Everything To Know About BSNL Internet Speed Test in 2022

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BSNL is a technology-oriented organization that offers all forms of communications services, including wireline, wireless local loop (WLL), cell phone services, cable, internet, rented circuits, and long-distance telecom service. Since around April 2019, it had approximately 29.63 million lines of basic telephone bandwidth, 1.39 million WLL bandwidth, 114.62 million GSM power, 31,611 wireless exchanges, 1,46,172 GSM BTSs, 95 Satellite Stations, 8,49,990 RKm of OFC system, and 2,548 RKm of microwave system.

What Your BSNL Internet Speed Test Shows
1. Upload Speed of BSNL Internet
2. Download speed of BSNL Internet
3. PING to the server
4. The speed test time

Check Your Internet Speed

Testing different settings on your router could improve signal strength and BSNL wifi speeds in your home.

What To Consider Before Choosing Your BSNL Internet Plans

Why is it important to check internet speed of BSNL or any other provider and choose a plan accordingly? Most people rely on their internet these days for daily activities and it comes as no surprise that to get the fastest speed, you must select the right BSNL internet package which will be beneficial over the longest period of time. At the same time, the plan should fall within your chosen budget.

It is a good idea to consider the following things listed below before you choose a plan.

Bandwidth Usage

Downloads and streaming use varying amounts of bandwidth. You must consider the distinction between uploading and surfing. If you download a file that is 4 MB in size, your total bandwidth consumption would be 4 MB.

However, if you spend an hour surfing the internet, you will undoubtedly consume a larger bandwidth depending on the places you visit.

Browsing Speed

You should think about the speed of your browsing. A web page weighing 40 KB, for example, would take 1.25 seconds to load with a 256 kbps link. With a 2 Mbps link, the very same page will load in 0.16 seconds. Evaluate this when selecting a BSNL broadband service, as the speed provided is critical. You can confirm the rate of upload by doing a BSNL broadband speed test.

The Number Of Devices Connected

The number of devices attached to your network at the same time is very important in deciding your requirement. Before selecting a package, you should be able to decide the number of machines or tablets that would be connected to your internet network, as well as each user's internet surfing habits.

This would have a significant impact on internet speed efficiency, particularly if all customers use the internet at the very same time.

What Is The Average Speed of BSNL?

The latest report from Telecom Talk discusses the distribution and performance of BSNL's 4G network. The report states that the 4G network of BSNL provides its subscribers with download speeds above 6.9 Mbps.

BSNL - What you shouldn’t miss

Getting you started is now easy. Look HERE for more details!

Understanding The Speed Test Results

In Mbps or megabits per second and Gbps or gigabits per second, the Internet speed is measured. The rate of download demonstrates how quickly data from the web to the computer can be downloaded. This rate affects web operations, including surfing, downloading online, etc.

The upload speed indicates, however, how quickly data from the computer to the internet can be transmitted. This includes things including video conferencing, paper uploading, photographs, images, etc. The response time between the system and the server will be seen in the ping data. Increased ping speed means a sluggish net speed.

BSNL has a range of various plans for broadband, postpaid and prepaid connections. We’ve listed the most popular plans that you can choose from across all three verticals. Make sure to take a BSNL speed test before selecting the required plan.

Let’s learn more about the BSNL fiber speed test and the most popular BSNL broadband plans.

February 2022 Offer: BSNL offers 90% discount up to Rs. 500/- for 90 days on First Fixed Monthly Charge (FMC) for all the FTTH Broadband plans (area precise and PAN India) from 3rd February 2022.

BSNL Internet Plans

BSNL’s broadband plans come with a host of various benefits. Browse through the plans below to choose the right one for you.

Here we have listed down BSNL FTTH speed test plans.

Monthly Pack FUP limit FTTH Plans
₹449 3300GB/month Fiber Basic
₹599 3300GB/month Fiber Basic
₹777 1000GB/month Fiber Basic
₹749 1000GB/month SuperStar Premium 1 with Free Bundled OTT#
₹779 1000GB/month SuperStar 1 with Free Hotstar
₹799 3300GB/month Fiber Value
₹849 1500GB/month Fiber Value Plus
₹999 2000GB/month SuperStar Premium Plus with Free Bundled OTT##
₹1277 3300GB/month Fiber Premium Plus
₹1499 4000GB/month Fiber Ultra
₹1999 4500GB/month Fiber Siver
₹2499 5000GB/month Fiber Silver Plus
₹4499 6500GB/month Fiber Ruby $
₹5999 8000GB/month Fiber Golden $
₹9999 12000GB/month Fiber Diamond $
₹16999 21000GB/month Fiber Platinum $

Bundled OTT #: SonyLIV Premium, Zee5 Premium, VooT Select, YuppTV Live (NCF Channels), YuppTV FDFS, YuppTV Movies, YuppTV Scope (Aggregator Tech Platform), Support, Marketing.

Bundled OTT ##: Disney + Hot Star Premium, Lions Gate LLP, Shemaroo ME & Shemaroo Gujarati, Hungama Music & Hungama Play SVOD, SonyLIV Premium, Zee5 Premium, VooT Select, YuppTV Live (NCF Channels) and YuppTV packages

BSNL Postpaid Plans

For people who need fast-speed internet at affordable prices, BSNL provides great postpaid plans, some of which are listed below.

