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Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (known as Jio) is India's leading telecom network provider, owned by Reliance Industries, Mumbai-based. Offering 4G LTE and India's first VoLTE services, Jio creates a comprehensive digital ecosystem. From efficient internet services to top-notch utilities and smart devices, Jio ensures Indians can fully embrace their digital lives. Explore Jio Fiber speed test for seamless connectivity.

What Your Jio Internet Speed Test Shows
1. Jio Upload speed
2. Jio Download speed
3. PING to the server
4. Jio Fiber speed test time

Check your Jio Internet Speedtest

How To Activate A Reliance Jio Data Pack?

If you are looking to get a new Reliance Jio internet connection, you can choose from three options; postpaid, prepaid and broadband, depending on your requirements.

After you opt for the plan you like, follow the steps below using the MyJio app to activate your data pack:

  • Launch the MyJio app on your mobile device.
  • Next, log in to the MyJio app with the necessary information.
  • Once you've opened the app, choose 'View info from the My Account section.'
  • Tap on Activate next to the requested upcoming plan.
  • Finally, you must validate the activation of the preferred upcoming plan
  • Once you approve, you will get a notice that the plan has been activated.

Keep in mind that anytime you configure an incoming plan, the latest plan will be enabled alongside the existing plan. Also, the validation of the new proposal will begin immediately.

As one of the most prominent and renowned data providers, Reliance Jio has a range of various plans for broadband, postpaid and prepaid connections. We’ve listed the most popular plans that you can choose from across all three verticals.

Jio Broadband Plans

Reliance Jio’s FiberNet, is known to offer some of the most affordable, yet effective plans, which are mentioned below.

Jio Monthly Plans
Price of Jio Internet PackValidityData
₹39930 daysUnlimited

@30 Mbps

₹69930 daysUnlimited

@100 Mbps

₹99930 daysUnlimited

@150 Mbps

₹149930 daysUnlimited

@300 Mbps

₹249930 daysUnlimited

@500 Mbps

₹399930 daysUnlimited


₹849930 days6600 GB


Jio Annual Plans
Price of Jio Internet PackValidityData
₹4788360 + 30 daysUnlimited

@30 Mbps

₹8388360 + 30 daysUnlimited

@100 Mbps

₹11988360 + 30 daysUnlimited

@150 Mbps

₹17988360 + 30 daysUnlimited

@300 Mbps

₹29988360 + 30 daysUnlimited

@500 Mbps

₹47988360 + 30 daysUnlimited


₹101988360 + 30 days6600 GB


Jio Postpaid Plans

For people who need fast Jio postpaid internet speeds at affordable prices, Reliance Jio provides great postpaid plans, some of which are listed below.

Monthly Price of Jio Internet PackDataCallingBenefits
₹39975GBUnlimited Voice and SMSAmazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Netflix Subscriptions plus 200GB Data Rollover
₹599100 GBUnlimited Voice and SMSAmazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Netflix Subscriptions plus 200GB Data Rollover and 1 additional sim card with Family Plan
₹799150 GBUnlimited Voice and SMSAmazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Netflix Subscriptions plus 200GB Data Rollover and 2 additional sim card with Family Plan
₹999200 GBUnlimited Voice and SMSAmazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Netflix Subscriptions plus 500GB Data Rollover and 3 additional sim card with Family Plan
₹1499300 GBUnlimited Voice and SMSAmazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Netflix Subscriptions plus 500GB Data Rollover and Unlimited date and voice in USA and UAE

Jio Prepaid Plans

If you’re looking for a good data plan but have still not decided which provider you want to go to, you could consider opting for Reliance Jio’s prepaid data plans, which are listed below.

Monthly Price of Jio Internet PackDataValidity
₹5982 GB/day56 days
₹25992 GB/day365 days
₹23992 GB/day365 days
₹5992 GB/day84 days
₹4442 GB/day56 days
₹2492 GB/day28 days
₹7771.5 GB/day84 days
₹21211.5 GB/day336 days
₹5551.5 GB/day84 days
₹3991.5 GB/day56 days

How To Choose A High-Speed Reliance Jio Internet Plan?

With the magnitude of plans available from Reliance Jio, there’s no doubt that you might be confused about which Jio data speed pack to purchase.

To make it easier for you, we’ve listed a couple of tips you can use while choosing the best internet plan.

