Jio Balance Check Number: Data Plan, Balance and Validity

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Curious about how to check your Jio balance, data plan, and validity? You're in luck! You can easily do so by dialing either 1991 or 1800 889 9999 from your Jio number. Additionally, to check your Jio data balance specifically, dial 1299. These simple steps ensure you stay informed about your Jio account details easily. There are more ways to check other details like SIM and validity, so read on and apply.

Jio Balance Check Number: Find Data, SIM & Validity

Being a Jio customer, you have multiple options to check your account balance information provided by the network provider. Users can verify their data usage, SMS balance, and plan validity in several ways, such as SMS, USSD codes, phone calls, and through dedicated app and website. Each method includes a few simple steps to retrieve the information, either through the Jio balance check number or via SMS and calls. Consider the following sections to know more!

What Are The Top 5 Ways To Manage Jio Services?

Irrespective of whether you have a Jio prepaid or Jio postpaid plan, it is crucial to track your services to stay up-to-date with your plan. This way, you also learn about the new offers, services and benefits you can avail of in your package. There are several ways to manage your Jio services and access details. Here are the five most convenient ones.

  • SMS
  • Missed Call/Call
  • USSD codes
  • Official Jio Website
  • MyJio App

Jio SIM Balance Check Number

One of the simplest ways to find the details of your data usage, SMS balance and plan validity is through SMS or initiating a missed call. The Jio balance check number for the former is 55333, where you merely have to text MBAL. To give a missed call, you must dial the Jio data balance check number1299. After either of the above procedures, you will receive a text message containing the following information.

  • Your data plan
  • Your data usage
  • SMS usage
  • Recharge balance
  • Date of expiry and plan validity

Jio Balance Check No: Via USSD Codes

USSD codes, also called feature codes or quick codes, are a unique communication protocol through which users can communicate with their telephone service providers. Here are the USSD codes that you can use to check Jio net balance, jio data check, Jio sim balance check number and Jio recharge check number.

USSD Codes For Common Actions
ActionUSSD Code
Jio Plan validity check code*333#
Jio Main balance check code
Jio SMS balance check code
Jio Data balance check code*333*1#
Jio Internet balance check code*111∗1∗3#

Jio Balance Check Number Via A Direct Call

You can follow these steps to get details of your plan through a call.

  1. Dial the Jio SIM balance check number 1991 or call the Jio customer care number, 1800 889 9999, to get the information.
  2. Select the language preference.
  3. An IVR machine will respond with your daily data balance and plan validity details.
  4. After this, you will be offered the option to know details about recharge options, data balance, validity, ISD plan, Jio tune, work-from-home plans and more. You can choose the appropriate one to know the details you want.

Check Jio Balance On The App

MyJio app is a one-stop destination to find all the details regarding your Jio plan. You can access services like tracking your plan, generating a detailed statement, locating nearby stores and more. Here’s how you can find details of your plan, balance and validity.

  1. Download the MyJio app on your phone from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Add your Jio number and OTP to register.
  3. Click on the ‘View Detail’ option.
  4. Read information about your SMS, data and voice call balance, and plan validity.

Jio Recharge Check Number

To inquire about Jio tariff plans, simply send an SMS with the text "MY PLAN" to 199. Upon doing so, you'll receive an SMS on your phone providing details about the Jio tariff plan you're currently subscribed to. This quick and easy method allows you to stay informed about your current plan without any hassle.

Check Jio Balance & Plan Details On The Website

Jio’s official website is a convenient and accessible option to avail of their services without calling or texting their Jio net balance check number. Here are the simple steps -

  1. Go to Jio’s official website.
  2. Click on Sign in.
  3. Find and select the Mobile option.
  4. Input your mobile number.
  5. You will receive an OTP for confirmation.
  6. Submit the OTP.
  7. You must be able to see the details of your data balance and usage and plan validity on the screen.
  8. You can click ‘Check Usage’ or ‘View More’ for more information.

Why MyJio App?

The MyJio App is a highly recommended point of service for all users since it has a plethora of features. It assists users in accessing all their data effortlessly in a few clicks. You can also connect your secondary Jio account, JioFi, JioLink and Jio Fiber account through the same app. It is a convenient way for users to control their accounts and check information about their plans and validity. The app is linked to other services like the Jio TV app, Jio Saavn, Jio News, JioCinema, etc.

How Do I Troubleshoot Common Jio Service Issues?

Most of the time, Jio service issues are related to network connectivity or the Internet. The most highly recommended way of fixing this is to navigate through the MyJio App. MyJio is an all-inclusive application where users can find solutions to nearly all their issues. Merely open the app and find the area of problem you’re experiencing to figure out its solution. For instance, if you’re facing issues with the Internet, here’s how you can find and fix any issues.

  1. Select the ‘JioFiber’ tab in the top menu.
  2. Click on ‘JioCare’ on the bottom bar.
  3. Select ‘Run Diagnostics’.
  4. Select ‘Internet Connectivity’.
  5. Click on ‘Run Diagnostics’ again.
  6. Click on ‘Fix Now’ if any issues are detected.

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A few other solutions to fixing your network issues are listed here.

  • Ensure that the SIM card is in the right slot.
  • Set your phone to the correct LTE settings.
  • Clear the cache on your phone.
  • Set the proper APN settings.
  • Check for malware/hardware issues.

What If You Can't Find The Issue?

If you’re unable to figure out the problem or find its solution, you can connect with the Jio customer care number, 1800 889 9999, or reach out to your nearest Jio service store for further assistance.

Monitor Your Jio Balance

It’s essential for users to routinely monitor the details of their plans and services that they acquire from Jio. This way, they can optimize the services and avail of maximum benefits. By staying well-informed, customers can gain total compensation for Jio’s offerings and enhance their overall experience. For instance, Jio has recently brought forth excellent postpaid plans with unlimited data options, subscriptions and OTT platforms included in the plans.

To keep yourself informed, you can visit the Help & Support Page of Jio, where there are several common FAQs, how-to guides and additional information about their devices, plans, apps, and services. You can also explore JioStories to find tales of how Jio’s services impact the community and their subsequent effects.

Jio Balance Check Number: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number to check Jio balance?

Users can text MBAL on 55333 or give a missed call to 1299 to check their balance. Moreover, they can also contact the customer care number 1800 889 9999 or access the Jio balance check number 1991 to acquire information about their account or plans.

How do I check my MyJio balance while abroad?

The most advisable method of checking your Jio balance while you’re abroad is via the MyJio app. After logging in with your mobile number, you can check real-time details in the MyUsage section of the menu.

Where can I view my balance details through the MyJio app?

To use the MyJio app, users must first sign in with their mobile number and an OTP. To find balance information, click on the ‘View Detail’ option. Now, you can read details about your SMS balance, data and voice call balance, and your plan's expiry date.

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