BSNL 4G Postpaid Data Add On Plans
Monthly Cost Data BSNL Data Addon Plan
₹150 40GB AddOn 150
₹250 70GB AddOn 250
BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plans
BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plan Unlimited FUP limit
Plan 198 25GB (Data rollover up to 75GB allowed)
Ghar Wapsi (Plan 399) 70GB (Data rollover up to 210GB)
Plan 525 85GB (Data rollover up to 255 GB)
Plan 798 50GB (Data rollover up to 150GB)
Plan 999 75GB (Data rollover up to 225GB)
Plan 1525 Unlimited Data without speed restriction

BSNL Prepaid Plans

If you’re looking for a good data plan but have still not decided which provider you want to go to, you could consider opting for BSNL’s prepaid data plans, which are listed below.

Plan / STV Data Plan Cost Rs. FUP limit Other Features everyday Validity in Days
STV56 ₹56 1.5GB/day NA 14
STV187 ₹187 2GB / day Unlimited calls any network including MTNL Network + 100 SMS 28
STV151 ₹151 40GB Data NA 30
STV251 ₹251 70GB Data NA 30
STV 599 (Work from Home) ₹599 5GB/Day, then 80Kbps Unlimited calls any network + 100 SMS/day 90
Plan 153 ₹153 1GB / Day Unlimited calls + 100 SMS/day 28
Plan 365 ₹365 2GB / Day Unlimited calls + 100 SMS/day +Free Tune + Lokdhun Contest 60
Plan 399 ₹399 1 + 1GB/day Unlimited calls + 100SMS/day + BSNL tunes + Lokdhun content 80
Digital India STV 429 ₹429 1GB / Day Unlimited calls to any network + 100 SMS per day 81
Plan485 ₹485 1.5GB /Day Unlimited calls to any network + 100 SMS per day 90
Plan666 ₹666 1.5GB /Day Unlimited calls to any network + 100 SMS per day 120
Plan 699 ₹699 0.5GB/Day Unlimited calls + 100 SMS/day + Free tune for 60days 160
Plan 997 ₹997 3GB/Day Unlimited calls + 100 SMS/day + Lokdhun Content + Sony Liv + Free Tune 180
STV1098 ₹1098 Unlimited data without speed restriction Free voice (Home/ National Roaming including Mumbai and Delhi + 100 SMS/day + Free Tune with unlimited song change 84
BSNL 1999 ₹1999 2GB / Day Unlimited calls + 100 SMS/day + Free caller tune for 365 days and Lokdhun Contest for 60days 365
BSNL 2399 ₹2399 3GB / Day Free calls + 100 SMS/day + Free caller tune + Lokdhun Contest for 60days 365
STV7 ₹7 1GB NA 1
STV16 ₹16 2GB NA 1

How To Get BSNL 4G SIM Upgradation?

Recently, BSNL has been making commendable strides in the 4G sector. Hence, if you’re looking to get a 4G SIM upgrade for better and faster internet speed, follow the steps given below:

PAN India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has streamlined the process for BSNL 4G SIM up-gradation on replacement of conventional 2G / 3G SIM within GSM mobile networks with new simple pre-format SMS measures validated via OTP on BSNL consumer prepaid mobile for registration of the new BSNL 4G updated SIM under 15 minutes.

All consumers who have checked with eKYC are eligible to switch to the latest BSNL 4G SIM process while existing clients who have not finished the KYC process can approach the closest BSNL CSC in the very same area with an approved POI and POA document to update to the latest BSNL 4G SIM card.

How To Check Your Current Speed Test On A Computer

To conduct a speed test on a device, a user must first complete the following steps:

  • If they have a VPN, disconnect from it.
  • If you use WiFi to browse the web on a device, you can also disable the WiFi.
  • Disconnect all other WiFi-connected computers to prevent any undesirable impact on the speed measure.
  • Connect a part of an Ethernet cable to the ethernet adapters of the modem and the second part of a cord to the ethernet ports of your device.
  • Disconnect the power cable for around 60 seconds of the modem router.
  • Reconnect the power cord after 60 seconds and switching the modem on.
  • Close every Internet-linked service or website.
  • Speed testing can be conducted at websites such as Selectra,Ookla Speedtest, Speedtest.net and Fast.com. Only start the site on the machine and press the 'Start Test' button. In a few seconds, the findings will appear.
  • You should equate the download and upload speeds with the net speed of the ISP provided.

How To Run A Speed Test On A Smartphone

Consider these measures to track the speed of a mobile Internet broadband connection:

  • After ensuring all other gadgets are removed from broadbands, install the speedtest.net app on the handset.
  • Launch the app, and choose the option 'Begin Test.' The app sends and gets data from and to a near network. On the screen, the results are shown.
  • Ensure that these findings are compared with the Internet Service Provider's committed speed.

