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Established as a subsidiary of Google, YouTube has never failed to amaze its audience. It has become the favorite video streaming platform both amongst children and adults. It has become more child-friendly since the innovation of YouTube Kids.

Even when some trendiest apps like Tiktok and Like were banned in India, it still didn't disappoint its fans. They brought a new feature of YouTube shorts for the crazy and lovely fans out there! However, YouTube Music is another popular app for its audience dedicated to the YouTube Music library. Though there are many popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, and much more, YouTube Music is different.

Outstanding Benefits of YouTube Music

There are many X-factors that make it stand out from other Music Streaming Platforms. Following are some of them:

  1. It is a robust music streaming platform.
  2. It has millions of songs that can be searched in a couple of seconds at one click.
  3. The App also lets you search for any song by just entering any of its lyrics. Well, this one is unique for people who have a short memory!
  4. You can discover playlists based on your preferences, like your location, the surrounding weather conditions, and much more.
  5. You can quickly switch the audio track to a music video with a single click, which makes this app quite useful.
  6. Combines Customised Playlists for a comprehensive range of music genres.
  7. You can search any song by simply typing the lyrics, which is known as the search-by-lyrics function.
  8. It is always up to date and ahead of other platforms regarding official studio releases and community upload songs.

YouTube Music Premium Plans

There are both prepaid as well as subscription plans available to YouTube Music Premium Users.

Prepaid Plans

There are two tiers of Prepaid plans:

  • 1 month- Rs 109/-
  • 3 Months- Rs 309/-

Subscription Plans

Users get a free 30 day trial period with their subscription plans which start from Rs 99/- for a month.

There are special plans for Family and Students as below:

  • Family Plans - Rs 149/-
  • Student Plans - Rs 59/-

(Terms & Conditions Apply. To know more about the terms, kindly refer to the YouTube Music Premium Website)

Main Features of YouTube Music

YouTube Music is an ideal music streaming platform for you. It is worth hearing if you wish to enhance your playlists and give good therapy to your ears. Moreover, if you want to sign up for YouTube Premium, which is a part of YouTube Music, you can enjoy ad-free music and support additional features.

The premium plans of YouTube Music will not only fetch you the services of YouTube Red. Still, they will also take over your eyes from any other music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and much more. This is because it offers an all-in-one facility for its clients by providing many services at minimal prices.

  • Youtube Music With Videos Also: Though this app was designed as the ideal music streaming platform supporting audio, there's more to it. Users can choose from songs, playlists, albums, radio stations, and the catalogs of YouTube that comprise remixes, cover versions, live performances, and music videos. New mobile and desktop applications have also been created, considering the need for music playback in mind.
  • Your Personal Dj On The Go: Procuring the users with the newest releases was a primary concern of YouTube's music creators. It is specially designed to serve with the latest releases. However, like others, this app can provide you with many themed Playlists, but it also has a personalized home screen. This means that the search engine of YouTube will give you recommendations not only upon your recent activity but also according to your current location and weather conditions.
  • For instance, if you're at the gymnasium, it will recommend motivational songs. If it's raining around you, it will provide you with soothing and romantic songs to relax. Like Google, the world's largest search engine is behind the origin, YouTube Music has a robust search engine.
  • Suits Your Budget: If you're not willing to spend any penny on its Premium plan, you can also access the free version supported by ads. Thus, it is a kind of free music with Youtube services. This is similar to Spotify. Moreover, the one subscribing to Premium versions will access ad-free listening, background listening, and even download for offline playback.
  • A Free Facility For Google Play Music Subscribers: If you're a Google Play Music subscriber wondering where it is lost, you can join here for more features, and the surprising part is you don't need to spend any penny for the same. Yes, you heard that right! The existing Google Play Music Subscribers can avail all of the YouTube Music Premium features for free. In addition, you can avail the services of YouTube Music free download whether you're a Play Music subscriber or not.
  • It Is Available Right Now: YouTube Red never came into the limelight and is still not launched in certain countries. However, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium have been launched a few weeks ago to provide you with a bunch of services. It is also available to other countries where YouTube Red was never launched, like Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Canada, Austria, Ireland, Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden.


We have covered most factors that make YouTube Music stay in tough competition with other music platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn, and much more. YouTube Music also offers a three-month free trial for free and downloads the app for Android and iOS today. However, for security reasons, you must stay away from the YouTube Music Mod apk; furthermore, it can also harm your device.

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