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Starting in 2005, YouTube is the world's largest and most sought-after video playing platform on the web. Every minute about 500 hours’ worth of videos are uploaded on YouTube, and around 4 billion hours’ worth of videos are consumed by the users every month. YouTube has come a long way! It would play amateur videos earlier, and now you can watch original content with YouTube Premium!

YouTube Premium India

YouTube Premium, earlier known as YouTube Red; is a venture that the video streaming platform launched in response to the major disregard and complaints that customers had regarding the multiple ads they had to watch.

The main aim of YouTube premium is to remove the ads and permit free videos to the consumer, and the consumer will also be able to attain this much-requested service known as background playback. So basically, pay the subscription amount and enjoy all the best parts of the YouTube experienceand entertainment without any trouble!

Benefits of YouTube Premium India

YouTube premium India subscription comes with five significant benefits

  • Video downloading (to watch offline)
  • Premium YouTube music
  • Add-free videos
  • Background play
  • YouTube originals (series and movies)

We've mentioned an in-depth explanation of each of these benefits below:

Downloading of YouTube videos

With the premium subscription, the user will be able to download the videos of their choice and play them even when they are offline or whenever they want. This subscription aspect is similar to the platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, etc.

This will help in minimizing the usage of data and allow you to use the phone effectively.

You'll be able to use YouTube Music Premium

Another added benefit of your YouTube Premium subscription is the ‘YouTube Music Premium’, similar to Spotify and Apple Music. It allows you to download music, create and share the playlist, and suggest songs based on your preferences, and much more.

Add-free playing!

Ads are the most irritating factor of YouTube. Multiple ads popping up on your screen disrupt the entire video experience. Though there are options of skipping them at times, and they are shorter in length, it gets irritating after some time. With YouTube premium, ads are gone.

Allows you to play music in the background

Probably the best part of YouTube premium is that it lets you play the video and the music in the background while you are working on your phone or close the screen and keep it aside. This feature is not available in the original version of YouTube.

So with the background option, you will be able to conserve battery and listen without any issues. This option also saves data since YouTube videos consume a lot of data.

Access to YouTube original series

YouTube Originals is a platform where you can find various series, movies, and events. With the YouTube premium membership, you get to watch the YouTube Originals movies and series immediately after they are released. This is an add-free feature that comes at zero cost with a YouTube premium subscription.

Features of YouTube Premium India

If you are planning to subscribe to the YouTube premium, then look at some fantastic YouTube premium features that will make it worth every penny.

  • YouTube Premium: It is the basic service that comes with paid subscription
  • YouTube Music: It is a music streaming facility that comes with a premium membership. It has its own app where you can listen to the music of your choice for free.
  • YouTube Music Premium: The premium version has all the benefits that have been stated above, which are not available in the free version.
  • YouTube TV: This is a live service that comes with the premium version of YouTube. It is very similar to other OTT platforms that allow you to watch live TV shows. You can also record your favorite shows on a cloud-based DVR and watch them later.
  • YouTube Kids: This is an application that is designed especially for kids. It contains ade-appropriate content for kids and is available with a YouTube premium subscription.

YouTube Premium Price and Cost in India

YouTube announced yearly Premium plans in January 2022. Earlier, the platform only offered quarterly and monthly plans.

The YouTube premium subscription in India offers three types of plans; students, individual, and family plans. We've listed each plan, cost, and offerings below.

YouTube Premium Free Trial You can avail 1 month free trial on any type of YouTube Premium plan if you choose the subscription method.

YouTube Premium For Individuals

Under the YouTube Premium plan for individuals, only one account will get the benefits. Using the pre-paid plans, you may acquire a single-time purchase of a YouTube Premium individual subscription for a specified time period on a non-recurring basis.

