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Quadrant Televentures Ltd (previously HFCL Infotel Ltd) is the parent company of Connect Broadband. The brand directs its efforts toward achieving the vision: 'To be the most respected telecom and infotainment solution brand via innovation and quality.' They recognize the value of providing high-quality products and services to foster long-term customer relationships. Their goal is to create considerable value for all of the company and its shareholders.

Connect Broadband Plans and Pricing

Here are a few tables telling you about the different plans offered by Connect Broadband, along with their pricing!

Unlimited Plans
Internet speedPriceDataFree local +STD callsFree ISD calls
40 Mbps499UnlimitedUnlimitedNA
60 Mbps599UnlimitedUnlimitedNA
100 Mbps699UnlimitedUnlimitedNA
100 Mbps799UnlimitedUnlimited500 min USA/CANADA
Unlimited Plans with Entertainment and Security
Internet speedPriceDataFree local +STD callsFree antivirus
50 Mbps666UnlimitedUnlimited1 key
75 Mbps777UnlimitedUnlimited1key
50 Mbps888UnlimitedUnlimited1 key
75 Mbps999UnlimitedUnlimited1 key

All the plans include a subscription to 6 OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5, etc.

Unlimited Plans with Entertainment and Free ISD Calling
Internet speedPriceDataISD callingOTT plans
100 Mbps901Unlimited750 minutes4 platforms
100 Mbps1001Unlimited1000 minutes6 platforms
100 Mbps1301Unlimited1500 minutes8 platforms
125 Mbps1601Unlimited2000 minutes6 platforms

Connect Broadband Services offered

Internet Leased Line

A VIP internet connection offer is an internet leased line, and a private internet leased line delivers un-contended balanced connection speed. Enterprises and corporations are the primary users of internet leasing lines, and corporations and businesses use ILL to send massive amounts of data over the internet.

  • Pros
  • With greater internet access, you can increase your business efficiency.
  • To reach your branches throughout the country, take advantage of a nationwide last-mile network.

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a multi-protocol label swapping protocol that supports numerous access technologies and load balancing. With Connect MPLS, businesses can concentrate on their core competencies while their complete system is managed. You can connect MPLS Real-time speed control and many other features along with it.

  • Pros
  • Hosted/cloud services
  • Remote VPN Access to MPLS
  • Multicast
  • Real-time bandwidth adjustment


A PRI system allows users to connect by transporting data and voice communications via a network. On a single link, their PRI services deliver 30 voice channels. It enables excellent speech clarity, direct inward/outward display, and other features. Connect broadband offers a full-featured, two-way connection between an ISDN compliant PBX and a Key System. PRI lines are point digital lines with far superior clarity than analog trunk lines.

  • Pros
  • Company-friendly and Scalable with multiples of 30 channels
  • Support options for video conferencing
  • Pooling, local free CUG, and comparable pilot deployments across offices

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunk is a high-end Voice Connection device with the best Operational solution available. SIP Trunks are required for the operation of unified messaging applications. SIP trunking, also known as VoIP trunking or IP trunking, uses an Ethernet pipe to deliver voice instead of a traditional PSTN connection. There are numerous advantages to using SIP trunking.

  • Pros
  • With no need for tangible cards, it can scale from 20 to 1500 simultaneous sessions on a single link.
  • SIP trunk communication replaces numerous fixed PSTN lines with only one link.


Individual phone lines with bidirectional calling are available through Centrex. The Connect services Centrex works as a digital telephone exchange and is a premium alternative to an EPABX. All businesses that want to handle their telecommunication services without hassles should use Centrex lines.

  • Pros
  • Connecting many offices using a private numbering plan with free calling is a great way to save money.
  • Interconference calls and other services such as call standby, cell line authentication, and call forwarding are available.
  • Unauthorized use is prevented by dynamic lockout and authentication codes.

Unified Threat Management

Unified threat monitoring is a lifesaver for your computer channel's devices. It automatically safeguards your valuable data and ensures privacy. It provides wireless access that is safe and secure to protect your data from all types of viruses.

  • Pros
  • Fast, regular, and reliable security upgrades and new editions.
  • Unwanted content should be blocked in the workplace.
  • Anti-hacker and anti-trojan software.
  • Surf without worrying about your data being shared with third parties.


Since wireless devices provide untethered access to all information, emails, apps, and other system resources, professionals can move within the office and have continuous access to the equipment they need to complete their jobs. They provide unified wifi solutions to help small and medium-sized enterprises become more mobile at a lower cost.

  • Pros
  • Guest access, ability to separate guest traffic from employee internet traffic
  • Security options available

Getting a New Connect Broadband Connection

Connect's one-stop-shop for all of your internet connectivity issues, with numerous features and incentives, the Connect Broadband new connection online is ready to meet all of your needs. Their personalized postpaid plans provide you with the convenience of paying your bills in one spot, as well as the option of enrolling all of your relative's and friends' accounts in one place.

Connect Broadband AppInstalled by over 100,00 plus users, the Connect Broadband app makes life so much easier. You can pay all your bills and track your data usage in real-time; bill and payment history are available, among other unique features. 

Connect Broadband Customer Care

Frequently Asked Questions

How to log in to connect broadband?

Create a username and password: I acknowledge that I have read, comprehended, and accept the terms and conditions. Your 10-digit OTP will be sent to you soon (One Time Password). Try entering the OTP issued to you via SMS / email to enter your My Connect Broadband login for the first time.

How do Connect broadband bill payment options work?

You can pay your bill Immediately through net banking, debit/credit card, and UPI. Using the Connect Broadband APP, you may earn more incentives and points. You can pay your bill through the 'pay bill' page.

What locations is Connect broadband available in?

Connect broadband is available in various places across Punjab, such as connect broadband Ludhiana, connect broadband Mohali, etc.

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