Airtel Postpaid : Plans, Recharge and Bill Payment in 2022

airtel postpaid plans

Bharti Airtel is one of the second largest telecom companies in India. Airtel postpaid plans are performing remarkably well for its Indian customers. With the incredible postpaid bill Airtel offers, the company is giving a hard-hitting fight to other telecom companies in India like Reliance Jio, Vodafone-Idea, and BSNL. With a wide coverage all across India, Airtel excels in mobile services and data plans.

Which Are The Airtel Postpaid Recharge Plans In 2022?

Airtel offers some excellent postpaid plans across India that range from Rs. 399 to Rs. 1599 depending on your utility and interest. These plans come with an additional zero cost one-year OTT subscription (depending on the plan), unlimited calling, and high-speed 4G VoLTE data.

There are 4 plans altogether which we have listed right below:

  1. Airtel Post paid-Individual plans
    • Airtel 399 Postpaid Plan
    • 499 Airtel Postpaid Plan
  2. Airtel Post paid-Family plans
    • Airtel 999 Postpaid Plan
    • Airtel 1599 Postpaid Plan

Here are the Airtel postpaid plans offered across India:

Airtel Postpaid Plan Data Benefit Talktime SMS Validity
Rs. 399 (1 SIM) 40 GB Unlimited local/STD/Roaming 100/Day 1 Month
Rs. 499 (1 SIM) 75 GB Unlimited local/STD/Roaming 100/Day 1 Month
Rs. 999 (1 SIM + 1 Family Add-on) 150 GB Unlimited local/STD/Roaming 100/Day 1 Month
Rs. 1599 (1 SIM + 1 Family Add-on) 500 GB Unlimited local/STD/Roaming 100/Day 1 Month
All the above Airtel postpaid plans come with different Airtel Thanks Rewards depending on the plan you choose.

Did You Know Airtel was founded in 1995 and is known to be one of the oldest providers of telecom services in India. The vision of the company is to provide affordable communication services to each and every individual.

Features of Airtel Post Paid Plans

Do you know why Airtel post paid plans have gained such popularity? Each of these plans have many benefits that suits the requirements of Airtel subscribers.

Take a look into the features of each plan:

Airtel 399 Postpaid Plan

  • Unlimited Calls Local/STD/National Roaming
  • 40 GB monthly data
  • Data rollover up to 200 GB
  • 100 SMS per day (LOCAL/STD/Roaming)
  • Airtel Thanks rewards – Free Airtel X-stream, Free Wynk music, Free one year Shaw Academy subscription, Free Juggernaut Books

499 Airtel Postpaid Plan

  • Unlimited Calls Local/STD/National Roaming
  • 75 GB monthly data
  • Data rollover up to 200 GB
  • 100 SMS per day (LOCAL/STD/Roaming)
  • Airtel Thanks rewards – Free Airtel X-stream, Free Wynk music, Free One year subscription for Shaw Academy, Free one year subscription for Amazon prime videos and Disney+ Hotstar, and more

Airtel customers can add additional family connections at a charge of Rs. 249 per connection that will include unlimited calls, 10 GB data, 100 SMS/day. You can also take only data SIM at Rs. 99.

Airtel 999 Postpaid Plan

  • 3 Family Add-ons
  • Unlimited Calls Local/STD/National Roaming
  • 150 GB monthly data
  • Data rollover up to 200 GB
  • 100 SMS per day (LOCAL/STD/Roaming)
  • Airtel Thanks rewards – Free Airtel X-stream, Free Wynk music, One-year subscription for Shaw Academy, Free one year subscription for Amazon prime videos and Disney+ Hotstar, VIP services, and more

Airtel Postpaid Plan 1599

  • 1 Family Add-on
  • Unlimited Calls Local/STD/National Roaming
  • 500 GB monthly data
  • Data rollover up to 200 GB
  • 100 SMS per day (LOCAL/STD/Roaming)
  • Airtel Thanks rewards – Free Airtel X-stream, Free Wynk music, One-year subscription for Shaw Academy, Free one year subscription for Amazon prime videos and Disney+ Hotstar, VIP services, and more

Beyond the allocated freebie add-on, users will be charged @ Rs 249 per add-on connection that will include unlimited calls, 10 GB data, 100 SMS/day. They can also take only data SIM at Rs. 99.

Why You Should Buy An Airtel SIM Postpaid Connection

Life becomes simpler for you when you opt to take an Airtel SIM post paid connection. You will be able to sit at your desk and order a SIM which will be delivered without any delays by your Airtel representative.