The pre-paid plan will automatically terminate when the time period you purchased expires, and you will lose access to your perks. You will need to make another purchase or transfer to a different plan to keep access to your benefits. You can get pre-paid access for up to 24 months. Here are the plans available for individuals:

Plan DurationCost
1 month₹139.00
3 months₹399.00
12 months₹1,290.00

YouTube Premium For Family

With the YouTube Premium family plan, invite up to 5 more family members to your Google family group to share your Music Premium and YouTube Premium subscriptions. All family members must be at least 13 years old, have a Google Account, and live in the same house as the family manager. Here is the cost for YouTube Premium's family plan:

Plan DurationCost
1 month₹79.00

YouTube Premium For Students

As a student, you may access all of the same features of a YouTube Premium subscription, but at a lower cost. YouTube student subscriptions are only offered to full-time students at selected higher education institutions, and eligibility will be validated by a third-party verification provider.

Student memberships are valid for a maximum of four years. You will be required to re-verify your eligibility at the end of each year. If you no longer qualify for student pricing, you can upgrade to a full-priced YouTube Premium membership. Here is the cost for YouTube Premium's student plan:

Plan DurationCost
1 month₹189.00

There is another tried and tested method to try out Premium for one month. Sign up with google survey, take the survey, and each survey will give you some amount. Once the amount of Rs. 199 and above is collected; you can use it for opting for a one-month YouTube premium membership.

How To Get A YouTube Premium Subscription?

When it comes to YouTube premium, it doesn't have any limitations, and you can use this feature anywhere you want. All you need to do is log in to your account and access all the YouTube premium benefits. The premium versions are applicable everywhere, be it your smart TV, laptop, mobile phone, desktop, etc.

Here is how you can sign up with YouTube premium and enjoy the YouTube premium features -

  1. Open the YouTube application
  2. Sign in to your Google account (through which you want to subscribe)
  3. Select on your profile picture
  4. Once done, either start your free trial (if you are eligible for one) otherwise make the payment and get your YouTube premium.

If you have come this far, we are sure you plan to get a premium membership. So let's look at the best Indian TV shows you can watch on YouTube premium India in 2022.

  1. Bachelors

    It is one of the most popular shows produced by TVF. The show, Bachelors, deals with the problem faced by young unmarried individuals on a day-to-day basis with a dark twist. Movies like Dangal, Chak De India, Bahubali, etc., are used as a parody substance to every episode. The show spans over two seasons with nine episodes.

  2. Girl in the City

    Starring Mithila Palkar, a girl in the City talks about a girl who has moved to Mumbai to achieve her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Sadly she isn't aware of or prepared for the harsh life that Mumbai has to offer.

    Girl in the City is spanned over three seasons (39 episodes) and shows how she builds herself up and her business while simultaneously dealing with competitors and a very boggling love life.

  3. Mom Co

    Starring Neelima Azim, Mom, and CO is a ten-episode web series that revolves around a relationship between mother and son. It talks about how they have drifted apart over the years and then brings them back together to form an excellent binding story.

  4. Happily Ever After

    Happily ever after is a story revolving around a couple as they are trying to plan a perfect wedding and the obstructions they face like budget constraints, family relations, etc. this show is led by Naveen Kasturia and is spanned over eight episodes.

  5. Better Life Foundation

    Better life foundation gives an idea as to how the Indian version of the office will be. This five-episode series is a fantastic comedy and perfect for binge-watching.

  6. What The Folks

    It is a story about a couple and their experiences with their in-laws. What the folks talk about the relationships between family members that are over evolving. It also shines a light on the dynamic between the siblings, parents, and husband and wife. The show has been produced by dice media and has 16 episodes which are spread over three seasons.

  7. Home Sweet Office

    The home sweet office is a five-episode story that revolves around two sisters who have a wedding videography business. It is a very light show that can be enjoyed casually on youtube and relax a little.

  8. Operation MBBS

    Set in a medical college, operation MBBS revolves around first-year students. It is a different and unique show that talks about the pressure faced by MBBS students and does not glorify anything at all. The show is spread over five episodes.

  9. Star Boyz

    Though this show was released four years ago, it is by far the funniest show on youtube. Produced by Naveen Richards and Kenny Sebastian, this show is super funny and has a minimum production value. The show spanned over six episodes.

  10. Cubicles

    Cubicles revolve around the story of a fresher and are set inside a corporate office. It talks about first love, first job, first salary, and many firsts that come when you start working and adulting. The story also revolves around colleagues, friends, etc.; and it is spanned over five episodes.

