All You Need To Know About BSNL Broadband Plans & Tariffs

bsnl broadband plans

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, otherwise popular as BSNL is the leading broadband service in India. Incorporated on 15th September 2000, BSNL has made remarkable progress in providing one of the best telecom services in the country. The services offered have been widely accepted by consumers across various regions of the country, be it a rural region or a metropolitan city.

Out of the various services, BSNL broadband is the most popular. The basic, yet widely appreciated feature is that they offer up to 2 MBPS of minimum download speed for all the connections.

Broadband is an internet connection that permits the transfer of a huge amount of data at a reasonably high speed.

BSNL uses the technology called ADSL( ie Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ) for broadband transmission. The advantage being the user can access both telephones as well as internet services at the same time. Hence ADSL permits an always-on Internet connection which is a much-needed requirement these days, as most people are conducting business from home. It also provides a high download speed as compared to other ISDN or DIAS connections. The wide range of broadband plans available increase the efficiency as users can select various plans according to their required usage.

Introduction to BSNL Broadband Plans

BSNL has effectively come up with several categories of broadband plans which offers a wide range of options. And how would you choose a plan from this wide list? There are plans suitable for every home and business user. The tariff has to be selected according to the user's purpose and requirement.

For example, if you require a plan for domestic internet purposes or small office purposes, you can easily select one from those available on the Home user's list. If you deal with large files or require lots of downloads, you can easily choose higher capacity plans. If not, you also have basic plans that are very economic -friendly. On the other hand, if you own a commercial business, there are several carefully evaluated business plans to choose from.

Category-wise description of BSNL Broadband plans

BSNL categorises its broadband plans into three:-

  • Landline broadband
  • Bharat Fiber Broadband FTTH
  • Wi-Max Broadband

Each category caters to the requirement of target audiences. BSNL has got all the consumers covered with exclusive packs for each user, including BSNL wireless broadband plans. For a wider perspective, you can take a look into each category to select a suitable plan.

Category 1 - Landline Broadband

BSNL Landline broadband plans have postpaid as well as prepaid plans. This facilitates easy selection by the end-user taking into consideration his/her personal preference.

BSNL Landline Broadband - Postpaid plans

Here again, the BSNL user gets to choose according to his/her purpose. There are unlimited BSNL Internet plans available that are extremely user friendly. As a free trial offer, users are also given a pack of 5GB DATA at 10 Mbps per day. Upon exceeding the daily limit, the speed would drop to 1 Mbps. Below mentioned are the existing plans.

Unlimited Usage Plans

  1. Promotional Unlimited Broadband Plan
  2. Broadband Plans with bundled facility
  3. Broadband unlimited Plans

Special Plans

BSNL offers extraordinary service measures to the weaker sections of society. With the below-mentioned plans, users can avail themselves offers and use the BSNL broadband connection to their maximum benefit.

Special BB Plan for Educational Institutes in Rural areas

This is a service-minded concessional tariff for bulk usage in Government schools in rural areas where the USOF subsidies (Universal Service Obligation Fund )are available.

The Broadband Plan-1500 now with 512 Kbps Bandwidth Speed. Initially, the plan was launched with 256 Kbps Bandwidth Speed.

Rural USOF BB Plans (Limited /Unlimited) for Rural Home & All Rural

Temporary Broadband Connection

BSNL Broadband offers temporary internet services to users as well. The minimum charges pertain to 15 day period. The usage details have been mentioned for further reference as below:-

Particulars Tariff in Rs.
Bandwidth Above 256 Kbps
Installation Charges 500
Security deposit for modem 1000
Modem charges 200
Plan charges Double of the normal fixed monthly charges
Additional usage charges As per plan applicable

Another highlight of BSNL Landline Broadband services is that they provide VPNoBB services for e-Governance projects and also for EB customers with a Bandwidth of 256 kbps up to 24Mbps.

The Toll-free number for further details on this service is 1800 425 7007

BSNL Landline Broadband - Prepaid plans

The prerequisite to avail a prepaid plan is that a user should have a BSNL Landline connection. For the BSNL landline broadband prepaid plans, customers are provided with a user name and password for their account.

They can choose any one of the two account types:-

1. Limited Download

There would be 10 different vouchers of varying denominations which offer a limited download speed of up to 8 Mbps within the said validity period.

  • Recharge vouchers include-
  • Validity Voucher -To extend the validity period
  • Top-up Voucher- To recharge usage within the validity period

2. Unlimited Download

BSNL offers 3 types of vouchers with different denominations giving access to unlimited download up to a speed of 1 Mbps within the validity period.

  • All BSNL broadband users are offered the following initially
  • 400 MB free download
  • Validity- 30 days
  • Activation charges Rs 100/-

Upon expiry of the validity or limit of download, Re-charge Vouchers are made available in various denominations.

