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Bharti Airtel was ranked India's second most valued brand in Millward Brown and WPP plc's inaugural Brandz list. Airtel had already made its VoLTE technology available in all Indian mobile network circles and offers 2G, 4G LTE, 4G+ mobile networks, internet connections, and voice services in over 18 countries. There is no doubt that when it comes to Airtel Internet speed, the telcos has taken extra measures to live up to the industry standards.

Check Your Airtel Internet Speed Using Our Speed Test

Testing different settings on your router could improve signal strength and speeds in your home.

What Does The Airtel Broadband Speed Test Show?

You will get to know the following parameters after conducting an Airtel network speed test:

What Your Airtel Speed Test Shows
1. Upload Speed of Airtel Network
2. Download speed of Airtel Network
3. PING to the server
4. The Airtel Fiber speed test time
  1. Download: The time it takes to pull data, measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
  2. Upload: The time it takes to send data, measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
  3. Ping: The time it takes between sending a request and receiving a response, measured in milliseconds (ms) and also referred to as Latency.

These are the three main criteria used to assess your Airtel Data speed. Since the majority of our online tasks enable us to pull data from the internet, your Airtel download speed is ideal and usually the highest. Upload speeds are critical for making live video calls and sending files to websites and online facilities. The consistency of your voice and video calls, as well as your ability to play online games, is determined by your ping level.

What Is The Average Speed of Airtel? According to the Airtel 4G speed test, the Airtel average speed is7.9 Mbps, as per data released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). TRAI computes the average speed using data collected in real-time throughout India through its MySpeed program.

Best Airtel Data Plans That Ace Speed Tests

As one of the most prominent and renowned data providers, Airtel has a range of various plans for broadband, postpaid and prepaid connections. We’ve listed the most popular plans that you can choose from across all three verticals.

Airtel Postpaid Internet Data Plans

Airtel provides great postpaid plans for people who need fast-speed internet at affordable prices.

According to Airtel postpaid internet speed tests, the plans mentioned in the below table are the most popular:

Monthly CostDataCallingBenefits
₹49975GBUnlimited local and STD calls.Amazon Prime, Airtel XStream, Handset Protection, Disney + Hotstar
₹999150GBUnlimited local and STD calls.Free add on connection with unlimited calls, Airtel Stream, Wynk Music & Shaw Academy.
₹1599500GBUnlimited local and STD calls.Free add on connection with unlimited calls, Airtel Stream, Wynk Music & Shaw Academy.

Airtel Prepaid Plans

If you’re looking for a good data plan with optimum Airtel sim net speed, but have still not decided which provider you want to go to, you could consider opting for Airtel’s prepaid data plans, which are listed below.

₹58Existing (Top-up)3 GBNA
₹98Existing (Top-up)5 GBEnjoy 12 months of Wynk Premium for ad-free music and unlimited songs download. You also get 25GB data, valid till your current pack validity.
₹108Existing (Top-up)6 GBFree Airtel Hellotunes and Amazon Prime Video 30-day free trial
₹118Existing (Top-up)12 GBNA
₹301Existing (Top-up)50 GBEnjoy 12 months of Wynk Premium for ad-free music and unlimited songs download. You also get 25GB data, valid till your current pack validity.

Airtel Broadband Plans

Airtel 4G internet plans come with a host of various benefits like Airtel Thanks subscriptions, unlimited local, STD calling and so much more. You will also find many Airtel internet offers that give you unlimited plan options to choose your required speed.

You can browse through the Airtel internet recharge plans below to find the best-suited one:

Monthly CostSpeedCallingBenefits
₹499Up to 40MbpsUnlimited local and STD calls.Airtel Stream, Wynk Music & Shaw Academy.
₹799Up to 100MbpsUnlimited local and STD calls.Airtel Stream, Wynk Music & Shaw Academy.
₹999Up to 200MbpsUnlimited local and STD calls.Airtel Stream, Wynk Music & Disney + Hotstar.
₹1499Up to 300MbpsUnlimited local and STD calls.Airtel Stream, Wynk Music & Disney + Hotstar.
₹3999Up to 1GbpsUnlimited local and STD calls.Airtel Stream, Wynk Music & Disney + Hotstar.

Airtel’s 5G Internet Speed Bharti Airtel has announced the successful completion of its first 5G pilot in India, in collaboration with Nokia. According to the business, the demonstration was held on the outskirts of Kolkata and was also the first 5G experiment in the eastern region of India. Airtel and Nokia achieved real-world high-speed wireless broadband network coverage of 40Km between two 3GPP standard 5G sites using the increased propagation characteristics of the 700MHz band.