Here are some of the many reasons why to opt for an Airtel Postpaid Connection:

  • Free doorstep SIM card delivery
  • Easy SIM activation with no additional cost
  • Doorstep KYC facilities
  • Platinum benefits starting @ Rs. 499
  • Free live TV & movies
  • Unlimited calling – Local, STD, and National Roaming
  • High-speed Internet Data (depending on the plan)
  • 4G VoLTE technology network service
  • Data rollover service
  • 100 SMS per day
  • One year free Amazon Prime subscription (on plans above Rs. 399)
  • Free one-year Disney+ Hotstar subscription (on plans above Rs. 399)
  • Add-on connection for family
  • One family, one plan
  • Great coverage nationally
  • 30-day bill cycle
  • Liberty to keep the existing number
  • Easy bill payment facility
  • Free 200 ISD minutes & 10% off on IR packs (only available for Rs. 1599 postpaid plan)
  • Open gates to Airtel Thanks rewards

How To Activate Airtel 4G postpaid SIM

You can activate the new Airtel postpaid SIM with two methods:

  1. By SMS
  2. By Call
How To Activate Airtel 4G postpaid SIM
Activate Airtel SIM via SMS Activate Airtel SIM via Call
  • SMS SIM <20-digit SIM card number of your new SIM> to 121
  • You will receive a confirmation message in your inbox.
  • Reply with 1
Listen to the confirmation call you receive immediately after inserting the SIM and give your consent by replying with 1

How To Manage Your Airtel Account

You can easily manage your Airtel account via Airtel mobile app that shows bill details, data balance, Airtel Thanks reward details, and more. This application gives you the advantage of easy plan upgrades, and the Airtel payment bank unravels many offers like cashback, shopping vouchers, and more.

Quick Pay You can quickly do your Airtel postpaid bill payment through the Airtel mobile app or on the Airtel website.

What is Airtel Platinum?

If you have an Airtel Postpaid plan priced Rs 499/- or above, you are designated as a Platinum customer. There are numerous facilities to platinum users of the Airtel recharge postpaid plans.

Benefits of Airtel Platinum

Airtel Platinum postpaid plans are counted to be one of the best Airtel offers in India. Airtel offers a free OTT subscription for its Platinum postpaid customers. The Airtel postpaid connection also offers you the Airtel family plan feature, an add-on connection offer that is an excellent choice for families who want to keep an eye on their monthly mobile bills.

What Is The Airtel Thanks App?

In October 2018, Bharti Airtel launched Airtel Thanks – one of the most prominent digital drive-ins to gratify its valued customers with unique benefits. Under this program, the customers who commit the company of a minimum monthly ARPU of Rs. 100 will receive exclusive benefits from the company as a token of appreciation.

These benefits include amazing offers on online shopping, digital content access, handset protection, and much more. The Airtel Thanks benefits keep getting higher with greater monthly ARPU.

The Airtel Thanks rewards will make your experience of the cellular services even more seamless. The Airtel customers will receive regular updates on the newly added Thanks rewards all-round the year under the #AirtelThanks section of My Airtel app or Airtel TV.

Here is the list of Airtel Thanks rewards that vary from plan-to-plan:

  • Free Airtel X-stream
  • Free Wynk Music
  • Shaw Academy Subscription
  • Free Hellotunes
  • One year Amazon prime subscription
  • One year Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription
  • One year Airtel Secure (handset protection)
  • VIP Services

As one of the leading telecom companies, Airtel is associating with some of the best brands across all its product categories to make the #AirtelThanks experience even more lavish for its customers. This digital initiative by Airtel gives various brands the facility to engage with a gigantic smartphone customer’s base. Airtel aims to work with different brand partners to co-create a customized rewards for Airtel customers.

What Are The Terms of Airtel Postpaid Individual Plans?

There are a few terms and conditions of the Airtel Postpaid plans that you as a customer must know to choose the ideal plan for you and your family:

  • All the special Airtel Thanks rewards starting with Rs. 399 onwards
  • After the allocated data consumption per the postpaid plan, the customer is charged @ 2p/MB.
  • Every customer above an equal to Rs. 499 postpaid plan is eligible for Priority service, Superior Vo- Wifi Indoor coverage, and No-cost SIM delivery in select cities across India
  • The company offers privileged customer support to all its Airtel Platinum customers on all stores under the Priority Service reward
  • A data rollover benefits of not more than 200 GB applies to every customer every month

What Are The Limitations of Airtel Postpaid Family Plans?

