How to Port Number - Airtel, VI, BSNL and Jio?

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how to port your number

MNP, or Mobile Number Portability, is an incredible feature that allows users to port from one mobile network operator to another without losing their data, or changing their contact number. It is designed to ensure that consumers experience the best of facilities and get maximum compensation. Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Idea, and BSNL provide porting facilities that can be carried out in a few steps. All you have to do is generate the UPC (Unique Porting Code) and follow the operator's instructions.

What Is Mobile Number Portability - MNP?

MNP, or Mobile Number Portability, is a facility provided by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Under this facility, telecom users can smoothly switch or “port” from one mobile network operator to another without changing their number or losing any data. This facility is specifically structured for all those consumers who are dissatisfied with the services provided by their current operators.

How To Port Number?

The most important step in the port number process is generating the Unique Porting Code or UPC, a unique identifier that allows the service providers and authorities to recognise the request and keep track of it. The steps for the port number process may differ for various operators. Before we dive into the port number process for Airtel, Jio, Vi & BSNL, here’s a general guide that users can follow:

  1. Send an SMS “PORT<space><10-digit mobile number>” to 1900 from the mobile number that has to be ported.
  2. You will receive the UPC via SMS on the same number.
  3. Fill out the CAF or Customer Acquisition Form and the porting form of the operator of your choice.
  4. Provide the correct UPC.
  5. You will be required to submit documents. A nominal payment fee might be charged.
  6. Collect the new SIM card from your new operator’s nearest store.
  7. A message containing confirmation of the porting request will be sent to your number.
  8. Insert the new SIM in your phone.
  9. Once the verification is complete, the mobile number will be activated on the network of the new mobile network operator!

Note: The SIM port number process within the same LSA (Licensed Service Area) takes 3 working days, whereas that in different LSAs takes 5 working days. Porting a corporate number also takes 5 working days. Porting in Jammu and Kashmir and North-eastern LSAs takes 15 working days.

A withdrawal window of 24 hours is provided after receiving the confirmation SMS. The porting process is conducted during night hours and no service is available through the process. Users will be alerted of the date and time for the same via SMS.

Airtel Port Number Process

Bharti Airtel is one of the top mobile network operators in India. It is well-known for its flexible plans, high compensation of costs, and incredible Airtel customer care support. Airtel is an excellent choice for anyone who values overall user experience at the top. Here’s the Airtel port number process:

  1. Visit Airtel’s official website and browse the different prepaid and postpaid plans available.
  2. Once you’ve found the right one, schedule free doorstep KYC pickup and SIM delivery through the website only.
  3. Once the delivery executive has arrived, generate the UPC on your phone by sending an SMS “PORT<space><10-digit mobile number>” to 1900.
  4. The Unique Porting Number or UPC will be sent from 1901 to the same number.
  5. Share the UPC with the delivery executive.
  6. Provide the necessary KYC documents, like proof of identity and proof of address.
  7. The delivery executive of Airtel will complete the entire process for you. Your new Airtel SIM will be activated within 48 hours after your documents are validated!

Jio Port Number Process

Jio has the best 4G network services in India. Reliance Jio also offers incredible coverage and connectivity for all their plans. Their fast data speeds and voice quality features beat all other mobile network operators in these factors. Here’s the Jio port number process:

  1. Send an SMS “PORT<space><10-digit mobile number>” to 1900 from the mobile number you wish to port.
  2. Your UPC and its expiry date will be sent to you via SMS.
  3. Visit the nearest Jio Retail Store with the UPC.
  4. Ensure that you carry the required documents for authentication.
  5. Contact any customer service executive at the store for your port number request.
  6. Provide the necessary information.
  7. The executive will process your request.
  8. Within 3 to 4 working days, the port number process for your mobile number will be completed and the Jio service will be activated!

BSNL Port Number Process

BSNL has numerous standard entry-level plans for both prepaid and postpaid users that they avail of at extremely affordable rates. BSNL is well-suited and offers great compensation to all those users who reside under BSNL network coverage. Here are the steps for a BSNL port number process.

  1. Send an SMS “PORT<space><10-digit mobile number>” to 1900.
  2. If you’re a prepaid user in Jammu and Kashmir, call 1900 with your request instead of an SMS.
  3. Once you’ve generated the UPC, visit the nearest BSNL customer service centre or authorised franchisee at the earliest with your port number request.
  4. Fill out the CAF or Customer Application Form.
  5. Your port number request will be processed and you will be issued a new BSNL SIM Card.
  6. The time and date of porting will be informed by BSNL shortly.
  7. Users must change their SIM card at the same time as porting to successfully avail of the facility.

Vi Port Number Process

Vodafone Idea, or Vi, offers extensive network coverage that allows users to stay connected irrespective of their location. Moreover, they provide excellent Vi customer care support services and overall user experience that make it one of the best service providers in India. Here are the simple steps for the Vi port number process:

  1. Visit Vi’s official website for mobile number porting.
  2. Choose whether you want a prepaid plan or a postpaid plan.
  3. Enter the PIN code and the mobile number you wish to port.
  4. Enter the address.
  5. Select a suitable plan from the recommended ones.
  6. You will be sent an OTP for verification.
  7. The home delivery of your Vi SIM will be set once the OTP is verified.
  8. Once the delivery executive reaches your location, generate the UPC by sending an SMS “PORT<space><10-digit mobile number>” to 1900.
  9. Share the UPC and other KYC documents with the Vi executive.
  10. The executive will initiate and complete the porting process for you.

What Are The Key Considerations Before Porting Your Number?

