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dish tv channel list

Dish TV has become a popular choice for television viewers around the world, offering a diverse selection of channels that cater to various interests and preferences. One of the most important aspects of subscribing to Dish TV is having access to their extensive channel list, which includes a wide range of programming options from news and sports to movies and entertainment.

Dish TV Channel List

In this day and age, where the demand for quality content has never been higher, it's no surprise that Dish TV's channel list has become a crucial factor for many when deciding which service to choose. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Dish TV channel list and explore what makes it stand out from the rest.

Dish TV Channel List with Price

Dish TV, a leading DTH provider with a broad selection of general entertainment channels that offer a variety of programs, including drama, comedy, and reality shows. Viewers can choose from popular channels like Star Plus, Zee TV, Sony Entertainment Television, and Colors, among others.It cater to different age groups and languages, ensuring that there is something for everyone.With the entertainment channels offered by Dish TV, you can now watch your favorite episodes and new shows on Sony, Zee, or Star without skipping a beat.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&TV HD108HD₹22.42
Aakash aath1413SDFree
Adithya TV963SD₹10.62
Amrita TV709SDFree
Asianet HD1901HD₹22.42
Asianet Plus703SD₹5.90
Big Ganga1552SD₹0.59
Big Magic118SD₹0.12
Chardikla Time TV1152SDFree
Colors Bangla1411SD₹8.26
Colors Bangla HD1410HD₹16.52
Colors Gujarati1272SD₹5.90
Colors HD120HD₹22.42
Colors Infinity505SD₹5.90
Colors Infinity HD504HD₹10.62
Colors Kannada1711SD₹22.42
Colors Kannada HD1710HD₹22.42
Colors Marathi1209SD₹11.80
Colors Marathi HD1208HD₹20.06
Colors Odia1304SD₹7.08
Colors Rishtey137SD₹1.18
Colors Super902SD₹3.54
Colors Tamil1808SD₹3.54
Comedy Central514SD₹5.90
Comedy Central HD513HD₹10.62
DD Arunprabha1514SDFree
DD Bangla1429SDFree
DD Chandana1729SDFree
DD Girnar1279SDFree
DD Kashir215SDFree
DD North East1513SDFree
DD Podhigai1849SDFree
DD Punjabi1169SDFree
DD Rajasthan245SDFree
DD Sahyadri1229SDFree
DD Saptagiri1629SDFree
DD Yadagiri1627SDFree
Enterr10 Movies407SDFree
ETV HD94HD₹22.42
ETV Plus1615SD₹8.26
ETV Telugu1604SD₹20.06
Gemini Comedy923SD₹5.90
Gemini TV1609SD₹22.42
Gemini TV HD93HD₹22.42
Investigation Discovery126SD₹1.18
Jaya TV956SD₹7.08
Kairali TV1911SDFree
Kalaignar TV957SDFree
Kaumudy TV1917SDFree
KTV HD91HD₹22.42
Makkal TV971SDFree
Manjari TV1309SDFree
Mazhavil Manorama1915SDFree
Media One TV723SDFree
Mega TV966SD₹3.54
Polimer TV968SDFree
PTC Punjabi1154SDFree
Puthuyugam TV1833SDFree
Raj TV958SD₹3.54
Ruposhi Bangla1427SDFree
SET HD104HD₹22.42
Sony Aath1407SD₹4.72
Sony Marathi1211SD₹4.72
Sony Pal4010SD₹1.18
Sony SAB107SD₹22.42
Sony SAB HD106HD₹22.42
Star Bharat116SD₹11.80
Star Bharat HD115HD₹22.42
Star Jalsha1404SD₹22.42
Star Jalsha HD1403HD₹22.42
Star Maa1606SD₹22.42
Star Maa HD1605HD₹22.42
Star Plus113SD₹22.42
Star Plus HD112HD₹22.42
Star Pravah1206SD₹10.62
Star Pravah HD1205HD₹17.70
Star Suvarna1707SD₹22.42
STAR Utsav4013SD₹1.18
Star Vijay1806SD₹20.06
Star Vijay Super1835SD₹2.36
Star World509SD₹9.44
Star World HD508HD₹10.62
Star World Premiere HD530HD₹10.62
Sun Bangla1415SDFree
Sun TV1802SD₹22.42
Sun TV HD90HD₹22.42
Surya TV1904SD₹14.16
Tarang TV1307SD₹11.80
Udaya Comedy1702SD₹7.08
Udaya TV1715SD₹20.06
UTV Bindass145SD₹1.18
Vasanth TV970SDFree
Zee Anmol125SD₹0.12
Zee Bangla1409SD₹22.42
Zee Bangla HD1408HD₹22.42
Zee Cafe503SD₹17.70
Zee Cafe HD502HD₹22.42
Zee Kannada1709SD₹22.42
Zee Keralam1906SD₹0.12
Zee Marathi1202SD₹22.42
Zee Marathi HD1201HD₹22.42
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh1189SD₹0.12
Zee Punjabi1156SD₹3.54
Zee Salaam203SD₹0.12
Zee Sarthak1302SD₹22.42
Zee Tamil1804SD₹14.16
Zee Telugu1602SD₹22.42
Zee TV111SD₹22.42
Zee TV HD110HD₹22.42
Zee Yuva1204SD₹1.18

