Tata Sky Broadband: Benefits, Data Plans & How To Get A Connection

tata sky broadband plans

Tata Sky Fiber offers you with fiber optic internet connection transforming your daily broadband connection experience with high-speed internet. Tata Sky allows you to enjoy one of the fastest broadband connections in India with a speed of up to 1 Gps, which means you will get faster downloads and less buffering.

This provider’s FTTH (Fiber to home) technology provides you with fully-dedicated fiber optic cable, along with different internet packages, which connect up to 10 devices via a professional-grade Wi-Fi router-modem. Their packages offer faster HD video streaming, heavy file downloads, and uploads.

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Why You Should Choose Tata Sky As Your Broadband Provider

Tata Sky broadband offers a 100% fiber network that delivers end-to-end access with fiber optics flowing straight from the network operator to your home, providing a smooth and reliable internet browsing experience. Though this provider has several advantages, the following are some of the most beneficial reasons why you must consider using Tata Sky as your broadband provider:

  • Superfast Speeds
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Uniform Upload/Download Speeds
  • Highly Secured Network

Tata Sky Broadband Unlimited packages are available with weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly validity. Tata Sky Broadband is currently offering a 15% concession on their yearly packages and a 10% concession on their half-yearly packages.

For Unlimited Data plans provided by Tata Sky broadband, speed will reduce to 2Mbps after 1500GB data consumption. Check your speed now.

Unlimited Tata Sky Broadband Plans

Tata Sky’s customer-centric packages are tailored to the specific internet access requirements, whether you are a moderate user or even a heavy user of gaming, downloading, and various platform requirements. Tata Sky has internet connections at different speeds based on your needs. You can browse through their packages, which we have categorized based on the speed.

1 Gbps Speed
Price Validity
₹ 3600 1 month
₹ 10800 3 month
₹ 19800 6 month
₹ 36000 12 month
500 Mbps Speed
Price Validity
₹ 2300 1 month
₹ 6900 3 month
₹ 12900 6 month
₹ 24600 12 month
300 Mbps
Price Validity
₹ 1500 1 month
₹ 4500 3 month
₹ 8400 6 month
₹ 15600 12 month
200 Mbps
Price Validity
₹ 1150 1 month
₹ 3300 3 month
₹ 5550 6 month
₹ 10200 12 month
150 Mbps
Price Validity
₹ 1050 1 month
₹ 3000 3 month
₹ 5100 6 month
₹ 9600 12 month
100 Mbps
Price Validity
₹ 950 1 month
₹ 2700 3 month
₹ 4500 6 month
₹ 8400 12 month
50 Mbps
Price Validity
₹ 2097 1 month
₹ 3300 6 month
₹ 6000 12 month

How To Secure Your Tata Sky Broadband Connection?

You will not be able to benefit the most from your plan until you protect your connectivity, irrespective of which plan you select. Considering more users are operating from home, maintaining WiFi data security is now critical. Follow the below steps to assure that your neighbours aren't hacking your data or trying to capitalize on your Tata Sky connection.

Regular updates

Getting the right router is the very first step toward setting up a home WiFi network. It is critical to consider factors such as the distance between the router and the network devices, the amount of interference based on the number of devices operating nearby, the propagation speed required, and safety. For the router, the latest wireless encryption system, WPA2, is preferred.

Furthermore, if auto-updates are available on the system, users can allow them. According to Sophos, if you are unable to upgrade the unit, it is preferable to substitute it with a stronger and more recent one.

Encryption settings

According to the security company, WPA2-PSK encryption is needed. WPA2 is an abbreviation for Wi-Fi Protected Access, and PSK is an abbreviation for Pre-Shared Key. It prohibits unauthorized access to the wireless service as it is being exchanged between the router and the computers that are attached to it. If you are either using the WPA2 or WEP encryption systems, it is time to update.

Strong password

Rather than just using your date of birth or mobile number as a password for your Wi-Fi network, you should put some thought into it. Simply choose a random letter that is difficult for anybody to predict, advises the cyber-security agency.

How To Connect Your Tata Sky Set Top Box To The Internet?​

You can easily connect you set top box to the internet by following these steps:

  • Attach your WiFi dongle to the Tata Sky Set Top Box.
  • Reboot the Set-Top Box.
  • Choose your network and insert your password.
  • Click on the‘ Organizer’ button and then go to ‘System Settings’.
  • Go to ‘Network Preferences’.
  • Pick ‘WiFi’ as the selected network.

How To Get A New Tata Sky Broadband Connection

If you're considering getting a new Tata Sky broadband service, you have some options to consider, including:

  • Buy online with a credit card or cash on delivery.
  • To request a new Tata Sky connection, dial 074117 74117.
  • Send a missed call to 9293192931 to update your current Tata Sky service.
  • Go to your local Tata Sky Approved Partner.
  • Steps to get a new Tata Sky connection online
  • Visit Tata Sky's official site at www.tatasky.com/web/portal.
  • Choose your favourite box type.
  • Pick your chosen package and box on the following page.
  • Select the Book Connection option.
  • Now enter your information, such as your user name, address, and method of payment.
  • You are now ready to use your new Tata Sky connection.

How To Check Plan Information For An Existing Tata Sky Connection

By dialling 8880488804 from your registered phone number, you would obtain your Tata Sky data like Subscriber Name, account balance, monthly recharge amount, upcoming recharge date, plan details, as well as recharge choices.

You could also get this information by logging into your Tata Sky account. Type your registered phone number or Subscriber ID when signing in. On the home menu, you will then see your account balance, account due date, as well as monthly recharge amount. In the “View List,” you can find all of the details about your package. ​

Data Pack Prices are subject to change. Before confirming the subscription, check the prices at the Tata Sky Broadband website.

How To Contact Tata Sky Broadband Support?

Tata Sky Broadband Private Limited (‘TSBB') offers the best service to the customer. If you are dissatisfied with their facilities or have any questions, please contact them using the information below:

  • Write to us: care@tataskybroadband.com
  • TSBB Customer Care Number: 1-800-267-6771 (toll-free) available 24 hours on all days of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tata Sky Broadband accessible in my neighbourhood?

TataSky Broadband is presently only accessible in a few regions. If you'd like to verify the accessibility of our service in your home/office/location, please call them at 18002676771.

How do I reactivate my Tata Sky broadband service?

Sign in to www.tataskybroadband.com and pick the quick recharge button to recharge your account. You also can recharge your account by going to Myaccount.tataskybroadband.com and selecting the Recharge option.

What exactly is a Tata Sky Smart Router?

The Tata Sky Wireless Smart Router is a combination ONT and Router. It is a dual-band router with 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

Do the speed-testers really calculate the speed of my internet connection?

Almost all speed testing applications do not calculate speed but rather bandwidth (capacity). Regrettably, bandwidth is a calculation of just how much data a network can carry rather than its speed (throughput). In most instances, only speed controls the user interface experience.

Will the guaranteed speed be constant regardless of where I browse?

The screen resolution, the range between both the Smart Router and the user (for eg., your desktop), and the number of devices connecting to the internet at the same time would all have an impact on overall browser efficiency. As a result, based on the above considerations, the same connection can serve 2-3 different speeds.

Is ACT broadband superior to Tata Sky?

Though ACT broadband is recognized for providing faster internet speeds, Tata Sky offers more competitive plans and covers a wider region than ACT. As a result, based on your needs and venue, you could choose a network provider that suits you better.

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