A Guide on How to Reactivate DTH Account (All Operators)

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Few of the leading DTH providers in India are Dish TV, Airtel, Tata Play, d2h, and Sun Direct. The subscribers recharge their account every month. Sometimes you have not fuelled your account for a long time, and it becomes inactive, or is suspended or deactivated.

Re-Activate Airtel DTH Account

Airtel Digital TV has approximate17.56 million subscribers. It has been successful to become one of the major DTV operators in India. The subscribers have to pay a specific re-activation charge when they subscribed to any plan after a gap. The break period is when the subscribers left their set-top box idle without purchasing any plan.

Restoration of Airtel DTH Connection A reconnection fee of up to Rs. 20/- is applicable to consumers. This fee is only charged to consumers who have kept their Set-top box idle without using any service.

Steps to Reactivate Airtel DTH Account

All you need to do is recharge the disconnected or buy Airtel DTH new connection online is follow the steps below:

  1. Call customer care at 81300-81300 from your registered mobile number.Other users, can reach out to 1800-103-6065 or 1800-102- 8080.
  2. You can also recharge online via their official website (www.airtel.in/dth)with your customer id/registered mobile number.

Airtel DTH Refresh: Duration

Once you have completed the process to reactivate Airtel DTH, it will take minimum 20 minutes to restore.

  1. Make sure that The DTH card must be inserted properly in the set-top box.
  2. The TV and set-top box must be switched on at the time of recharge.

If you do not subscribe and remain inactive for more than 720 days, your account will be considered inactive and any remaining balance or credits in your account will expire. Customers must have a minimum balance of Rs 150 to reactivate services.

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Re-Activate the Suspended Tata Play Account

Formerly known and Tata Sky, Tata Play is one of the widely preferred and used DTH provider in India. They have gained a huge popularity over the years because of their top-notch services and technology. The best part is it being budget-friendly, quick to install and Tata Play customer support services.

Restoration of Tata Play DTH Connection Tata Sky has a simple procedure to reactivate the service for a minimum of Rs. 10-15 or no charges.

Steps to Reactivate Tata Play DTH Account

  1. Turn on your TV and Set-Top Box.
  2. Log in to your account using Tata Sky mobile app.
  3. Tap the Profile icon and choose Contact Us.
  4. Click on the Get Help button.
  5. Inside chatbot, tap on Account & Profile.
  6. Now select Resume my service.
  7. Tap on Continue to reactivate the account.

Your Tata Sky account will be activated instantly. In case the services are not resumed within 5 minutes, give a missed call on tata play refresh number 9040490405 from your registered mobile.

If the above method doesn't result in reactivation, get in touch with their Tata Play customer care. You will need to provide your customer ID and your registered mobile number for payment to be made to reactivate your account.

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Re-Activate Dish TV Account

Dish TV is one of the two largest DTH service providers in India, with a market share of 29.9% and a subscriber base of 21 million people. It offers more than 700 channels and additional services to its users. The Dish TV connection deactivates with two reasons, one is due to turn off of Set-Top box for long time and second is due to expiry. Here, we will guide you through the different ways to re-activate or refresh Dish TV and how to do it.

Restoration of Dish TV DTH Connection A minimal amount of Rs 25 is charged for the restoration of the Dish TV DTH account. In case, the suspension period exceeds 3 months, the subscriber has to pay Rs.100 as a reactivation fee.

Steps To Reactivate Dish TV Connection

  1. Contact their customer care on 9501795017 (call charges may apply).
  2. You can also send an SMS "CALL ME" to 57575 from your registered mobile number and wait for the executive to get in touch with you.

Re-Activate Dish TV After Voluntarily Disconnecting Account

60 days are not over, and you still have your DISH TV equipment, restarting is easy.

  1. Log into your MyDISH account at mydish.com/myaccount.
  2. Click “Pay to Restore Services” on the Account Disconnected overlay.
  3. If you do not see this overlay, you might not meet all criteria to restart your service online. Contact us to have a Dish TV customer care service representative take care of it for you.
  4. Confirm that the services listed in the Details view are correct.
  5. If no payment is required to restart service, click “Restart” and you’re done!
  6. If a payment is required to restart service, click “Continue.”
  7. Provide your payment details, then click “Continue” again.
  8. Review your payment and click “Submit”.

