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BSNL is one of the oldest and most prominent government-owned telecommunications providers in India. The network provider offers comprehensive services, including calling, messaging and data for internet usage.

With its recently launched 4G services pan-India, the BSNL 4G SIM card is now available in various sizes, and is compatible with the newest iPhones and Android smartphones such as Samsung, Oppo and others. PAN-India GSM provider. Additionally, 3 in 1 repluggable BSNL SIM cards are currently available with the normal slot for usage in feature phones and smartphones as well as the micro and nano slots for use in iPads and tablets from Apple and Samsung.

When it comes to network providers, the SIM card is everything. Hence, to make the most of your connection, it’s crucial to understand all the factors related to the SIM. As a result, consumers should be well-versed in the topic of BSNL GSM mobile services. To that end, we've created a guide with everything about your BSNL SIM card.

An Introduction To BSNL’s USIM

BSNL’s USIMs are a mini-computer that can run a variety of small programs, including 4G, e-purses for public transportation, a gateway for local services, and M2M (Machine to Machine) applications are just a few examples. Additionally, it has a minimum capacity of 1000 public phone book numbers.

There are three different types of BSNL USIMs, including 2G, 3G and 4G. Most 2G SIM cards have a capacity of 32KB, with some of the most recent 2G SIM cards having 64KB memories. USIM Card offers its 3G and newest BSNL 4G Mobile Services with 128K / 256K memory.

The UMTS connection is a newly developed network that is in charge of offering consumers with high-speed data rate luxury, video call facilities, and other features, as well as security on the UMTS network.

An Introduction To BSNL’s Nano-SIM

BSNL Nano-SIM is the fourth generation of SIM cards, also known as 4th Form Factor (4FF). These are the only cards that work with the most recent models of iPhone and Android smartphones from Samsung, HTC, and Oppo.

For this reason, the Telecom major launched BSNL SIM card offers at a flat rate of Rs.10, Rs.20, and Rs.50, with the fees only applied to new activation and replacement of BSNL SIM cards that are defective or lost in connection. In many cases, BSNL provides SIM cards for free in all circles during promotional offers.

While there may be discounts on BSNL SIM cards for 2G as well as 3G mobile services, the costs remain the same throughout the country. So, if you’re planning to switch or upgrade to BSNL 4G, here’s a list for BSNL sim card prices.

Particulars Normal /Micro SIM / Nano Smart SIM (3 in 1 Repluggable) of 32K to 128K with international roaming SIM card BSNL 4G SIM Nano SIM 256K SIM
Paired SIM (For New Connection) INR 10 INR 20 INR 30 INR 50
Unpaired Choose Your Mobile Number (CYMN)
MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

How To Get BSNL SIM Replacement & Cost

Customers who damage or lose their current SIM cards are liable for the purchase of a new one, which will be charged INR 50 for a replacement SIM with the same number.

However, if you need to replace your BSNL SIM due to SIM registration failure or for a new connection, then you can avail the SIM at no extra cost. To replace your BSNL SIM card, please visit the closest CSC or Franchisee center, authorized customer, to get a duplicate 4G SIM card using the established procedure. The new procedure for obtaining an unpaired, 4G Nano or Micro BSNL SIM for replacement can be found on their website.

Present your POI and POA to BSNL Customer Service Center with the same mobile number, and the staff will verify your validity and identity before issuing a new BSNL SIM card with the same mobile number.

Technical Aspects of The BSNL SIM

When it comes to mobile services, BSNL has Mobile Switching Centers (MSC) with HLR and VLR, and each of these MSCs is connected to every other MSC in India. Human Location Resource (HLR) is the sole database for mobile subscriber information that is a part of GSM, CDMA, or TDMA networks that offers amenities like data, calling, SMS, and other services connected to a mobile number.

In a cellular communication system connected to the BSNL MSC, VLR is the database for locating visitors. In mobile phones, when a SIM card is inserted, VLR is contacted and HLR data is updated.

BSNL SIM Card Roaming: How Does It Work?

