With more than 23 million customers, Dish TV India Limited (DTIL) is India's largest Cable and Satellite Distribution Channel. It offers a wide range of channels and programming to viewers. Stay updated on exclusive recharge offers to maximize your savings. For any assistance or inquiries, reach out to Dish TV's customer support at 95017-95017.

Dish TV

Launched in 2004, Dish TV has become one of the leading DTH providers in India, offering high-quality video and audio services, interactive features, and a variety of subscription plans to meet the needs and preferences of different users.Dish TV offers more than 700 channels and an array of other services. The company offers several DTH options including dishSMRT Hub, dishNXT HD, dishNXT.

This DTH provider managed to achieve this title after its merger with Videocon D2h on March 22, 2018. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, Dish TV DTH has revolutionized the way people watch TV, providing a seamless and immersive entertainment experience to millions of customers across the country.


Dish TV Login

With Dish TV Login, users can check their account balance, recharge their subscription, update their personal information, and even customize their channel packages according to their preferences.

Dish TV Customer Care

Dish TV Recharge

Giving a tough competition to renowned DTH providers like Tata Play and Airtel DTH, Dish TV offers a plethora of bundles, Dish TV family plans, and platforms to select from, depending on your location. You can also tailor your channel kit or create your own bundle using My Dish TV. Person broadcasters' networks can be found in the Broadcaster Bouquets.

Dish TV Recharge Plans

Go to www.dishtv.in to check the status of your Dish TV recharge. You can also verify account information using your remote or by texting CALL ME to 57575.

Affordable DishTV Recharge Plans
Dish TV Plans & PacksNumber of ChannelsValidityDish TV Recharge Price
Dish TV Super Family HSM201 Channels1 Month₹145
Dish TV Super Family HSM HD205 Channels1 Month₹216
Dish TV Hindi Premium189 Channels1 Month₹122
Dish TV Classic Hindi156 Channels1 Month₹16
Dish TV Super Family Marathi208 Channels1 Month₹164
Dish TV Premiere Kannada SD219 Channels1 Month₹102
Dish TV Hindi Prime HD190 Channels1 Month₹177
Dish TV Premiere Telugu SD203 Channels1 Month₹113
Dish TV Super Sports Marathi HD262 Channels1 Month₹352
Dish TV Swagat Gujarati192 Channels1 Month₹100

Dish TV Set-Top-Box Price

DishTV offers multiple set-top box options, for both HD and SD channels. Check out the top set-top box offers below:

Set-top Box NameCost
dishSMRT HUBINR 1694
DishNXT HDINR 1100

Take note of which HDMI input your HDMI cable is plugged into on your television if you're using one, as most televisions today offer numerous HDMI ports.

How Can You Recharge Your Dish TV Account?

There are some options to recharge your Dish TV with a channel package. One of the easiest would be to go to the company's site and insert the necessary details in the 'Quick Recharge' area. When recharging your balance, you must enter your VC number or RMN. Users can now connect channels and customize their subscriptions by adding a fee for the additional channels.

You can also recharge your Dish TV account using other payment applications like Google Pay and PhonePe. You need to open the applications on your smartphone, input the necessary details, and then purchase the recharge package that you want. Dish TV also provides cashback as subscribers recharge directly from the company's smartphone app.

Dish TV also provides an Android STB that allows consumers to download OTT content as well as view satellite TV only with a click of a single button.

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How To Get A Dish TV New Connection?

Purchasing a Dish TV new connection is quite simple nowadays, as you can call your closest DTH service provider for a new connection or obtain it online at an inexpensive rate with great deals from prominent DTH providers. 

My Dish TV App

My DishTV App makes it more convenient by providing you with 24/7 access to your DishTV Account. All account information can be accessed in a single tap and any actions in 3 taps!The app is available for users of ONLY DishTV and Zing Digital

Features of My Dish TV App

  • Instant recharge
  • Manage account
  • Transaction Histor

The Dish TV Brand Family

Dish TV offers a wide range of goods and services through its brands – Dish TV, D2H, and Zing – to meet your needs, whether it's DTH for your home, company, or car. Not just that, but since it has the most content on its website, all of its users not only have access to a variety of entertainment, but also the option to pick what they really want to watch.


