Hathway Cable & Datacom Limited provide excellent cable TV and DTH services in India. Hathway is a leading Multisystem Operator, providing high quality digital cable TV services and solutions to both corporate, institutional and residential customers.

Hathway Office Headquarters Address

805/806, Windsor, 8th Floor, Off CST Road Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400 098

Hathway Set-Top Box: Enjoy Digital TV on Flat Panel Screens

A set-top box is a device that converts digital signals to analogue to watch digital channels. The choice of the type of set-top box: Standard Definition(SD) or High Definition(HD) depends upon different factors. And one of it being the display.
Hathway portfolio of set-top box includes 2 major products:

  1. SD Set-Top Box
  2. HD-PVR Set-Top Box

Hathway SD Set-Top Box

The SD set-top has a resolution of 480i or 480p, wherein you can only watch standard definition channels. It requires a lesser bandwidth.
The features of Hathway SD set-top box are:

  • Tune into 500 channels
  • DVD Quality Picture
  • Stereophonic Sound
  • Electronic Program Guide and Synopsis
  • Parental Control
  • Dual Language Selection Option
  • List your Favorite Channel
  • Block Channels
  • Radio and Interactive Services

Hathway HD-PVR Set-Top Box

Hathway is the country’s first Digital TV MSO to have an HD-PVR set-top box. The picture quality is 5 times sharper from the one you get from SD set-top box, and it supports 16:9 wide screen viewing with 3D content.

  • Resolution:1080p
  • Surround Sound:7.1
  • Get 1080p resolution with sharper pictures.
  • Enjoy the 7.1 channels with surround sound
  • A wider screen viewing experience
  • Enjoy the 3D content

Why Choose Hathway Digital Cable TV?

Top 5 reasons to choose Hathway Cable TV over any other Cable providers are:

  • You enjoy a high clear quality picture viewing.
  • A huge number of HD channels are available to watch
  • You enjoy an uninterrupted digital TV signal. This means no weather interruptions
  • You do not require a dish with Hathway Digital TV
  • You have easy access to the local content

Hathway Set-Top Box Hardware Schemes


Upfront Amount

Security Deposit

Rental PM

Refund on Termination

Rental (3 Years)0 | 0Rs 400 | Rs 800Rs 55.66 | Rs 50.66Security deposit will be refunded after 3 years
or on surrender of STB within 3 years.
Hire Purchase (3 Years)0 | 0Rs 400 | Rs 800Rs46.80| Rs 32.93The Security deposit gets adjusted over 3 years. If the STB is surrendered within 3 years,
the unadjusted portion of security deposit will get refunded.
One Time Activation (SD)Rs 128000No Refund
One Time Activation (HD)Rs 205000No Refund
One Time Activation (HD-PVR)Rs 799900No Refund

Hathway Customer Care No

For Hathway Digital TV or DTH queries, information and complaints, call +91 22 40542500
Or email at [email protected]; [email protected]

Hathway Digital TV Exclusive Channels


[Ch No. 29 [Maharashtra] ]

H-Tube is a platform that allows viewers to either shoot their own videos or upload other person's clips online. This will give you the chance to contribute to the content and make your own channel, or join one of the existing ones to connect with others like yourself.
H-Tube does not restrict you to upload videos of your talent only, with different categories like fashion, fitness, kids and so on. The channel is available in all languages which can be used as a medium of advertising your profession as well as product sales.


[Ch No. 112 [Maharashtra, Delhi / NCR, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh / Rajasthan]
Ch No. 110 [Andhra Pradesh]
Ch No. 309 [Karnataka]]

24 hrs Movie Channel is an all-round entertainment channel, which will be showcasing the latest blockbusters to the evergreen classics, super hit musicals, action packed thrillers, to the all-time romantic hits and much more. You will have access to:

  • Afternoon Prime Cinema
  • Cine Prime Cinema
  • Friday Night Blockbusters
  • Saturday Night Exclusives
  • Sunday Funday
  • Bollywood Songs
  • Sneak Preview
  • Star Show
  • Bollywood Trivia


[Ch No. 26 [Maharashtra, Delhi / NCR , West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh / Rajasthan]
Ch No. 14 [Karnataka] Ch No. 327 [Andhra Pradesh]]

A 24 hrs shopping channel for Hathway subscribers, it presents you with the best of offers across various categories such as home, product, health & fitness, electronics, & lifestyle. Shop with your family or friends at the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are.


Ch No. 26 [Maharashtra]
Ch No. 326 [Andhra Pradesh]
Ch No. 121 [Delhi / NCR]
Ch No. 11 [Karnataka]
Ch No. 118 [Madhya Pradesh / Rajasthan]
Ch No. 680 [West Bengal]

Watch the best regional TV series, local programs, regional events and movies under one roof. You also got to enjoy the coverage of the local area events.


Ch No. 114 [Maharashtra]
Ch No. 365 [Andhra Pradesh]
Ch No. 120 [Delhi / NCR]
Ch No. 33 [Karnataka]
Ch No. 119 [Madhya Pradesh / Rajasthan]
Ch No. 115 [West Bengal]

Hathway Digital Cable TV: Frequently Asked Questions

In which cities Hathway Digital Cable TV services are available?

Hathway cable TV services are presently available in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Sikkim, Odisha, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

What is a Hathway Hybrid set-top box?

Subscribers can easily upgrade their normal TV to internet enabled Android TV. The hybrid set-top box supports OTT apps like Netflix ZEE5, VOOT, SONY LIV etc. Along with that, users can Chromecast, use voice-enabled remote which supports Google Assistant for easy control.

How to register hybrid set-top box?

Fill the details required in the form: https://services.hathway.net/hybrid-box-activation-form and complete the necessary registration as given in below screen. The subscriber will receive an auto SMS stating that the user has keyed on TV screen for registering Hybrid Box.

How to record your favorite programs with Hathway?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Press recording button and simultaneously select program in TV Menu.
  2. Now, your selected program is in recording mode. Also, you will get the Sign in option in the top left corner of the TV screen
  3. The other way is to go to channel program view and select upcoming programs.
  4. Click on record button of your remote, and you can easily record programs in your pen drive.

My viewing card is lost. Where I can get a new one?

You are required to get in touch with your local Hathway operator. They will charge Rs.400/- + Service Tax and provide you with a new viewing card.

Hathway Digital Cable TV