  11. Soulmates

    Soulmates is a 10 episode series that revolves around conversations between two characters; it's a binge-worthy show filled with engaging conversations.

  12. Girl in the City

    Starring Mithila Palkar, a girl in the City talks about a girl who has moved to Mumbai to achieve her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Sadly she isn't aware of or prepared for the harsh life which Mumbai has to offer.

    Girl in the City is spanned over three seasons (39 episodes) and shows how she builds herself up and her business while simultaneously dealing with competitors and a very boggling love life.

  13. Adulting

    Adulting is a series made by the DICE media and talks about two women who live in Mumbai and share an apartment. It is the coming of age story and talks about the transition that takes place when kids move out into adulthood and try to do it in the smoothest way possible. So far, this show has two seasons which span over ten episodes.

  14. Minus One

    Minus one is a story revolving around two ex-lovers Riya and Varun. Both of them shared a house and a life but broke up after some years. But despite breaking up, they end up sharing the same place due to circumstances. The series talks about their transition from exes to friends.

  15. The Reunion

    Reunion is a story about friends who got together after so many years. They talk about the relationships and the dynamics they shared and how it has evolved over the years. This series spanned over nine episodes and shows how their teenage friendship still tied them together.

Youtube Premium Language: How To Change It

YouTube is one of the highest viewed OTT platforms. From videos to music, to news, to recipes, to watching your favorite vloggers. YouTube has it all. But is everyone comfortable watching content in English?

The answer is NO. So, no matter which state in India you belong to, YouTube has the language you speak in.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to change your default language for YouTube premium.

Change YouTube Premium Language For Desktop

  1. First you need to Sign In on your YouTube page
  2. Click on the profile picture button located in the upper right corner of the page. You will get a dropout menu
  3. Select the ‘Language’ option
  4. Scroll down to select the language of your choice
  5. Once you select the desired language, YouTube will automatically start operating on the selected language

Change YouTube Premium Language For Mobile

This completely depends on the mobile phone that you have. This option differs for Android users and iOS users.

For iOS Users

For iPhone users, you will have to change the language option of your entire phone to choose the desired language on YouTube. Follow the steps below to do the same:

  1. Go to mobile settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Select Language and region option
  4. Choose the desired language
  5. Your phone will display in the desired language along with the YouTube application

For Android Users

For Android users, follow the mentioned below steps

  1. Go to mobile settings
  2. Then go to system setting
  3. Select Language and input option
  4. Choose the desired language
  5. Your phone will display in the desired language along with the YouTube application

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube premium have a free trial?

Yes, tube premium has a free trial for one month. After that, you will have to choose the subscription as per your need and requirement. You can also cancel after the free trial.

Will I be able to enjoy YouTube premium through Chromecast or google home?

Yes, you will be able to enjoy YouTube premium through chrome cast or google home. You can also play it over other apps.

What is the type of content available on YouTube Premium?

YouTube premium is home to a vast variety of video content such as politics, drama, sports, comedy, animation, adult content, kids & family content, documentaries, reality, and much more. You name it, and YouTube has it.

Can I download videos with all youtube premium plans?

No matter what your plan is, you can download videos on your mobile device. The download icon can be found below the video. All you need to do is click and download the videos, and the videos can be downloaded at the resolution of 1080P. You can also download YouTube videos using third-party platforms. The option of offline viewing is perfect and allows you to watch your favorite videos or listen to music without worrying about the internet connection.

What happens if you unsubscribe from YouTube Premium?

If you unsubscribe to premium membership, you will be taken back to the free, ad-supported version of YouTube. You will be denied access to all the additional benefits that come with YouTube premium.

How much data does Youtube premium consume?

As per the tests, if youtube is played in the background, it will consume around 8 MB of data. This is similar to any audio-only application, as they consume significantly less amount of data.

If you watch a video continuously for an hour, the app will consume around 2.7 GB of data, and as compared to that,8MB is nothing. So yes, your data consumption will drop down.

Is there a Youtube premium APk?

No, youtube premium APk isn't available.

Will I be able to enjoy YouTube premium through Chromecast or google home?

Yes, you will be able to enjoy YouTube premium through chrome cast or google home. You can also play it over other apps.

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