DishTV, Asia's biggest Direct to Home Entertainment Brand, is an entertainment media pioneer. It is a subsidiary of Dish TV India Limited, and its creative services and groundbreaking features have won it the coveted title of India’s Largest DTH Brand for the fourth year in a row. Here are some prominent benefits of getting a DishTV connection:

  1. DishTV, as the industry leader in DTH infrastructure, has transformed Indian television by providing every consumer with access to high-quality streaming entertainment. DishTV has brought broadcasting standards to incredible heights by increasing the audience experience of tri-satellite equipment that delivers Hi-Definition as well as Standard Definition channels.
  2. DishTV adds to the world-class TV television experience by allowing viewers to pick channels of their choosing, tailor their own content packs, and pay only for what they want. Customers can tailor their plans to their preferences and expenditure thanks to the availability of a variety of Dish TV packages.
  3. DishTV even offers its subscribers services such as radio stations, an electronic program schedule, parental controls, as well as the capacity for more than 655 channels and facilities.
  4. DishTV established a 'Customer's Satisfaction Manual,' which is continually enhanced, tweaked, and revised with the goal of maximizing customer satisfaction. Consistent with this goal, every initiative and technical breakthrough at DishTV are motivated by a desire to provide its consumers with the best offerings while adhering to strict quality standards.
  5. DishTV is a brand that deals with a ‘Service with a Passion' mindset, taking extra consideration to ensure that all available assistance is given to consumers in the safest and most creative way possible.


D2H, India's newest inductee in the DTH segment, began operations in 2009. With a net user base of much more than 23 million user homes, it is now the fastest rising DTH network. It has a large pan-India distribution system and is present in 93% of all consumer durable trading outlets. Here are some of the benefits that D2H offers:

  1. D2H offers more than 650* channels and facilities, including 60* HD products and platforms. The company has been a leader in introducing cutting-edge technologies to India. It is known for launching India's initial Satellite DVD player, Satellite LED, Radio Frequency Remote for DTH, very first 1000 GB HD DVR set-top box, Wireless DTH Headphones, 4K Ultra HD Set-top box, and its new Internet app-enabled Smart set-top box "D2H stream." These developments have established D2H as a market leader in its own way.
  2. D2H's reputation has been built on its value-added offerings. It offers a variety of value-added features, including Dance Active, Cooking Active, Movies Active HD, Comedy Active, Bhakti Active, Ibadat Active, Music Active, Jyotish Active, Aapla Manoranjan, Evergreen Classics Active, Thirai Ulagam, Kids Active, Games Active, Topper TV, as well as Smart English, all of which are accessible on a subscription model and are suitable for anyone in the household, from a child to a homemaker.
  3. D2H has been named India's Most Trustworthy Franchise 2013, 2014, and 2015 by Economic Times, as well as India's leading Company 2014, India's Most Promising Company 2015, Pay TV Operator of the Year at MIPCOM Cannes 2015, India's Most Trusted Brand 2016, Exceptional Hospitality Company 2017 by Economic Times, as well as World HRD Congress' top 50 dream corporations to work for.

Zing Digital

Zing Digital is a regional content-oriented company that was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing high-quality interactive content in the customer's native language. For the value-conscious consumer, the company strives to optimize the TV visual experience with personalized regional content in digital video quality and studio quality sound. Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, and areas of Tripura are among the states where the company is currently active.

Dish TV HD set top boxes can also be attached to computer monitors in order to use them as HDTV displays.

Dish TV Contact Number

If you need to contact Dish TV customer care, consider the details mentioned below:

Dish TV Customer Contact Details
Dish TV Contact TypeContact Details 
AddressDish TV India Ltd. FC - 19, Sector 16A, Film City, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Pin code-201301 
SMSSMS CALL ME to 57575 from your Registered Mobile Number and Dish TV executives will call you back. 
EmailFor any Corporate/Business Inquiries related to Dish TV, send an email on [email protected] 

Dish TV: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to upgrade or decrease my DishTV package?

You may upgrade the bundle, but not downgrade it. Your connection's recharge date will be modified appropriately.

Can I add a second DishTV connection if I am a deactivated subscriber?

If you are a deactivated subscriber, you must first activate the connection before proceeding to the second, third, or fourth connection.

Do I need the installation of a satellite dish?

Satellite programming, in theory, needs a satellite dish for reception. DishTV, on the other hand, will install the satellite antenna and associated equipment for free for new subscribers. Additionally, although the antenna is needed for service enrollment, it is not required to see the material. DISH's Anywhere app enables members to move recorded material to and watch it on any mobile device that supports it.

How many televisions can I use to view DishTV?

The Hopper 3 DVR receiver serves as the main receiver for every DISH home, allowing for single-screen watching. Users may add up to six more Joey receivers to their house for an extra charge. The smaller Joey devices maintain most of the Hopper's capabilities but take up far less space.

Is it possible to watch satellite television in adverse weather?

Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain combined with high winds, sleet, or heavy snow might interfere with satellite transmissions. However, the likelihood of severe weather causing disruptions is vanishingly tiny.

DishTV guarantees 99 percent signal dependability regardless of the weather or geographic location. The one issue that might sometimes arise is weather-related damage to the satellite antenna. If this occurs, the satellite signal will be considerably disrupted and would need to be replaced.

Dish TV