Factors Affecting The Speed Test ResultsThe internet speed test may be influenced by many factors. This covers the day of the week and the precise time. This all depends on the time of the handset or device and the internet plan used. In addition, wired connections are more reliable than WiFi checks. Far from an auction, you even prevent the use of the quickest Internet speed as the ISP has promised. By focusing on these aspects, you will dramatically improve Internet speed.

How To Improve Your Internet Speed On Your Mobile

If you’re facing challenges with your BSNL speed test online on your mobile, consider following the tricks given below.

Delete the mess

If the system itself is sluggish, a fast lightning signal would not improve your phone performance. Clean the cache on your Web browser frequently, close the background apps which are not in use and remove applications that you do not use to guarantee maximum utilization on your mobile phone. This also helps to search for updates so you are certain that your mobile app is running the latest version.

Enable WiFi calling

Apps such as Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime Audio, as well as Whatsapp use your WiFi network to make calls and messages, allowing you to avoid a potentially poor mobile phone signal. Although WiFi calling will operate around a sluggish 4G LTE signal, it does require a powerful WiFi signal to perform. If your in-home or workplace WiFi isn't fast enough, your service can suffer. Also, keep in mind that mobile phone signal boosters only improve cellular signals, not WiFi (thought WiFi signal boosters are also available).

Shut it off and then turn it back on

Any IT expert should never be inaccurate. Before you give up, try turning off and restarting your computer. Try switching your handset to airplane mode for 5 seconds, then back to normal mode. Often a fast reset is all that is needed to iron out the kinks in every mobile system, including your smartphone.

How to Improve 4G LTE Data Speeds

Data is just as fast as the system transmitting the signal. To ensure that your mobile isn't going to slow down your data, automate it with app upgrades, decluttering, and battery preservation. Once you've optimized the output of your smartphones or 4G tablet and selected the right internet provider, the only tool that efficiently amplifies mobile phone signal in all scenarios is the 4G LTE booster.

Mobile phone booster kits, which are available for the car, house, and office, are the simplest and most effective way of connecting wherever you go.

How to Improve Internet Speed on Your Desktop

If you’re looking to improve your current internet speed without changing your service provider or plan, consider following these steps:

1. Shift The Router Closer Or Shift The Router Next To Your PC

Getting closer is a simple and quick way to increase the speed of your internet connection. The greater the distance between your PC or laptop and your Wi-Fi modem, the poorer your internet becomes.

Your ISP (internet service provider) is unlikely to supply you with the best router possible, but if your signal quality is poor even though you're right beside it, it's time to upgrade.

2. Choose an Ethernet Connection

Whether Wi-Fi isn't working for you, even if you don't want to spend the money for a new router, you can use a wired link. Connect your PC or Mac to your network using an Ethernet cable. This would have the quickest possible connection speeds, theoretically exceeding 1 GB per second.

3. Inspect The Cable And Shorten It If Necessary

Although cables are the quickest and most secure way to link your PC to your router, when you're utilising Ethernet, ensure the cable really isn't that long and has no kinks. For example, after noticing frequent declines in downloads and Netflix latency with my 50' Ethernet cable, I moved to a shorter 30' cable from a higher-quality company, and all my troubles vanished. It's a simple way to boost the internet speed and/or enhance a sluggish connection.

4. Disconnect Your Router Or Modem For A Short Time

Whatever the issue, there's really one thing that really works to accelerate internet connection: switching the router off and back on! It's remarkably effective as a fast Wi-Fi booster.

5. Run A Virus Scan On Your Computer

Viruses, Trojans, as well as other malware, can consume a lot of bandwidth, particularly when they transfer your important documents or download other malicious software onto your computer. Download an antivirus program and search the computer from top to bottom to avoid this.

Placing your router in a central spot can help maximize where your signals travel.

BSNL vs Airtel: Speed Test Comparison

According to a Tutela survey, Airtel had the best Excellent Consistent Quality (ECQ), with 55.4 percent of users finding a proper internet service for intense use. BSNL has the least ECQ of 14 percent, which is quite low in comparison to Airtel, which was in first place.

In terms of Consistent Core Quality (CCQ), neither of the companies in India could exceed 90% in popular coverage areas. Airtel came strong with an 83 percent CCQ. Again, BSNL was last, with a CCQ of 48.5 percent.

Airtel took the top spot with average download speeds of 10 Mbps in popular coverage areas. BSNL, on the other hand, has an average downloading speed of 2.8 Mbps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change BSNL broadband plans online?

First of all login to the BSNL Self-care portal and submit a request to switch broadband plan with their mentioned 5 steps and within 24 hours, your plan shift request will be approved.

How do you check BSNL broadband plans?

Any subscribed consumer of BSNL broadband can check the subscribed internet or recharge plan on bill or login to self-care portal or by utilizing, use the same WiFi zone.

What is the most promising broadband internet plan of BSNL in 2022?

Under Standard BSNL broadband plans, 500GB CUL at 555 for DSL, and the latest Fiber basic at 449/month under Bharat Fiber is the most suitable plan for 2022.

Can all broadband plans of BSNL be provided on FTTH?

Every BSNL broadband plan on the DSL network with Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) of over Rs.500 is accessible on BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) network.