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Dish TV Movie Channel List

Dish TV offers a diverse selection of movie channels. Most stations are also accessible in HD, which is a treat for all viewers because it allows them to watch their favorite movies in the greatest possible visual quality.Subscribers can also access Dish TV SMRT Hub for new movie packages.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&flix HD540HD₹22.42
&pictures HD304HD₹22.42
&prive HD538HD₹22.42
Asianet Movies716SD₹17.70
B4U Bhojpuri1560SDFree
B4U Kadak4044SDFree
B4U Movies360SDFree
Bhojpuri Cinema1554SDFree
Box Cinema344SDFree
Cinema TV India348SDFree
Colors Cineplex313SD₹3.54
Colors Cineplex HD312HD₹5.90
Colors Gujarati Cinema1273SD₹1.18
Colors Kannada Cinema1735SD₹2.36
Disney International HD515HD₹14.16
ETV Cinema1639SD₹7.08
Fakt Marathi1213SDFree
Gemini Movies1633SD₹20.06
Jalsha Movies1431SD₹7.08
Jalsha Movies HD1430HD₹22.42
Kairali We1919SDFree
Khushboo Bangla1439SDFree
Maha Movie387SDFree
Maha Punjabi4018SDFree
Manoranjan Movies3997SDFree
Manoranjan TV4023SDFree
MN+ HD576HD₹11.80
MNX HD542HD₹10.62
Movies Now547SD₹11.80
Movies Now HD546HD₹14.16
Pitaara TV1181SDFree
Raj Digital Plus959SD₹1.77
Romedy Now566SD₹7.08
Romedy Now HD565HD₹10.62
Sony Max343SD₹17.70
Sony Max 2349SD₹1.18
Sony Max HD342HD₹20.06
Sony Pix545SD₹11.80
Sony Pix HD544HD₹17.70
Sony Wah4019SD₹1.18
Star Gold353SD₹9.44
Star Gold 2357SD₹1.18
Star Gold HD352HD₹11.80
Star Gold Select382SD₹8.26
Star Gold Select HD381HD₹11.80
Star Maa Gold1613SD₹2.36
Star Maa Movies1637SD₹11.80
Star Movies549SD₹14.16
Star Movies HD548HD₹22.42
Star Movies Select HD577HD₹11.80
Star Suvarna Plus908SD₹5.90
Star Utsav Movies4049SD₹1.18
Surya Cinema4003SDFree
Surya Movies1943SD₹12.98
Udaya Movies1731SD₹18.88
UTV Action338SD₹2.36
UTV Movies336SD₹2.36
Wow Cinema One341SDFree
Zee Action310SD₹1.18
Zee Anmol Cinema355SD₹0.12
Zee Bangla Cinema1433SD₹2.36
Zee Bollywood307SD₹2.36
Zee Cinema340SD₹17.70
Zee Cinema HD339HD₹22.42
Zee Cinemalu1631SD₹11.80
Zee Talkies1231SD₹2.36
Zee Talkies HD1230HD₹22.42

