How To Avail Family Plans From Airtel, Jio, Vi and BSNL

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With most of our everyday tasks dependent on the internet, there’s no doubt that having a good connection is crucial. If you have a broadband connection, this is usually not an issue as it can simply be shared between members of the family. However, if you, like many people in India, rely on a data-limited plan that is only available to one person, recharging 3 or 4 plans can become extremely expensive.

However, any service providers offer a solution to this problem using which you will be able to offer access to everybody in your home without paying a large price. The main telecoms in the nation, including BSNL, Jio, Vodafone Idea, and Airtel, offer family plans that are quite affordable.

Every one of these telecom carriers provides packages that give a specific quantity of data that is more than enough for most, although not all, households. These plans also include family add-ons plus, the most essential component of content consumption in modern India, OTT services.

This basically implies that customers may cater to their complete family with a single pack, without incurring the additional expenditures of recharging each and every user's own plan. Here are the family plans offered by Airtel, Jio, Vi, and BSNL and the features they provide to their customers.

Bharti Airtel Family Plans

Airtel Family Plans are packages that allow users to share their advantages with family members by subscribing them to their plan. It is a low-cost package that allows users to purchase several SIM cards while just paying for one.

For example, Airtel's best-selling 999 family plan offers up to 25% savings and numerous connections for the entire family. Check out all the family plans offered by Airtel:

Airtel Infinity 499 Family plan Airtel Infinity 749 Family plan Airtel Infinity 999 Family plan Airtel Infinity 1599 Family plan
Plan benefits: Plan benefits: Plan benefits: Plan benefits:
Unlimited calls 1 Free Connection + 1 Data Addon 3 Free Connection + 1 Data Addon 1 Free Connection
75GB data Unlimited calls Unlimited calls Unlimited calls
100SMS/day 125GB data 150GB data Unlimited data
Free Hello tunes on Wynk Music App 100SMS/day 100SMS/day 100SMS/day
- Free Hello tunes on Wynk Music App Free Hello tunes on Wynk Music App Free Hello tunes on Wynk Music App
Airtel Thanks Rewards: Airtel Thanks Rewards: Airtel Thanks Rewards: Airtel Thanks Rewards:
1 Year of Amazon Prime & Disney+Hotstar membership 1 Year of Amazon Prime & Disney+Hotstar membership 1 Year of Amazon Prime & Disney+Hotstar membership 1 Year of Amazon Prime & Disney+Hotstar membership
Airtel Xstream App subscription Airtel Xstream App subscription Airtel Xstream App subscription Airtel Xstream App subscription
Handset protection Handset protection Handset protection Handset protection

So, if you’re wondering how to avail an Airtel family plan and its benefits, get the plan and follow the steps below to ‘Add On’ a family member:

  1. Open the Airtel Thanks App
  2. Enter your mobile phone
  3. Navigate to the "Manage Family" area
  4. Add the phone number of the family member and enter the OTP obtained on your connection's mobile phone number
  5. Your request will be processed and then you will be able to enable the connection to your package after it has been registered.

Reliance Jio Family Plans

You may now experience a single postpaid subscription for your entire family with JioPostPaid Plus. JioPostPaid Plus family plans allow you to share your data with your members of the family. When you choose a Family Plan, you not only benefit from the ease of single bills and single payments, but you also benefit from additional savings.

What sets JioPlus apart from other plans is that you can avail Family Plan benefits from all their postpaid plans.

Jio Postpaid Plus Family Plan Features

Share the following features and benefits of JioPlus with your family members:

  • A single bill is issued for the entire family.
  • The ability to add several kid members at no extra cost.
  • A parent may manage the data use of their children.
  • The ability to transmit data numerous times each month.
  • When data use is high, kid members can buy data add-on packs.
  • Parents and kid members will both receive pre-activated ISD and will be capable of activating IR with a single click.

Activating JioPlus Family Plan

To activate your JioPlus family plan, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch MyJio App.
  2. Select ‘Manage Plan' from My Plans.
  3. Enter the Jio number that you want to add to your plan.
  4. Validate using an OTP and then click the ‘Proceed' button.

