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Under the direction of Soumendra Padhi and Trishant Srivastava, Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega is a Hindi crime-thriller series released on Netflix on January 10, 2020. The plot centers around a group of small-town younger players who run a lucrative phishing operation, but they run into a crooked candidate who wants a piece of the action. Finally, there's a policeman who wants to take on all of them.

Padhi became interested in hacking operations effectively by students in Jamtara district after reading an article about them in 2015. He delegated research to his composing crew. Jamtara's SP Jaya Roy inspired the role of lady SP Dolly Sahu.

Jamtara Cast, Writer, Director, and Ratings

Last NameCharacter Name
Amit SialBrajesh Bhavan
Dibyendu BhattacharyaInspector Biswa Paathak
Aksha PardasanySP Dolly Sahu
Sparsh ShrivastavSunny
Monika PanwarGudiya
Aasif KhanAnas Ahmad
Harshit GuptaBaccha
Rohit KpMunna
Aatm Prakash MishraBachhu
Anshuman PushkarRocky
Kartavya KabraShabaaz
Monu KanojiyaChotu
Simran MishrikotiVarsha Mishra / Varsha
Created BySoumendra Padhi
Directed BySoumendra Padhi
Written ByNishank Verma, Trishant Srivastava
Composed BySidhant Mathur

Rating: 7.3/10

About Jamtara: The Biggest Phishing Scams!

When Brajesh Bhan (Amit Sial), the local politician, smells their thriving illegal company, he demands a piece of the action. On the other side, Jamtara finds a new Inspector, Dolly Sahu (Aksha Pardasany), who is keen to put an end to the scams.

Brajesh offers the boys the opportunity to join forces with him in exchange for police protection. Sunny is uninterested in Brajesh's offer because he has alternative plans to grow his Jamtara business with Gudiya (Monika Panwar). As a result, he and his brother Rocky witness a falling out.

The show has a yellowish tint, which contributes to the drama. Although it contains expletives, the dialect does not appear to be the same as that spoken in Jharkhand's rural areas. Jamtara shares its border with Bengal, and the region's accent has Bengali and Santhali influences, absent from the series' conversations.

Some of the actors in Jamtara are less well-known, yet they do an excellent job in their roles. Sunny is played by Sparsh Shrivastav, who has previously appeared in Balika Vadhu. As Rocky, newbie Anshumaan Pushkar is remarkable. Amit Sial manages to show off his acting skills as a selfish crooked politician who cares only about the money and very little about the public good.

Monika Panwar and Aksha Pardasany are two performers that embody womanpower in the show. Gudiya isn't afraid to face up to the mighty Brajesh Bhan, while Dolly is prepared to solve the phishing scam independently, regardless of the repercussions.

The Indian Version of Narcos

The Netflix crime drama Narcos will transport you back to the narrative of Spanish drug lord Escobar and how his cocaine organization made Colombia a global talking topic. Jamtara is comparable to the National mental scape in this regard: the phishing fraud brought the economically deprived district of Jharkhand into the spotlight.

Jamtara's villages have only five hours of power each day and are primarily populated by farmers and unemployed youngsters. A fascinating aspect of the entire scheme and the series is how many minimally educated youths from the rural belt fooled the upper elite, which included doctors, engineers, and lawyers from tiny to large towns.

Jamtara’s Origins

In reality, Jamtara is a place in the state of Jharkhand. Unsurprisingly, it is famously known as the phishing capital of India, which is where this Jamtara Netflix series story originates from. It was given this moniker because there were multiple phishing incidents around the country, with this small hamlet serving as the focal center.

From April 2015 to March 2017, authorities from 12 states have traveled to Jamtara 23 times. This was done to investigate cyberattacks, mostly phishing, that were emerging from one of the city's most impoverished districts, which, according to some estimates, was accountable for 80 percent of them. Those involved had purchased high-end SUVs and built elegant bungalows close to run-down cottages.


The Netflix series is a crime thriller TV series based on true incidents, and it has been described as an ominous, dark, and gritty series. Many real-life crime thrillers are available on Netflix if you like this series. You can find more of them in the section under 'More Like This’, and the Jamtara web series download is also available to you as per your Netflix plans.

Jamtara’s Episodes

Episode numberRelease dateLengthDescription
1January 10, 202035 minutesRocky, Sunny, and their buddies' successful phishing attacks spark the eye of a corrupt politician of their locality. Rocky and Sunny's relationship is strained.
2January 10, 202027 minutesTo the disappointment of the extremely ambitious police superintendent, an effort to capture these young lads is thwarted. Sunny presents Gudiya's mother with a proposition
3January 10, 202024 minutesDolly wants the assistance of a cybercrime officer in the case. Rocky plots vengeance because some boys support Sunny, and an intruder ruins Sunny's wedding.
4January 10, 202023 minutesSunny's father steps in to help him. Brajesh exercises his authority. While Saurav teaches the cops about hacking, Sunny and Gudiya perform their instruction.
5January 10, 202027 minutesSunny considers retribution after Gudiya's tutoring classroom is set on fire. Dolly and Saurav are led to a derelict factory by a slipped note.
6January 10, 202026 minutesThe boys adopt Sunny's earning scheme. Anas is attempting to break a story in the newspaper. Brajesh pays Sunny and Gudiya a visit as Sunny's optimism rises.
7January 10, 202030 minutesDolly, Biswa, and Saurav are involved in a police sting that goes wrong. Sunny enters at Brajesh's celebration, swearing vengeance for Gudiya's mistreatment.
8January 10, 202025 minutesSunny is forced to flee after a catastrophe, with the authorities and Brajesh's men after him. Dolly and Saurav devise a strategy to establish Brajesh's involvement in the tragedy.
9January 10, 202024 minutesAn adversary thwarts Sunny's escape. Saurav discovers a revelation while monitoring the phishing calls. Sunny's situation worsens as some fraudsters are apprehended.
10January 10, 202049 minutesSunny agrees to a shady business to save his dad. Gudiya, bereft of hope, teams up with Dolly to establish a false trail in the hopes of eventually catching Brajesh.

Jamtara Web Series Review

Netflix's first India exclusive of 2020 tells the gripping story of a peaceful Jharkhand area that became the biggest cybercrime center a few years ago. The crime drama is about a profitable phishing enterprise operated by school dropouts that catch a politician's interest, a police agency, and the press. The story piques the audience's interest because it is based on genuine events in Jamtara in 2015-2016.

The plot begins with many young guys who, although having barely passed Class V, scam people, out of large quantities of money by posing as bank personnel and convincing them to disclose their card details and OTPs. Rocky and Sunny, two cousins, are the masterminds behind the entire nexus.

While Rocky hopes to be a party leader, Sunny, who is mostly responsible for the planning and executing these shady deals, intends to be Jamtara's richest man. On the other hand, politics cannot be left behind when money is at stake.

While it was widely expected that Jamtara Season 2 would launch in 2021, there has been no official word on the specific date. Relating to the second surge of the epidemic, filming for season 2 was postponed.

According to recent rumors, the filming is virtually complete. As a result, we anticipate the release of Jamtara Season 2 on Netflix during the first half of 2022, and season 1 is available to watch on Netflix until then.

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