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Dish TV Channel List with Number: News

If you want to stay up to speed on the latest events and news from across the world, consult this Dish TV News Channel List for a list of pertinent Dish TV channel numbers.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
A1 TV730SDFree
Aaj Tak655SD₹0.89
Aaj Tak Tez677SD₹0.30
ABN Andhra Jyothi1675SDFree
ABP Ananda1477SDFree
ABP Asmita1293SDFree
ABP Ganga712SDFree
ABP Majha1253SDFree
ABP News650SDFree
Al Jazeera787SDFree
Asianet News1961SDFree
Asianet Suvarna News1768SDFree
Assam Talks1527SDFree
BBC World News783SD₹1.18
Calcutta News1471SDFree
CNBC Awaaz733SD₹1.18
CNBC Bajar1297SD₹1.18
CNBC Prime HD754HD₹1.18
CNBC TV18755SD₹4.72
CNN International781SD₹0.59
CNN News18769SD₹0.59
DD Bharati197SDFree
DD Bihar1565SDFree
DD Imphal4016SDFree
DD India779SDFree
DD Madhya Pradesh237SDFree
DD Malayalam1939SDFree
DD Manipur1516SDFree
DD National193SDFree
DD News699SDFree
DD Odia1325SDFree
DD Shillong9907SDFree
DD Shimla4079SDFree
DD Urdu213SDFree
DD Uttar Pradesh229SDFree
Dighvijay 24x7 News1776SDFree
DY 3651529SDFree
ET Now751SD₹3.54
ETV Andhra Pradesh922SD₹1.18
ETV Telangana920SD₹1.18
France 24790SDFree
Gulistan News705SDFree
India Ahead775SDFree
India News665SDFree
India News Haryana1194SDFree
India Today763SD₹1.18
India TV653SDFree
Jai Maharashtra882SDFree
Janam TV730SDFree
Jantantra TV4018SDFree
Jaya Plus962SD₹0.59
Kairali News1971SDFree
Kalinga TV1357SDFree
Kanak News1359SDFree
Kolkata TV1471SDFree
Lok Sabha TV695SDFree
Manorama News725SDFree
Mathrubhumi News727SDFree
MBC TV1365SDFree
Mirror Now773SD₹0.59
Nandighosha TV1367SDFree
Naxatra News1361SDFree
NDTV 24x7761SD₹3.54
NDTV India659SD₹1.18
Nepal 11537SDFree
News 24661SDFree
News Live1535SDFree
News Nation660SDFree
News State UP Uttarakhand709SDFree
News Time Bangla1473SDFree
News18 Assam North East1533SD₹0.12
News18 Bangla1479SD₹0.12
News18 Bihar Jharkhand1579SD₹0.12
News18 Gujarati1289SD₹0.12
News18 India663SD₹0.12
News18 Kannada910SD₹0.12
News18 Kerala1963SD₹0.12
News18 Lokmat1255SD₹0.12
News18 Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh717SD₹0.12
News18 Odia1355SD₹0.12
News18 Punjab Haryana Himachal1193SD₹0.12
News18 Rajasthan729SD₹0.12
News18 Tamil Nadu1879SD₹0.12
News18 Urdu703SD₹0.12
News18 Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand711SD₹0.12
North East Live1539SDFree
Prag News1525SDFree
Prameya News71363SDFree
Pratidin Time1531SDFree
PTC News1191SDFree
Public TV1774SDFree
Puthiya Thalaimurai969SDFree
R Plus1485SDFree
Rajya Sabha TV697SDFree
Republic TV771SDFree
Saam TV1261SDFree
Sakshi TV929SDFree
Sandesh News1296SDFree
Shemaroo TV139SDFree
Sudarshan News679SDFree
Sun News949SD₹1.18
T News937SDFree
Thanthi TV967SDFree
Times Now767SD₹3.54
Times Now World HD766HD₹5.90
TV9 Bharatvarsh658SDFree
TV9 Gujarati1299SDFree
TV9 Kannada1766SDFree
TV9 Marathi1259SDFree
V6 News938SDFree
Zee 24 Ghanta1475SD₹0.12
Zee 24 Kalak1291SD₹0.12
Zee 24 Taas1251SD₹0.12
Zee Bihar Jharkhand1575SD₹0.12
Zee Business731SD₹0.12
Zee Hindustan654SD₹0.12
Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh715SD₹0.12
Zee News651SD₹0.12
Zee Odisha1353SD₹0.12
Zee Rajasthan News727SD₹0.12
Zee Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand707SD₹0.12