If you want to add a NEW CHILD connection to your family connection, you will be given on-boarding codes inside MyJio. For immediate onboarding to a kid plan, you must provide these codes with their home distribution agent/Jio retail representative.

Vodafone Idea Family Plan

Vi postpaid plans have always been in full swing since the introduction of Postpaid plan advantages such as bill assurance, unlimited voice, and data calls, SMS, and a variety of other roaming, data, and entertainment add-ons.

Moreover, joining the other top providers in its league, Vodafone Idea customers can now also avail a beneficial and affordable family plan.

Vodafone Idea Family Plan Features

  • Family plans are available at 598, 749, and 999, respectively, and provide for the pooling of advantages among two, three, and five family members.
  • The plans include 120GB, 80GB, and 200GB of data, accordingly.
  • All of the plans listed above include additional entertainment perks such as annual Amazon Prime, Zee5, ViTM movies and TV subscriptions, and Mobile Shield protection worth 5497.
  • Every family plan allows for a 200GB data rollover.
  • The principal member whose name is on the shared connection receives 50GB, 60GB, and 80GB of data, accordingly.
  • On these plans, all additional family members receive 30GB of data.
  • The total bill of all associated family members is included to the bill of the principal user.

Activating Vodafone Idea Family Plan

Here are a few ways to help you include family members in your family plan:

  1. Go to the Vi Postpaid Connection page.
  2. Add your name, mobile number, location, and connection preference (choose either you want a new phone number, have to port to Vi, or would like to switch from prepaid to postpaid).
  3. Select the ‘next step' option.
  4. Choose one of the offered family plans. 598/80GB, 749/120GB, or 999/200GB plans are available.
  5. Clicking the ‘Buy Plan' button will take you to a website with several family plans displayed.
  6. Choose a family plan that meets your needs.
  7. Select the main number.
  8. Continue the preceding steps for additional family members as well.
  9. Add your address information for SIM delivery.
  10. Pick a schedule for your SIM to be delivered.
  11. Add the other users' personal information.
  12. Complete your payment transaction by making a payment online using Net banking, online wallets, or credit/debit card.
  13. Your SIM card will be supplied to you on the day and location you choose.

BSNL Family Plan

In order to entice clients, BSNL has introduced new services that meet the full needs of an Indian family. According to BSNL's Twitter account, this package includes mobile service, mobile internet, mobile value-added activities, fixed telephone, fixed broadband connections, and value-added on fixed broadband.

BSNL's Family plan, which costs Rs 1199 per month, provides a client with three sim cards that include unlimited calling and 1GB of data per sim, each day.

In addition, the customer will receive one fixed phone with free calls and one landline network connection with a speed of 10 Mbps and data usage of up to 30GB. Nevertheless, once the 30GB of data is spent, the internet speed drops to 2 Mbps, but bandwidth utilization remains unlimited.

A subscriber will receive an infinite number of music and videos on a single mobile sim card. Consumers receive online instruction for one month on the other.

Meanwhile, those with landline broadband will receive free music, movies, and videos. To get a better understanding of the features you can avail with BSNL’s family plan, check out the table below:

Plan Name 1200 GB CUL Family
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Up to 10 Mbps till 1200GB every month, thereafter 5 Mbps
Applicability All users
Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) 1199
1/2/3 year Payment Option (Rs.) As per BSNL Advance Rental Discount offers
Limit (MB/ GB) per month Unlimited Downloads / Uploads
Free E-mail IDs/Space One Account with 1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request) One @ Rs.2000/- p.a. additional
Security Deposit# One Month Charges
Minimum Hire Period One month
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs NIL
Free Calls and Additional facility on LL 24 Hrs. unlimited free calling (Local + STD) on any network within India.
The additional facility on Bundled Mobile Connections a) Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network (Onnet/Off-net) within India in Home LSA and BSNL National roaming area (excluding Mumbai and Delhi)

b) Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 40 kbps after 1GB per day.

With the exception of the Andaman Nicobar circle, this BSNL family broadband package is a normal unlimited data plan that is available across the country, thus users may apply online or offline and get services delivered to their homes.


With a lot of people working from home, and now even attending classes from home, each family member getting a good internet speed is crucial. Choose your favourite provider and start your family pack today!

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