The most important aspect to consider before applying for the port number request is to verify whether you fulfil the eligibility criteria. Once you’re certain of that, check out the documents required for a porting request. Here’s the basic eligibility required:

  • No outstanding dues must be present at the time of porting the number, especially for postpaid users.
  • The number must be active under the previous mobile network operator for a minimum of 90 days.
  • No ongoing request for a change of mobile number ownership is present.
  • Under the subscriber agreement with the previous operator, there must not be any pending contractual obligations.
  • The mobile number is allowed to be ported by the law.
  • The mobile number is not engaged in any legal proceedings in the court of law.

If the user cannot fulfil even any one of the above prerequisites, their port number request can be easily rejected.

In addition to this, users are also required to submit the following documents:

  • Passport-size photographs
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Last mobile bill (Applicable only for postpaid users)

The following documents qualify as both proof of identity and proof of address.

  • Driving license
  • Aadhar card
  • Election Commission ID card
  • Ration card
  • Current passbook of the post office/scheduled bank
  • Caste or domicile certificate issued by the State Government
  • Consumers can also use these documents for address proof. Note that these documents can be a maximum of 3 months old.
  • Water bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Electricity bill

SIM Port Number: Advantages And Disadvantages

When it comes to obtaining the services of any mobile network operator, there are many advantages and disadvantages that one encounters. Similarly, even with mobile number portability, users can find some pros and cons. Although the process is incredibly convenient, it may pose a few challenges. Explore the different advantages it has:

  • Flexibility

    MNP offers a lot of flexibility to users that allows them to choose a plan according to their requirements and preferences.

  • Economy

    MNP also contributes considerably to the country’s economy over time, as users scramble to switch to an operator with better compensation for price.

  • Enhancement of Services

    Since users get the option to conveniently switch from one operator to another, service providers strive to improve their services to retain consumers.

  • Same Mobile Number

    If users are dissatisfied with the services of the previous operator, they can switch to another without having to change their mobile number.

Here are some of the significant disadvantages that MNP holds:

  • Customer Loyalty

    Retaining customers and their loyalty to one operator becomes difficult since they can switch to another conveniently. Thus, it becomes an added obstacle for mobile operators.

  • Charges

    Additional fees for porting from one number to another may be charged.

  • Keeping Track

    It may become tricky to keep track of the operators accessed by users over time for the authorities.

What Is The Reason For Port Mobile Number Request Rejection?

Individual subscribers or consumers must ensure that the details they fill out and the documents they submit are all valid. Your port mobile number request can be rejected if the UPC or any other details aren’t correct. Moreover, if the user does not fit the above eligibility criteria for the porting process, their request can be rejected.

For corporate mobile users, the porting request may be rejected by the previous mobile network operator if the request does not include a valid authorisation letter from the corporate authorities overseeing the mobile number management.

How To Withdraw a Porting Number Request?

Once the porting request is submitted successfully, customers receive a confirmation message on the same mobile number. After receiving the number, consumers are given a window of 24 hours to withdraw their porting requests. To cancel the request, send an SMS “CANCEL<space><10-digit mobile number>” to 1900.

However, note that after a cancellation request is sent, consumers will not be eligible to receive refunds for any amount of charges they may have paid!

Port Mobile Number: Common Challenges And Solutions

The port number process is easy and convenient only if you fulfil the eligibility criteria and are good to go. However, users may face certain challenges while carrying out the process. Some of the common challenges are:

  • Ownership disputes
  • Contract obligations at the previous operator
  • Network service gaps during the time of porting
  • Adding incorrect information

Here’s how you can ensure that you don’t face these challenges:

  • Clarify the ownership of the mobile number beforehand, especially for corporate mobile numbers.
  • Clear all outstanding dues and cross-check any contract obligations at the previous operator.
  • Try to schedule the porting during night hours or at a time when the number won’t be in use. (if possible)
  • Verify that the KYC documents and any information you provide are correct.

Port Number: Post-Porting Considerations

On completing the initiation of the port number process, you must ensure that the porting process has been successful. Irrespective of whichever plan you choose, the services and benefits offered must be satisfactory to your needs. Here are the different ways to verify that the porting has been successful:

  • Place a call and verify that there are no issues or network disconnectivity.
  • Send a demo SMS to a familiar contact to make sure it goes through.
  • Browse the Internet, download or upload files and perform other actions that typically require high data connectivity.

Why Verify The Network After Porting?

Here are the major reasons why you should ensure that the port number process has been successful:

  • To ensure that the porting process is successful.
  • To cross-check the network coverage offered by the mobile operator.
  • To verify whether the quality of calls, SMS and other services is better than what was offered before porting.
  • To check the download and upload speed of the data of your mobile network.
  • To find and resolve any issues or discrepancies that may have arisen during porting.

Final Thoughts On Port Number Process

As elaborated in the above article, MNP is a convenient facility that allows you to exercise your freedom of choice and preferences as a mobile network consumer. All the top mobile network operators in India, like Jio, Airtel, BSNL and Vi, offer porting services. The users only have to generate the Unique Porting Code and complete the process as directed by the operator. If you're unsatisfied with your current plan, check out the port number process today!

Port Number: Frequently Asked Questions

What is port number?

Mobile Number Portability is a facility that allows users to switch their operators without changing their mobile number or losing any data. The first step in the port number process is to generate the Unique Porting Number. For this, users must send an SMS to 1900.

How can I check my SIM number?

Here are the steps to check your SIM number:

  1. Scroll down and click on "About phone" or "About Device".
  2. Click on "Status" or "Phone identity".
  3. Find "SIM card status".
  4. Your SIM card number will be listed under "ICCID" or "SIM card number".

Can I port if under a contract?

Unfortunately, users cannot port their number if it is under an ongoing contract.

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