Dish TV Sports Channel List

There are several top-rated sports channels in which you can view all of your favorite cricket matches, such as the IPL, T20, and World Cup, as well as other sporting events. The majority of these channels are available on Dish TV. Tune in to your favorite sports stations and catch up on all of the newest matches and games.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
DD Sports639SDFree
Sony Six623SD₹17.70
Sony Six HD622HD₹22.42
Sony Ten 1611SD₹22.42
Sony Ten 1 HD610HD₹22.42
Sony Ten 2613SD₹17.70
Sony Ten 2 HD612HD₹20.06
Sony Ten 3615SD₹20.06
Sony Ten 3 HD614HD₹20.06
Star Sports 1603SD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 HD602HD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 Hindi607SD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD606HD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 Tamil1865SD₹20.06
Star Sports 2605SD₹7.08
Star Sports 2 HD604HD₹22.42
Star Sports 3649SD₹4.72
Star Sports First2349SD₹1.18
Star Sports Select 1646SD₹22.42
Star Sports Select 1 HD645HD₹22.42
Star Sports Select 2648SD₹8.26
Star Sports Select 2 HD647HD₹11.80

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Dish TV Cartoon Channel List: Kids

Dish TV includes several children's channels that keep your children pleased all day long.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Baby TV HD982HD₹1.18
Cartoon Network953SD₹5.02
Chintu TV1031SD₹7.08
Chutti TV948SD₹7.08
Discovery Kids960SD₹3.54
Disney Channel977SD₹9.44
Disney Junior985SD₹4.72
Hungama TV981SD₹7.08
Kochu TV734SD₹5.90
Marvel HQ979SD₹4.72
Nick HD+974HD₹11.80
Nick Jr987SD₹1.18
Sonic Nickelodeon958SD₹2.36
Sony Yay989SD₹2.36

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Dish TV Music Channel List 2023

For all music enthusiasts, music channels are a wonderful match. Dish TV includes a range of music stations which will keep you connected with all the newest charts and iconic tunes from the past.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
9X Jalwa3981SDFree
9X Jhakaas1243SDFree
9X Tashan1185SDFree
B4U Music4045SDFree
Gemini Music924SD₹4.72
Jaya Max955SD₹2.66
MH One1187SDFree
MTV Beats459SD₹0.12
MTV Beats HD458HD₹1.18
Murasu TV976SDFree
Music India479SDFree
PTC Chak De1183SDFree
PTC Music1186SDFree
Sangeet Bangla1461SDFree
Sangeet Bhojpuri1573SDFree
Sangeet Marathi1241SDFree
Star Maa Music1653SD₹1.18
Sun Music953SD₹7.08
Sun Music HD92HD₹22.42
Tarang Music1341SD₹2.36
Udaya Music906SD₹7.08
Zee Vajwa1242SDFree