Which Are The Best Internet Speed Tests Available?

The most popular online speed test tools to conduct an Airtel Internet speed check are:

  1. As per most studies and reviews, Ookla is one of the best and most accurate platforms to test your internet speed.
  2. Netflix has its own speed test- which ensures that the internet accessed by its users is lightning fast.

You have to make sure of certain factors before conducting your Airtel network test:

  • Switch off all the downloads or uploads on your device and
  • Disable your VPN program for the time of the test; both bring a lot of downtime to the connection.

You'll get a much more precise reading when the only traffic to and from the Airtel 4G internet settings is from the test.

How To Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed

Is your Airtel speed test not giving you the results you desire? Do you want to know how to increase the Internet Speed of your Airtel connection in 2022?

We have listed a few tips that will help you attain Airtel maximum speed on the following devices:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

How To Improve Internet Speed On Your Mobile

If you’re facing challenges with your Airtel mobile data speed, consider following the tricks given below.

1. Change Locations

Slow internet service can be caused by a variety of factors. Climate, network congestion, and even solar activity are examples of these. However, geography and buildings are two of the most significant.

If you live in a remote area or if there are many natural obstacles around you (such as hills, mountains, and valleys), your signal can be affected. The same is true for structures. You might be in the center of a densely populated urban area with complete bars and wonder why your data is so sluggish when entering those structures.

If you're experiencing speed issues that might have begun in a specific area, try moving. You may have to leave the building or drive a few miles away. Although this is inconvenient, it is a good way to troubleshoot your speed problem.

2. Update and Disable Apps

A troublesome app can often cause problems by hogging your data connection and slowing it down. In such a situation, you can do some an Airtel network check to determine what, if anything, is slowing you down.

If something goes wrong, you can disable the app's access to your cellular data link or uninstall it.

If your iPhone's internet connection is sluggish, you need to access Airtel internet settings. Go to Settings - Cellular and disable any app's access to your cellular data connection.

If you’re wondering how to get airtel internet settings, follow the steps below:

Settings - Network & internet - Mobile network - App data use on Android. To prevent an app from using data in the background, tap it and then slide the Background data slider off.

3. Disable Data Saver/Low Data Mode

Modes for reducing data use are available on both Android and iOS. These are useful if you only have a small amount of data, but they can also give the impression that your service link is sluggish. Disabling these modes will allow you to see if it feels faster.

If you're concerned about how much data you're using, remember to turn these back on for a while. You should be able to say whether or not this setting is slowing down your mobile data.

4. Disconnect From Your VPN

VPNs offer anonymity and protection, but they can also slow down your internet connection when connecting to remote servers. As a result, if your phone is linked to a VPN, try disconnecting and reconnecting.

When you disconnect, you should find an immediate difference. If that resolves the issue, you can increase the pace of your VPN when you reconnect to it.

5. Check for Network Outages

Despite the fact that mobile operators like to talk about their dependability, outages happen all the time. These outages sometimes result in reduced speeds or even broken connections. If you're still experiencing sluggish mobile data at this stage, check with your carrier for outages before calling in.

How To Improve Your Internet Speed On Your Desktop

If you’re wondering how to increase Airtel 4G internet speed in 2022 without changing your service provider or plan, consider following these steps:

1. Consider the data limit.

Data limits are one of the leading causes of sluggish internet speeds. For apparent reasons, ISPs do not disclose their data limits, however, they will severely disrupt your connection.

A data limit means that you can only access a certain volume of data each month, which could range from a few hundred megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. If you go past your data cap, your ISP will severely slow down your internet connection. You will see.

Check your invoice if you're not sure if you have a data quota. You almost definitely do, because that will be written out in fine print. If you keep going over your monthly data quota, speak to your carrier about upgrading to a package with a higher data cap.

2. Allow your router to relax.

Update your router once a month or so to give it a rest and to restore your connection to the internet. In case you are experiencing severe speed issues, you should consider restarting your router on a daily basis.

Restart your modem if it is separate from your router. Restarting the modem enhances your communication to your ISP, and having turned it on and off again accomplishes the same thing.

Will you want to simply add another item to your to-do list? Purchase an outlet timer, such as Century's programmable timer. You may connect your modem and router to a timer, which will switch the device on and off automatically. Set the timer for each night when you're in bed to reset the machine. In that manner, you will wake up each morning to that new internet phenomenon.

Remember that restarting your router and modem would not magically turn your snail-like connection into a cheetah. But this will help—and it is a very simple fix.

