Which Is The Best 4K DTH Connection in India?

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Discover the top 4K DTH connections in India for an amazing TV experience. Enjoy clear pictures, great sound, and a world of entertainment. Step into the future of television with these fantastic options! In our 4K DTH connection guide, we’ll walk you through what is a 4k set-top box, their prices, features and benefits.

4k DTH Connection in India

In recent years, the DTH industry has witnessed significant competition. DTH service providers are offering the most compelling content and cutting-edge technology to consumers. This competitive environment has not only broadened the choices available to viewers but has also pushed DTH providers to embrace technological advancements to stay ahead of the game.

The global 4K set-top box market reached a value of USD 2.21 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a steady rate of 8.4% annually from 2023 to 2030.


One of the most significant milestones in this journey has been the advent of 4K resolution. 4K, has not only enhanced the overall viewing experience but has also brought larger screen sizes in households to enjoy the cinematic experience. Next, we are going to explore top DTH providers of 4k set-top boxes in the Indian market.

What is 4k?

4K, also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), is a resolution standard in digital television and film production. It refers to a display or content with a horizontal resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels. In simpler terms, 4K provides a much sharper and clearer image compared to standard high-definition (HD) resolution, enhancing the viewing experience with more detail and vividness.

  • Videos come in different resolutions
  • Standard definition is 640x480 pixels and 720x576 pixels
  • HD is 1280x720 pixels
  • Full HD is 1920x1080 pixels
  • Ultra-HD or 4K is 3840x2160 pixels.

What is a 4k set-top box?

A 4K set-top box is a device that connects to your television. The device helps to receive and decode 4k resolution content, which results in a much clearer and sharp picture clarity. Users are able to have an enhanced viewing experience for compatible 4K TVs. Also, it enables users to enjoy high-quality visuals with more detail.

Lately, there's been a growing desire for high-definition videos, entertainment, and OTT platforms, driving the shift towards smart TVs. People are also liking 4K set-top boxes for home entertainment. These boxes connect your TV to the internet, so you can have easy access to OTT platforms. Plus, they have cool features like recording, pausing, and rewinding videos, shows, movies and more.

What is a set-top box (STB)?

A set-top box (STB) is a device that gets, decodes, and shows digital TV signals. It's commonly used for cable and satellite TV.

What are the features of 4k set-top box?

The features of a 4K set-top box may vary depending on the brand and model, but common features include:

  1. High Resolution

    4K set-top boxes support ultra-high-definition (UHD) content, providing a resolution of approximately 3840x2160 pixels for a sharper and clearer picture.

  2. Enhanced Visuals

    Enjoy improved color reproduction, contrast, and a more immersive viewing experience with 4K channels in India.

  3. Smart TV Capabilities

    Many 4K set-top boxes come with smart TV features, allowing access to stream services, apps, and online content.

  4. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

    HDR technology enhances the contrast and color range, providing a more realistic and vibrant image.

  5. Fast Processing

    Efficient processors ensure smooth navigation through menus, quick channel changes, and seamless playback of high-resolution content.

  6. Multiple Connectivity Options

    HDMI ports, USB ports, and sometimes even broadband connectivity for easy integration with other devices and access to online content.

  7. Voice Control

    Some set-top boxes support voice commands, making it convenient to control the device and search for content.

  8. Recording and Storage

    DVR (Digital Video Recorder) functionality allows users to record and store their favorite shows for later viewing.

  9. User-Friendly Interface

    Intuitive interfaces and user-friendly menus enhance the overall user experience.

  10. Compatibility

    Ensure compatibility with various streaming services, satellite or cable providers, and other devices.

When considering a 4K set-top box, it's advisable to check the specific features offered by the manufacturer or the DTH provider to meet your preferences and needs.

Tata Play Binge+ vs Airtel Xstream Box vs Jio 4k Set-Top Box vs D2H 4k Ultra HD Set-Top Box

Compare Tata Play Binge+ vs Airtel Xstream vs Jio 4k set top box vs d2h 4k Ultra HD set top box
FeaturesTata Play Binge+Airtel XstreamJio 4k Set Top BoxVideocon d2h 4K Ultra HD DTH set top box
Resolution1080i1080i1080i3840 x 2160p
Aspect Ratio16:9 ratio16:9 ratio16:9 ratio16:9 ratio
3D CompatibleYesNoYesYes
Picture QualityUpto 4K resolutionUpto 4K resolutionUpto 4K resolutionUpto 4K Ultra HD resolution
True ColorYesYesYesTrue4kP60
Sound QualityDolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital Plus Surroundup to 5.1 surround sound, Dolby AtmosDolby DigitalDolby Digital Plus,7.1 Surround Sound
OTT ContentYesYesYesYes
Other Features
Parental ControlYesYesYesYes
Auto StandbyYesYesYesYes
HDMI portHDMI 2.0YesYesYes
Storage2GB RAM and 8GB internal memory2GB of RAM and 8GB of built-in storage32 GB StoragePlug in external storage device like pendrive
Record from MobileNoNoNoNo
Reward, Forward, PauseNoYesYesYes
Series RecordingNoYesYesYes