BSNL roaming saves the data by allotting a momentary mobile number to that SIM, which maps to the actual mobile number, for eg. a Chennai client goes to Bangalore and uses the VLR of Bangalore MSC to contact Home MSC (Chennai).

SIM Recovery After Misplacing Phone

You might think that you’ll need to disable your BSNL SIM card if you misplace your phone. However, that will just cause unnecessary hassles. BSNL has a simple procedure in place for SIM recovery in the event that you misplace your phone.

Basically, the matter will be handled by BSNL customer service and the BSNL account would be temporarily blocked if a subscriber calls them to ban their SIM before replacing it. After a replacement and a second request, the blocked BSNL SIM card will be activated once again via the activation procedure.

If you’re wondering how to block your BSNL SIM card, all you need to do is contact customer care. They will confirm your phone number and identity before blocking your SIM.

In case your phone is stolen and you want to file for insurance, you need to visit the nearest BSNL center and submit proof of identity along with a copy of the FIR.

Number Porting To BSNL SIM

BSNL Mobile Number Portability customers can now get the latest SIM card for their iPhone or Android phone at the lowest price ever offered by any mobile operator: a Rs 20 BSNL 4G SIM card. This helps to keep up with the image of the BSNL brand while also keeping up with the advanced market situation and customer requirements. The PSU provides this SIM card for new and replacement to direct and BSNL Mobile Number Portability consumers.

To learn how to port your number to a BSNL SIM, read our guide here.

BSNL Customer Care Information

If you’re facing any challenges, you can use the following BSNL SIM card customer care number:

  • Landline Call Center: ‘1500’ or ‘1800-345-1500’
  • Mobile Customer Care: Number ‘1503’ or ‘1800-180-1503’
  • Website:

For more information about BSNL customer care, you can read our comprehensive article here.


Now that you know everything about BSNL SIM cards, you should buy your BSNL 4G SIM card online today! For more information about BSNL plans and other information, keep reading Selectra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the current freebies or facilities as a substitute when replacing my SIM?

After deactivating the old one and activating the new one, all current services (Voice, SMS, data balance, expiration date, F and F numbers) would continue to work as before. BSNL SIM Replacement is a physical card that replaces the previous one.

How long would it take for a client to have a new BSNL SIM card activated?

To activate a BSNL duplicate SIM card, please allow 30 minutes to 4 hours after submitting the required POI and POA to CSC for either Micro/Nano/ 3 in 1 Re-pluggable.

If you're using an iPhone 7, 7+, or a Samsung S8, do you need a second SIM card?

No, there aren't various SIM cards for different phones. Existing repluggable SIM cards have: A slot for feature phones, another slot for smartphones with a third slot for a Micro SIM .Some of the most recent cell phones have a Nano SIM slot.

If not needed, how can I deactivate my BSNL SIM card online?

For the time being, there is no online option; your only option is to get a BSNL Replacement SIM from a CSC in your home circle.

Are duplicate SIM cards obtained via an EKYC / biometric process?

BSNL SIM replacement cases will be handled by the telecom brand through EKYC biometric as well. Only connections already connected to Aadhaar would process replacement SIM cards via biometric EKYC.

Can a client with a feature phone request a Nano SIM card instead?

Yes, any BSNL mobile service user may request a Nano-SIM replacement, and getting a BSNL SIM card if your current one isn't functioning isn't a separate process. BSNL now offers 3in1 Repluggable SIMs, which include normal, micro, and nano slots in a single BSNL SIM card.

Is it necessary to send a letter to the police reporting the missing SIM card?

While filing an insurance claim and obtaining a new BSNL card are required, they are optional.

Will the SIM lock on a lost or stolen BSNL replacement card immediately unlock?e

No, the BSNL client must ask the CSC for the unlocking of a locked SIM while replacing or activating a BSNL duplicate SIM card from another carrier.

Do I have to re-register for the data facility if I replace the old one?

If you change your BSNL SIM card, the data service will be activated by default, just as it was before.

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