MTNL Prepaid Recharge Plans: Price, Validity & Benefits

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mtnl prepaid recharge plans

MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) is one of the oldest publicly listed telecom service providers since 1986. The services of MTNL were started in Metro cities for New Delhi and Mumbai long with its adjoining areas. But in 2021, BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) took over its operations to provide state-of-art services to users. Explore its different MTNL prepaid plans offered in Delhi and Mumbai, starting from ₹97 and ₹102 respectively.

MTNL Prepaid Plans In Delhi

Being one of the leading mobile providers, in the country, MTNL offers 3G prepaid service along with Special Tariff Voucher (STV), 3G Data Plans, Plan 255 JS and 30 Days/Monthly Validity Schemes. It runs 6 STV plans starting at a minimum price of ₹98 and goes up to ₹421 offering 1.5GB per day to 3GB per day. Below listed are the details of all the MTNL recharge plans. You can subscribe to the one that suits your budget and requirements before you make MTNL bill payment.

MTNL Delhi Prepaid Plans: Plan Voucher

Some of the most popular MTNL prepaid plans offered in Delhi are mentioned in the table below. Learn about their benefits, carefully analyse your requirements and then shortlist the MTNL Dolphin prepaid recharge plans that suit you the best!

MTNL 3G Prepaid Plans Vouchers in Delhi
MTNL Prepaid Plan NameChargesBenefits
Prepaid Plan ₹97₹97Validity: Monthly
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 200/month
Data: 5GB/month
Prepaid Plan ₹151₹151Validity: 30 days
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 100 SMS
Data: 2GB/day
Prepaid Plan ₹1097₹1097Validity: 365 days
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 1000/month (local + STD)
Data: 40GB/month

MTNL Delhi Prepaid Plans: Special Tariff Voucher

Special Tariff Vouchers are cheaper and far more affordable for all those who think about the finances first. Look at all the STV plans offered in the table below carefully, these also include several MTNL prepaid unlimited plans.

MTNL Prepaid Plans in Delhi: STV
MTNL Prepaid Plan NameChargesBenefits
STV 98₹98Validity: 28 days
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 100
Data: 2GB
STV 171₹171Validity: 30 days
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 100 SMS/day
Data: 1.5GB/day
STV 197₹197Validity: 35 days
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 100 SMS/day
Data: 2GB/day
STV 231₹231Validity: 42 days
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 100 SMS/day
Data: 2.5GB/day
STV 365₹365Validity: 70 days
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 100 SMS/day
Data: 3GB/day
STV 421₹421Validity: 84 days
Voice: Unlimited
SMS: 100 SMS/day
Data: 3GB/day

MTNL Delhi Prepaid Plans: Data Plans

MTNL offers a few data plans for consumers who have run out of the current pack benefits in their MTNL SIM card. These are affordable options to set up more mobile data services customised to your needs. Check out the table below for more information about MTNL 3G prepaid internet plans.

MTNL Prepaid Data Plans
MTNL Prepaid Plan NameChargesBenefits
Daily Data Pack₹4Validity: 1 day
Data: 120MB
Talk Value: ₹0.03
3G 02₹19Validity: 2 days
Data: 750MB
Talk Value: ₹0.25
3G 42₹42Validity: 3 days
Data: 2.5GB
Talk Value: ₹0.42
3G 51₹51Validity: 30 days
Data: 2GB
Talk Value: ₹0.14
Weekly Data Pack₹76Validity: 7 days
Data: 6GB
Talk Value: ₹0.76
3G 99₹99Validity: 30 days
Data: 5GB
Talk Value: ₹0.04
3G 1449₹1449Validity: 365 days
Data: 2GB/day

Plan 225 JS

Pay ₹225/- only for 100 minutes worth of voice calls, lifetime SMS service and data at only 3p/MB. Even if you run out of the 100 minute talktime, you can still use the services at as less as ₹0.02/sec!