3. Relocate your router

Placing your router in a central spot can help maximize where your signals travel.

If the router's Wi-Fi beam cannot reach you, the internet service will suffer. Reset your router in the centre of your house, preferably on the floor where you spend the most time. If you spend the rest of your time in the living room on the first floor, find your router there as well.

4. Embrace Ethernet

Nowadays, everybody utilizes Wi-Fi, which is fantastic. Wireless connections are fantastic and simple, but they are not always quick. Ethernet connections, for example, will still be quicker and more stable than cellular connections. Rather than depending on over-the-air signals, the cable delivers the signal directly to your computer. Link the most critical computers to the internet using an ethernet cable if necessary.

Cable connections are ideal, particularly if you often watch data-heavy media such as videos on your TV. Moreover, there is an added benefit: ethernet is inherently more stable than Wi-Fi. Ethernet is a safer option if you'd like to keep your banking details completely confidential.

  • Devices That Can Be Connected via Ethernet
  • TV
  • PlayStation, Xbox, or any other gaming console
  • Laptop or desktop computer

Jio Vs Vodafone Vs Airtel: Speed Test Comparison

If you’re wondering which mobile provider in the world has the best 4G network, we’ve presented to you a study conducted by As per this study, Vodafone Idea is the fastest followed by Reliance Jio and then by Bharti Airtel.

Here are the results of awards 2021 below:

Name of OperatorSpeed Score (Mbps)
Vodafone Idea16.10

If you're impressed with the awards and comparisons mentioned above and are looking to get a new Airtel internet connection to take advantage of the high internet speed, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the Airtel Broadband website.
  • Choose the best broadband package.
  • Fill out the form and upload it; you will then get a new broadband connection activated at your chosen address.

How To Choose The Best Airtel Internet Packages

There are many reasons why Airtel internet is slow in certain regions. Since most people are relying on their internet these days, you must select the right Airtel internet package to get the fastest speed over the longest period of time whilst staying under your chosen budget.

You can consider the following choices when selecting an Airtel package that fits you:

Your Data Limits

You must consider whether you want a limited or unlimited data plan. Unlimited packages are always expensive but extremely reliable. Limited plans are perfect for those with a tight budget who don't spend a lot of time online.

If you exceed the data cap when on a limited plan, your ISP will either bill you for the excess data or slow down your connection. Before picking the limited package, ask the company how additional data use is charged.

Your Internet Usage

It is important to understand how you want to use the internet. Some broadband plans allow you to download TV shows and movies, upload music, play video games, and do a lot of other things.

Compare multiple packages from package providers when selecting the broadband service to save funds on the extras. Some companies provide home phones, but you will still be charged for the calls you make.

Different services have different plans for streaming or making calls. You should go shopping and compare prices.

Your Plan Validity

There are no lock-in arrangements offered for broadband plans. Many internet providers will need a one- or two-year commitment. Long-term contracts can provide tempting perks such as a free link or a router, however, if you terminate the deal or fail to understand how to increase airtel broadband speed after the limit, you would be penalized heavily.

Important Airtel Internet Customer Care Numbers

Are you looking for the Airtel Broadband/Internet Customer Care Number?

Here are the important numbers to note:

  1. 121 (From Airtel - For Queries and Requests)
  2. 198 (For Complaints)

We have mentioned the Airtel regional contact numbers for your convenience right here:

RegionLocal Customer Care Number
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh(0755) 4444121
Uttar Pradesh(0522) 4444121
Karnataka(080) 44444121
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana(040) 44444121
Mumbai(022) 44444121
Maharashtra(020) 44444121
Himachal Pradesh(0172) 4444121
Assam(033) 44444121
Jammu & Kashmir(191) 4444121
Bihar & Jharkhand(033) 44444121
WB(033) 44444121
Delhi(011) 44444121
Tamil Nadu(044) 44444121
Kerala(0484) 4444121
North East(033) 44444121
Haryana(0124) 4444121
Gujarat(079) 44444121
Rajasthan(0141) 4444121
Orissa(033) 44444121
Punjab(0172) 4444121

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know the Airtel 4G network speed in my area?

Most customers have the query- How can I do an airtel 4g speed test in my area? It is easy enough as all you have to do is run an internet speedtest using the above-mentioned tool. You can also check with your service provider to confirm the speed of internet in your region.

What is the average airtel 4g speed?

The Airtel 4g speed in Mbps is 13.86.

How can I check my Airtel internet balance?

Dial the airtel internet balance check code *121*2# to know your existing balance.

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