month
Hindi Basic HD47₹ 133.25Tata Play Hindi Dhamaal81₹ 200.15
Tamil Entertainment SD49₹ 183.10Tata Play Kannada Regional Pack13₹ 118.12
Telugu Premium Family Kids Sports SD81₹ 392.75Telugu Hindi Dhamaal94₹ 266.63
Odia Family Kids Sports 72₹ 246.00Odia Super Value13₹ 82.72
Marathi Mega SD125₹ 517.00Marathi Hindi Sports Kids100₹ 313.68
Malayalam Entertainment HD41₹ 264.00Tamil Malayalam Starter36₹ 186.78
Gujarati Mega SD128₹ 531.00Gujarati Hindi Sports Kids102313.38
Bengali Family Kids Sports SD88₹ 232.00Bangla Hindi Dhamaal HD86₹ 312.44
Kannada Entertainment HD26₹ 261.00Kannada Telugu Starter HD32₹ 310.46

Tata Play vs Airtel DTH, Which Is Better in Technology and Innovation?

Both Tata Play and Airtel DTH continue to work towards new technologies to stay in the competitive industry. Tata Play uses an advanced 4K set-top box to Airtel DTH's smart features with the Airtel Internet TV, making it even more exciting to watch your favorite shows.

As leading DTH providers in India, both want to make sure they have the latest and greatest stuff to keep up with how things are changing. So, when you pick one, you're not just getting TV – you're getting the newest tech that makes watching your sports and entertainment super awesome!

Tata Play vs. Airtel DTH: How To Get a New Connection?

To get a new Tata Play connection you can book online by visiting the Tata Play Website and enter the details or dial 07411774117 and if you are looking for a new Airtel DTH connection, you can visit the Airtel Website and enter your phone number to get a call from an Airtel executive.

Tata Play and Airtel DTH both have huge active subscribers across India. Companies have covered all metro cities like Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, etc. and almost all major cities across the country. Both are design plans based on regional language.

According to Tata Play official website, Tata Play DTH services are covering more than two lakh cities with over 70.26 million connections.

Tata Play vs. Airtel DTH: Customer Support

Tata Play and Airtel DTH both have 24/7 customer care support in 13 languages and also offer a one-year annual service warranty with an excellent relocation service facility.

To connect with Tata Play customer care, contact their toll-free number, 1800 208 6633.

However, if you wish to connect with Airtel DTH customer care, you can dial <state code> 44448080 or write a mail to [email protected].


Tata Play stands out for its extensive channel lineup, innovative 4K set-top box, and user-friendly interface, while Airtel DTH impresses with competitive pricing, a diverse Airtel channel list, and advanced features like the Airtel Internet TV.

Tata Play's focus on technology and Airtel DTH's commitment to affordability showcase the strengths of each service. Both Tata Play and Airtel DTH are always getting better, making sure you have a fun time watching TV. So, it's like looking at what each does well and not so well. If you think about what you like to watch, how much you want to pay, and what features matter to you, you can make a good choice. Just think about what fits your entertainment, and you'll have a great time with your TV!

Airtel DTH vs Tata Play: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the latest Airtel DTH recharge offer?

Get cashback up to Rs.250 when you recharge on the Airtel App or Airtel website and make the payment through Airtel Payments Bank.

Which is the latest Tata Play DTH recharge offer?

Get an instant cashback in your Tata Play account equivalent to one month's balance when you recharge for 12 months.

What is the price of Airtel Xstream Box?

Get Airtel Xstream box at just ₹1,500. It comes with voice-enabled remote, powered by Google Assistant and 500+ TV channels in 4K resolution for full entertainment.

What is the price of Tata Play Binge Plus?

Get Tata Play Binge Plus at ₹2199. Enjoy the 4X sharper picture with 1000s of shows & movies,2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory and record 25hours of programs with Tata Play Record Plan.

How to recharge Tata Sky using Facebook?

Sign-in to your Facebook Account. Open Tata Sky Facebook Page. Send "Hi" in message and get recharge DTH.