MTNL Delhi Prepaid Plans: Top Up Plans

Top up plans are a quick and easy remedy to getting more talk time in your MTNL SIM card as and when required. In case you are on a tight budget, you can get a cheaper plan, since these start from only ₹10. However, a processing fee and service tax may be levied on the pack you get.

MTNL Prepaid Top up Plans in Delhi
MTNL Prepaid Plan CostTalktimeAdditional Charges
₹10₹8Processing Fee: ₹1.40
Service Tax: ₹1.10
₹20₹16Processing Fee: ₹1.80
Service Tax: ₹2.20
₹200₹205Service Tax: ₹22
₹300₹310Service Tax: ₹33
₹500₹520Service Tax: ₹55
₹750₹790Service Tax: ₹82.5
₹1000₹1077Service Tax: ₹110
₹1500₹1665Service Tax: ₹165
₹2250₹2525Service Tax: ₹247.51
₹2700₹3100Service Tax: ₹297.01

MTNL Prepaid Recharge Delhi: Learn How To Process!

Being one of the oldest mobile operators in the country, MTNL offers its customers a plethora of solutions like Full Talk time, Top-ups to Data plans. Subscribers can easily recharge prepaid MTNL mobile online from anywhere and anytime with different mobile applications or web portals.

MTNL 5G Trial

MTNL has been allocated with 5G trial spectrum by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in the Najafgarh area of Delhi. The trials will be conducted with inputs from the state-owned Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT).

MTNL Delhi Recharge Via Billdesk

Billdesk is a safe and reliable option for MTNL recharge. Here's how you can process it:

  • Visit the MTNL Billdesk link for payment.
  • Enter your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the price of the MTNL prepaid plan.
  • Choose the payment mode.
  • Make the payment and submit.
  • Within a few minutes, your MTNL prepaid connection will be recharged and ready to use!

MTNL Delhi Recharge Through Paytm

  • Visit the Paytm recharge link.
  • Select the option "prepaid".
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Choose the mobile operator as "MTNL".
  • Enter the MTNL prepaid recharge amount.
  • Click proceed to recharge.
  • Choose the payment mode.
  • Make the payment.
  • Submit.

What to do when your recharge fails?

Keep note of the payment reference number and call 1503!

MTNL Prepaid Plans In Mumbai

MTNL offers an FTU 91 plan and other GSM plans in Mumbai that users can avail of. These plans are designed while keeping in mind the affordability and client's budgets. Not only are they an incredibly cheap option, but they are also ensured to offer complete services. Find the top plans in the following sections!

MTNL Mumbai Prepaid Plans: FTU 91

This MTNL prepaid plan is basically a combination of SIM 10 + FTU 91. Get a SIM at the MRP of ₹10 for a validity of 80 days. It has data of 3GB/month for 3 months. Unfortunately, it does not include talk time. The details of this plan are as follows:

  • The group calls at 1p/12sec to up to nine other local Trump/Dolphin numbers (Minimum Group size: 2)
  • Attractive call charges and data charges
  • Free 3G activation
  • Monthly Service Charges: ₹20
  • Call Charges within a group: 1p/12sec
  • SMS (to group): 10 p/SMS
  • Group size: Up to 9 other Local Dolphin/Trump numbers
  • Charges for number change: ₹1/- per number
  • Call charges: 1p/2 seconds (local + STD)
  • SMS charges: Local: 50p, National: ₹1, International: ₹5
  • Internet charges: 3p/MB

MTNL Mumbai Prepaid Plans: Special Tariff Vouchers

Check out the special tariff options offered by MTNL in Mumbai in the table below. This table also includes information about the MTNL prepaid unlimited plans Mumbai.