  1. Determine Your Budget:

    The first step to take while choosing a plan is determining your budget. Reliance Jio offers various plans that match multiple budgets.That being said, be careful of rising data prices, as certain businesses have been known to seem to provide excellent resources, but the bought data tends to run out even faster than anticipated, forcing you to spend more than required.

  2. Confirm the Speed:

    Every internet service provider promises to have increased standards of Jio modem speed, but in fact, we have discovered that a lot of propaganda is just hot air being released at you, and you should be cautious when selecting the ideal package.

    The internet data provider must not only make the most noise around Jio Sim speed but moreover live up to its promises. Slow internet access uses more data; therefore, the quicker the internet service, the easier and, eventually, the cheaper it is. Knowing how to increase jio fiber speed is the key to enhanced efficiency.

  3. Understand The Perks:

    With businesses virtually falling it upon themselves to please, it goes without saying that any service plan or supplier that does not have enough benefits in your preferred data plan should be avoided like the plague. You can avoid Jio internet speed problems by looking the several options to increase the efficiency of the network.

    Some of these perks include free night time data for buying certain data plans in excess of a certain value within a certain time frame, while others provide some other benefit merely for doing business with them. As a result, the more benefits you get for your investment, no matter how small or large, the better.

  4. Volume Of Data Sharing:

    The ability to share your data package with friends and relatives is a significant benefit that you should strongly consider. When your finances are tight, you can find that you are unable to buy data for your siblings, relatives, or a loved one, but you still have sufficient data to share with them. Data sharing can save you a lot of money, so see if it's practical for your planned network data plan; if not, keep seeing around until you find one that works.

How To Check Your Jio WiFi Speed

Internet speed is crucial to the business in some way. A sluggish internet or Wi-Fi connection will put a strain on your efficiency, benefit, and patience. It will drive away consumers and erode your competitive advantage. For these purposes, it's a smart idea to monitor the internet speed on a regular basis. Fortunately, you can quickly determine how fast or slow your internet is with just a few taps.

Fast and Easy Speed Tests

There are several internet speed measures available online that are compliant with all kinds of computers and handheld devices. Here is a comprehensive compilation of highly effective speed checks.

Not only can you test your Jio internet pack speed on your laptop, you can also download effective mobile speed test applications, some of which include:

  • SpeedTest
  • Internet Speed Test
  • SpeedCheck

What Does Your Jio Net Speed Test Tell You?

Many internet speed testing will use a few separate tests to determine the speed of your connection:

  1. Ping Rate (Or Latency):

    Ping rate is a measurement of online reaction time, or how long it might take your machine to connect to the server online. Usually, this is estimated in milliseconds (ms). The lower the rate, the faster the answer. A rate of 50ms is deemed adequate for activities such as live streaming and games. Standard browsing requires a pace of 250ms or less. Anything more than 250ms is considered sluggish.

  2. Download Bandwidth:

    Bandwidth is usually expressed in megabits per second (Mbps). A 1 Mbps link can transmit a 1Mb file in around eight seconds. The more space you have, the better you can stream. Your bandwidth requirements can be determined by a variety of factors, including the number of users and devices connecting to your internet connection. Although a download bandwidth of 50 Mbps would suffice for up to 5 normal internet users, 10 intense internet users can need a rate of 200 Mbps or higher.

  3. Upload Bandwidth:

    As most internet users spend far more time accessing files (including reading web pages) than uploading, high-speed internet services prioritize downloading over uploading. As a result, upload bandwidth is normally significantly smaller than download bandwidth. As a consequence, an upload bandwidth of 5 Mbps will support up to 5 users, whereas a rate of 20 Mbps would be expected for 10 internet users.

  4. Jitter:

    A jitter score can be used in some speed checks. This is the difference in reaction times. A successful link would provide a constant and accurate response time, as evidenced by a lower jitter score. Jitter should be held to a minimum of 30ms as a general principle.

What Is The Average Speed of Reliance Jio?

As per TRAI info, Reliance Jio dominated the 4G speed graph in June. The Jio 4g speed in mbps (an overall download speed) is 16.5 megabits per second (Mbps), while Vodafone and Idea dominated in upload speed. TRAI calculates the overall speed utilizing data collected in real-time throughout India through its MySpeed app.

How To Fix Jio Network Speed?

You can increase the Jio network speed on your phone as well as your laptop. There are some simple tips you can try out to see a positive change in your Jio Internet Speed.