Tata Play Binge+ Set-Top Box

The Tata Play Binge+ Set-Top Box is like a magic box for your TV! With this box, you can watch both regular TV shows and OTT content on a single device. There is no need to change your TV settings or use different ports. When your box is connected to the internet, users can enjoy a range of OTT content, including Video on Demand (VOD), catch-up shows from Tata Play DTH spanning seven days, and additional content from various apps.

Here we have listed few of the features of Tata Play Binge+:

  1. Hybrid Set-Top Box

    The Tata Play Binge+ is designed as a hybrid set-top box, combining traditional DTH services with internet-based streaming services.

  2. OTT Apps Integration

    It comes preloaded with popular streaming applications, allowing users to access a variety of OTT content along with traditional satellite channels. This may include platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and others.

  3. Bluetooth Connectivity

    The set-top box allows connecting your speakers and headphones via Bluetooth.

  4. Google Voice Assistant

    Tata Play Binge+, offers voice search functionality, allowing users to search for content using voice commands.

  5. 4K Capability

    The set-top box may support 4K resolution, providing users with the option to enjoy content in higher visual quality, especially for channels and services that offer content in 4K.

  6. Catch-Up TV

    Some hybrid boxes offer a catch-up TV feature, allowing users to watch previously aired content from select channels.

  • Tata Play Binge+ Advantages for Subscribers
  • Innovative Set-Top Box Features
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Personalized Content Recommendations

Airtel Xstream Set-Top Box

The Airtel Xstream 4K Set-Top Box combines the best of traditional TV and online streaming, offering 4K resolution, a variety of apps, voice control, and smart features. It offers an entertainment experience that is tailored to the demanding preferences of modern viewers, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable entertainment on your home screen.

Here's a breakdown of what makes the Airtel Xstream 4K Set-Top Box special:

  1. Hybrid Functionality

    The Airtel Xstream Set-Top Box combines traditional Direct-to-Home (DTH) services with internet-based streaming, offering a one-stop solution for a diverse range of content.

  2. 4K Ultra HD Resolution

    The set-top box supports 4K Ultra HD resolution, delivering stunning visuals with four times the clarity of standard HD.

  3. Smart Recommendations

    Airtel Xstream uses intelligent algorithms to provide personalized content recommendations based on your viewing habits.

  4. Multiple Connectivity Options

    The set-top box supports multiple connectivity options, including HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to connect various devices and accessories for your entertainment setup.

  5. Interactive User Interface

    Airtel Xstream features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate through channels, apps, and settings.

  6. Chromecast Built-in

    Users can stream their preferred content directly from their smartphone to TV using the built-in Google Chromecast.

  • Airtel Xstream Set-Top Box Advantages for Subscribers
  • All-in-one entertainment solution
  • Impressive Airtel DTH 4K channel lineup
  • A smart remote and an engaging user interface.

Jio 4k Set-Top Box

Reliance Jio DTH introduced the Jio 4K Set-Top Box in along with the JioFiber connection. This hybrid set-top box comes at no extra charge when you subscribe to JioFiber. Notably, the Jio 4K Set-Top Box stands out with unique features that distinguish it from other options in the market.

We have listed the Jio 4k Set-Top box features for users to have better understanding of all the hype surrounding it.

  1. Zero Additional Cost

    It comes with no extra charge with the JioFiber connection.

  2. Virtual Reality (VR) Support

    It offers compatibility with virtual reality content for an immersive experience.

  3. Content Sharing

    Subscribers can easily share content from mobile devices to the TV screen.

  4. Access to Jio Apps

    It provides seamless access to a variety of Jio's digital apps like JioCinema, JioSaavn etc and services.

  5. High-Quality Audio

    It delivers superior audio quality for enjoyable entertainment experience.

  6. Support for Cable TV

    The Jio 4K Set-Top Box provides subscribers the flexibility to choose from various cable TV operators.

  • Jio 4K Set-Top Box Advantages for Subscribers
  • A universal remote setup for TV and the set-top box.
  • Connect speakers, headphones, or other audio devices
  • Make video calls using the JioCall app through the set-top box

Videocon d2h 4K Ultra HD Set-Top Box

The 4K Ultra HD Channel serves as a content pipeline which offers a diverse range of genres like video-on-demand, travel, infotainment, sports, movies and more. This multi-genre feed is provided by independent content providers or international broadcasters. The Videocon d2h 4k Ultra HD STB provides resolution of more than 8 million pixels delivering better clarity and breathtaking visual sharpness.

