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How do you know when it is time to recharge your DTH subscription? And what do you have to do to know the DTH balance? No worries. Today we are going to help you out with these queries. We have prepared this article with this concept in mind. Let us take a look at how to find the DTH balance for some major providers.

Figure out your DTH balance

It's always better to know beforehand the renewal date of your DTH subscription. If you know the balance of your package it will be beneficial in planning. Today we will be looking into figuring out the DTH balance for the below-mentioned service providers.

How to Check Airtel DTH Balance

Airtel gives you the options of SD as well as HD set-top box as part of their DTH services. There are 6 ways to find out your Airtel DTH balance.

Airtel DTH Balance -Dial the Toll-free Number

You can find your balance easily by simply dialling a toll-free number. You need to make sure that you call from your registered mobile number. Upon dialling this number, you will get an SMS mentioning your DTH account validity and balance.

Airtel Toll-free number- 081300 81300

Airtel DTH Balance-Through USSD

Use your registered DTH mobile number to dial a USSD number. You can easily get information on your account details including the balance.

Dial *121#. Then choose the option DTH. Next, choose the option Balance.

You will get your account balance and also your validity information.

Airtel DTH Balance -Through My Airtel App

Airtel DTH subscribers can also check their balance using my Airtel App.

  1. Download and install the My Airtel App. ( You can find this either at the Google Play Store or iOS store)
  2. Open the app and select the option -Add Account- DTH
  3. You will get an OTP number in your registered phone number
  4. Enter the OTP and verify your account
  5. Go to the My Accounts option and open it.
  6. You will find your DTH balance here.

Airtel DTH Balance - Check on TV

You can find your DTH account balance directly on your TV.

The steps are as follows:-

  1. Open Menu Screen- Go to Help option
  2. Select Account Status
  3. Check your account details to find the balance.

Airtel DTH Balance -Check via SMS

Another widely preferred method to find your account balance is to check through SMS.

SMS -INFO to 54325

You will receive a reply immediately with all your DTH account details.

Videocon d2h Balance Check

Videocon D2H Balance can be easily found out with four simple methods. You can use any one of the following options:-

  • Call
  • SMS
  • Videocon D2H website
  • Missed Call Process

How to find Videocon d2h balance via the website

  1. Go to the Videocon d2h self-help portal
  2. You can log in using your RTN- Registered Telephone Number /customer ID/VC number
  3. Enter the captcha and submit
  4. The screen that follows will have all the information like Account balance, Subscriber ID, validity details etc.

    The link to the website has been mentioned below


How to find Videocon d2h balance via toll-free number

Another easy method to find Videocon d2h Balance by calling up a toll-free number. You will get details about your account balance easily. Make sure you call from your registered telephone number.

Dial 18001370444

How to find Videocon d2h balance via SMS

It is also possible to find your Videocon d2h balance via SMS. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. SMS BAL <customer ID> to 566777
  2. You can also send it to  an alternative number 9212012299
  3. Check for the reply SMS with your account balance details.

(SMS applicable charges will be there, so make sure that you have charged your RTN -registered telephone number before sending the SMS. To recharge a voucher, send an SMS from your RTN, RC_ Voucher PIN. Send it to 566777 or 9212012299.)

How to find Videocon d2h balance via Missed Call Process

You can also try calling the below number to get more information about your account details.

Dial 91156 91156

You get to know details like

  • Account Balance,
  • Base Package,
  • Monthly Rental,
  • Last Recharge,
  • Top-up rental on call

Ways to Know you Sun Direct DTH Account Balance

Let's now see how you can avail your Sun Direct DTH balance. Choose the option best suited for you.

Sun direct balance check via the website

You can follow some simple steps at home itself to know your sun direct balance.

  1. Visit official website of Sun Direct
  2. Log in with the relevant credentials
  3. You get to view your Sun Direct DTH balance there.

Sun direct balance check via Remote Control

This is an easy solution where you choose the option from your TV screen using your remote control.

Select the info button on your Sun Direct DTH remote. You can see the account details including the balance amount on the TV screen.

Sun direct balance check via SMS

You can easily check the Sun Direct DTH Account Balance SMS.

  1. Take your registered mobile number
  2. SMS to 58585 or 9600058585.
  3. Type in BV <Insert Smartcard Number>
  4. You will get a message from the customer support team.

Please note that normal SMS charges will be applied.

Sun direct balance check via Missed Call

Use your registered mobile number to give a missed call to the below number.

Dial 7094012345.

You will receive an SMS with your account details like account balance, monthly cost, pack details, DTH recharge information etc once you disconnect the call.

Sun direct balance check via Email

You can always mail to [email protected] and enquire about your DTH balance query.

How to check Dish TV balance

Read on to find how you can find your Dish TV account balance in simple ways.

Dish TV Account Balance Via Website

You can do a dish tv balance check by logging in online. Enter the website https://m.dishtv.in/Pages/Login.aspx

Then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Login to Dish TV using your credentials
  • View the balance remaining in the Dish TV DTH account

Dish TV Account Balance Via Enquiry Number

You can know the dish tv balance by sending an SMS CALL ME to 57575 from your registered telephone number.

An associate will contact you by call within a short time.

You can enquire about your account balance and also any other details you would like to know.

Dish TV Account Balance Via SMS

To get Dish TV Balance details, you can send an SMS also from your registered mobile number.

SMS to 57575 or 09250078787.

An associate will contact you by call within a short time.

You can enquire about your account balance and also any other details you would like to know.

Dish TV Account Balance Via Customer Care

You can contact your Dish TV Customer Care number at 095017 95017 for your concerns about your account balance.

How to check Tata Sky balance

Like all the other DTH service providers, the tata sky balance check also can be found easily. Here are the various methods.

Checking Tata Sky Balance via the website

Following a few basic stapes will help you know the Tata Sky account balance from your home itself

  1. Log on to the website www.mytatasky.com
  2. Enter your registered mobile number
  3. You will find all your account details there.

Checking Tata Sky Balance via missed call Number

Send a missed call to 8880488804 (Tata Sky Balance Check Number)

Remember to use your registered mobile number to call them.

You can also call Tata Sky customer care and ask for the required details.

Checking Tata Sky Balance via SMS

Finding the Tata Sky account balance via SMS is fairly simple.

From your registered number, send an SMS to the Tata Sky SMS balance check number.

Type BD to 56633 (Tata Sky balance check number)

The due date for the next recharge and the balance amount will be delivered in another message.

Checking Tata Sky Balance via Tata Sky Remote

Tata sky balance check Via remote is one of the most popular methods. Just follow these simple steps to get the job done.

  • Press the yellow button on the Tata sky remote
  • Select the “Account Status” message.
  • You can see the Tata Sky account details along with the Tata Sky Account Status

Wrapping Up

We have seen how easy it is to do the DTH balance check for various DTH service providers. Most of the methods are Do-It-yourself ways. However, you should note that if you encounter any issue while following the above-mentioned methods, you can always call the respective customer support team. They will be more than happy to assist. See you again next time with yet another informative article.

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