How To Increase Jio Internet Speed On Your Mobile

If you want to know how to fix jio internet speed, we have some ideas for you.Try the following tricks and see if they increase your data speed. If so, you can happily get back to browsing, watching, and gaming on the go. Mentioned below are some tips you can follow to ensure you get faster data speeds on both Android and iOS devices.

1. Restart your phone

More problems can be solved with a simple restart than you would expect. If you're fortunate, it'll even figure out how to make 4G better on your Android and iOS devices. Give it a shot and do a Jio mobile data check before trying any other steps. If you face the issue of Jio mobile data not working, restarting is also the first step before contacting your customer care team.

2. Activate and deactivate Airplane Mode

Toggling Airplane Mode on or off, similar to restarting your phone, will reset your device's internet connection. Airplane Mode switches off the phone's networking capabilities, including cell data and Wi-Fi. Switch it on, then off, and see if your internet speed improves.

3. Reset your network settings

Your phone's network settings can get muddled at times, causing your internet service to suffer. If your handset is capable of 4G but seems to be stuck on 3G or even 2G, this may be the source of your problems. As a handy hack for the download speed on your Android phone or iOS device, try a network-settings reset.

4. Find the top mobile data–draining apps

Even if you're not using it, an app can slow you down. Many applications run in the background, using data as well as device resources, disk capacity, and bandwidth. Consider completely shutting down an application after you're done using it.

Optimize your smartphone with software updates, decluttering, and battery conservation to ensure that your device isn’t slowing down your data.

How To Increase Jio Internet Speed On Your Laptop

Take the following steps if you want to increase your existing internet speed without altering your current Reliance Jio plan :

1. Switch it off and on again

Do the same for your router. Do the same to your modem. Try it with the Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets you have paired. Anything, including the modem and router, needs a break from time to time.

Your modem is responsible for converting internet transmissions between your local network and your ISP. Restarting your modem is a safe way to start fixing if your internet is flaring weird. A short power cycle can be able to resolve modem problems. To ensure that your modem is correctly configured to be compliant with your ISP's transmissions, you will need to contact your internet company to have them reset your modem on their end.

Your router can also gain from a fast reboot to clean its memory and offer it a new start on activities that were previously slowing it down.

It may appear easy, but switching your home networking devices off and on again will really help your network. We suggest that you restart your devices on a daily basis—at least once in a few months.

2. Relocate the router to a more convenient spot

Wi-Fi signals will only go so far before being disrupted or obscured by walls, windows, ceilings, chairs, equipment, and, in general, any large physical unit. Radio signals from other gadgets, such as cordless phones, baby controls, microwaves, and Bluetooth speakers, will also disrupt them.

So, if your router is tucked away in a corner of your house, you might have problems with Wi-Fi from the other end. The safest spot for your router is in a centralized location, close to where you are using the internet the most. Don't hide your router in a cellar or a closet—you'll just cause problems with communication.

3. Adjust the antennas on your router

Most routers include internal antennas, which means they are integrated into the system and cannot be adjusted. If this is the situation for you, you can skip this stage.

However, if your router has flexible antennas, consider rearranging them. Router antennas are normally omnidirectional, meaning that they transmit signals in both directions parallel to the antenna. A vertical antenna, for instance, transfers Wi-Fi signals horizontally, and vise - versa. Altering an antenna to position horizontally to extend Wi-Fi signals up and down will help if you need to expand the Wi-Fi signals to several floors.

Jio VS Airtel: Speed Test Comparison

According to the most recent TRAI numbers, Reliance Jio has surpassed all other organizations in regarding internet download speed. The Jio wifi speed tests held in all regions have revealed that users are highly satisfied with the network.

According to the results of Jio network speed tests, Reliance Jio surpassed Airtel’s download speed in May 2020. In the 4G market, the business provided consumers with an overall download speed of 14.1 Mbps. This information can be found in the most recent TRAI results. MySpeedApp was used by TRAI to test Jio mobile data speed.

Jio internet speed Frequently Asked questions

How can I check data speed jio phone?

You can use the online speedtests available to check your Jio network speed. The jio broadband speed test will give you the download speed, upload speed , Ping details and Latency report.

What do you mean by latency?

Latency is the time taken for a signal to travel from your device to your network operator and back. A lower latency is always preferrable.

Can I have the Jio Customer care number?

Dial 198 to contact Jio Customer care.

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