Now let's move on to the limitations of Airtel Postpaid Family Plans:

  • Under the Airtel family plan, not more than 8 Add-ons numbers are allowed, including the free add-ons as per the opted postpaid plan
  • The primary/parent number can manage all the services of add-on numbers at any time and change the bill plan as per convenience
  • The primary number and add-on numbers must belong to the same state to enjoy all the benefits of the infinity family postpaid plan
  • If the primary number removes a number as an add-on number from the infinity family postpaid plan; then the removed add-on number needs to provide new address verification. After the successful address verification of the add-on number, it is migrated as an individual number. No benefits of the family plan apply to such numbers
  • Under the defaulter category, the company has the right to stop the services for the entire family group (parent and add-on numbers)

What To Note About Airtel Postpaid Family Plans?

Here are the points to note about Airtel Postpaid Family Plans:

  • According to their requirements, add-on numbers have the convenience to purchase Value Added Services (e.g. Hello tune, MCA, etc.). Charges for all such services will be billed to the parent number at the end of the month
  • Fixed services like data can be mutually shared between the primary number and Add-on numbers; however, the International Roaming services, value-added services, and ISD are not sharable within the family
  • All additional benefits of Platinum plans will be applicable for Family plans as well
  • The primary number and add-on numbers cannot be a corporate connection
  • Both primary number and add-on numbers should be active to enjoy the unlimited family plan benefits
  • Only the primary number has the right to change bill plans, add or remove any add-on number, and buy more data for the family plan.

How To Switch from Airtel Prepaid to Airtel Postpaid

One can easily upgrade from Airtel prepaid connection to Airtel postpaid plan. Whether you are porting from other networks with the same number or buying a new Airtel postpaid connection, you need to follow the same porting process.

Here is how to port your Airtel Prepaid to Airtel Postpaid:

  • Visit the Airtel Switch page on the Airtel Website
  • Select the suitable plan
  • Click on ‘New Connection’ under the postpaid section or select ‘Switch to Airtel’ to switch from other networks to Airtel or select ‘Airtel prepaid to postpaid’ to upgrade your existing Airtel connection
  • Enter the required details on the form, such as name, mobile number, city, and so on
  • Click ‘Submit’ and wait for the process to complete

With just simple steps, you can switch from prepaid to postpaid Airtel customers. It takes only 48 hours to activate your postpaid SIM once the KYC documents have been submitted. Once you have switched to Airtel postpaid connection, you can enjoy all the benefits that have been mentioned in the article above.

Another advantage of switching to Airtel postpaid is that your existing prepaid balance will be adjusted in your first Airtel postpaid bill. However, the Talktime transfer will not be applicable as you get Unlimited free calls with Airtel postpaid plans.

Do keep in mind the all the value-added services need to be re-subscribed when you switch to Airtel postpaid plan.

How to Change or Upgrade the Airtel Postpaid Plan

You can change your existing Airtel postpaid plan from the Airtel Thanks app:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks app on your phone
  • Select your Mobile number from the home screen
  • Go to ‘Bills and Plan’
  • Click on ‘My Plan’
  • Tap on the three dots menu to change the plan

Airtel is one of the leading telecommunications companies in India and is known for the value it provides to its customers. High user experience and affordability is the motto of the company. Hope you have got a clear understanding of all the Airtel Postpaid plans now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Airtel Post Paid Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid services?

The primary distinction between prepaid and postpaid connections is that prepaid connections are recharged before use of telecom services, whilst postpaid connections are paid after use.

Which Airtel postpaid plan is best for me?

The answer to this question is dependent on your use. All Airtel Postpaid plans include unlimited calling, daily SMS, and a data bundle (that can be carried forward to next month up to 200GB if not used) You may choose the one that best meets your requirements. Check out the plans that are currently available here:

How can I change my SIM card to an Airtel 4G SIM?

You may quickly upgrade to an Airtel 4G SIM by entering your information here and receiving the new Airtel 4G SIM at your door. The replacement SIM card will be sent to you shortly, along with instructions on how to activate it with your phone number. Learn more about SIM portability on our guide here.

What is Airtel Black?

Also known as the Airtel One plan, Airtel Black is an all-in-one plan, which allows customers to bundle two or more Airtel services (Fiber, DTH, and Mobile) together, resulting in a single monthly cost, one Customer Care number, and priority resolution of problems and defects. You can learn more about Airtel Black on our guide here.

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