Tariff for BSNL prepaid Broadband Services

Below given is information regarding the tariff for prepaid BSNL broadband services:-

A. The Initial Charges applicable at the time of application:

Particulars Amount in Rs.
Installation Charge. Rs. 250/- *
Modem Charges for outright purchase - ADSL Basic Rs. 1400/- **
Modem Charges for outright purchase - ADSL WiFi Rs. 1500/- **

* Service Tax extra, **Inclusive of Sales Tax/VAT.

B. Charges applicable while creating a Prepaid Broadband account :

Particulars Amount in Rs.
Activation (Prepaid BB Account Creation) Charges Rs. 100/- (to be deposited at the time of application through demand note)
Activation (Initial) Benefits 400 MB Usages
30 Days Validity

Details on Volume Based BSNL Broadband Recharge Vouchers

Volume-based BSNL Broadband Prepaid Recharge Vouchers
Voucher Type MRP of the Voucher in RS. (inclusive of Service Tax) Speed Data Usage in GB Validity in days GP-1* GP-2**
BBV RL 200 200 Up to 2 Mbps 700 MB 30 15 30
BBV RL 250 250 Up to 2 Mbps 1.5 15 15 30
BBV RL 350 350 Up to 2 Mbps 2.5 15 15 30
BBV RL 450 450 Upto 2 Mbps 3 30 15 30
BBV RL 600 600 Up to 2 Mbps 5 30 15 30
BBV RULG 625 625 256 Kbps Unlimited 20 15 30
BBV RL 800 800 Up to 4 Mbps 8 15 15 30
BBV RULG 990 990 512 Kbps Unlimited 20 15 30
BBV RL 1500 1500 Up to 8 Mbps 25 15 15 30
BBV RULG 1600 1600 Up to 1 Mbps Unlimited 20 15 30
BBV RL 1750 1750 Up to 2 Mbps 16 90 15 30
BBV RL 1800 1800 Up to 2 Mbps 7 180 15 30
BBV RL 3000 3000 Up to 2 Mbps 13 360 15 30

There are terms and conditions applicable to each plan. For limited plans, the balance usage will be carried forward only if the recharge is within 15 days of a grace period. If not, balance usage will not be able to be carried forward. However, the user can recharge the account for up to 30 additional days.

For unlimited usage users, top-up and validity vouchers are not applicable

Top-up Vouchers for Volume Based BSNL broadband Plans
Voucher Type MRP of the Voucher in Rs. (inclusive of Service Tax) Data Usage in GB
BBV Topup 200 200 2
BBV Topup 375 375 5

Top-up vouchers of the following denominations shall be available for additional data usage without any change in validity:

Validity Vouchers for Volume Based BSNL Broadband Plans
Voucher Type MRP of the Voucher in RS. (inclusive of Service Tax) Validity in days
BBV Validity 100 100 15

The BSNL customer can either recharge his/her account via the BSNL portal using online services or can also approach BSNL customer care centres, other retails centres etc.

Category 2 - Bharat Fiber Broadband FTTH

A revolution was introduced by BSNL when they decided to launch the BSNL Fiber Plans. A countrywide initiative that uses fibre net technology and brings the internet to your doorstep. This was started with the aim of a digital revolution in every panchayat of the country.

Major highlights include:-

  • High-speed data
  • Smooth BSNL WiFi connectivity
  • Provides fix access platforms for broadband speed 256 Kbps to 100 Mbps

BSNL would install HONT as well as battery backups to ensure smooth connectivity and the customer will be able to select his/her plan for voice, IPTV,Broadband etc. The bookings can be done via the BSNL online portal.

Various BSNL Fiber plans include:-

  1. 500GB CUL -Rs. 777 Plan
  2. Super Star 300- Rs. 779 Plan
  3. 600GB CUL-Rs. 849 Plan
  4. Super Star 500 -Rs. 949 Plan
  5. 750GB CUL- Rs. 1,277 Plan

The popular BSNL Fibre Silver Bharat broadband plan is Rs.1999 per month with 300 Mbps download as well as upload speed for both home and business requirements. It is a postpaid combo service available on a PAN India basis from 01/03/2021.

Category 3 - Wi-Max Broadband

BSNL Wi-max broadband enables internet connectivity anytime, anywhere on any device or network. Users enjoy a speed of 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps easily. There are both Prepaid tariff as well as Postpaid tariffs available to suit the requirements of the customer.


  • High-speed internet access
  • Increased data speed for online gaming, video streaming, video conference etc.
SNL WiFi retail Hotspot Voucher for WiFi Hotspot services
Plan Name Price (inclusive of service tax) Data Volume and validity
BSNL WiFi 9 Rs. 9 1 GB, 1-day validity
BSNL WiFi 19 Rs. 19 3 GB, 3 days validity
BSNL WiFi 39 Rs. 39 7 GB, 7 days validity
BSNL WiFi 59 Rs. 59 15 GB, 15 days validity
BSNL WiFi 69 Rs. 69 30 GB, 30 days validity

Upon availing BSNL Internet plans, if you find any of the them updated, please do not hesitate to inform us. Contact us without further delay regarding any queries relating to BSNL broadband plans. We are always available at your service and open to feedback.

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