MTNL Mumbai Prepaid Plans: STV
STV + CostBenefitsSMS Based Activation
Combo STV 102: ₹102
  • Unlimited Free in All India Network (Home+Roaming) & 99 SMS
  • Validity: 22 days
Send SMS 'SUB RCH102' to 444
Combo STV 153: ₹153
  • 1 GB per Day Unlimited Free in All India Network (Home+Roaming) & 100 SMS per Day
  • Validity: 30 days
Send SMS 'SUB RCH153' to 444
Combo STV 175: ₹175
  • 1 GB per Day Unlimited Free in All India Network (Home+Roaming) & 100 SMS per Day
  • Validity: 1 month
Send SMS 'SUB RCH175' to 444
Combo STV 298: ₹298
  • 1 GB per Day Unlimited Free in All India Network (Home+Roaming) & 100 SMS per Day
  • Validity: 56 days
Send SMS SUB' RCH298' to 444
Combo STV 485: ₹485
  • 1.5 GB per Day Unlimited Free in All India Network (Home+Roaming) & 100 SMS per Day
  • Validity: 90 days
Send SMS ' SUB RCH485' to 444
PV 1999: ₹1999
  • 600 GB Unlimited Free in All India Network (Home+Roaming) & 100 SMS per Day
  • Validity: 365 days
Send SMS 'SUBRCH1999' to 444

MTNL Mumbai Prepaid Plans: Top-Up Vouchers

Running out of your talk time? Not anymore! Avail of MTNL's top-up voucher that helps you get additional talk value in the same plan. Check out the different offers in the table below:

MTNL Prepaid Plans in Mumbai: Topup Plans
MTNL Prepaid Plan NameChargesTalktime
Top Up 10MRP: ₹10
Processing fee: ₹1
Top Up 50MRP: ₹50
Processing fee: ₹3.37
Top Up 100MRP: ₹100
Processing fee: ₹3.75
Top Up 200₹200₹190
Top Up 300₹300₹295
Top Up 500₹500₹500
Top Up 750₹750₹750
Top Up 1000₹1000₹1010
Top Up 2200₹2200₹2250

MTNL Mumbai Prepaid Recharge: Learn How To Process!

Once you've selected a prepaid plan, the next step is to find the process of how to recharge it. Mentioned here are the different ways through which you can recharge your MTNL number. Find detailed information in the following sections.

MTNL Mumbai Recharge: Through The MobiKwik App

Follow the steps below to get the recharge done instantly:

  • Visit the link for MobiKwik recharge.
  • Enter your registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter your MTNL circle.
  • Enter the recharge amount.
  • Make the MTNL bill payment through credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI or any online wallet.
  • Wait for the confirmation message!

MTNL Mumbai Recharge: Through Web Portal

You can also visit the MTNL portal online to process your recharge. It only involves a few basic steps. Follow here:

  • Visit the MTNL recharge link.
  • Select any one of the options to get the MTNL recharge.
  • Enter your credentials and recharge the amount.
  • Complete the transaction.
  • Wait for confirmation!

MTNL Customer Care Support

MTNL customer care support is available 24*7 in both the circles: Delhi and Mumbai. Here are the contact details:

MTNL Customer Care Support
ContactMTNL DelhiMTNL Mumbai
From MTNL Landline/Dolphin150701122221507
From other number1503



1800 22 1500

MTNL Prepaid Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

What is 365 days validity plan in MTNL?

MTNL offers a validity pack of 365 days in Mumbai at ₹1999 with 600GB data, unlimited calling and 100 SMS/day. Delhi users can avail of the prepaid plan at ₹1097 to get unlimited voice calling, 100 SMS/day and 40GB data. Another option for Delhi users is to get the data plan at ₹1449 for 2GB/day data services.

What is MTNL STV Plan?

MTNL offers STV Plans, that is, Special Tariff Plans through which users can acquire more services at affordable prices. For more information, check here!

What is MTNL validity recharge?

For Lifetime Customers, a minimum recharge of ` 150/- is mandatory once in 180 days to enjoy lifetime validity benefits and to avoid disconnection.

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