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Over the past decade, the way people listen to music has evolved drastically. During the initial days, we had to download songs from third-party websites on pen drives and hard drives. While some devices supported both MP3 and MP4 files, others only accepted MP3 audio files. Being able to enjoy music on different music streaming platforms for free is a game-changer.

Besides music, these audio streaming apps even host podcasts and exclusive shows on their platform. Gaana is one such app that lets you stream several genres of music with a stable internet connection. Here’s everything you need to know about the Gaana app, its unique features, and why it's gaining popularity in India.

About the Gaana App

Gaana is one of the largest commercial music streaming platforms In India and has more than 200 million monthly users. Launched by Times Internet in April 2010, the app incorporates both Indian and international music content. The best part about the Gaana app is that users are able to access a plethora of genres from across the globe for free.

Gaana features music from 21 Indian languages, including Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Urdu, Odia, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and several other Indian regional languages. With the Gaana app, you can curate your playlists and make them public so that others can browse through them as well. This way, users can view and add your playlists to their favorites.

Gaana was initially launched as a website,, followed by the launch of the mobile application that supports all Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Gaana is a freemium service, which means the basic functions of the app are free but have advertisements. If you wish to enjoy premium features like offline listening with no ads, you will have to buy the Gaana plus subscription.

The Gaana App’s Unique Features

Besides the usual features like providing users with a variety of music and songs from numerous labels and artists, Gaana possesses a few unique features that makes the app a preference of many. Let’s take a quick look at the best features below:

Discover Music

Gaana has one of the best algorithms that assist users with discovering the latest and trending songs as per their preference. For users seeking some already-curated playlists to discover old Bollywood hits or trending music, Gaana suggests you with famous playlists like the 90s Romantic Hits, Bhangra, and Devotional/Bhakti, to name a few.

Gaana HotShots

You can make short videos/stories with the Gaana HotShots Video feature. Through this, users can also access and enjoy podcasts and shows like Ummeed and Ramayana. Gaana has expanded its content and now hosts numerous podcasts on a multitude of topics as well.

Gaana Originals

In order to promote and revive independent music, Gaana has launched a platform called "Gaana Originals." Under this brand, the music streaming platform promotes music from independent artists.

Live Radio Along With A Smart Feed

Gaana introduced a first-of-its-kind Punjabi/Hindi radio known as a ‘Live Radio’. This radio broadcasts songs without any ad break. Besides this, Gaana equips a smart feed that’s powered by ML models that enable users to access different content in a single go. You can find several 'Made for you Mixes' and playlists there. Additionally, the Gaana App includes a voice search option to prevent users from typing much.


Users are provided with a lyrics screen to understand what the singers are trying to relay and sing along. You’re free to change the font and style of the lyrics that appear on your screen as well. The interface is extremely user-friendly with tons of imagery to keep you engaged.

How To Download The Gaana App?

Users operating both Android and iOS devices can download the Gaana app with ease. You can further access Gaana on your Windows and Mac as well. On Android smartphones and tablets, users can download the app through the Google Play Store. iOS users, on the other hand, can download the app through the App Store.

To access the Gaana app on, you can download it through Chrome or any other web browser.

We have already outlined the app’s easy-to-understand user interface. However, if you’re a first-time user, here’s everything you need to know to browse through the app with ease.

  1. Download the Gaana app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC from the specific store.
  2. Log in to the app through your Google account, email, or mobile number.
  3. You can purchase the premium account if you like or proceed with the free one.
  4. Once you have logged in and are inside the app, there are several options for you to explore.
  5. You can click on the search button and type the name of any song, artist, or album.
  6. You can add music to a playlist or place it in your favorites accordingly.
  7. Browse through the homepage to explore various recommendations, discover podcasts, playlists, and much more.
  8. With the Gaana premium account, users can download songs to stream offline as well.

Cost And Premium Packages

Users can stream music on Gaana for free if they’re willing to get bombarded with advertisements now and then. To get rid of these ads, Gaana offers users a premium version - Gaana Plus.

Gaana Plus costs Rs. 99 per month for Indian users and $3.99 per month for users situated outside India. With the Gaana Plus, users can avail of several features like unlimited downloads, HD music, ad-free experience, and download sync on five devices.

Bottom Line

If you listen to music regularly, you already must have the Gaana app installed on your smartphone. However, if you’re a first-time user and need some assistance with navigating through the app, we’ve got you covered. Discussed above is everything you need to know about Gaana and how to browse through the app with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Gaana subscription at any time?

Yes, users can cancel their subscription at any time and turn off auto-renewal in their iTunes Account Settings to never have their subscription renewed on its own.

Is Gaana free?

Yes, you can listen to music on Gaana for free. However, you need a premium subscription to access features like unlimited mp3 downloads and ad-free HD streaming.

On how many devices can I use my Gaana subscription?

Users can install the Gaana app and use the subscription on up to 5 devices to enjoy ad-free HD quality content.

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