Dish TV Channel List with Number: Infotainment Channels

Dish TV provides channels for environment, science fiction, wildlife and many more. They offer the world's leading infotainment channel, such as Discovery and History as well.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Animal Planet806SD₹2.36
Animal Planet HD World805HD₹3.54
D Tamil965SD₹4.72
DD Gyan Darshan991SDFree
DD Kisan195SDFree
DD Retro191SDFree
Discovery Channel803SD₹4.72
Discovery HD World802HD₹7.08
Discovery Science812SD₹1.18
Discovery Turbo814SD₹1.18
History TV18820SD₹3.54
History TV18 HD819HD₹8.26
Kappa TV735SDFree
Nat Geo Wild809SD₹1.18
Nat Geo Wild HD822HD₹5.90
National Geographic809SD₹2.36
National Geographic HD808HD₹11.80
Safari TV731SDFree
Sony BBC Earth829SD₹4.72
Sony BBC Earth HD828HD₹11.80

Dish TV Channel Number List: Lifestyle & Fashion

Dish TV lifestyle channels provide an excellent sound quality and a decent visual. Users can choose lifestyle channels under the A La Carte packages.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
ETV Life1617SD₹1.18
Fox Life915SD₹1.18
Fox Life HD914HD₹1.18
TLC HD918HD₹3.54
We TV714SDFree
Zee Zest903SD₹1.18

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Dish TV Channel Number List: Devotional

Dish TV offers a plethora of devotional channels for free to provide unrestricted access to content like the mass prayers and Saint Namaaz on your beloved religious channels such as Sadhna, Garv Gurbani as well as Bhakti Sagar.

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Aastha Bhajan1073SDFree
Angel TV1895SDFree
Arihant TV1107SDFree
Channel WIN1113SDFree
DARSHAN 241057SDFree
Disha TV757SDFree
Divya TV1051SDFree
God TV1087SDFree
Ishwar TV1057SDFree
Jinvani Channel1105SDFree
Lord Buddha TV4014SDFree
Peace of Mind1087SDFree
Prarthana TV1393SDFree
PTC Simran1195SDFree
Satsang TV1065SDFree
Shubh TV1079SDFree
Sri Sankara TV907SDFree
Subhavaartha TV1693SDFree
Surya Bhojpuri4015SDFree

How Do I Upgrade My Dish Network TV Package?

To ensure their customers can easily add or remove Dish TV channels whenever needed, Dish TV offers four different ways to complete the process. The steps to carry out each step are mentioned below.

Option 1: Online Change of Dish TV Pack

You may upgrade your Dish TV recharge plan online by logging into your Dish TV account. There is an option to upgrade or downgrade the functionality. You can select any of the choices that best suit your needs and then confirm your modifications.

Option 2: Modify your Dish TV plan by email

If you want to alter your Dish TV package by email, go to the Dish TV website. Find ‘Contact Us' and choose ‘email' from the drop-down menu. Fill out the form and a member of the customer service team will contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you may send an email to [email protected]. Before switching your Dish TV package, double-check all of your options.

Option 3: Change your Dish TV Pack by Sending an SMS

Send a text message CALL ME to 57575 from your registered mobile number, and a customer care representative will contact you. You can ask their representative to change your package.

Option 4: Change your Dish TV Package Via Call

To update your Dish TV package, just contact the Dish TV toll-free number 1800-2583747 and talk with a customer service representative.

Dish TV Channel List: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dish TV Asianet channel number?

  • Asianet (SD):1902
  • Asianet(HD):1901
  • Asianet Plus:703

What is Dish TV Kannada channel number?

  • Colors Kannada(SD):1711
  • Colors Kannada(HD):1710

What is Colors cineplex channel number on Dish TV?

  • SD 313 priced at ₹3.00
  • HD 312 priced at ₹5.00