Next, we are going to discuss about the features that make this set-top box from Videocon d2h 4k Ultra HD.

  1. 4K Ultra HD Resolution

    It has 4 times the resolution of Full HD and 27 times the clarity of Standard Definition offering a super viewing experience.

  2. Dolby Digital Plus

    It offers immersive surround sound that enhances its audio quality to par.

  3. Active 3D

    It provides support for Active 3D technology for a more immersive 3D experience.

  4. Pause and Resume Live TV

    The 4K Ultra HD box gives the flexibility to pause and resume live TV broadcasts.

  5. Multiple Viewing Options

    Users are able to watch one channel and simultaneously preview multiple channels alongside.

  6. Parental Control

    Parents would be able to control and restrict content based on user ratings.

  • Videocon d2h 4K Ultra HD Set-Top Box Advantages for Subscribers
  • Provides support for multiple languages.
  • Pause and resume live TV broadcasts.
  • Record favorite shows and movies for later viewing.
  • Advanced search for quick and easy content discovery.

What are the customer reviews and experiences of the 4K set-top box?

People who use the 4K Set-Top Box really like how it combines regular TV with online shows smoothly. They also enjoy cool features like talking to the remote and the promise of really clear 4K videos. However, everyone's opinion is a bit different, so some people might have different thoughts. Below we have summarized general reviews and experiences of customers using 4k set-top boxes.

What is customer experience with Tata Play Binge+ set-top box?

  • Users often praise Tata Play for its extensive 4K channels lineup, providing a diverse range of content in stunning resolution.
  • The user-friendly interface and responsive customer support receive positive mentions, enhancing the overall subscriber experience.
  • Some users appreciate Tata Play's consistent signal quality, ensuring a seamless 4K viewing experience.

What is customer experience with Airtel Xstream Set-Top Box?

  • Airtel's 4K offerings receive acclaim for their vivid visuals and high-quality resolution, creating an immersive viewing experience.
  • The seamless integration of traditional TV channels with online streaming apps is a highlight, offering subscribers a versatile entertainment platform and is mostly loved by them.
  • Criticisms might include occasional connectivity issues.

What is customer experience with Jio 4K Set-Top Box?

  • Users appreciate advanced features, such as voice control, interactive options, or additional services that set the Jio 4K Set-Top Box apart.
  • Customers express satisfaction with range of content choices, including both live TV channels and popular streaming services
  • Criticisms arises when users find limitations in the content library, especially for certain popular channels or streaming apps which are missing.

What is customer experience with Videocon d2h 4K Ultra HD set- top box?

  • Users gave positive feedback about the reliability of the set-top box and minimal signal disruptions.
  • Users are in aww.. with True4kP60 when it comes to clarity and visuals.
  • Criticisms is generally read about having more exclusive 4K channels, content and improvements in the user interface for enhanced navigation.
  • Apologize to your downstairs neighbor

There are mix of praises and and criticisms when it comes to 4k DTH set-top boxes. But on a broader spectrum, 4k set-top boxes have revolutionized the whole digital experience while user expressing concerns about pricing, content variety, and occasional technical issues.

The future of 4K TV is getting better with new technologies. Next-gen codecs like AV1 and VVC promise improved compression efficiency, enhancing video quality at lower bitrates. 5G technology is all set to transform connectivity, providing faster and more reliable internet for seamless 4K streaming. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are expected to optimize video quality and personalize content recommendations.

Furthermore, advancements in audio technologies, such as Dolby Atmos, will provide immersive sound experiences. The integration of interactive elements and augmented reality (AR) is also promising more engaging storytelling.

Best 4K DTH Services in India

Choosing the best 4K DTH service depends on your specific preferences and priorities. If a range of 4K channel lineup is your priority, Tata Binge+ may be the go-to choice. Airtel Xstream stands out for its seamless integration of traditional TV and online streaming. Jio 4K TV, known for its affordability, could be ideal for those seeking value for money. Meanwhile, Videocon D2H 4k Ultra HD appeals to those in search of competitive pricing and True4kP60 experience. 

Best 4k DTH Connection: Frequently Asked Questions

Which DTH is best for 4k tv?

Jio 4k DTH set-top box is best for 4k TV for its affordability and unmatched features like extensive range of OTT apps, VR immersive and more.

Which DTH has 4k channels?

As of now, Tata Play Binge+ and Airtel Xstream offers the diverse set of 4k channels.

What is 4k resolution?

4K resolution, also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), refers to a display resolution that is approximately 4,000 pixels wide. In the context of digital television and digital cinema, 4K resolution denotes a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, resulting in a total of about 8.3 million pixels.