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Re-Activate the Suspended Videocon d2h Account

Videocon d2h is one of the largest cable television service providers in India. The live satellite TV service in India is jointly owned by Dish TV and Videocon. Videocon d2h alone has a market share of over 19 percent in India and had over 69 million subscribers so far.

Restoration of Videocon d2h DTH Connection If the services have remained suspended continuously for a period not exceeding 3 months, Rs.25 is charged as the restoration fee.
If such services have remained suspended continuously for a period exceeding 3 months,Rs.100 is charged as the re-activation fee.

Steps To Reactivate d2h Account

To reactivate your Videocon DTH account, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official website of Videocon d2h.
  2. Click on the self-help tab placed in the right corner.
  3. Go to ‘Refresh Your Account’.
  4. Type your customer ID, Registered mobile number, or VC number.
  5. Enter the code in the space below.
  6. Click on submit.

Else, you can also give a missed call on 1800 3150 222 from your registered mobile number or get in touch on WhatsApp on 8750917917.

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Re-Activate Sun Direct Account

Sun Direct is the fourth largest DTH service provider in the country. It is a joint venture between Sun Network of India and Astro Group of Malaysia. Sun Direct DTH offers more than 244 channels to over 14 million subscribers, and sometimes users may add or remove Sun Direct channels from their account based on their preference.

Restoration of Sun Direct DTH Connection If, for any reason, your account is deactivated/suspended, you can restore it for absolutely no cost.

Steps To Reactivate Sun Direct Account

If you have an account, it will be activated after recharging Sun Direct. If your account is not activated, please wait for some time, as in some cases it may take some time to appear. Refresh your DTH account after every Sun Direct recharge.

  1. Turn on your Sun Direct STB
  2. Go to channel 36 and keep it on
  3. Now after completing steps 1 & 2, visit the official website of Sun Direct
  4. Click help button on the top
  5. You can see a statement like “If unable to view subscribed channels, click here. “Click on it
  6. Now you have to sign in using your registered mobile number, smart card number, or customer ID number whichever is easy for you
  7. Select the error code from the drop-down menu provided on the page
  8. Click the ‘Refresh' button.

Else, you can also (Error Code) (Smart Card Number) to 9600058585, or you can dial 1800 123 7575 / 1800 103 7575. To refresh your account, you can also just give a missed call to 7601012345 from your registered mobile number and follow the instructions provided.

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Reactivate DTH Account: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay DTH recharge?

How to Make DTH Recharge Online

  1. Go to the recharge and bill payment section on the Paytm App.
  2. Select DTH provider
  3. Select the operator for which you need to get the online DTH recharge done e.g. Airtel DTH recharge, Dish TV recharge, d2h etc
  4. Enter your customer ID.
  5. Enter and pay the amount
  6. Click proceed

How to refresh Videocon d2h after recharge?

After you have recharged the account, wait for 15 minutes for activation. If the channels did not resume by then, you could use 3 simple methods for refreshing d2h. Visit the website and go to account refresh, call 18001370777 or SMS ‘REF’ to 566777.

What is Dish TV refresh missed call number?

Refreshing through SMS, users are required to keep the set-top box on channel number 999 for an hour after sending the SMS.

  1. From the registered mobile number, send ‘DISHTV REFRESH’ to 57575
  2. From a non-registered mobile number, send ‘DISHTV REFRESH <11 digit VC number> to 57575

Are there any hidden charges for activating and deactivating the Tata Sky account temporarily?

No. activating or reactivating a Tata Sky connection or Tata Sky Set-top box is completely free of charge.

Can I reactivate the DTH account before the end date?

Yes, you can reactivate your DTH account whenever you want to.Follow the steps above mentioned for DTH provider of your choice.

How can we refresh Tata Play account if we don’t have the registered mobile number (RMN)?

You can refresh your Tata Play account by SMS. If you do not have your registered mobile number: Type in ‘HR’ followed by space and subscriber ID, and send the SMS to 56633.Always keep your set-top box on while refreshing the account.

How can I change my D2H registered mobile number?

Follow the steps mentioned-below

  1. Call the customer care team at : 9115691156
  2. Give your customer ID to the customer care team.
  3. Inform them about your request to change the RTN.
  4. Give them the new number you wish to continue with.