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Overview of The Telecommunication Sector In India

India is currently the world’s second-largest telecommunications market, with 1.16 billion customers, and has undergone steady growth over the last decade.

Affordable rates, broader affordability, the roll-out of Mobile Number Portability (MNP), widening 3G and 4G coverage, changing subscriber usage habits, and a favorable regulatory environment have all contributed to the industry’s rapid development in recent years.

Telephone, internet, and television broadcasting are major sectors of the Indian telecommunications industry, which is in the process of converting into a next-generation network using a dynamic structure of modern network components.

Telecommunications has aided India’s social growth and has helped to close the digital gap between rural and urban areas to certain extent. With the implementation of e-governance in India, it has also assisted in growing governance accountability. The government has made effective use of new telecommunications to provide mass education programs to India’s rural population.

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The Importance of Comparing Plans Before Choosing A Service Provider

There are multiple players in the telecommunication sector, hence, mobile operators often update their plans. By comparing plans, you’ll get an idea of all the latest packages and their benefits.

As OTT platforms are partnering with mobile network operators, by comparing plans, you’ll get an idea about which plan allows you access to your favourite streaming platform.

It doesn’t always mean that the cheapest plan is the right plan for you. By comparing plans, you can check out which features matter most to you and choose the right plan.