Best 4K DTH Connections In India

It is so exciting to see how rapidly the telecom industry is embracing smart technology. While for a long time, all we had was Doordarshan with its nostalgic shows, today we are witnessing technological creativity and innovation to a point of constant amazement. The invention of the 4K DTH connection has erased all that we have experienced and brings us a new world of entertainment.

What is 4K?

In general, the video-based content resolution has been categorised into different kinds.

  • The standard definition has a resolution ranging from 640x480 pixels and 720x576 pixels.
  • HD has a resolution of 1280x720 pixels
  • Full HD has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.
  • Ultra-HD, also known as 4K, has a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.

Ultra HD/4K has a resolution at least 4 times sharper than that of 4K. So you can imagine how good the picture quality is likely to be. The problem, however, is to get 4K content. It is quite impossible to download 4K content. Have a look at the commonly used videos to know which resolution they are in.

  • DVD videos use the standard definition
  • Blu-Ray videos use Full HD
  • YouTube and other online streaming services give content from the resolution range varying between 144p to 2160p.

When you download a video, it can be in any of the resolutions you prefer. However, you cannot expect to get 4K resolution with the current internet speeds, fair usage policies etc in India.

Why are 4 K set-top boxes important?

As we saw above, streaming or downloading videos in 4K resolution is almost impossible. This is why 4K set-top boxes have a great fan base. The whole video picture flows smoothly without major interruptions or time lag.

Experiencing 4k dth service in India

Have you got any idea on the 4k dth in India? Would you like to know who offers this amazing viewing experience? Read on to know what's happening in our own country.

Tata Sky 4K

Tata sky takes the TV experience to a completely fabulous level with its future-ready Ultra HD 4K. The picture details have never been seen like this till now. With perfect sound tuning and 10-bit true colour, your viewing experience is going to change forever. Tata Sky 4k Set Top Box will be great to accompany your 4K TV. There is also a sale scheme which has a one year warranty. Other features include:-

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Dolby Digital Surround
  • True Colour
  • Sharper Picture Quality

Tata Sky 4k Set Top Box Price

The cost of a Tata Sky 4k Set Top Box comes to Rs 6,400.

Did you knowTata Sky 4K content reaches you at a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Tata Sky DTH customer care number

Call 07411774117 for further details.

Videocon d2h 4K DTH

Videocon d2h is another winner in the 4K race. Offering a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels, you get to enjoy a mesmerizing experience of TV watching. You get great image clarity combined with stunning texture and smoothness. It’s a complete package of Cutting edge customer experience as you get a picture quality that is 4 times that of normal SD TV.

Special features included are

  • A 1-month platinum HD pack
  • 4x Full HD
  • True 4Kp60
  • SPDIF output support
  • 2GB RAM DDR3 -High memory configuration
  • Next-generation user interface.
  • Super speed USB
  • HDMI 2.0 support ALLOWING real 4kP60 transmission to 4K TVs
  • Multi Language support
  • Mosaic support
  • IR remote control

Videocon d2h 4K Ultra HD Set Top Box Price

The cost of the Videocon d2h 4K Ultra HD Set Top Box comes to Rs 6950/-.

Videocon D2h Customer care number

You can get through a customer care executive at this number - 091156 91156

Airtel 4K DTH

Airtel DTH offers Airtel X-stream to subscribers with 4K picture quality. The experience is fantastic and many subscribers are upgrading their HD set-top box to the Airtel Xstream Set-top box. They can enjoy various benefits with the new technology in place.

This is entertainment unlimited. Subscribers find a treasure -trove of channels. It becomes hard to choose which to see with so many options available across 13 languages. Binge-watch all you want. It is endless with the Airtel Xstream App. You get to enjoy a wonderful time with more than 5000 apps.

Some of the main attractions are listed below:-

  1. 5000+ Apps
  2. 500+ TV Channels
  3. Built-in Chromecast
  4. Search with Google Assistant
  5. Smartphone as remote and gamepad
  6. Runs on the latest Android 9.0

Airtel Xstream Set Top Box

The Airtel Xstream box is the hero of your DTH television experience. It uplifts any television into a smart tv. Not only can you watch online streaming content using OTT apps, but you can also control it with your voice and use your smartphone as a remote. It runs on Android 9.0 Pie-based Android TV OS and helps provide crystal clear picture quality.

What is covered when buying a new Airtel Xstream connection?

You are going to love this part. When you buy an Airtel Xstream connection, you also get the following benefits included in the buying price.

  • Airtel XStream set-top box
  • An outdoor unit (dish antenna, wire)
  • The Voice-enabled remote
  • Delivery and installation
  • Subscription to linear TV channels with same cost – (the validity as per your offer)
  • FREE 3-month subscription to content included in Airtel Xstream app

Airtel XStream box price

Now you can upgrade your current Set-Top Box to an Xstream box. The charges involved are given here.

Airtel XStream box - Rs.2050 (includes Box Price) + Rs.2399 (includes OTT price) + Rs.250 (includes Installation Charges)

Airtel DTH customer care number

If you wish to upgrade to Airtel Xstream box, give the customer service team a missed call at 88004-88001

You may not need 4K, however, if you do see yourself buying a TV in the next few years, keep in mind that 4K and above is the tomorrow of technology. Stay prepared to buy compatible devices.

View 4K content on 4K TV screens

We have seen the DTH service providers who offer such wonderful quality content. Apart from their contribution, what would make your viewing experience an incomparable one?

4K content should be viewed on a 4K TV screen. The powerful impact of Ultra High 4K content is going to hit you only when you view it on your TV screen more than 50 inches.

Else the minute details will not be produced accurately. So unless you are sitting just next to the TV screen, which is never recommended, you should try getting a bigger 4K resolution TV set.

Cost of 4K resolution TV set

As technology advances, so does the price. 4K resolution TV sets are quite expensive. Sony gives out an A 65-inch 4K for around Rs. 4 lakh. You don’t have to worry. Now due to the popularity of 4K content streaming, some other brands have come into the arena.

Micromax has come up with a 4K TV which is much more affordable. This TV Set is available starting at Rs. 39,900.

Techie newsSharp, LG, Panasonic, & Samsung have already come up with ideas for 8K-capable TVs. How cool is that!


We hope you have got a fair idea about the 4K DTH providers. After an exciting session with the latest technology in TV viewing, the team at Selectra is off to get you some thrilling updates in the tech -world. We will be back soon with much more in stock. Till the ,adieu from Selectra!

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